#MeToo stupidity

Nothing says first worldism like being pissed off about a man of the people randomly calling a loathsome bitch "stupid woman". It seems the idpol "left" has learned absolutely nothing from the Trump vs Clinton clusterfuck.

I mean, come the fuck on. Is this really the state of leftism in 2018? Now they give a pussy-pass to bourgeois scumbags like Theresa May?

I'm starting to think that we seriously need a Zig Forums style raiding campaign and push these idpol faggots off the internet. Time to bring back harassment, doxxing and threats.

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This specifically is the tory media trying to make him less popular by the usual means. They aren't left, no neoliberal should be considered left. I know it's just a generalization, but don't misuse it.

poor dumb youngsters who have fallen for this junk as leftism are probably more easily converted to to far left ideologies than the poor dumb rightwing idpolers.

You're either an idiot or a pol shill

I agree with you on the fact this is stupid, but #metoo movement was caused by workplace harresment. Which can be easily solved by making the workplace non hierarchical, oh wait is that what commies want?

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Have a little respect. They maybe the 2nd worst board on the site but you still need to refer to all boards with "//" first and foremost.
t. Oldfag pro.

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I don't remember that episode well enough to get the reference, are you implying that I'm obsolete? Should have posted an MP4 or webm.

nani the fuck

Yeah I didn't get that either they're liberal soft core at their hardest.

Deal with it, radlib.

I wouldn't mind a good old-fashioned raid, but "harassment, doxxing, and threats" is clearly idpol liberal phrasing, there's no point in doxing people who write under their real names, and they'll invent "threats" either way so why do we need to give them evidence of real ones?

MeToo is mostly bullshit to begin with. Hollywood is trying to distract people from child rape and sex trafficking by pointing to some guys jerking off or saying off-color things.

Shit, at least one of the metoo women got outed for statutory rape.

Liberals can suck Jezzy’s wiener.


Fixed your meme

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Corbyn should just go out and call Theresa a stupid cunt. He’d win all of the North of England in the next election.

Much better.

I think this is what they're referring to, Asia Argento is alleged to have had sex with Jimmy Bennett when he was 17.

As for the Me Too movement being bullshit to begin with I'm not so sure, the person who started the whole thing has been pretty critical of the direction it has taken, the obsession with finding new high profile celebrity perpetrators every news cycle and taking the focus off of harassment in the average workplace faced by people with far less power than celebrity victims. That the movement has been hijacked by liberal idpol bullshitters should be no surprise though.

And Corbyn should go on TV and say unequivocally that he was calling May a "stupid woman", telling the truth ought to be lauded.

Naw, just some teasing. I'm a real oldfag myself.

Its a witch hunt. It is a cancer that destroys the very foundation of our justice system. Black and minority men are particularly vulnerable since they can't afford legal council.

How are hysterical extralegal Twatter screech squads, completely incapable of harming anyone that doesn't cooperate with every single step, not bullshit?

If a genuinely unrepentant sexual predator is confronted with #metoo, assuming they didn't simply ignore it, they're free to sue the "victim" and any collaborators (media outlets, employers, suppliers, etc.) for libel, unlawful termination, lost wages, breach of contract, etc.

On the flipside, from "perpetrator" to "victim", it harms actual victims, because a most "crimes" under the #metoo flag are for mundane behavior that don't come anywhere close to the legal definition of rape/assault/harassment/etc.

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Celebrities act as role models for much of the population. Many working class people who previously accepted harassment as a "fact of life" got encouraged by #metoo and reported their harassers. Just because the media focuses on celebrities does not mean that it cannot have positive outcomes in everyday life.

Workplace harassment is a very real problem that working-class people face and shouldn't be ignored. The real curiosity is that people are more willing to accept a claim when the perpetrator's identity is unknown than when it is known to be a superior to the victim. In the latter case they assume that the victim somehow benefited from the crimes committed against them and perceive it either as an equivalent exchange or even an unfair advantage! "Oh, stop complaining, you got a raise because the boss enjoys groping you against your will!" You can see this mentality in this thread too, from people who claim to care about the oppressed.

You can criticize individual cases but as a "movement", #metoo worked very well in encouraging people to stand up for themselves and report their harassers.

Can you please stop using the anarcho-communist flag? The FBI flag would fit you much better.

There was any doubt that #Metoo is complete idiocy?

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Friendly reminder that rape allegations were the main excuse for lynchings. Sometimes the couple even did have consensual sex but the white woman would rather say she was raped than be labeled nigger-lover.

To Kill a Mockingbird anyone?



read that in his voice

this, good work user

all this but in allcaps


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Holy shit you Americans are dumb.


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Chad Meredith Hurley
Phone: 612 9006069
Address: 221 Atherton Ave , Atherton California 94027

Burger AntiFa (just like its mirror image in burger NeoFash) is 1000% IdPol-flavored street circus LARP. Both "sides" literally originated inside the 1970s punk rock music "crusty/skinhead" scene, as a way of adding a pseudo-political lick of paint to camouflage anodyne hooliganism and brawling. Pure lifestylism.

Burger AntiFa/NeoFash have persisted since primarily as petty criminal organizations dealing in drugs, prostitution, smuggling etc., with a sideline in showing up at protests to clash with the cops and beat each other over the head for fun.

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t. kid who's never been to an underground punk show

Every antifa is connected to punk. In Poland there are training grounds for anti fascists and guess what. They are mostly punk. Same thing with Germany. Also, it’s not like antifa was invented before and it wasn’t lifestylism back then.

Some countries have real fascist movements that reach into the highest levels of government and form a core part of its suppression of the working class, like Greece and Italy. Uncoincidentally, those are also the countries with genuine AntiFa, who regularly carry out assassinations and espionage operations as a vital prerequisite to leftism functioning within the country.

Including politicians that have their roots in youth subcultures like the notorious satanic black metal dude in the greek Golden Dawn
Which also have their connections to youth subculture (punk, hip-hop, techno etc…)
Uncoincidentally, music scenes that stand outside of the mainstream cultural sphere are a natural element in political groupings that stand outside of the mainstream discourse. This does not necessarily imply that they are simply two sides of the same coin, but merely that they both arise from the same conditions.

I'll reemphasize the extreme right-wing tendencies I'm referring to aren't neofascist, but fascist in genuine continuity with the original fascists. In the exceptionally extreme case of Greece's, for instance, the Nazi collaborationist regime was literally pulled out of jail and installed back in power out of (unjustified) paranoia that MLs would sweep the country via the leftist resistance that had liberated the country in the war, and said fascists brutally dominated Greece for decades after the war, to the extent WWII arguably continued into the 1980s in the country:
Not to quite the same extent, but many other European states had a similar continuations of pre-WWII fascism via networks of "stay-behind" NATO fascist terrorism cells such as Italy's "Operation Gladio":

That some of the people involved in these today have absorbed Americanized popculture especially given its uptake among LARPers with delusions of similarity, hardly indicates the two are similar in any practical respect.

that reminds me punk needs to channel GG Allin again. or it remains a corpse.

"I get my rocks off getting people fired"

not enough guns in the world.


except RAC bands.

tbqh, everything became a commodity for idpol eventually in music, except noise/experimental/industrial music, which is a playground for nonsense, Dada and extreme views and can't be co-opted by anyone. Debord and Adorno would turn in their graves if they knew this.

Absolutely dense


>black and minority men are particularly vulnerable
>most people on welfare are white
Not a contradiction

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