Neil Gorscuck: SCOTUS rules ILLEGALS don't have to be deported

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Time to ban tor.

If this leads to having an unbiased approach to who gets deported (ie all illegals with equal priority), then I'll call this a good thing.

So THIS is the power of conservatism

You know that kind of anger you feel that just turns into total tranquility? It's like a patrick bateman kind of anger.

Do you even know how to read nigger?

protip: this is about deporting lawful immigrants

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Yeah but muh travelling salesman,Wall to wall kikes

lawful up until the point they committed a violent crime that is


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Like I've been saying. Don't expect the Jewdiciary, or gov't at large to fix anything. They are complicit in the demographic replacement. They want a dumb, tractable brown horde to lord over; YOU are a threat to these plans and as such are being both disarmed and replaced.

Sexts of veracity! It's all so pointless.

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If anyone else wanted proof that (((deep state))) has the government by the balls again, there it is. At this rate, Trump will be impeached by the end of this year.

It should be property crimes and financial crimes as defined by some existing Fed statues.

Maybe try bringing up your diaper fetishes again.

it's ALL over, but the screaming
get ready

Columbia / Harvard / Oxford education.

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if there is any justice in this world, they will be ash heaps in our lifetimes.

Here's some good news to temper the bad.
Supreme Court says Sotomayor breaks shoulder in fall at home


"Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry… in your bones…"

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Wake up, you idiot. (((They))) are moving in to attack and if we don't cease this smug DUH WINNING attitude we'll be dead meat.

Gorsuch is a high-fuctioning autist that interprets the law exactly as it is written, regardless of what he feels the law should be. He doesn't play fast and loose with interpretation like his liberal peers and change the meaning of the law to match their political views.

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Nothingburger my ass

This sets up future rulings against the Constitution, because a good chunk of it is, in fact, vague. But vagueness is a whole fucking point. A lot of it is vague so a Republican form of government has wiggle room for interpretation so they can be flexible in solving specific problems for specific places for specific times. This is the first time I'm upset with the President, to be honest. Gorsuck was picked because he was supposedly a strict Constitutionalist, and then it turns out he doesn't even know how it works at the most basic level. The President was legitimately bamboozled. Nevertheless, I'll get over it and move on. He just prevented WWIII again, and that's a much bigger plus than Gorsuck is a negative.

is this the new narrative? Making a retarded pro-Trump post to sour us against Trump?

We need to pass amendments on immigration via a Convention of States. Waiting for the jewdiciary to rule in our favor is a lost cause.

something burger

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Wew lads
conservative as fuck.

Sure is getting fucking (((BASED))) these days, eh?


See, goyim? You can still deport beaners who are also deadly. You just have to now risk someone's life before it can happen.

I'm so fucking sick of this constant cucking fuck it full accelerationism is the only solution to this cancer. Hang EVERYONE, burn it all down

just trust the political system, goy! it'll solve everything!

Those are quints, user

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Absolutely cucked

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If I was an alphabet bigger you'd be reading/posting in a thread about workplace violence at Langley or quantico, every ducking day we get more and more evidence that potus is alone in dc and that the country is no longer salvageable through means the citizenry can attempt. I'm very blackpilled today, every single thing Trump does in office is matched by 3 different instances of kike judges/lugenpresse/career "politicians" and every other shade of traitorous swamp creature showing themselves. All potis has to do is give the word and ropes will swing, and he doesn't do it. It's all so fucking tiresome

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I was blind, but now I can see.

Fucking mobile posting alphabet NIGGER* and potus* ffs

These global citizen cucks need to be killed. There are rights which are afforded to anyone residing within the country (such as not being able to kill them or steal their shit), but the vast majority of rights are afforded to citizens only. (((Human Rights))) were a mistake and the brainchild of Jews and their socialist golems.

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so, he is asking for a constitutional reform?

Hopefully that means repealing the 14th

Wait a minute. Why isn't just crossing the border illegally enough grounds to deport someone?

I am so sick of this shit

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So is this that a decision has been made or is this another opinion article of "He/she said so that means it's happening"?

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Why deport them when we the tax payer can pay for their expensive and lengthy stay in a prison?

This isn't about ILLEGALS at all, OP is a Jew.

It's about deportation of a LAWFUL PERMANENT RESIDENT.

Good job you got the reference what a smart one you are

Seems to me Gorsuch made the right call and a law that is more specific would be better. Especially since there seems to be this trend rolling around where people are trying to classify words as violence.

That said, maybe the law should just say "Any crime, no matter how insignificant"

Based ching chong. If you anons haven't seen it, this big boi was sent to the world's largest outdoor zoo to organize a run of the mill construction project. What he got instead was niggers. It is hilarious to see his justified frustration build until he looks ready to start a race war just by himself.>>11500242

Seriously what's so hard to comprehend about a noncitizen resident committing a crime=deportation? What's so fucking diffificult?

You deserve a ban you lying nigger.

So basically OP clickbaits?
It's just one part of a law?

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What's so fucking difficult about understanding that their very presence is a crime, and as such deportation should be a matter of course for all illegals, not just ones who commit additional crimes.

The case is specifically about green card holders, not illegal aliens.

For interested anons, the documentary is 'Empire of Dust', easy to find on youtube. It chronicles a Chinese engineer trying to organize a construction project in Congo. It's exactly what you expect it to be.

Yep, this has nothing to do with illegal aliens, who are still subject to deportation whether or not they have been accused of or convicted of a crime.

It's about whether or not a GREEN CARD HOLDER can be deported.

You know what's difficult about it - it gets muds out of the US.
And that's the last thing those in power want… They're thiiiiiiiiis close to creating a new Brazil that they can rule over.

I find it amazing how many 'redpilled' folks actually think that there's a political solution. Like these monsters are just going to let you depose them democratically.

Which is totally irrelevant.
The issue is the law being judged unconstitutional.
Also: Legal or otherwise, if you're an immigrant, you're a foreigner.

Agreed wholeheartedly, the case in question was about a green card holder committing burglary, which should mean deportation here and in a just society would equal duterte tier execution

Isn't this just in relation to holding orders for criminal aliens?
As I understand it you still get deported for being in the US illegally.

No it's not, this decision doesn't affect illegal aliens, only green card holders.

But there are classes of foreign nationals recognized under the law. This particular decision may allow green card holders convicted of violent misdemeanors to stay, sadly, but it isn't relevant to ALL foreigners as you seem to think.

Criminal green card holders, yes. And it doesn't actually help any ILLEGALS as the lying Jewish Shareblue OP is implying.

Well then you misunderstood.

Catch-and-release - wherein, if you cross into the US, prior to deportation you are given a court date (which my be years away) and released into the general populace to await said court date (which most simply never show up to) - is still on-going, because the sheer numbers outweight ICE's ability to contain them.
Further, they've started claiming asylum now, and once that happens, it creates yet another roadblock to deportation. In some cases, they're relying upon catch-and-release AND THEN filing for asylum as their original court date approaches, which then requires a different venue. Its all litigious bullshit designed by the kikes who own our system to makie it harder to get rid of these people once they get their foot in the door, so to speak.

Green card holders are lawful permanent residents, but there are others who fall under that laws consideration.
In any case, its totally irrelevant as to whether they are legal or otherwise - they're mudpeople who got into the country, one way or the other, and this is a law that makes it easier for them to stay and more difficult to deport them, even when engaging in criminality.
The issue is not whether this applies to illegals or legals, the issue is that the law was judged unconstitutional, thus making it more difficult to get rid of these vermin.
The worst thing about cases like this usually isn't the case itself, but the legal precedent set.


Wrong. This case is about lawful permanent residents, not ILLEGALS as the lying Jew OP said.

It allows violent green card holders to stay, sadly. However OP is wrong and you're gay.

Holy shit, this hotpocket is totally retarded.(Delicious salt)

fucking this. The judiciary has been and will remain fucked. You see what happened to Scalia? You think Gorsuch wants to get whacked? If he can feign "textualism" to save his ass, he will.

Wrong. This law covers legal residents, not merely green card holders.
Again, not just green card holders.
The fact that person the case revolves around was a green card holder has absolutely no impact on the law that was judged unconstitutional, the law being one which applies not all legal foreigners in-country.

Checked for cowardice.

Skeletor posting?

You noticed?

Its too late mate.
They've completely subverted every single outlet of meaningful discourse or opposition.
The Trump Card worked like a charm, and the cult of personality will carry into the age of Israel becoming Great again.


Did you think it was going to be easy? Why this false dichotomy between accelerationism and lawful means?
full court press, nigger; of course they control the courts; but we control the culture; get to memeing, nigger, what else are you here for? To be enraged by stories of "losing"? Our cause is just, nigger! We will prevail, KeK has ordained it! Have faith, fuck jews, fuck boredcuck

b-but I thought he was a BASED republikike?


But not ILLEGALS as OP said.

It's unfortunate that some violent foreigners can stay but OP's headline is completely Jewish.

How the fuck is he wrong you stupid fucking hot pocket? Are you fucking retarded?

(>Pay no mind to setbacks, goyim! You can only not be demoralized if you remain arrogant and assume everything is running smoothly!)
This is how dumb you look.

Way I see it is, making it clearer and less vague so kikes can't weasel around it and protect their pet spics is an objectively good thing.
On the other hand, making it harder to deport any spic for any reason is a terrible thing.

You're banning people for using new VPNs?

The hot pockets are stupid motherfuckers apparently. It's either cult of personality shit or don't do anything with these people. God forbid someone gives a fuck about their country.

I hate to say but nailing down kikes to the laws is a bit more useful.

this is what i was thinking. this is a shitty call for immigration but there are far too many vague federal laws, this call seems to be anti federal overreach overreach, not necessarily anti-deporation.
the traitors on the court don't care they'll obviously vote anyway and come up with any reason to be anti-trumpf and pro-spic invasion. from a conservative constitutional standpoint thought, and ignoring this specific law, thinking more generally, it seems to be the right call. if you have these vague fucking laws then it gives the corrupt judges even more power to twist the laws into anything they see fit. there's a lot of corrupt leftist judges doing this constantly, this could be used in the future as precedent to strike down other vague laws, laws that help the left via their corruption.


Accelerationism leads to South Africa. Not white nationalism.


Why does ANY of this matter? Non-citizen breaks the law - non-citizen gets deported.
End of story.

It means that Trump picked a bad justice.

I'm starting to think (((they))) are scared of acclerationism

And we know why. Because Jews don't wanna go fast.

All this shows is that whites still haven't learned to play the game of tribal struggle for survival. Not yet, anyway. The white race must undergo a crucible in order to grow strong enough and desperate enough that we will automatically judge other whites as allies SOLELY on the color of our skins, and all others as enemies to be conquered.

We are not yet at that time when our race can go through the fire to be refined. The forge is merely warming up.

OP is dishonest clickbait, this decision wasn't about illegals.

Its not a nothing-burger.
But its not the HUGE WIN all the liberal rags are trumpeting about.
All the while trying to sway popular opinion.

Basically the argument is whether under this law they can deport guy cuz he's a burglar.
Too bad right-leaning don't use feelings like how liberal judges operate.

And the whole "lawful permanent resident" thing sounds like some Commiefornia bullshit.
It shouldn't even matter

Careful user. That's how jews infiltrated europeans in the first place

These are obviously shills, pretending you skip from white majority to 5% over night instead of sparking a war that prevents 5%. Anti-accelerationism leads to 5% in 100 years, youre pushing white genocide shill.

The point is, there needs to be some kind of instinctive ingrouping effect. It has to be instinctive, otherwise it will be quickly compromised. I leave it as an exercise for the reader how to manipulate that instinct against infiltrators.