Brit/pol/ #2814: Brexit Means Brexit Edition

quick edish
Tory MP: ‘Nigel Farage Is Doing a Better Job than Theresa May in Leading’

‘Righteous Indignation’: Farage’s Praise For Parliament Candidate Taking a Stand Against Brexit Betrayal

David Beckham banned from driving for using mobile phone
kek wahey deano

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Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry raise their baby to be black?

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Sounds like your haunted lad


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too busy watching big tiddie nip asmr girl still to click that lad tbqh

damn ghostniggers

I blame Westie

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and her tits

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For them

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this is a bramacharya board tbh

btjag wn cut the tip of your cucumber off

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Good lad

>“Without a doubt racism exists in football because it exists in society,” Tajean Hutton, Kick It Out’s grassroots officer, says. “It’s never been eradicated or reduced.”


We’ve seen Carl Benjamin’s rank misogyny before – remember Gamergate?

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brapybara tbh

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I've always liked nips with big tiddies tbh lad

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Oh boy the cringiest nazis return.


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We're back bwoiiis

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smh I forgot the funny memi I was going to post

hullo Incels

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Can't see any flags or images now.

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Testing for incels

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Fair game.

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Turk BTFO by Geordie wife

For her

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That projared guy probably cheated with that whore because I reckon she is into some freaky shit but his gf isn't

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cant get tvcatchup to work, any other sites for QT?

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Nah he made tranny 16 y/o send him pics and other teens, he was a degenerate. Glad his wife btfo him like that

Try not to laugh too hard at this thread lads

Don't laugh at this black scoobydoos t/l either

cant post images reee

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>Shogun is 9 hours long

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When these cunts see the reality of the world not some altright conspiracy the think, and still ignore it and go back to the comfy arms of the borg

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Just reminded me, I saw a woman with a tattoo on her inner thigh of a bomb flying up towards her cunt a few weeks ago

Was testing tbh.

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Is that Pixie Little?


Gamergate never ends

Aaahhhhhh, just posted to the chunky girl that the reason I didn't post her yesturday was because I'm a massive pussy. She repliedñits okay so I said no its gay. Then wentbon to say I just want a big fitted gf to kiss n cuddle and she replied with "HAHA" you faggots have too much influence on me,week1 day3 nofap rewatching civilization earlier on part 7 n got teary eyed from a fucking marble sculpture shite , I can't tell if itbwas genuine or I'm larping feels to trycand seem smarter to myself fuck I'll send a dick pic, either she bloks me or I'm in

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Knew a girl with fox on her inner thigh. Very slim.

Based degenerate Bush Poster identifying porn stars and glamour models

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the absolute state of Bush Poster

Fucking hell i'm ashamed of you

Don't you lie to me you purveyor of proprietary software

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Drunk thots can't commit murder in this country

He must be stopped.

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I'm good at remembering names and faces tbh.

Fresh HM

thx buddy

I am too lad but it's actors, filmmakers and politicians that I remember well with

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Might sip a sugar free Sprite

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they're going to call nige a racist for not supporting the royal baby hard enough

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Then he's gonna say UKIP are reel racists

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I'm going to uninstall Redora tbh, Red Hat have been slowly taken over by IBM and not only that, but Red Hat have been using tranny porn star who eats shit to market their O.

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Ahhhhhhhhh yes of course

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EU are holding an emergency meeting on the 28th if they don't get the results they like

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Yeah, don't use Red Hat OSs.

Was Zig Forums down for anyone else for the last hour? I couldn't post and the page wouldn't refresh even after I closed and restarted my browser.

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Was site maintenance

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Surprised at how much of a brainlet this guardian faggot is tbh.

muh gassings?

based BBC shilling for rebel forces
or terrorists as we call them

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