In Pennsylvania, it's open season on undocumented immigrants



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it'll matter to them on dotr when they find themselves on someone's list

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i think illegally crossing the border counts as criminality so there ya go

I always love the deceptive language (((they))) put into these.

Because one other thing, noncitizens do not have rights under the constitution or our bill of rights.

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Thank god ICE is finally starting to show up here, apparently.

More feelgood stories like this please.


The problem is they have no criminal convictions because all these faggot states want to let them go without giving any charges despite laws being broken repeatedly.

What pisses me off is that we now have 3 legal half-breeds here

Illegal immigration is a crime. All illegal immigrants have criminal backgrounds by definition.

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i thought marrying an american gave you citizenship?

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All I can read is "white American woman allows illegal Guatemalan shitskin to impregnate her thrice"; I hate them so fucking much, these cunts are completely complicit in our genocide. They don't care. How can I trust a woman to remain faithful to me for decades, or simply neglect to steal half of my belongings and our children? If so many women are utterly rotten to the core, why should I believe that some aren't, and if there are decent ones then how the fuck do you tell the difference between them and the rest? We need artificial wombs, white women are a defect.

All news us fake news. There is no such thing as objective journalism. Go watch Yuri.

They cracked down on that 30 years ago because it was abused by Jose's grandparents.

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In Dubois there have been numerous niggers/spics going to PennState campus beaten to a pulp for daring to use local bars. Many have left.

Near Emporium the only fag club in 9 counties has had 6 faggots shot outside of in in drivebyes and 20+ faggots have been murdered in the tricounty area apparently "related to drugs" but more likely we have a queer stomper making PA great again.

Bradford and Pittsburgh had section 8 housing developments constantly burning down when Obongo was trying to shove mudmen down our throats.

Even birthright citizenship is actually illegal but kike judges upheld it, that needs to be destroyed and codified into law in no uncertain terms this time, "no shitskins allowed ever".

Not in the jewdicial (((courts))) goy.

That "hate crime" in Laramie WY was drug related. They don't play up that part when they have the fag memorials.

No one has ever explained to my satisfaction why Romney Sr, McCain or Cruz were ever eligible to run for president.

I'm in the same situation as Cruz (leaf born, American parents) and they wouldn't give me a passport. Mind you this was years ago.


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McCain was born on a US military base as I recall and one of his parents was an active servicemember on deployment.

Most nations which station their troops abroad for prolonged periods have this naturalised citizenship loophole for service members.
For instance the UK has something similar, all the parents have to do is register the birth with the UK, which the military will handle for them anyways if they inform the appropriate office.
Funny story on this front. There's a bunch of UK citizens who are unable to go to Germany as they were born out there to UK servicemen, their births were registered with the UK and the parents eventually returned there. But the appropriate paperwork to "deregister" them in Germany was never filed. So these people were expected to do Germanys (previously?) mandatory national service. If they go to Germany they'll be arrested.

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I agree with you but that's how they write these bullshit articles.

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this is why god created .22

They should raid Illegal Tacos on Broad Street in Philly. Also every catering company, especially those affiliated with Comcast.

Holy fuck, that bitch got fat. Glad she's in distress, and that her shitskin cum pumper got deported, nothing like a feel good story. Problem is, is that these kids are gonna grow up to be disgusting individuals.

You know that jap just posted a video agreeing with the narrative that Assad gassed his own people right? She appears to be unbending on this belief in the comments as well.

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whoa, calm down pepe. it should means we don't have their death certificate

it just means*

That's not a problem anymore. With the recent SCOTUS ruling that "violent crime" can't be used as a distinguishing factor in deciding whether to deport someone or not, ICE will just basically start deporting *any* illegal they find, not just the violent ones. Works for me.

Birthright citizenship is a jewish construct.

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Birth right citizenship is a trick so that people stop thinking that citizenship isn't a legal option for participation in government. How will they get their taxes if you aren't a citizen

I can see ICE enforcement going well in black majority states considering how much they hate spics. We might even see nigger gangs pressuring their community to help to reduce competition.

What a digusting story, Anne is most certainly an uncouth whoore.

The kikes try to play on our compassion, which was an important trait to have when we were tribes in Northern Europe trying to survive the ice age. The entire article is a tear jerker meant to be processed on a mammal brain level with no frontal cortex or critical thinking. The message is: if you support ICE, you have no emotions.

If she cared about her family, she'd move to Central America.


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Hmm, hire black ICE agents?

They still have to apply for citizenship and go through a lengthy interview process, something that this guy obviously didn't bother to do. After a green card is issued, the applicant has to stay married and stay out of trouble for up to 10 years before full citizenship is granted. Since there's a lot of marriage fraud, the INS does a lot of research on these people before giving them anything. It's not as simple as just "marry an American, stay forever".

Looking at those stats, it makes me feel bad about been elated at OP's post. I guess the world really is bigger yet smaller than one thinks…

They need to be. They are literally founding their shitty little mutt families on the basis of attacking this country and it's people.

Hate to say it but this sums up exactly how I interpreted it, too.

It is if you're politically useful.

Here is the better version.

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Having no criminal convictions also just means they haven't been tried and convicted in court yet. At some point, every criminal was never arrested or tried before. That doesn't mean they're not guilty of the crime of which they're being accused.

This. Wife is South African and we got grilled by immigration officials. Probably because she wasn't of an approved shade of brown.

Does the Saturn cube have a direct connection to the Jew in the eyes of the public, or is it just an "art monument" to them?

ICE is more based than I even thought

I just wish they could deport the kids. Nits make lice

It's a giant teffilin.

Is there a reason she can't take her "family" to squatamala? she should do that and stay there, white revoked

Actually, It's the shitskins fault. So many of them paid Americans to enter into false marriages that they grilled you to make sure you're actually living together, etc.

Remember the dumb questions, like "What drawer does your wife keep her socks in?" or "How does your wife take her coffee?" There was a point to those questions, the point being, do you actually know each other and do you live together. Remember when they made you do separate interviews? They were matching your answers against your wife's. Marriage fraud is a huge problem for INS.

Good he should never be allowed to tread on the magic that is 309. Only regret is the accident didn't take out rip off randy sports cards.

Fuck these god damn farmniggers. If you can't turn a profit on your farm without importing a South American village worth of slave labor then you deserve to fail.

Yes, but if someone protested or destroyed them, would they screech OY VEY THATS ANTI SEMITIC?

They would quietly file a billion dollar insurance claim and bankrupt the city, I'd imagine.

You have to look at her previous character. If she's a whore, she'll stay a whore. If she's a virgin that teaches Sunday school, your chances are a lot better.

Fixed your unreadable image with a color invert

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don't let her drink, especially not in your presence. don't let her be around other men unattended. ideally she's a virgin. she has to come from an intact family so mother and father not divorced. don't let her go on vacations alone. if she's ever gone abroad alone, she fucked. this is just the tip of the iceberg. when you find a virgin impregnate her fast, hard, and often.

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Lots of good advice here.

Why don't we simply send the military to all of the schools, force the students to the gymnasium, and hold them there until their parents bring their papers?

If the parents refuse to bring the papers you could send the children somewhere until they do.

The boomers didn't have 6 children to run the farm.


Don't ever use (((leftist))) newspeak, OP. They're illegal immigrants.

even the democrats call them that in the early 90's, user.

now the media is calling them "migrants".

Even better.

More newspeak that must be avoided.

The only reason why these farmers need the wetbacks is that they don't have children to take over the farm.

I would automate the farms to put the Latinos out of a job.

you can not
don't be retarded
threats and conditioning
not trust


My sides are in Honduras.

Even if I was for this shit, these people deserve what happened just for their sheer stupidity.

I fucking love the implication here. Immigrants are so shit at driving that they're basically GUARANTEED to get in a crash if they're behind the wheel, so to avoid ICE figuring out they exist, they just don't drive at all.

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Yep. That's breddy much what I expected the bitch to look like. Here's a fun game for Zig Forumsacks to play that a buddy of mine taught me. Every time you see a bitch on social media bragging openly about how she burns coal or how brown dicks are superior to white dicks, just look for her picture. 9 times out of 10 she's either a fat bitch, ugly as sin, got dyed hair/problem glasses, or all of the above. Shitskins consider a white woman, regardless of her appearance or personality, a step up from the goblins of their normal race. The thots know this, and embrace them as they are likely the only men who will ever give them the time of day. (Duty to their race or not, no white man, Zig Forumsack or otherwise, would ever lower himself to date a woman who looks like a bloated pug with a Steven Universe tattoo and who would sooner raise her Rick and Morty Funko Pop figurines before any children she has, white or otherwise)

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Is there any doubt anymore that 97% white Western PA is GOD'S OWN COUNTRY?

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In Clearfield and Jefferson counties the police openly admit that they stop every nigger and spic on 119/219 and I-80 because they have no reason to be there except for moving the meth produced in the region along the Chicago to Jew York City corridor.

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hahaha topest of keks good sir.

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what an angel…. She gets to stay out of the kitchen

Evidently, most here don't either.

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Andwho gave women the right to vote? Their male counterpart.

A white man built the wood and spun the rope, a jew crafted it into a noose, a white woman kicked the stool.

"Got" fat?

I'm confused, last i checked, you marry a citizen, you become a citizen. Are they married or not?
If they are married, then I'm going to say the ICE part of the story is bullshit.
If they are not married, then wtf does it say they had a wedding for?

Seems to be an agenda here.

my bad, started reading more into the thread. ignore please

Any updates on the wall?

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