Brit/pol/ #2815: Centrism Edition

We’ve seen Carl Benjamin’s rank misogyny before – remember Gamergate?

‘Nigel Farage Is Doing a Better Job than Theresa May in Leading’

‘Righteous Indignation’: Farage’s Praise For Parliament Candidate Taking a Stand Against Brexit Betrayal

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Based lad

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Just to make my point:
She was actually head girl, kek. Yeah, she's the archetype of the vicious, box-ticking little try-hard over-achiever that our education system is built to proselytise.


For nige

for him

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The Enya one? kino tbhhhhhhhh

You say that as they are bad traits, sounds like you can't handle a real woman little boy smh

I love mosley tbh. There has never been a better public speaker in politics. In fact, there has never been anyone even close tbh. It must have been quite invigorating to have a political figure knocking about who actually cared.

For bedtime!

It was ironic you make some fucking OC then, cunt

nth for munters (excluding liz)

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No strawmanning tonight please okaythankyou

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so you're saying you raep dogs and eat poo?

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Wasn't criticising I thought it was funny, touchy bellend

luv Ray Parlour me

They soon eased off on Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad when lawsuits were mentioned

They're all carbon copies of each-other, it's pretty kek worthy if you can overlook them dismantling the educational system due to their penis envy.

I was also just being ironic when I called you a cunt just now, hah. soz lad

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Thinking about going into Blackburn to meet Tommy Robinson tomorrow. What should I expect?


Bet she likes getting dominated and strangle fucked by Brillo in the green room while Portillo watches

Paki riot, it's full of em


I'll let you off

don't do it lad his chompers will blind you

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Good lad

Well obviously its full of pakis, might be fun. Riots are exactly what East Lancashire needs.

Learning how to play DF lads


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Doubt anything will come of it beyond street skirmish tbh. Riots never happened after all the nonce gangs, tommeh shekelstein won't achieve much other than getting milkshaked again with halal milk


Good lad. *posts it again because he was unironically a good lad* and I didn't get a single (you)

It's very telling the silence he was met with other than some knowing looks, the global finance aspect is so touchy, everyone knows it's corrupt and corrupting and on some level know the disproportionate scoobydooish hand in it, but it's dropped from the public radar a bit. I remember some random lads ambush interviewing Nige and him talking about fractional reserve banking a bit.

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What does this mean?


I dunno lad I remember the Burnley riots. Mad thats it's nearly 20 years ago. Long overdue to happen again. Honestly im thinking a Friday night in Blackburn its more likely to see action than 20th in Preston or 21st in Burnley which are a Monday and Tuesday. Even just a punch up with a few pakis would do me. I'll be disappointed if its nothing but im guessing the police will show up in numbers.

Good video lad. Well done and thanks for your effort.

I missed him tbh

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Preston will be worse lad. It's a student city with plenty of pakis in the city centre, probably as many if not more
It will be antifa central too with the students turning up and skipping classes

Na more pakis in Blackburn. Lots of niggers in Preston but they won't turn out for politics. He is holding the rallies in the evenings.

That's more like it.

Yeah I missed several good chunks of the stream too.

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Or I could go see Tommy at 3pm in Bolton tomorrow. That could be a winner.


Preston for antifa, Bolton for pakis if I had to choose. All 3 would be fun tbf

bollocks destruction lad?


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Where is he tonight?

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Fuck it i'll go to Blackburn tomorrow and offer Tommy my services as an extra bodyguard for Bolton, Preston and Burnley. Honestly just want to scrap and i'm not picky if its pakis or antifa.

ay lmao

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ay rmao


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Careful what you post online man. Our posts are literally being copied onto some shitty empty forum under account names and everything and i cannot figure who or why they’re doing it. If any of you are ever planning irl effort posting, do not utter the slightest hint about it for your own well being. Apparently anons have had soup agencies turn up at their house.

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this tbh


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One site in particular is hollaforums I think. Shit is creepy. Even this post itself is going to end up on there

Hiding boards doesn’t do anything. So if you’re going to absolutely anything that can get you in trouble, don’t say a damn thing.


Yeah I suppose I should make it clear that I will only engage in self defence. It looks like TR didnt have any trouble in Stockport or St Helens yesterday and today so it might be that nothing happens anyway.


Comfy tbh

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tfw rain is our natural habitat

This is why
never bothered me, how is that an insult?

That’s still enough to “incriminate” lad, our self “defence” laws are non existent, people who defend themselves from break ins end up in court. Even in schools they shit on you if you fight back against bullies with that bollocks about go tell muh teacher instead crap.

Out govt is occupied, it’s not on our side and will use any excuse to rake us over the coals. Just don’t want innocent anons getting agency visits.

Fake American teeth.


We call em chompers lad

Good lad.

saving up for chompers lads

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Mariko Oi is proof of contact with off world life tbh

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That closed eye thing he does is fucking irritating and effeminate, he's such a prick

With a name like that you know her banter is good

*telepathically communicates with you*

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Remainers are not people.


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Tbh I think my constant rocking and eyes wanting to swirl around and look all over is something related to my mental state tbh

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Some 4head

probably but what can you do?

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It's scary when you watch BBC world news tbh


Shag mutelass

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That's Anne Diamond lad?

we agreed that arc was to come to an end lad

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Going for dinner with her soon lad, maybe watch a film at mine after too

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We know lad

so it is lad good eye my 80s UK celebrity knitwear folder might be horribly mislabeled

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Anne Diamond was qt as fuck tbh, love seeing her on 80's youtube videos

no one cares lad

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Iceland is nice but Reykjavik is shit tbh, saw a freemason's building there

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