Brit/pol/ #2813: Loicence Edition

Nigel Farage tears into Theresa May for keeping Britain tied to the EU and tells GMB Westminster 'doesn't get how angry this country is'
The leader of the burgeoning Brexit Party said that Mrs May had promised many times that the UK would leave the bloc following the 2016 referendum vote

Danny Baker apologises for ‘racist’ royal baby tweet as he swiftly deletes monkey picture
The writer shared a photo on his Twitter account, showing a couple clutching on to a monkey dressed in a suit

Women are better doctors than men because they have better communication skills, surgeon says
Dr Henry Marsh, a pioneering surgeon and author, said male doctors were too “driven by testosterone” to be good at teamwork

Police officer who rammed suspected moped thief off his bike with car acted “reasonably”, tribunal rules
A police officer who rammed a suspected moped thief off his bike can keep his job because his actions were “reasonable”, a tribunal has ruled, as rank and file officers have attacked how he was treated.

Train drivers hit out at Flying Scotsman train spotters as they blame them for delays on one of UK's busiest lines
One said it was the "most stressful experience" of his decade-long career as a driver, and the railway enthusiasts were blamed for delays on one of Britain's busiest train lines

Rotherham child abuse: More than 40 suspects arrested over past two months, says National Crime Agency
The alleged victims were aged between 11 and 26 at the time the offences are said to have taken place

Energy efficient bricks made from human waste to help build London homes
New homes and factories will be built from bricks made out of the human waste of four million Londoners

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Gud incel

boomers out

angery incels out

Zoomers OUT

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nth for unironic communism.

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mutelasses IN

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Fuck the staw men are returning in force lads hide your arguments.

thinking about larping as a socialist/tankie to avoid heat from spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine) while radicalizing those losers into nazbol

It was red strength with milder Brightleaf flavour, the closet thing to it is Lucky Strike.

no more (you)s for the obnoxious incel

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There's only one way to dab on the middle class neo-kulaks.

22st you there lad

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Yummy tbh

Is that a Vic Reeves artwork, lad?

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Harry Hill lad but they do have similar styles

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Keeeek, Vic's stuff is good too

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Seems a bit unfair to compare our middle class to the kulaks.

she's so fucking delusional, just think she would have been an antsy shire grandmother by now but she chose the wrong path

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The farmers are lad. They're absolute cunts. Only arseholes other than pikeys and drug dealers who use £50 notes.
Ooooooh that sucks, looks like we have to import our food from China now.

Every season, they plant the crops, they grow, and then they never pick them and just let them die in the fields so the government has to bail them out.

they're all mental

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No I mean the kulaks were just peasants that got stepped on for ideological reasons the middle class here are actually destructive not just ideologically opposed.

'ate women

Oh right, thought you were implying the kulaks were much worse than our middle class.

When I was growing up in the 80s we didn't have showers, microwaves, central heating, double glazing, dishwashers or computers - at least not ones capable of multimedia. Interest rates were at an all time high so nobody had credit, it was 10p a minute to make a phone call, from a phone box, when there was no minimum wage and average wages were six grand a year. We were celebrating a 4th TV channel (owned by the government like two of the others) - usually on a rented black and white because a colour one cost 500 quid (can you imagine renting a telly?!) - and VCRs were few and far between. Cheap shit from China wasn't really a thing, so everything was more expensive. Power tools were an investment, you couldn't get a circular saw on Amazon for £25, you used a hand saw and a hand screwdriver, even hand drills were still common. 60% of the population was working class doing backbreaking work in shit weather (as opposed to 25%), and holidays abroad were a thing for the few not the many. Information was available in a library, and door to door salesmen sold encyclopedia sets for a grand a pop.

By comparison people today are living like fucking kings, but compared to the 60s we 80s kids were living it up… After all we had washing machines (but not driers), radio alarm clocks, VHS tapes, ghetto blasters with hi-speed dubbing and the Sony Walkman.

There's a bloody good reason the older generation think that today's kids never had it so good. They haven't.

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You must have been really hungry lad, do you bake them into pasties?

They are worse than kulaks.

She was a no deal Brexiter then caved for this shite like a typical woman. Fuck this complete slut

I still don't tbh

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If you want to larp as a marxist you might as well just call them bourgeoisie like everyone else.

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Not to mention they only grow rapeseed now, which isn't edible and fucks the environment up.

bins is proper seething

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The bourgeoisie get the bullet too.

Life is way better now we've got cheap poison killing us and our brains are ravaged by porn and isolation

I think most people had colour tv in the 80s lad. We had a slot one in the 70s; still colour though.

That's because they're given fat EU grants to grow that or nothing at all.


Yep, it's autism

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They still grow barley and wheat down here not to mention fruit tbh

christ how old are you, LITERAL boomers on my Zig Forums

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Rapeseed is alright tbh, I like the oil and the biodiesel it's used to make makes us less dependent on paki oil merchants.

Smoke started coming out of the back of our old brown tv, and my mum said we'll 'just play board games' from now on kek. She hated the tv


pure autism

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hope nobody here tolerates the intolerable

Why is everyone talking about bins tbh he's obviously not here

Lad, he probably did it himself

They still keep Brogdale going due to donations and farmers market on site, it receives nothing from the government anymore.

Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad seed

The question is will he tolerate you?

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So much for the tolerant left


It's mostly rape, wheat and cabbages here tbh.


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Reminder that you could've had everything.

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Shame really they used to do alot of experimentation with developing new forms of apple tree, the place was originally established by the Tudors for their fruit requirements. Good food and though I'll have to go back.

Wish he was still around. Fuck the boomer niges and the dafty battens and tommeh.

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who here remembers rape class at patriarchy induction summer school?

thats basically the whole of northern ireland lmao fucking STATE of the FBPE cunts


gonna attention whore tripfag now ee eck


You're just westie light now lad.

I would fight in his crusader legion.
They're craving you nickie!

I'm not gay though.

my dream is to get a big house out in the countrside where I convert a room to just being a giant bed as soon as you walk in that tilts towards the centre so it envelops you like a kangaroo pouch where you can look up and the roof will just be a giant window where you can look up at the night sky clearly, but alas

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But he didn't threaten rape or violence. In fact he explicitly reassured phillips that he wouldn't rape her.

Yeah you are
EE by gum its up t' bum

Yeah but you still live in a potato field in Lincolnshire with your transsexual cow don't you Pavel

Being gay was invented by suvnahs.

Just ate 1300 calories worth of mini pork pies.

He posts on Twitter still, he's a bit of a boomer at times tbh.

Perfected by norvanas tho.

Good lad.

Kurwa. At least you get to rape in Poland

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I don't know how you perfect bum stuff mate. I'll leave the expertise to you. Sounds right up yer alley.


You sure it's not going down your alley mate?

That's pooping. Don't get em mixed up.

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british nationalism circa 2013, swirled down the bottom of a bottle of beer

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How come you're such an expert on arseplay lad? Bit suspect not going to lie, guy.

We don't need any more bewks

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Looks like I walked into that one. Wah wah.

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tune tbh

Just really want Joe and Nick to put aside their old banter and unite once more. The hour is ripe for the dynamic duo to strike again.

steiner is the yank equivalent of Joe Owens but too beta to do anything