So Sears is on its deathbed...

So Sears is on its deathbed, those on the top landed on their feet while the workers got screwed and the financial world still considers Lamparat a genius.

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The one near me went bust recently. Got me a nice pair of boots marked 60% off and some jeans, which I am wearing now.

Let's not pretend bad things simply "happened" to Sears and the bosses made it out alive. The vultures on the board of directors engineered a bankruptcy deliberately designed to rob the workers' pension funds.

like Toyasaurus pretty much eh?

Not even mad at the customers. They've been allowed to be slobs, especially during mad-dash sales "events". The reason it's still a mess is the exhausted employees hadn't cleaned up. They know this is a sick dead end

And this is probably why he's called a "genius". I haven't even heard of him or this honorific, but yeah, I wish someone would rob him/them.
Fuck this system. Lets replace it right from underneath them.

I'm going to really miss their Kenmore appliance line. Holy shit those things were all class leading for their price point.

It's pretty amazing that Sears ended up being drug down by retail and killed by mailorder, given the fact that for its first 80 years, it was basically the paper version of through its massive 200-500 page catalogs that sold everything from kitchenware to entire house kits.

At least Sears is an example of actual mismanagement and bankruptcy, rather than a fake bankruptcy of a healthy business to strip away labor unions like Hostess.

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I am old enough to remember getting the Sears catalogue every year. You know, it is funny that, for all the talk of new technology changing the way that people live, nothing has really actually changed beyond the fact that consumers are poorer now.

I'm not saying this is not important but the great barrier reef is also on it deathbed. Feels like the whole world is dying lately.

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'All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.'

The future is already written, just try to find some beauty along the ride.




Inferior mix but w/e

this is supposed to be the ending bit if you liked that

Obviously there's more equitable ways crumbs from the bankruptcy could've been divided, but I don't think anything left over from Sears as a merchant is going to continue, with the only surviving divestitures being in other sectors (mostly manufacturing operations like Kenmore and Craftsman).

Eddie Lampert made money for himself and his friends through legal embezzlement of Sears' assets.
In the eyes of Wallstreet Lampert is not a loser, yet a model capitalist making Wallstreet even more absentee amounts of cash.

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absentee obscene

The Amazon of its day.

Well … it IS a capitalist country … what else do you expect?

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Sleaford Mods- B.H.S.
In the UK BHS sold home furnishing and clothes. It was sold off and got liquidated.

The old BHS in my town is still sitting there empty in a prime high street location and it's been like 1-2 years.

Crisis of profitability soon fellow stalker!

Embezzlement and graft isn't capitalism. Its just that the government doesn't do anything about financial crimes when its done by the ultra rich.
You rob a liquor store and go to jail for 20 years, they rob an entire corporation and the law does nothing.

Sure embezzlement and graft predates capitalism yet capitalism has no objection to it. Since the only metric in capitalism is surplus value, it matter not how the capitalist accumulates it.