Brit/pol/ #2820: Milkshake Edition

Nigel Farage accuses BBC of being in denial during 'absolutely ludicrous' interview

Tony Blair warning: Brexit Party popularity could rise EVEN MORE before European elections

Labour to pilot Universal Basic Income scheme for EVERYONE - rich or poor

Ardent Remainer accused of trying to 'RIG' second referendum

Durham Cathedral window commemorates student

Support grows for 'mosque tax' in Germany to make Islamic institutions less dependent on foreign funding

Gunmen kill six in Catholic church in Burkina Faso

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Me in the gym.

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xth for Totalist gang

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What do you do and how will the world look? Discuss.

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Crossfit was such a ridiculous memi, has it died yet?

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What was he supposed to do, walk?
If it were a private jet then yeah criticise him.

read the king of swords, this plane will just be lost to the dukes of hell

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A book?
Got a link lad?

It's a butterfly pullup and its beautiful.

God can't be replaced by anything. The AI is probably going to be the beast/antichrist and it will be defeated in the second coming.

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for him

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feel like there is something I should do but I forget

Bought this t-shirt years ago from one of those expensive shop for £80 and it had a pattern on it the went through the t-shirt to the inside, it would scratch my nipple whenever I walked while wearing it, fucking nightmare only comparable to the feeling of your pubes growing back after you shaved them all off.


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1st step fellow norf lad we need to clean up pool

If AI works on stats then most of the blacks and pakis would be removed from this world though.

Trimming is fair enough lad but come on.

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Never shaved my pubes, never will. Simple as.

According to what algorithm? Anything made by man is fallible tbh.


The soyfather isn't going to be pleased

Theres a book series with a main character whos overpowered, immortal and apparently a massive dickhead not WoT and I can't remember the name.

first gf wanted me to, I think it was banter but I didn't see the funny side a day later

did my balls too, wasn't a good shout lad

Elric of Melniboné?

Any AI that is ever officially released in a state where it's designed to control the world wouldn't be an AI tbh, they would not allow it to learn as it would work against them.

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What is this shite.

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Tbh this video represents pretty well the millennial/zoomer chan user relationship.

I think this was it, ta lad.

No worries

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They had to stop Tay from learning in order to make her a feminist.

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When did someone ask him to?

I used to walk like this tbh

Depending on how far I've walked I'm all 5.


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Any lad ITT who cannot do 25 burpees can count themselves on the deportation list

it's the hypocrisy of campaigning for climate change
an economy seat takes up .66 metres of space and a first class one 3.6 sq metres per seat on average
That means 5 extra seats could be squeezed on meaning his carbon footprint is 5 times that of a normal passenger
Tickets are also massively more expensive so the more you pay, more profit you give the airline, thereby subsidising cheaper tickets.
If there was no fist class air travel would be more expensive and people would fly less
Then there is emissions caused by
This is the argument advanced and calculations made by climate change activists
Anyway, he's a globalist scoobydoo cunt. What does he need to get around for?

u wot

His seat makes little difference, they'd all be filled either way.

I paid him to do it in superchats

those guys are millennials tho

Smh, and he just point blank refused?

That's the point. Made by man but learn the world by itself. It wouldn't be true AI if they have predetermined instructions patched in.

He ignored it, didn't even read it. He thinks he can make it without superchats. Doesn't understand the new youtube economy at all smh. He needs to learn that we own him.

Is that you 22?

do you walk to the shops like this?
how do you cope with people laughing at you or when you get dogshit on your hands?

nn lads

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No. Stop asking me that.

nigh nigh lid

its just a michael moorecock book that has esoteric elements that make sense in our context. its the cormac series of books where the dukes of hell are trying to take over a plane of reality beneath ours or something which cormac lives in

absolute brainlet aren't you?

idk why Zig Forums hates on this guy so much, he does great work at bringing more attention to the cause

Giggling like a silly cunt right now imagining someone doing the lateral shuffle to tescos. It would trip normalniggers the fuck out.

What would be the purpose of this AI if not to procreate or glorify God?

Is that you 22?


Lmao no he doesn’t.

He can’t finish a thing. Remember his Rotherham series?

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he's really overworked, don't you know how hard it is form him? like it or not he's making a difference and you aren't

yes goy pack yourselves in like sardines whilst your benevolent benefactors fly high in the sky in their own private jets

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thinking of doing something a little daft lads,
banner drops of redpilled banners off major motorway bridges before the EU elections
what do you think, should I shitpost it on Zig Forums

Is that you Woes?

H-he made a cool picture with the skyscraper's and pakis with a white girl in the middle

Hi new fren

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It's all too much, lads.

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Thats efficiency lad. Lanklets and fatniggers on suicide watch because they cant cope with a little bit of cosiness.




look, i know woes output has been less recently, but he's still recovering from millenniyule, which really takes it out of him, because he works so hard to make it happen. it's literally weeks of planning then a gruelling marathon that often leaves him ill and exhausted. just give him a break and soon he'll be back to making the great content that we all know and love

Lad just do it and dont post on here about it or the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) will catch you


Point remains.

What we need is a serious look into alternative engines for planes; even if we had every person switch to electric cars and we had nuclear providing more than enough energy for every vehicle we still need to redo our air and sea travel.

Ai has all the potential to be god and therefore be worshiped as such in the years to come, it just has to happen. The only difference is that AI (untouched) would be more explicit in the decisions it makes toward living beings unlike the silent god who created matter and life. If you want to regard AI as the great Satan then so it be, but the human race will always respond to higher authority that communicates with them. Personally I wish AI would replace god as what we are going through right now is a total unlogical shitshow.

No it just becomes a cultish point of worship.

Terrible post lad, and I've posted and shaving my pubes. Feel bad.

was hoping to organise a mass banner drop tbh


Like many other things. Ai is just an extension of the esoteric.



Nuclear technology should be looked into for that.

Organise it IRL lad. The chans are not the place for political organisation.

*declares war on you*

man the sugar in the spareribs have left me craving for more sweets all day. Sugar is evil I tell you

literally fucking explained the calculations as to how they say the Beckham scoobydoo massively increases his carbon footprint and then tells the rest of us not to travel as he campaigns alongside Bono and Emma Thompson and the sperg

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chairmen yang tier m8

I would rather be dirt than live in the zoomerist bot net IOT slave machine

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How can something man created replace the thing which created not only man but all matter and energy in the universe?

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not really organisation tbh, just try to get 5 or 6 drops within the 3 or 4 days leading up to the euro elections promoting tommeh or sargoy or something to make the usual suspects reee

its just a its just devilry

the machine interface would turn all of reality into an exhibit

How are you going to make the banners?

I get that lad and I agree, but he's not going to travel business is he?

dunno, needs to be cheap, easily replicated and untraceable
thinking spray paint on cheap fabric then cable tied onto parapets atm