HAPPENING: Jordan Peterson worked for the United Nations with JOHN PODESTA


Jordan B. Peterson worked on the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Sustainable Development, editing a document that was released in 2013 entitled 'A NEW GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP: ERADICATE POVERTY AND TRANSFORM ECONOMIES THROUGH SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT'. One of the panel members of this UN High Council was none other than skippy himself, John Podesta.

UN's web page about the council (lists panel members):

The document they released in 2013:
un.org/en/development/desa/policy/untaskteam_undf/HLP P2015 Report.pdf

Proof Peterson served on this council (UN website mysteriously does not list Peterson's name anywhere):

Peterson admitting he worked on this UN High Council and edited the above document (at timestamp 1m:09s):

Anons, start digging through the UN document here:
un.org/en/development/desa/policy/untaskteam_undf/HLP P2015 Report.pdf

Look what it says on page 18 under the heading 'Global Impact by 2030':


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un.org/en/development/desa/policy/untaskteam_undf/HLP P2015 Report.pdf

kike free first post

i don't quite understand what the implication is supposed to be here. it's already obvious that Peterson doesn't share our authoritarian right wing views, he's open about the fact he's an socially liberal centrist. his utility doesn't lie in his political views, rather that he encourages young white men to sort their lives out and stop making excuses for themselves.

Sure, he seems like the type of guy to weasel his way into an unimportant UN panel that does nothing but shit out a new "report" every year. There are dozens of them. The worst you can say is that Peterson believes in a New World Order… not that he's actually a part of it.

This alone is enough to distrust him. Telling people to stop making excuses is his deflection to the kike questions. Anyone running interference for kikes is a traitor, he is only there to splinter any grass roots movements before they can begin.

It's a nice feeling to know the exact job where your psyops controllers were recruited. Is anybody surprised that Peterson's meteoric rise – which followed one of the most contrived and safe "controversies" I've ever seen – has met only (((token resistance)))?

Remember that time Google suspended all his shit. . . and then gave it back with an "oops"?
Or how Based Professor Jewhusband shits himself when a WN shows up to chat onstage next to him?
Or the way he's corralled the lost young man demographic and turned them into Rick and Morty-tier cultists by making them feel smart?

It's okay, Jordan. We know you've been a good goy running ops for those millions. You're not the first. Just know that the losers you've siphoned off are all shitty soldiers, and that you've only made us stronger by separating the chaff. Hope you like disaster movies.

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This is Agenda 21, later renamed to "The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" or Agenda 2030.

In short, it's the UN's blueprint for global Communism or "The New World Order" as many like to call it.


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The cards man, the cards.

Forgot image.

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>(((Coincidental))) slide threads begin pouring onto Zig Forums
Jordan Peterson needs to be discredited ASAP, let the evidence flow.

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God damn, they're are good. How do they keep getting away with it?

Sustainable development agenda 21 is aweful and all humans working to further it should die in a fire

Wtf is up with that weird costume?

10 facts about Peterson.

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Some Satanic bullshit no doubt. It's a common theme among globalists.

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other version here:

Good. You will see this shill slowly move towards making that opinion acceptable.

White men opting out from society at this stage when the globalist agenda and immigration plan hasn't ended will make the society collapse.

He is encouraging young white men to be slaves for the next 10 years when their replacements will be massively imported due to some fabricated crisis.

This alone is so dishonest that it throws shade on everything he says.

And I love how the "universal human rights and fundamental freedoms" of these Globalist-promoted Migrants trump those of the host nation's population in practice. Including the "right" to permanent lifelong (and generational) welfare, where everyone else has to pay-in to the system or face it's collapse.

These are issues of basic social justice. Many people living in poverty have not had a fair
chance in life because they are victims of illness or poor healthcare, unemployment, a natural
disaster, climate change, local conflict, instability, poor local leadership, or low-quality
education – or have been given no schooling at all. Others face discrimination. Remedying
these fundamental inequalities and injustices is a matter of respect for people’s universal
human rights. A focus on the poorest and most marginalised, a disproportionate number
of whom are women, follows directly from the principles agreed to in the Millennium
Declaration and at Rio.
These principles should remain the foundation of the post-2015

He actually admits his purpose is to sway young men from the right. His advice is can basically be summarized as: stand straight and clean your room.

Do your research. Peterson is a charlatan and a gate-keeper.

This isn't an argument: you're wrong about Peterson. That's a fact.

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poor healthcare > vaccines

unemployment > slaves

poor local leadership > global leadership

low quality education > brainwashing

not realizing Zig Forums is the center

See how the media now calls him an anti-semite. This is to give Peterson the stage to say how bad anti-semitism is, worse thing in the world goy, don't do it!

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International Migration:
The universal human rights and
fundamental freedoms of migrants must be respected.
These migrants make a positive economic contribution
to their host countries, by building up their labour force.
Sending countries benefit from getting foreign exchange
in the form of remittances and from greater trade and
financial flows with countries where they have a large
diaspora. By 2030, as global population rises, there could
be 30 million more international migrants, remitting an
additional $60 billion to their home countries through low-
cost channels.

The world is now more urban than rural,
thanks to internal migration. By 2030 there will be over
one billion more urban residents and, for the first time ever,
the number of rural residents will be starting to shrink. This
matters because inclusive growth emanates from vibrant
and sustainable cities, the only locale where it is possible
to generate the number of good jobs that young people
are seeking. Good local governance, management and
planning are the keys to making sure that migration to
cities does not replace one form of poverty by another,
where even if incomes are slightly above $1.25 a day, the
cost of meeting basic needs is higher

Is that Alex Jones


They're trying to double the workforce and taxe base, while tanking birthrates worldwide like they've done in the West.

It might not be so bad but they act like its a "world problem" (can't be racis) and use it to flog Western society with, while importing heaps of muzzies and savages at the same time.

Sargon is NOT a fucking centrist, FFS.

He *seemed* to be when the Overton Window was so far left that trannies and pedos were a hair's breadth away from getting "inalienable rights" to access our children.

He even calls himself a "Classical Liberal". That's the "Political Center" only when there's a huge political bias toward the radical left agenda.

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The cunts that wrote that don't live in reality. They're technocrats.


Just wondering, how do you know ?

This goes for anyone. When someone appears on the scene and rises to popularity fast, getting many features and news articles, this should spell bad news for anyone with a noggin' joggin'. Jews never seem to get an incrementalism story right with people who are compromised from the start and become very popular. You do notice truthful people, who had slow growth before, seem to explode after being compromised. It's just something the Jews will not ever get right. Once they find the suitable puppet to use or the suitable lie to assault with, they cannot shut up. I'm sure if you research and do your numbers, the observations will be conclusive.

I generally like the stuff he says but… wew, kinda hard to deny that he has a dreidel up his ass.

About half an hour ago:

>"The old anti-Semitism is thriving in Europe, in Greece (neo-Nazi Golden Dawn) & Hungary (anti-Semitic Jobbik Party) & worldwide intolerance and violence perpetrated by a murderous Religion of Cuck™ic fundamentalism that has turned 7th-century barbarism into a new phenomenon of terrorism."

We can still improve on this.

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He is a 90/10er, 90% truth, 10% lies. They are the most dangerous because they are the most effective.

Wrong. Watch the Vox Day videos on Jordan Peterson. He's 20% truth, 80% bullshit.

That can't be said enough for all the money he has gotten online.

One thing I sadly hear is, "They can't be controlled opposition because they're begging for money and getting it through the freemarket''. Yeah, the same shills who send those donations Warski's way go for Peterson to keep the goys trapped at the edge of the bubble so they are enough outside of normalfag space to influence it but not outside of the bubble to see what truly is happening.

I hope Peterson crashes, not for anything he's said since its all mediocre philosophy without any bite but instead because he's an operative for the state which wants to see my end so they can say I never existed.

Let me give you all a shortcut here. They put green regulations on the country side making it impossible to start a family business or build a factory due to the laws. Then everyone is forced into the city (similar to what the communists did in russia, but slower). Once your in the city, and the country side is empty the gulags start.

The UN plan is a human mop up operation as the robots roll out. Its mass Genocide at the end.

He says good things but his conclusions are always wrong. The best propaganda is 980-90% truth. If he was totally full of shit, he would just be another kike like Ben "the badger" Shapiro, going nowhere fast.

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way to ruin your argument.


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I don't see anything in ANY of the sources you provide that lists Jordan Peterson, I still say he is 90/10, but OP is a faggot and this smells like a cointel pro slide thread.

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Do you understand what hell they have to bring down on men to achieve this? Nice find, user.

I'd put DANK before Insane Puritanical. Insane Puritanical is DANK where they forgot the irony (the Normie Effect).

back to >>>/cuckchan/

That's all you need to know about this low-test faggot.

Peterson is a fucking (((neocon))).

I get it. Match and Lead etc. And I can't really refute without Text-Walling you and I don't want to do that.
But on Zig Forums it should be fully understood that Sargon is just a more subtle version of Anita Sarkessian.

That's a listical/meme that's suitable for normies just starting to flirt with JP and the concept of political thought rebellion. An 8channer should be much further along the Red Pill trail than that.

If anyone wants a hard statistical and fact-based commentator to follow, try Alternative Hypothesis.
Sargon has repeatedly refused to engage him or his arguments. So at least it will educate you on the subject matter that Sargon lies about through omission.

Juden Peterstein is a gatekeeper that is trying to stop people from moving further right. Controlled """opposition""".

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This. Also anyone who refuses to address the JQ can fuck right off. That's just another road to nowhere.

You have to do what the leftwing does. Two pronged approach.

Far Right JQ wise party, then have a more moderate party actually getting elected. Same thing the left does with the Democrats and the Green party and Antifa.

I'm guessing (((they))) opted to discard two plot cards instead of using up all of (((their))) action points?

un.org/en/development/desa/policy/untaskteam_undf/HLP P2015 Report.pdf

The document, in chapter 3, has a whole section on the UN's 2030 Agenda, a globalist agenda. Another agenda for globalization.

A video on the 2030 Agenda can be found here:

An informative bit is found in Chapter 1 of the document:

So, they aren't even trying to hide what this is about. What you should ask yourself now is, would a man opposed to globalism and globalist technocracy work for a bunch of globalists and help them develop a report for the furtherment of globalization? Obviously, Jordan Peterson is on the side of the globalists.

Chapter 2 offers even more:

compelling and integrated sustainable development agenda based on the Rio principles.
The first four shifts are where the focus for action is mostly at the country level, while the
fifth transformative shift, forging a new global partnership, is an overarching change in
international cooperation that provides the policy space for domestic transformations.

overcome the obstacles to sustained prosperity. The transformations described below apply to all countries. They are universally relevant and actionable. The details may vary, and responsibilities and accountabilities will inevitably differ, in line with the circumstances and capabilities of each country. We recognise that there are enormous differences among countries in resources and capabilities, differences
rooted in long-ago history and often beyond their individual control. But every country has
something to contribute. Countries are not being told what to do: each country is being
asked what it wants to do, on a voluntary basis, both at home and to help others in meeting
jointly identified challenges.

Again, laying it all out in plain view and Peterson worked with them on this. It's safe to say that not only is Peterson anti-white but also anti-west and anti-nation.

Further along in Chapter 2, we come across this gem:

for the post-2015 agenda is to bring a new sense of global
partnership into national and international politics. This
must provide a fresh vision and framework, based on
our common humanity and the principles established
at Rio. Included among those principles: universality,
equity, sustainability, solidarity, human rights, the right to
development and responsibilities shared in accordance
with capabilities. The partnership should capture, and will
depend on, a spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit.

In case you are having trouble comprehending, this bit in Chapter 2 should make everything clear:

from national leaders, but also – no less important – it
will require many others to adopt new mind-sets and
change their behaviour. These changes will not happen
overnight. But we must move beyond business-as-usual
– and we must start today. The new global partnership
should encourage everyone to alter their worldview,
profoundly and dramatically. It should lead all countries to
move willingly towards merging the environmental and
development agendas, and tackling poverty’s symptoms
and causes in a unified and universal way.
What are the components of a new global partnership?
It starts with a shared, common vision, one that allows
different solutions for different contexts but is uniformly
ambitious. From vision comes a plan for action, at the level
of the individual country and of smaller regions, cities or
localities. Each needs to contribute and cooperate to
secure a better future.

This is Globalism. Jordan is not an ally. He is a globalist shill.

sorry about formatting but i can't format properly when copying from pdf. deal with it.



I'm not surprised at all, there has always been something really fishy about this guy

Still nothing in the OP that has Peterson's name on it, if their is evidence post it.

It's not the jews guys, stop being tribal, stop caring about your tribe. why do you take credit for what your ancestors did? be a tribeless individualist!
Have you seen this skræling tribe?
Do you know that the jews are actually really smart?
Fuck you peterstein

It's funny how self-improvement goons always go to that argument. The idea that the world is actually just and that its one's own fault that they are being ostracized and abused by Jewish rule is humorous to anyone who has peaked beyond the curtain.

Fuck you peterstein, sincerly the heine tribe

No, but you can view the video in the OP where Jordan explicitly says,
The fact that his name isn't on there doesn't detract from the fact that he willingly and knowingly worked with globalists on a globalist agenda, which means he's on their side, you fucking moron.

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OP does not have a timestamp and I'm not watching the entire thing, provide timestamp please.

Also, the UN agenda 2030 is a global program, just about anyone at a university or in government has "worked with it" it really depends on what level. Is he the author??? Did he consult???

I'm willing to assume Jordan is a shill, I've had my eye on him, but OP needs to stop being a faggot and provide evidence.

From the OP:

You Peterson shills don't even fucking try.



Secondly, 2030 Agenda is part of the banker, Jewish, Zionist, Anglo Establishment globalist agenda, you shill. It doesn't matter if people from universities have worked on it. That point doesn't have any weight against what we're saying. You've been reported and I suggest that everyone else reports you. You're straight up denying reality here and sowing discord.

it's not vox faggot, it's vox day

Pointing out that White Men are discriminated against isn't making an excuse, it's identifying reality. Despite that fact all self-help gurus tell young White Men that it is their fault that they are losers. They then point to successful cypto-jews or shabbos goyim with rich parents who are successful and say, "you could be just like them if you weren't blaming your problems on minorities!"

The entire self-help/improvement genre is a con. There's nothing worthwhile they can teach you that Marcus Aurelius didn't already know thousands of years ago.

Slight tweak, as this is a promising concept.

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vox day is a faggot

here you go


These retards show up in every Peterson thread. They make constant non sequitur posts and derail the thread. Report all of them.

Alright, my mistake thought that was the video length.

Everyone in the government and media knows what the score is, so I have no doubt he knows what is actually going on, sounds like he is invested in the green sector so he may have some other financial interest in the population growth industry.

Does anyone have the original podcast??? Audio can be faked and you can't see his mouth on the video.

Your opinion of his character doesn't matter retard. Reported.

lmao, the faggot larps as a native american and is a shitty fantasy writer

pretty sure he's a bald manlet too