Right-wingers are so incredibly stupid!

Right-wingers are so incredibly stupid!
If you look at the comments under the yellow-west protest videos, you can see that the right-wingers seriously think that the protests in France are only happening because Macron has let migrants into France…
Furthermore, right-wingers think that anarchists, communists and liberals are all the same and therefore are all leftists and that's why they consider Macron a left-wing politician…

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Yeah fuck the idiots on the opposite team, they say stupid shit like: "Yeah fuck the idiots on the opposite team"

Are you retarded?

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Yes, dad-grandpa

To be fair is somewhat right. Yes they're retards but the right wingers are currently saying "Look at the leftist retards who think the protests are about economics and not issues about immigration since (Supposedly) a immigration bill came along with the proposition or some shit like that." For what it's worth we should just be glad extremism is gaining traction again.

Honestly I think it's a good sign, I'd rather them be totally misinformed about the protests and either outright lying or twisting themselves into weird ideological knots to support them than to see them trying to prop up Macron's regime.

There's no war but the class war and Macron is a class enemy.

Except the left is losing terrain ever since the protests began, and the far right is capitalizing on them. A huge part of the protests can be summarized by «we're paying taxes that serve people who merely fuck us up in the ass». For the left, it's the rich, for the right, it's the welfare leeches aka browner people.
Yellow vests could be great if we weren't losing so hard to the FN RN and clowns like Wauquiez.

If "the left" is failing this hard at mobilizing and guiding what is so obviously a spontaneous workers' uprising against austerity, then there is really no point to being on "the left" anymore.

You can understand why though.
The protest being almost entirely white, singing the French national anthem and waving the French flag.

The protests have people from all sides in them. It's not one prevailing ideology.

Yeah, how dare those protesters wave religious and nationalist symbols about! What a bunch of reactionaries!

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Let me tell you how well that worked for Occupy Wall Street.

you are failing to rally the working class because you lie to them, you don't represent their interests

But the French do not mean by their flag petty bourgeois or even monarchical nationalism, but a revolutionary nationalism against the rulers.

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Russia wasn't a multi-racial country in the cities, all the non-whites were in their own regions

this but unironically.

making fun of the mentally ill should get you sent to a deathcamp.

Right-wing philosophy appeals to the dark side of the Masculine: bloodlust, paternalism, disdain for present times, macabre-as-virtue, obsession with cultural rites, obsession with physical strength.

Look at Protestant Christianity. The goal of Protestantism was to be simple humble folk living peacefully off the land without any papal overlord. They turn around and burn people at stake for questioning the pastor, ban scientific ideas/secular philosophies, harrass young people for being single, tie up children for jacking off, and ban sports/hobbies. Alot of our right-wing philosophies are espoused/picked up by Protestants.



No, you and your wheelchair will be burned, retard!

Who are you quoting.