Brit/pol/ #2806: Beeb Brother Edition

BBC develops a voice-activated assistant in a bid to rival Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri

Tories plotting in Commons to oust Theresa May like they did Thatcher

Ballot paper marked 'Brexit' gives win to Tory councillor

Climate change: UK 'can cut emissions to nearly zero' by 2050

'It makes me enjoy playing with the kids': is microdosing mushrooms going mainstream?

'Trash Girl' Nadia Sparkes moves schools over bullying

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1st for magic mushrooms

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Ƿes hal, minen waelisc freond.


How often do you lads switch out shaving razors? I must've used the same blade for 3 months now. I'm only posting about it because I don't want to shave so I'm looking for ways to procrastinate.

got a haircut today for first time in a year.
I saw a family of white muslims smh tbh
Can't Kj post unfortunately

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How long was your barnet before?

My fringe was down at my chin lad.

christ where do you live, can't imagine seeing that up here, only saw my first burqa about a year ago

Did you get a mullet cut?

Oxford is filled with them.

All gone lad.

Just got my hair cut too, you better have got the Zig Forumscut lad

so thats where they come from
I was in London recently and there seemed to be as many mudslime converts as paki mudslimes


now I see what they plan to do

Jeremy Corbyn has denounced Sarg'n keeeek

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>get to remove kebab and william

I for one welcome this new paradigm.

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an uggo thats ruined her face made this


this tbh, its like eugenics for removing the traitors from the genepool, whites will become the scoobydoos of the future

what a time to be alive

Post a link.

How does nomakeup make her eyes shrink?
Literally no thought was put into this. I've seen loads of pretty girls with no makeup.

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This is why makeup should be banned. That way only girls who look okay without makeup would reproduce, and after several generations girls would look acceptable again.

They've made it out as though makeup is little more than accentuating features when the hardcore makeup is a fullon fucking plastercast across their fucking face.

wimmun trying to play down how much makeup they use are like niggers who go wewuz tbh

The makeup is what's ruining their skin if not their diet anyway smh.

Hegelian dialectics
OOOOOOH Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad OF AAAAKKAAAAD

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stay back

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It's a tragedy/comedy tbh
>"oh my skin is bad better cover it up with chemicals that are harsh to my skin"
>"wait why is my skin bad"


stunning and brave tbh

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Kek corbyn fears the Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

its creepy how with makeup and camera angles, girls can just change their entire appearance, and its seen as not only completely normal, but something that is meant to be empowering. smh

'ate makeup simple as

what's so hard to understand?

well he's right.We could rape any women we see. They shouldn't feel safe

Women, like jevvs & the devil, enjoy deception.

This. The era of women walking around without male escort must come to an end. Let the rapes begin.

lads, subscribe to my vocaroo please

Honestly women are far cuter without, fed up with this modern wank

oh wait thats called Rotherham

maybe you should change pubs

Yes and no. Makeup is pretty old isn't it, still much prefer lasses just bee themselves tbh. Remember being disgusted by lassies in high school because of how caked they were in makeup. Just makes them look like slags. Generally dislike any display of sexiness to the other men/society as a whole.

My waifu has the exact perfect amount of makeup.
She's perfect.

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art reflects reality

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If they went a few weeks without their skin would look amazing and they would see they've never fucking needed it.

But the qt bargirl doesn't wear any ;^) also you can go anywhere in London and it's the same sad fate..

what are those tiny bumps that lassies get on their skin after wearing makeup for a while?



Someone mentioned Metatron last thread, here he is. You're welcome

challenge him to a fight

Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad needs to just fuck off tbh


london's not so bad for that shit. essex for the orange duck face bee hive hair thots. ffs

was bleeding profusely from my arse there


Oi u listen ere son
talk about my missus like that again n you'll get a happy slap u mug

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*swipes right*

Do you think you could handle it lad? You've got to be a proper moody geezer round here.

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what a twat


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in the local with the lads, chatting up some bird lol
my chances are good and there's always
room, for one more. you should come along. don't want to be
alone on a Saturday night, lol
first word


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when it starts to tug on your stubble
just bin it, or there will be trouble.

That's too bad. At least this Stef is fresh

Same. Just watching youtube again.

Has that christopher bloke ever been in anything else?

Other than goodfellas.

I paid my TV licence for the snooker and because tvcatchup went down and i've been missing QT/TW. Honestly I don't know why I was so against it. The BBC actually does some fine programming and honestly the licence system is better than the alternative. In most countries they just tax you more and there is no opt-out option.

brutal blackpill tbh

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Stopped shaving in December, last was just before Christmas because I wanted to be clean shaven. Had a full beard by the end of January. Since then i've started a new job and got a new gf and they have only known me with a beard. Got a trim at the end of February and probably overdue to have another but I think i'll keep it for a while.

I suppose another hurdle women have to cross is finding a friend they can trust to give them honest feedback. unfortunately their friends are going to tell them they look great, even when they look terrible. Those who seek objectivity on-line, find it; and call it cyber bullying.

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If he starts talking about love and forgiveness

I've always wanted a mullet mustache combo but since its not the 80's i've never had the confidence. Maybe when my nan dies because it would kill her if I got it done.

don't think he has

thats just retarded tbh


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that its going to be pure kino

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Don't call my nan retarded lad. She maybe crippled by parkinsons but her mind is still there. She is just old fashioned.

What film?

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He would look better with make up.

Oh god

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Raoul Moat

Why have they made them look like the mushroom you eat? Kek.

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it has based ebonyperium in it lad

Mosley would have made a great Dr Who tbh.