I'm a newfag from 4chan why are there two leftypols which one is the best one

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They both suck. Zig Forums is just Zig Forums with Soviet aesthetics, Zig Forums is just Zig Forums without the Soviet aesthetics. Leave while you can.

Zig Forums is a bit faster.
Zig Forums is a little less banhappy when it comes to imperialism.

In what way is Zig Forums just Zig Forums? I really don't see the comparison.

Other opinions than Democrat talking points can be expressed!

Leftypol is trash

Either stay here or go to >>>/marx/

Or banhappy when it comes to questioning gender identity.

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Zig Forums has less free speech, so it's actually less Zig Forums than Zig Forums.

>>>Zig Forums

You'll fit right in with Zig Forums.

Stay here with us user. You don’t want to go to trannypol.

We don't need more cuckchanners

Only I get to eat the forbidden frozen peaches from the throne.

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Zig Forums is the original, but the board owner lost their mind and basically bans everyone that doesn't tow their particular flavor of tankie world view now
Zig Forums is an alternative dedicated to the free exchange of ideas

Please stay here and ignore self-flagellating dipshits like

who would rather talk to a wall than make any attempt to create new posters they'd like to interact with. Remember to lurk before you post though, newfag.


Zig Forums has traffic but most of it is redditankies and possibly RIDF/%.50 Army jerking each other off over Burgerland being the worst thing in the history of the universe. Also Miss Piggy (their BO) bans anyone disagreeing with them or triggering them.
Zig Forums has less traffic, most of it's either b8 or people responding to it. The BO here is overall not shit but has some shit ideas.

Zig Forums is a fucking sectarian Capitalist-supporting community of PSLfags

I've only seen this happen once, and it was when I got banned for calling Kim Jong Un a rat. Easily evaded.

It happened enough that this board exists.
any obvious/useful evasion (IE, continuing the argument) will get banned and deleted too

Zig Forums is the best one because it gets more traffic, is more popular with actual Marxists (as opposed to anarkiddies) and has more substantial discussion, however both boards are a mix of interesting debate and absolute cancer.
The split originated because Zig Forums's BO began banning people for autistic reasons. Zig Forums was meant to be a version of Zig Forums where you can actually say what you want as long as you're not spamming all over the board. In practice, however, the result is that this board consists mainly of anarchists whereas Zig Forums for the most part consists of M-Ls (Marxist Leninists).

Just continue the argument in a different voice.

"I never posted on this thread before but agree perfectly with this person who has mysteriously stopped posting right before I started"

No idiot, just refute their points while passing as someone else. Christ it's like you've never been on 4chan.

Zig Forums was an experiment to see if tankies and anarkiddies can coexist.
Spoiler, they can't. Tankies literally started a purge and turned it into a Stalinist nightmare. The head behind the whole shitshow, the board owner, is still in charge. Most people who are here were banned back then. This is our evac board. We are here because we have nowhere to go.
Never trust a fucking tankie. I gave them the benefit of doubt, I really did.

I don’t get why they are so serious about ideological purity on an imageboard of all places. I’m not even an anarchist and I think dogmatic tankies are awful

I don't really get that impression.

Reading on /marx/ you get the feeling they see Zig Forums as some sort of breeding ground and reeducation camp.
Authoritarian sociopaths.

I think of it as an anarchist board but it's more of a mix, leftypol's current mods are all stalinist and any non-stalinist marxists (myself included) have good reason to leave if not outright forced out..

What is the context behind that picture?

A lot of anti-idpol sentiment masquerades as being more left than thou, but often what anti-idpolers are worried about are losing out on chances to engage in opportunistic social democratic and economist reforms, so they jettison real political demands made by oppressed people. This is also why they fret about white men voting for Trump or whatever.


My god, shut the fuck up. Zig Forums was always dominated by leftcoms and anarchists until little ago. Fucking Kropotkin is stickied to the front page.

There are self-admitted anarchist mods on Zig Forums and I've seen them posting with my own eyes.

People get banned for not being tankie enough all the time

Why is being anti-baathist an automatic permaban?

One of which is Hoochie.

No they don't. They get banned for not being anti-imperialist (read: anti-American) enough.

I was banned for saying the Falklands war wasn't unjustified, that's just retardation not anti imperialism.

they both suck

ur mom gay tho

leftypol is better but you can shitpost more here

Hoochie hasn't been a mod for a while. I haven't even seen her posting lately.

He's your run on the mill feels driven faggot who bases all his decisions on feels. Add to it that he is emotionally unstable and everytime he has a mental breakdown, Zig Forums reached almost 500 unique IPs threatening to overtake Zig Forums.
Even BO in all his infallible hamness and all his sympathy towards a fellow drug addict tranny coudn't allow that millstone to decimate his powerbase.