Anti-Education Thread

Upon the coming of communist society and the institution of rigid egalitarianism there shall be no need for formal institutions of education, for the young will educate themselves spontaneously in a natural social setting based on the unity of living and working; and there will be no place for university educated intellectuals, whose specialized training necessarily created a sharp separation between mental and manual labor incongruous with the new order. Throughout human history, education was not available to the lower classes, yet they toiled on, building up human civilization all the way. As Mao has correctly surmised, reading too many books is a greater hindrance than a benefit. Even uneducated, in the natural state, man's communistic instincts are strong, if not even more pronounced than when smothered with useless learning

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True. But people is too much spooked by an idea of quantitative cumulation of knowledge and by the masonic education.

Eh you'd still have masters an apprentices for a lot of fields at least. Some things benefit from structured education, especially job training type stuff. Doesn't mean it has to be some rigid hierarchy or anything.

Schools as they exist now are pretty much nothing but bad though and education n3eds to be rethought from the ground up taking into account modern psychology re: learning.

Professors will be the first to the gulags.

seE hoW fASt tHE LeFT tuRNs oN iTs OWn?

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How will the peer-review process remain robust in a world without experts?

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No peers
No reviews
No problems

Nice! Maybe we can spend a couple millenia believing the oceans are at a higher altitude than the mountains again.

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Education is bourgeois and, as said before, will be superfluous under full communism for the reasons elaborated on in the OP. With the unity of mental and physical labor there will be no reasons for schools, teachers, degrees, education in general, etc. The people will live in communal harmony, eating together, sleeping in dormitories, dressing identically. Harmony will be achieved on Earth. Look into the Khmer Rouge if you want to know the future of world communism.

Lmao, the current year still believing in peer reviews

These but unironically.

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But we will need literate people. Or do you think that USSR has space program just because they were communists?

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Wow, you completely exposed us. Time to shut it down boys. Come on time grow up and get jobs.

Your plan will lead to catastrophe. I think our inspiration in educational system of the USSR under Stalin. The soviet system was on of the best systems ever.
Uncultured thugs can take part in revolutionary masses, but they cant consolidate the society. Or do you think that China had such progress under Mao just because they didint read? Dont be so naive.

hmm… no.
Anti-intellectualism is a nazi thing.
In fully automated luxury communism everybody will pass their entire lives studying, doing research and improving their intellects and themselves.
You only need to fear education when you are a rightist and have to cling to spooks in order to maintain your ideology in people's minds.

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In communism everyone will go to the same school and only get A+.
Read Marx

*blocks your path*

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He was just an opportunic nationalist who took up "communism" as way to achieve his goals. He launched a genocidal campaign against anyone who wasn't a ethnically pure Cambodian, even up to going after fellow party members.

I noticed /tankypol/ has some fans of his.
Are they in denial or some kind of nazbol goons they tolerate?

Pol Potists recognize that DK, through policies such as the Super Great Leap Forward, ushered in a true classless society, free of exploitation and national autarky. The peasant was the logical focal point of the Kampuchean revolution, with capitalism being underdeveloped in the region and the cities being parasitic elements on the countryside. It was logical that Phnom Penh and many other cities were evacuated in 1975 due to the swollen population of the city and the crisis throughout the nation. The American warmachine had destroyed much of the country and Lon Nol was a US puppet. Anyone who doesn’t support Pol Pot is being duped.

It was a utopia

Isnt this a right-wing thing? Anti-ed? I mean yes our schools need to go back to trade skills but this is feeding into the Red Scare stereoype of "godless dictators."

Yeah I think getting rid of the entire thing is a regressive idea. The main problem with is that they stifle creativity and outside thought, also unnecessarily authoritarian. Basic skills such as basic math, reading, and writing should be taught for the first few years. Then allow the students to explore the different academic fields, and teachers should be guides rather than instructors. And plenty of opportunity to see what they might want to do in the future.

No professors no masters.


I love the nazbol hatred of education

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Education is nice and dandy, but after some point it becomes both overrated and redundant, with a focus on "standarization" and destroying people's psyches rather than actually learning. As people put in this thread, we need to get back to trades.

College is considered "the bare minimum" you can get nowadays, but truth is most degrees are not necessary to be proficient at any job (computer engineering comes to mind), and instead are just necessary if you want to do high level research, which is something most people won't or even actually want to do. Degrees should be for those gigantic nerds who really like the subject at hand, and would like to study enough to work in expanding and furthering the field, considered a rarity and not a must for everyone.

Also put a focus in teaching kids they can actually think and deduce for themselves, rather than teaching them they can only ever regurgitate stuff guys with hot takes and very important opinions wrote in a book sevceral decades ago. I fucking got taught several times that "[experts in the field] can do this obviously wrong thing because they are experts and know better than you, you can't".

Actually most people can't really do this.
A lot of dumb shit you see people doing is exactly because they are confident that they have shit all figured out by themselves and need no one telling them that they are wrong but since they are stupid they end up actually jumping into wrong conclusions. That sweet Dunning-Kruger effect.

There's a reason propaganda can be so effective

How will we ever have scientific achievement if I don't have to pay $44 for a 24-hour access period to a single journal article?

That's not at all what I was arguing and in fact I believe strongly in democratizing access. However, what good is a peer review when there are no experts in a particular field?

Was sarcasm but probably not addressing the right topic.

this. most college students are petit bourgeois whether they realize it or not, blue haired, mystery gender, rich children of privilege.

I'd love to see dumb college kids evacuated into rural areas and put to work on collectivized farms. Based Pol Pot collectivized 95 to 97% of the population

damn straight