Is legends of the galactic heroes leftist?

is legends of the galactic heroes leftist?

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No it's based on a very shallow, bourgeois view of how the world works but it's not pure ideology bullshit either like most media who try to portray politics and intrigue so it deserves praise for that. The way it portrays a despotic regime, The Empire, is pretty based and balanced actually without devolving into blind, reactionary support for monarchism.

this makes me think of this scene from mobile suit gundam

The show is basically an endorsement of Aristotle's/Polybius's anacyclosis interpretation of history: that all governments naturally cycle from monarchy to aristocracy to democracy and back again when the democracy becomes somehow "stagnant". Missing entirely is how people relate to production and whether republican democracy is true democracy.

Seems like the entire story revolving around great men is an endorsement of monarchism as any.

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as far as I know queens were likelier to be warmongerers than their male counterparts, for obvious, dubious reasons.

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LOGH portrays the failings of liberal democracy and how it is incapable of truly standing up to reactionary forces. One thing that's interesting is that yang wen-li is being held back by his own commitment to democracy even though he recognizes it's flaws while Reinhardt sees that the monarchy is fucked up but his solution is to just put himself in charge.
It's also important to note how millions of people die every space battle but neither side of the conflict seems to really give a shit. This is a consequence of it being a space opera dealing with giant wars but it also kinda proves a point about the nature of governments.
Another thing to notice is how no matter how much yang wants to be a regular civilian he keeps getting thrust into positions of power because of both his talent and due to how popular he is with civilians.
And even though the empire is portrayed sympathetically the final episode still shows that although Reinhardt won the war the empire was going to become more democratic so my takeaway from the series isn't that democracy and freedom are bad but that the series is showing how difficult it is to create a working democratic society
Also Yang is my anarchist husbando and i love him

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It's a lot more ambitious politically and grander in scope than most, perhaps all, other anime, but it's still incredibly reactionary. It takes on implicit assumptions of great man theory, denies the possibility of decentralized collective organized action in favor of mob rule, emphasizes martial ability and social competition as the ultimate factors of influece within human society, and has an entire subplot that is essentially an analogy to global jewish conspiracy (phezzan and the cult). There is essentially no treatment of class struggle, and instead the entirety of the sociopolitical landscape is framed in terms of nation. The only games in town are feudalism and liberalism. This is incredibly reactionary privilege masturbation from a view that completely dismisses the concept of direct democracy and autonomy right out of the gate.

The Democratic FPA gets BTFO'd by the RadTrad ethno-nationalist Empire.

No but it has decent memes.

Entire show is basically a fascist wet dream. A strongman comes to power to restore humanity's former glory.

The radtrad ethnonationalist empire fought a 150 year stalemate with the FPA, user. Wasn't until they got a dictator who swept away all that radtrad stuff that they won.

It is what you want to be the creator doesn't pick a side

All i know is that i want to fuck Reinhard

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I'm not using it as a guide to politics or anything, but it's a great anime and I don't usually watch that stuff. The Patriot Knights Corps – the fascist paramilitary goon squad answerable to the minister of defense – reminds me so much of some of these alt-right crews like the Proud Boys.

Reinhard von Lohengramm is unironically the tankie leader ideal, he is an 18th Century Enlightened Despot. Peter the Great is one such despot and he is the prototype for Stalin. Ergo Reinhard is the historical equivalent of Stalin, slaughtering millions of filthy High Imperial kulaks, destroying filthy business cliques, killing loads of FPA anarchists, creating a relatively egalitarian absolute monarchy where commoners can at least have something.

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Space walls work.

Also Reinhard is basically a fascist who supports more meritocracy than noble privilege. The same dynamic played-out between NSDAP and the monarchists. Hitler told Kaiser Wilhelm to fuck-off.

He was using the term "great men" as in "Great Man Theory," idiot