MAGAtards now personally donating for the WALL

Daily reminder that Burgers here don’t want to pay taxes for universal healthcare but will give up $10.4 million dollars for a concrete barrier in the desert. The absolute state

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Latinos, much like their Euro Latin brethren are Machiavellian at heart. they're snakes in the grass who say one and do another. look at how Macron acts.

I have no clue what point you’re trying to make

I don't recall mexicans ever saying that they'd ever pay for the wall. That was Trump ass-talking

trumpanzes have taken it opon themselves to pay fo the wall.
although it’s retarded, it does show how fanatical trumps base is, kinda like the Orks from 40k if the believe in something hard enough it can become reality

isn't this what taxes are for?

Funny thing is, they still have to raise money to seize eminent domain. After all, quite a handful of land that borders Mexico is privately owned.

Isn't capitalism wonderful? Your property rights aren't worth shit when it comes to protect the nation.

they don’t mind nationalizing land when the border, why not the farm lands?

They don't mind nationalizing when it benefits them. That's the reality.

Right wingers suddenly love "socialism" when it actually suits them.

That is all shoveled into the defense budget

can't wait for these people to rationalize getting scammed out of all their money so they can stay loyal to daddy trump

that's a nice deflection. personally, I don't take either side.

"meaningless buzzwords" you act if I voted for the fucker. I don't even vote anymore, that's stupid.

generally I think property rights are dumb, but moreso for corporations.

I'm sure you do the same with capitalism, lets not throw rocks around.

Good thing the House just passed a spending bill with wall funding.


This is why you're only popular with middle-class catladies.

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I thought you guys were all about spending less money?

Any other Mexican expenses Donald Cuck wants us to pay for?

Lol, Zig Forums is still afraid of Pancho Villa.

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Luckily due to underdevelopment and American imperialism in the region, immigration would continue even with the wall, not to mention that your god-emperor LOVES legal immigration. No matter how much you may cry, millions of non-whites will come to America annually and gradually “genocide” Amerimutts out of existence. Good riddance

TOP LEL. The idiot gave the Dems absolutely everything that they wanted for a tiny piece of a wall that does nothing. It will be really funny to see how the libertards react. Will they continue to fellate Trump even with Rand Paul throwing a bitch fit?

More than 50% of Immigrant Households are receiving some form of State assistance, or welfare. It seems that not allowing Low Skilled people into the country, is an ideal way to spend less money

peak spook

So how high is the probability that after the wall is build, Pancho Villa is reincarnated and turns Mexico into a Mongolian like horde?

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Yeah this what exactly isolationism and quick fixes to systemic problems will get you, let this be a lesson.

Please tell me how diversity enriches your suburban Denmark neighborhood.

The processing cost for Mexican illegals/crime (including court processes, damages incurred, etc.) is around 140 billion.

12 billion < 140 billion

Also I'm not a market fundamentalist who bitches about spending "too much".

Nice try, I'm an American

You're the most racist piece of shit. In the last two days I've seen you vilify latinos, advocate violence against Jews, and fantasize about beating women. You're a right wing reactionary.

You are completely missing the point. As usual.
Once that wall is build there will be a massive financial hole not only in the US budget but in individual households as well. Especially those idiots who financed that thing. The purchasing power decreases and soon you will realise that it was not the skin colour that was causing Detroit, but bad and unwise economic policies for you will have Detroit even within the Whitest communities.
Also you get an incomplete wall and no money to guard that damn thing. The US won't be the first country (and also not the last, tragedy -> farce) that went bankrupt from maintaining the damn thing.
Seriously, God gave the Americans god mode, where even the dumbest mistakes could be forgiven. Basically easy mode and you still somehow managed to run it into the ground. How?

Trump is paying 4d chess because he knows the 56%ers that make up his base are pretty much mexicans. This is what he meant all along, and the reactionarycucks will enjoy emptying out their wallets for a dementia-addled billionaire to give friends and supporters lucrative contracts. Trump is the most successful reverse Robin Hood of the 21st century.

You're late, this fag and the Deleon cuck never post anything worthwhile and you should either ignore them or report them.

This guy has been plaguing the board for a while now, it’s really annoying. The Nazbol garbage has subsided a bit from how it was but just report these retards when you see them.

Did you miss the part where I said it's a placebo? Illegal immigrants don't even come across the border.

Why do commies like the Berlin wall, and the communist Chinese cybersecurity Firewall but hate trumps wall? At what point will commies decide okay we actually don't need anymore people coming into america and burdening our tax system? Spreading disease and bedbugs, generally making life worse for all.

No one here thinks that, Zig Forums does for being so stubborn they won't admit any mistakes, the Berlin wall was legitimately bad because it tried chaining people to a dying empire, and modern China is shit.

Lmao, enjoy your long black phallic cuckwall, loser.

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most 'illegal' immigration will continue to take place via planes and airports
how does gofundme allow this fascist campaign on their site?


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We do need the wall tho. Close the fucking borders already

Yeah, we need a wall to stop all the rapefugees who are jumping the border en masse every day! What? The vast majority of immigrants enter the country legally at airports and border checkpoints? Well, it's the illegals who are the real problem anyway! What? Most of them are just legal immigrants who overstayed they visas or failed to file the proper paperwork? Well, there are still a lot of people crossing the border illegally! What? Nearly all of them either get smuggled into the ports or get carried through border checkpoints by the American bosses who hire them to pick strawberries? Well, we still need an expensive thousand-mile wall to keep out the handful who actually do jump the border! What are boats and tunnels?

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Out of one side of your mouth, you fags say "commies don't support mass-immigration, that's the liberals/porkies", but then you get triggered/defensive/critical when somebody actually starts building border walls to prevent mass-immigration.

So which is it?

I'll remind you that the wall would literally cost less than 1% of of one year's budget for the US.

Entering and an airport/border checkpoint still requires that that appearance/id/fingerprints be logged, which ICE can later use to track them down.

What is the Coast Guard and seismic sensors?

Seriously, if you take the commie meme flags off your posts, you people make the same stupid arguments as neoliberals on Twitter and Facebook.

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Wrong context. He was talking about France's Maginot Line.

Mexicans aren't charging the border with Panzers and Stukas.

By the way Trump talks about them they might as well be.

But also that quote can be applied here, because building a wall won't stop them. Being on the offensive will, by that I mean helping build up there countries that they are coming from.

And accomplish absolutely nothing, because .

So, shit that is already in place. But ZOMG the hordes are still coming!

Ridiculously expensive systems that apparently do not do a very good job of keeping out drug mules and migrant farmers. Just like the BBC wall!

It doesn't take dialectical materialism to see the flagrant bullshit in the justification for a border wall. Not that it matters to us. Have fun building your impotent wall of black dicks with U.S. dollars!

Your response makes it clear that you didn't read my post at all.

Ain't it funny?
You want their wares, their services, their capital.
But you don't want their people.

answer the main argument
how is a wall going to do jack shit to stop illegal immigration


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Damage control level: MAXIMUM

Walls can be effective at slowing people down… for a few minutes. But really they're only effective as long as you have people patrol them, and that's where most of your costs are: manpower.

Either way most communists will reject the open borders / closed borders binary, understanding instead that capitalist systems prefer a mix. These regimes want off-the-books migration – emphasis on *off-the-books*. You can't exploit a migrant labor force unless they're here illegally, right? They don't have rights, really. They don't have the right to vote, certainly. Collective bargaining is out of the question. If communists were to take over the government and establish a socialist regime, of course there would be border controls. But there's no reason to play by the rules of a capitalist regime right now. Open the borders. I don't give a fuck. And give full rights to everyone who steps across. The goal is to overthrow capitalism. Allowing the intensification of exploitation of an existing population via harsher anti-immigration measures? How does that help advance our goals? Explain to me.

Don't you know about the right-wing conspiracy theory about illegal immigrants swinging elections?

Kek. Never mind gerrymandering, the corporate media, or the Diebold voting machines that have been regularly returning markedly different results than exits polls. Elections are being swung by a few thousand illegal illegals who are somehow voting illegally!

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Yeah, these trump suck ups will do anything for their precious wall and for their trump father.

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That's definitely not beautiful in the slightest.