Poster & flyer thread

ITT: we post printable posters

Post anything useful to the cause; PR cucked, ultra 'edgelord', whatever.
Build up your collections, go out and get flyering - take the shitposting to the streets.

Printable means high quality, usually over 2000px wide. Do not spam the thread with low resolution crap that prints out 5cm wide or looks pixelated to the point of being unreadable.

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Ask yourself, who exactly are you trying to reach with your posters?
We don't give a shit what non-Whites think as their opinions are irrelevant at this time. So insulting them or complementing them is completely irrelevant. What matters is what White people, particularly young White people think.
Does this poster make any appeals to them? Does it rouse them to action? Does it make them question the existing System?

Don't waste time trying to talk to rapefugees. Spend it on White people.

posters like this attract a lot of kike media attention
posters like this are posted by normalfags against rapefugees on various social media platforms continually
if normalfags see posters like this in the media, they will feel more emboldened against the rapefugree threat
the purpose is to demoralize the enemy while uplifting white spirits

Any pro-White poster attracts hate from the kike media.

Maybe. It's certainly an idea. Of course if they see these posters in the media, the accompanying message is that this is evil. And painting it as "evil" is much easier because it targets a group and says fuck off. In addition, the use of the word "refugee" allows the media to paint pictures of victims being victimized.
The word "refugee" is owned by the jews.


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PR fags begone

and mybordersmychoice as well

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PR = politics.
You admit yourself that you are concerned with "uplifting white spirits"
That's PR.
Thus, we are both PR fags and so was Hitler.

hitler wasn't a fag, you're a fag

PR = politics.
You admit yourself that you are concerned with "uplifting white spirits"
That's PR.
By your own admission, anyone concerned with PR is a PR fag. Hitler was very concerned with PR. You are concerned with PR. And I am concerned with PR.
Everyone in this thread is concerned with PR. That's why we're here.

Your redditpede mods aren't here to coddle you and enforce a narrative anymore.
Fuck off and die.


I like poster threads. I don't like idiots.
If kikes want to put up posters with Swastikas and threats against non-Whites, that's fine. But we shouldn't be assisting kikes by doing the same.
IOKTBW works because it brings the conversation back to us. It makes White people think about ourselves while also compelling the non-Whites to attack us.
This is a win-win.

If making threats and being edgy was an effective tactic, then this kind of poster would be the most effective. However I know that 90% of anons know that this kind of poster is exactly what the jews want us to post because it benefits their narrative.

Why on earth would we assist the local rabbi in putting up Swastikas on synagogues?

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gtfo you alt kike mamzer

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Posters should be simple and asthetically pleasing.
You can scream and shout and cry but I'm more concerned with good poster design than attempting to engage in conversation with an idiot.

Don't don't you hurt me you know I

no you're not, you're concerned with PRfag concern trolling, mamezr.

if you weren't a kike, you would've contributed to the thread
sage for double

This poster is fucking autistic and you might as well spray paint a swastika on a synagogue.

PR = politics.
Anyone concerned with promoting pro-White ideas is someone concerned with PR.

If you weren't a kike, you would not be trying to slide the idea that we shouldn't care about PR. PR = politics.
In politics, it is a waste of time trying to talk with people who won't support you.
N i g g e r s are irrelevant. Only young White people are relevant to us. Influencing their opinion is key to power. That is PR.
PR = politics.

sure is alt-kike on this board these days.
is this because the TRSodomite forum closed down? you faggots stick out like a sore thumb

It feels like an eternity since I made this. The websites are now defunct, but it was good fun. Got the idea when I saw a bunch of summer camp posters around the neighborhood, don't think the brown parents liked this too much.

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The key to successful postering is simplicity and clarity.
The more information you try to cram into one poster, the less likely it will hold someone's attention or even be seen at all.

Compare the clear message presented you can present with this simple poster on the left. Now compare it with what you had on the right.
The first one is unclear and has way too much text. The more text you present, the less effective it will be.
Saturate a neighborhood with this simple poster and you will affect a lot more minds than with walls of text with no clear message.

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I think simplicity is good

filtered tbh

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51st anniversary soon.

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double redditors

Odd, isn't it? They hate Zig Forums with a passion, but it is also apparently their go-to place to post when Sven cucks up their own forum. Almost like they have no real consistent worldview or ethics, let alone the integrity to see any of these things through.

I dont have enough black ink to print this! what am I a jew?

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Yes, let's neutralize our message right out of the gate for 1488 bonus points and bragging rights on an anonymous image board.
That being said, REFUGEES FUCK OFF

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That last one is good.

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Alright pol, I am traveling to Berlin to a (((cyber security))) training in July, I wanted to post one thread for requesting printable posters. I am looking to use this posters in a web form. My task is clean and simple, give people free wifi and they will connect to it. But they will never have access to the (((internet))) instead they will be redirected to a HTML page with poster. I only have 4 (((raspberry pi's))) and I will drop them on 4 locations. One of those is (((muuuuuuhhhhhhhh memorial)))

Get rid of that third picture (ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE). It is shit tier mathematics and makes us look like fools.

The real statistic is that Jews are 2% of the population but make up 5% of high (>100k) income earners.

You could buy a small label printer with white label rolls and print out "It's ok to be white."
You can make any size text you want and they're quick to print and easy to apply, also easy to keep some small ones in your pocket/wallet in case you see a good spot whenever.

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So does this. Point out their numbers within orgs that attack americans (SPLC, MSM, NGOs, etc) and then people will wake up.

holy shit alt kike faggots need to get the fuck out
reported for TRSodomy
enjoy your ban


t. illegal

he was filtered for being an alt kike faggot, not because simple posters measurably work better.

Wait, didn't they just remove imkampfy?

Here's my first poster design. Its aimed at slightly more intelligent normalfags, and its intention is to draw attention to the nature of pro-diversity propaganda.
Any tips or feedback?

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You want a good example of posters? Antipodean resistance:
The amount of butthurt from the media was unbelievable, which really is the intended effect. What we want to see in the normies is an effect known as normalization. Through coming into contact with something repeatedly, someone will start to find it normal, how extreme their disgust, anger or other negative emotion is at first. this is what the jews do too Thus we want to put up swastika's, posters being extremely racist and the same shit.
We also want to project strength, because people are drawn to an org that can protect itself, not to one that begs for protection. So no "say no to white geNOcide" or alike. They are extremely gay.
To reiterate

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that was a shit idea, shit project and probably thought out by imkikey tbh

Not really printable, but fuck you anyway.

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Fuck, it submitted too quickly. Years ago I made two versions of this. I think the color-swapped variant is the better one.

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The shills are still scared of MBMC even months after the poster date. Probably because the message rang true to a lot of people, which is why the ADL, SPLC, Antifa and many far left universities condemned it, even going so far as to tell students to illegally call 911 just to report the posters at UVA and trying to expel students at SJFC:

here's some coverage of the idiot exec vic pres from UVA who told students to call 911 over the posters:

lots more media coverage here:

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No activism, only memes now.

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Not a poster but a script I'd suggest anons cut out and spam on all any alt-right/kosher clown youtube vids and websites for its self-evident truth and perfect red-pilling aspect.

Why Jews Promote Multiculturalism

First of all, let it be said the multiculturalism is a euphemism for multiracialism. It was sold to us in a classic bait-and-switch con job, as multiculturalism among the various cultures of Europe (English, Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, etc) but then morphed into the multiracialism we see today.

The following five reasons are not mutually exclusive but each contains a slightly different emphasis:

1. The Jews know that the White race is their only serious obstacle to the Talmudic dream of a one-world state under their control. They seek the displacement, marginalization, and eventual extinction of the White race.

2. In a divided land the most cohesive group will rule. Jews have a high level of racial solidarity.

3. By importing into our lands elements that are racially incompatible with Whites, the Jews hope for the class and racial divisions which will result in social chaos. This will contribute to their overall plan of divide-and-rule.

4. By reducing the White population to a minority the Jews will be able to control and/or eliminate all collective forces not alligned with their own.

5. Multiculturalism destroys a sense of National Community among Whites. It makes difficult, if not impossible, the possibility of finding living space where Whites can live, work, play, and mate among our own kind. Clubs, societies, professional associations, labor unions, schools, hospitals, etc must all, by force of law, be 'inclusive'. They must all be made multiracial. The effect of this is that it destroys our White National Community.

Jews are aware of this, which is precisely why they promote it. As it says in The Protocols:

" In all corners of the earth the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the well-being of the GOYIM [non-Jews], putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the GOYA [non-Jew] States. "
Protocol 1, paragrap 26. The Protocols of Zion

As stated in Mein Kampf:

" It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master. "
–Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Ch. 11

Let William Pierce explain it more clearly.

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its design is atrocious and looks worse then fucking Zig Forums memes, the catchprase is stolen and perverted version of a shitty slogan only most avid leftists remember blunting the point for the rest of the world. its fucking shit, its aesthetic cancer
but sure every criticism of every cancer you niggers try to meme must be shills from reddit.

wordswordswords, too long, dont suit the format very well, and really dont make a sense in general. you are not supposed to debate people with fucking fliers, you are supposed to nuke them with a single phrase

these are good


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no, it was a pretty faggy idea

>You want a good example of posters? Antipodean resistance:

Also agreed, but certain tactical posters can work fine along side, especially if they are unbranded, like the Its Okay To Be White shit. A multi-pronged approach works fine.

the deportation and 'why are they invading?' are good

Good job proving his point.

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If it was a bad design then why did it spread so far? Why were the ADL and SPLC so scared of it? Why did antifa write several articles on it and try to take down the posters? Why did it freak out leftypol and make them devote multiple threads to stopping it? Why did it make UVA mentally snap and tell students to call 911? Why did it cause SJFC to release a statement on it and almost expel a student? Why did it attract so many participants from so many countries? How do you account for all of these successes and still say the design is "bad"?

Why are you trying to discourage continued use of a good, well-proven design?

show me the evidence for your claims

Faggot. Even if most of what he said is a lie, the overarching message and impact is undeniable. The fact that you are dragging your feet about this proves that you are either bleedingly new (lurk moar) or posting in bad faith.

thanks but it's not a lie I already provided the evidence earlier in the thread:

However I will provide it again here in explicit detail just to shut up any lurking shills:

Do you believe me now? Do you see now that MBMC posters have a proven track record and are worth continuing to spread?

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This jpg is big enough to make good prints.

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Love Your People is the best one there. It's broad enough to sow white pride and ambiguous enough so that coloreds can't object.

These are the better submissions so far.

Gets bonus points for creativity and defacing a corporate brand

Read Rules for Radicals if you would like to learn to turn the system in on itself. Some NLP knowledge is necessary.

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Oh there's so much you can do with corporate brand false flags, the idiots are so kind enough to put their brand guidelines with fonts and colors all over the internet.
image related. not a poster though.

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shut the fuck up TRSodomite

sage for retarded tripleposting

OK the kikes seem to have been pretty triggered by this shit, I still think that it's fucking gay but it clearly does something right so I won't oppose it in future.

These are good examples of posters. Use these as a template/

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Can somebody do an edit with a link to something simpler than pastebin?

tinyurl dot com slash USSLIBERTYTRUTH redirects to the same pastebin URL. While longer it's easier to type and reminder.

It's Ok
to have

Diversity is
only good for
some nations

(pic related here)
Kill your
baby to
make room

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Should we start another thread about this? The USS Liberty anniversary is next Friday. It would be nice if we could start another flyering campaign.

Highly useful resources:

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it didnt. only a small group on imageboards and some left wing political fanatics knew about it
antifa is one of these fanatic groups, same with Zig Forums and the rest of undesirables
and its easy to get retards to do something so innocent for you if they are under pear pressure
instead of making material to uplift humans and spread our ideology you made some disgusting shit in paint to upset a few commies. congratulations , fucking nazbol is better then this shit, not only aesthetically but also can potentially do more to spread National Socialism then this fucking lel funny countries with sad eyes forced meme.

i understand subversion element of this but i personally think it looks like shit and it would be better to estabilish distinct aesthetics for our posters to differentiate them from the corporate aesthetic. i understand that people are used to seeing it but is that good thing? everyone just ignores it and it is made as to be easilly ignored and not offend anyone.

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Nice, thanks user.

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maybe this wont work so well because too much ink

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Updated USS Liberty poster

USS Liberty Anniversary Friday June 8th

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