Andrew Torba is jewish. Gab is a Mossad-run website...

Andrew Torba is jewish. Gab is a Mossad-run website. The word "gabai" literally means a jewish synagogue worker according to the Dictionary. Gab is meant to identify white nationalists and spy on them. DELETE GAB NOW!


Gab's lead programmer is an indian named Utsav and he has been caught threatening to report Gab users to the FBI for clearly non-threatening speech like "Gas the kikes" and stuff like that. Utsav has also been caught hitting on tons of female gab users, even tho he just got married a few months ago. He married a jewish woman who worked for a Washington DC synagogue that is a Mossad-front operation. Will be posting screen shots of all of this below.

tl&dr version:
why the fuck are alt-right nazis and white supremacists using an OPENLY jewish social media platform? GET OFF GAB NOW!

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Youre not from around here, are you.
Because its a concentrated mass of right wing whites who are bullied into radicalization by the far right posters who control all the memes and the entire discussion. Its a bigger redpill factory than old/pol/.

BTW that Jared Wyand guy opposes National Socialism and mocks people who promote Rockwell as larpers. Hes pretty much Antifa.

About 90% of the posters here aren't from around here after what just happened.

Okay, in kids language. A jew made up the term alt-right. National Socialists arent okay with fags, niggers and kikes. Alt-righters are right wing libertarians opposed to fascism and who in the words of its creator 'want to stop the horrors of the 1930s from occurring again". Its like an oxymoron.

I left Gab because there is soooooooo much shadow banning of hard hitting posts. If you post something jews don't like, most often your post will be shown to a small handful of your most radical followers, and nobody else.

Shadow-bans on Gab - my True Story
2 weeks ago I went to the Gab homepage of a fellow White Nationalist that I follow. I noticed that he had ''just moments earlier" posted a great post - BUT I had not seen it on my Gab feed.

Where was the Post?
So - curious - I returned to my Gab feed to look for hispost, thinking I may have simply missed noticing it. However, it wasn't there, even thoughposts from other users made during that time were there. So I refreshed my Gab feed twice, and in no case did I see his post published on my feed.

Then moments later, as luck would have it, he commented on something I had posted much earlier. I seized the opportunity to communicate with him. But that's when something strange and bizarre occurred.

Here's what I wrote to him →'Hey, bro - you are being at least to some degree shadow banned. Even though I follow you I just noticed that (the recent) post of yours isn't on my Gab feed. I refreshed my feed, but no dice.

No Response, yer Honor
I got no response from him, although he was posting actively durring that time.

Then I got a post from somebody I had never heard of. He said Are you guys talking about Twitter or Gab?

I replied;- 'Gab. It has become obvious in recent weeks that Gab shadow bans. … It would be simple enough to prove this. One could just open a "normie" account on Gab from a neutral IP (using a clean machine), and then subscribe the 'normie' to a few hard right Nationalist Gab accounts, and capture screen shots of the normie's Gab page feed during that time frame, thus proving the White Nationalists' posts aren't making it to there.'

then I entered the Twilight Zone while still on Gab
Then I clicked the "Publish" button, and waited, and watied – but nothing happened. So finally I clicked "Publish" button again. Still no happenings.

Then the form field disappeared from my monitor.

Two things are Obvious
1) Gab has kikes monitoring the server, & making minute to minute decisions about what to allow to be seen on that social media site.
2) Those kikes evidently fear being set up with a "normie" who subscibes to Bad Goys on Gab, and by and through video screen grabs, being shown to be shadow banning posts that jews don't like.

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boo fucking hoo gab is full of retarded nazi shit

The first time I heard of Gab, I ran minus the period in Google search and I learned that Gabai is actually a word. At first, I wondered if it was merely a coincidence but it seems too contrived to truly be one. Think about it intuitively: who just goes, "I'm going to call my new social media site" For marketing, it isn't the best name out there and Torba being a tech guy probably knows this. So, why did he actually choose the name? There's no immediate and satisfactory answer.

From Torba:

The frog logo was designed by a Jew. Let's check out Exodus 8:2-7:

So, it's about Jews leading frogs into a new location. On Gab, a post is called a gab, which a Gab frog sound. We know this to true because Gab itself says so and because Gab is a Twitter immitation with a frog logo instead of a bird logo and "gabs" instead of Tweets. So, it is the case that Gab users are Gab frogs. Users are therefore likely symbolic of the frogs from Exodus who were lead by Jews into a new land (to eventually die). Torba himself using metaphor even implied that this is true (look for his comment about the frog or toad (Torba) leading its "babies" to safety.

From this we can infer that Gab most likely sees itself as the gabai (the officer of the synagogue (Gab) who determines which congregants (users) are to receive Torah honors (the honor of reciting the blessings over the Torah is called an “aliyah,” which means “going up.” It refers to the fact that the person ascends or goes up to the Bimah (alter of the building (Torba's account) where the Torah is read (where Torba posts). The word also connotes that participating in this ritual represents a spiritual ascent because the Torah service is considered a symbolic re-enactment of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.).

If this pajeet uses his mod power to message females, imagine what the kikes at twitter do with all the naked pics sent and other shit.

Now I understand why leftists invaded social media, they're like the new secret police listening on people.

Is that in the bible?

Yes: 8:2-14&version=ESV

We can safely infer that gab is designed to be a nullifying containment board.


Think about how Gab is designed. People go in but nothing comes out. It's a one way street. It effectively stops outward communication. It's not like Twitter where you can trawl the entire site and almost every post.

Yep, that was my experience too. I already had my doubts from the beginning but when i found out that the word gabai is jewish and when they introduced a youtube hero like rule, wehre you had to have a certain amount of followers to be able to downvote comments, i was 100% certain it was run by jews.
Why did they create
I believe it had three main objectives: 1.separate red-pillers from blue-pillers to better control the narrative on twitter 2. bring conservatives and zionists together and make people believe that being conservative also means being zionist.
3. To keep fueling the hate between different people and parties and keep them divided so that they don't direct their hate against (((the elite))).

See the above posts. Evidence points towards it being a nullifying containment board (site).

The Old Testament / Torah also says that the value of pi is only 3.

You may have heard in school that the value of pi is 3.14, but the retarded Hebrews of the First Millennium BC (unlike the brilliant Greeks) didn't know that.

Every schoolchild knows that the value of pi is approximately 3.14, but the Hebrew part of the bible says that the value of pi is just 3
(1 Kings 7:23-26)
(2 Chronicles 4:2-5)

The internet is awash with apologists for that ignorant error, both Christians and Jews. So here is a rational analysis of the scripture in issue ==>

There is just as much truth in what the bible says about God being a real estate agent for the Jews - or a frog legs gourmet - as there is in what the bible says about the numerical value of pi.

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Try harder you fucking piece of shit Jew.

I find more outraging the bible frog thing. Wicked jewish inside joke.

I can see torba and pajeet rubbing their hands and laughing when some new frog (fool) makes a new account. They look at each other: ha, got another fool.

Explains all the pro-satanist degeneracy on this shithole.

Well shit are they any alternatives? Twitter is Jewed, Faceberg is Jewed, JewTube is Jewed…what about Minds?


You should stay on twitter and facebook because that's where the normies are and try to redpill them.

I don't blame Torba. I think he has been sold out by some brown man on his server staff, most likely the Paki.

In Torba's interviews on Red Ice or on Tucker Carlson, Torba strikes me as sincere. And strong patriotism is consistent with what he used to post and tweet before he founded Gab.

Perhaps more importantly, Andrew Torba and his wife both openly declare themselves to be Christians. As a rule, Jews would bite their tongue rather than declare Jesus to be the Christ.

I think they have many inside jokes, like the illuminati cards or in hollywood movies or shows, just think about the simpsons and 9/11 stuff.

You have to go back.

He could simply just be a CivNat cuckservative who thought the ideas of his based nonwhite buddies were pretty grand. And that may not be the case.

Decentralized, quasi-bit-torrent type web tech is evolving now. With the advent of more P2P based communications online it will become impossible for the rat-faced crowd to censor the web.

Great writing, quality posts.

It's a fucking symbol. Get over it.

Gab has been making strides in user numbers, so the kikes have become frantic. They are here now in an attempt to portray Gab as a White Nationalist board that's on its last legs.

Lots of symbolism - here's for the lulz, fam

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About shadowbanning on gab, I've also had some really weird experiences

does anyone remember the thread on Zig Forums where someone was shilling their new social media platform called xion.[something]?? like nigga are you even trying

it was like maybe a year ago or something

no but it sounds gay as fuck

he certainly does look like one of those filthy sandnigger kikes

Gab is pressure valve to keep red-pilled people from more actively demanding twitter be recognized as a public forum like it should be. By dangling the idea of "freedom" in front of them, idiots don't realize that they've given up more than they're getting: sure you can talk about per-capita and chimpouts, but you're only talking about it to a small segment of the population that already agrees with you. In your attempts to spread the truth the masses, you moved somewhere the masses will never hear you. Paul Nehlen is one of the very few people of influence and renown to openly advocate for Nationalizing Twitter, and wouldn't you know he's banned from both Twitter AND Gab. Notice how quick (((they))) were to jump on Musk for even possibly implying that they control the media; (((they))) will do whatever is necessary to keep the masses from hearing the truth, including convincing you that their control is actually freedom. Taking Twitter is the only real solution, because this is a war to change the minds of people who would never use Gab without already having their minds changed.

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yea and since Gab is not open to google searches, it has created an echo chamber. Imagine if they instead went and tried to spread their ideas on the "chanz" and a few other free speech forums?

lol jab will be a ded site in two years from now

Gab actually comes from slang, meaning (idle) talk. The possibly jewish name isn't the problem here.
The problem is that gab is another trash plebbit clone that claims to promote "free speech". It also requires javascript to be enabled.

it's already a dead site. Majority of it's userbase got bored and left.

Gab is a really shitty-designed site, tbh

Just look from the schnoz down. It's a kike

No shit. This was pointed out by many when a bunch of people first went to Gab. The alt-right faggots didn't want to listen because they're just as easily controlled by their Jewish masters as the left is.

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Anyone who didn't realize this simply by association, that's to say, simply because every controlled op "skinhead marching band" links back to Gab, should probably lurk until they understand how jews operate.

Anyone who believe in this poor attempt at D&C is a dumb nigger.


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Andrew here. Disregard this thread

< Yes, fellow Whites, gab is subverted! Don't post there!
Sure thing, Shekelberg.

< Gab's lead programmer is an indian named Utsav and he has been caught threatening to report Gab users to the FBI for clearly non-threatening speech like "Gas the kikes" and stuff like that. Utsav has also been caught hitting on tons of female gab users, even tho he just got married a few months ago. He married a jewish woman who worked for a Washington DC synagogue that is a Mossad-front operation. Will be posting screen shots of all of this below.
IE programming is shit and the website is easy to hack? Nice!

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At least under kikefy scum like you and all the other brainlets shitting up Zig Forums would've been banned, but that'd be complimenting him.

>Yes goy, use my curated botnet free speech social media that only goyim like you would use!
Not buying it, shlomo.

But then why is she on the staff of a synagogue? see pics 1 and 5

The shills take a while to learn how anons communicate.

Gab must be doing something right if they are spending time attacking it on the chans.

Ah, I see that's Utsev's wife, not Torba's. Just as bad though, I did check out Utsev's feed and he's pure scum. Shows bad judgement on Torba's part to both hire and retain after being presented with his pervy messages. Also Amy Torba has been on a posting bender of sorts, possibly she is the one doing some of the shadow-banning.

oh wowz, what is this "chanz" i keep hearing about?

it's the best ever

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He's talking about Charlie Chan, a fictional Chinese detective, and his #1 son.

In real life anyone named Chan is actually a jew with one testicle.

like this?

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