Chomsky Says Stay In Syria


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*in Kurdistan

You know this would be a smug victory if
A. You weren't taking his quote out of context.
B. You didn't use a Cuckchan meme.

Who cares. Chomsky is yesterday’s yesterday’s news.

He wants American troops/whatever there to deter the imminent t*rkish attack on Rojava
Zig Forums may call that SUPPORTING IMPERIALISM but its not quite so clear-cut

At least try.

It is that clear cut, or at least Zig Forums's response is. Many western MLs, in particular the twitter tankies, would welcome the slaughter of Kurds and occupation of Syria by t*rkey so long as the burger flag not be flown. It's not them getting killed so they can roleplay as geopolitical experts from their twitter accounts while middle eastern MLs, who are with the YPG, get pumped full of bullets.

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You know, just because it's le ebul Putin and Assad now that are calling the shots in Syria doesn't necessarily mean that has to perish. They can easily manoeuvre themselves in a position where breaking a deal with them is more profitable for the Syrian government than engaging themselves into another "civil" war, especially with the t*rkish aggression against legitimate Syrian cities being a chance to support each other. Let bygones be bygones, aren't the Kurds famous for the realpolitik, as anarchists always claim they are?

the realpolitik here is that t*rkey will not accept a Kurdish state on its borders, and Assad prefers to retain control over whole of the pre-rebellion Syria. As I see it there is no real conflict of interest between the two, and Assad will happily let t*rkey do its 'punitive' maneuvres even if they violate Syrian sovereignty.

The Kurds have no leverage at all with which to bargain without the Americans. As says, the t*rks will be doing Assad a favor.

That's bullshit, if anything the presence of the Americans would have incentivised Assad and Putin to push further north after ISIS, Al Nusra and FSA and friends are defeated. Now that the Kurds can emerge as a neutral force that is willing to integrate itself the Syrian state in some federal, the situation is much better and sustainable for them. The bargaining chip that they still have is that they can offer resistence, and another costly insurgence is something Syria can not afford considering the Russians have short-term plans to leave Syria as well.

And wtf, "Erdogan is doing Assad a favour" did you get that from an opinion piece of the New York Times? Kurdish and Syrian interests literally align now, considering Rojava has not expressed explicit wishes to secede from Syria. Stop sucking burger dick you Chomsky worshipping boomers

some federal system*

Assad and Putin would have directly confronted the American military?
except its not Syria doing the 'counterinsurgency' but t*rkey
your federal plans still diminsh the power of the Syrian state. since the t*rks seem poised to attack the artist formerly known as Rojava why wouldn't the Syrian state take the opportunity to take back control over the whole of their territory?

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cheering for the US leaving syria because they have imperialist designs for Rojava is like cheering for the feds leaving the little rock nine to be lynched because the federal government ultimately promotes white supremacy.

Fuck off, Zig Forums.


Fuck off, Zig Forums. You're not fooling anyone.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Zig Forums and their more presentable relatives have supported Assad and the non-intervention of burgerland since the beginning. You're either willfully ignorant or full of shit to claim that their position is otherwise.

wow I'm shocked

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America doesn't give a fuck about the Kurds. They were useful to kill ISIS but that's happened now so the US doesn't care. They'd offer no actual support if they did stay because they have no interest in pissing off t*rkey. "Protect muh Rojava pls and thank U" is as realistic as "abolish police now!"

The only reason the US would stay in that area is to take out Assad which apparently isn't going to happen because not enough of the right people want that.

Reminder: supporting the t*rkish in genociding the Kurds is anti-imperialism.

This. It's also very progressive since the Kurds are islamophobic.

Actually, that would be supporting Perincek and Nazkem Gang in their fight against the Atlanticist Erdogan.

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TEV-DEM and Russia/Syrian Gov are already negotiating for SAA to take the US's place in Northern Syria. I understand your concern but it can really go both ways.