Beating leftypol

Spinoff boards on build-a-community websites like this don't work. Most users will be drawn to the board that has more people and thus more possibility for discussion (to be blunt tho leftypol has shit quality of discussions). There have been a bunch of spinoff boards of other Zig Forums boards but they always ended up dead. What I propose is we make a new website based on forum architecture, as that provides better discussion quality, and being on an independent website means we are not subject to Jims data mining and appear like a separate player rather than being tied to a host site inhabited by total brainlets and cointelpro like on here and on reddit. I think we would do better on an establiahed forum rather than an anonymous imageboard since personal discussion of topics tend to be very common here. Lets just let leftypol die with all the retards that inhabit it and forget about it. What do you guys think?

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Also, any other site would potentially be run by a fed or whatever. We know Jim is a prick. He's the devil we know.

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I agree except for one crucial flaw in your plan and that is that any left centered image boards do not hold enough discussion to properly keep it afloat it becomes a gimmick and dies.

Bunkerchan already exists and it never got as big as leftypol for a reason. Discussion online in general is centralized not on dedicated subject-based sites (though there are certainly plenty I enjoy) but on multi-purpose platforms. The idea that "Forum architecture" (by which you mean BBSes?) provides better discussion quality from imageboards is far from self-evident, imageboards resist the hivemind effect much better, for one.

It's important to have a backup plan if Zig Forums does something scummy enough for us to leave, but I have no reason to leave it right now, and if it did I'd still prefer another imageboard. Even though it gets lonely, I think anonymity is preferable to pseudonymity, especially when dealing with this kind of politically sensitive subject.

Imagjne wanting another revleft.

Revleft's problem is that it's literally the 90's-2005 forums that got left behind in time.

Imageboards are not viable for political discussions because they encourage short and gimmicky posts. A circlejerk like pol can manage with it but places like leftypol and even this here board are crippled by it. Threads are discarded and not archived, post limits and cyclicals inevitably removes important replies, and no accounts + the raunchy behavior that tends to be the norm on IBs make annoying cunts far more common. There is a reason why Checkers was so infamous on old leftypol, I'm pretty sure he'd have a field day nowadays.
You have every other hellhole to get that shit from. A good community doesn't rely on joke pictures. That's not to say a forum can't have its own gimmicks and jokes.

It died because places like reddit, Twitter, Facebook and imageboards provide more instant gratification at the expense of overall quality.

Dude there are like 10 anarchist book clubs in my area and unlike forums they aren't filled with nerdy teens and schizophrenics. If I wanted hyper hardcore serious discussion I would go there.

Jesus where the fuck do you live, I live in liberal center there's no way even SJW's live near me.

I agree fellow intellectual we must construct a new Parthenon in order to write essays and then give speeches to each other on our writings. It will ignite the revolution.

You seem very disgusted at the idea of a website that isn't balls deep in shitposting and other trash.

Not entirely, what I wouldn't give to purge /leftytrash/. However some shitpostin is good.

We're on common ground there, entire post.

It would probably become another RevLeft, but I'd give it a shot.

A major problem with RevLeft was the same as the one here and leftypol, namely that the anti-authoritarian types (anarchists, demsoc, etc.) and the pro-Soviet authoritarian types were at each other's throats.

we discussed this 6 months ago it just never went anywhere.

There is definitively a push for this kind of thing we just don't seem to talk about it too much. That roadmap is interesting stuff too.

Why the fuck would you want a non-anonymous political board?

Sorry I actually like that there's an alternative to 4chan that hasn't died horribly for once and that fact that there's a leftist community there. My fellow gamergays have the potential to be converted.

Sorry bro. Imageboards suck shit now and forums are nsa bait. Basement dwelling incels larping as nazis have basically destroyed IB culture. Even 420chan of all places, which was one of the ladt bastions of funposting has been hijacked. You cant even post a thread now without some fuck and their parentheses.

Where do we go ? Nowhere. Get of Normieweb. Check your emails, deal with your job, whatever is necessary but its the end. Its over. The Net is psyop space now.

use a VPN tbh, you should be doing that anyway

stop misusing that word
lol glow harder

can't do that when everyone IRL disagrees with your praxis and ideology

Fuck your 'muh incel loser NEETs' shit.
Zig Forums are normalfags. Boomer, teenage, and redneck normalfaggots.
As usual when people think they have something to say about imageboards, they miss the point entirely.

Otherwise its entirely correct that the internet is dead and imageboards have mostly been killed, and large forums of any sort are not worth using anymore.
I only visit microscopic /jp/ spinoffs, /g/-Zig Forums free tech chats and the Zig Forums lefty boards now, and I'm wanting to cut that last one out seeing what they became since I was here last.

I'm actually fairly indifferent if leftpol has relatively low traffic, since when you have a huge userbase is usually trolls and shitposters that you wouldn't even want to begin with (i.e: nazbols).

That being said, if you wanna create a new non-idpol lefty website, go ahead. I'll give it a shot.