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Opinions on him?


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He's better than most other hobbyist ecelebs on Youtube and is actually a member of a Finnish communist party. I can respect that he is not all LARP, no action (like Unruhe). He's goes a bit further in defending the worst aspects of the USSR than I personally would but I still watch him despite him being such a big tankie. Comrade Hakim is also great

Fin is just as much a Larper has unruhe.

Show us your resume of revolutionary activities, comrade.

In what way? I find using all sorts of Soviet iconography as pretty LARPy; if that's what you mean I guess I agree

Third degree tankie

He's capable of understanding lib opinions don't matter, but is still at the stage of justifying Soviet injustices rather than reveling in them.

You don't argue against Stalin killing ten bajillion Ukrainians, your argue he didn't kill enough of them or that each and every single snow nigger deserved to die.

It doesn't matter if your facts are lined up. It never mattered for liberals or moderators. Whatever they hate, you like. If they hate broccoli, it's a super food packed with Vitamin C and helps erectile dysfunction. If they think Stalin was too authoritarian, Stalin was great and shitpost Stalin everywhere

Turn around and shit post real revisionists too like Trotsky and Hoxha just to throw them for a loop.

So what I'm saying is FinNazBol is on this council, but we do not grant him rank of master debator

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Will you ever make a good post?

This if you’re not in favor of WW3 being started by socialist powers to shove socialism down the thoughts of the rest of the world by gunpoint your a liberal. Blood for the blood god.

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Missed opportunity there OP. Anyways pretty much standard tankie opinions in a relatively serious delivery. Not really anything you haven't heard before and a poor substitute for reading yourself, but this is true for pretty much any "leftist" media personality.

Neither him nor the deleon fag will ever make a good post or contribute to discussion in a meaningful way.

Fuck off moralfag, she was legal in Finland and consented to the roleplay

Horrible post

He helps push the constant simplification of leftism.

90% of people aren't going to look into theory beyond videos like those. It's a good thing to simplify it and spread it around.

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That spells really bad news for the revolution then but whatever you want Mr. Average Man.

Imagine thinking that the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution or any other major socialist revolution was won by people sitting down and reading dozens of dry works by Marx, Engels and Lenin. The words "peace, land and bread" won more average people to his side than any of his works

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And then almost all of them collapsed or are at risk of being reverted to capitalism. Truly great socialist nations. Who needs books and an intelligent population.

Wew, just wew

Tankies don't support Duterte do they?

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Duterte is a literal fascist. As a tankie, I'm sure most of my fellow tankies support the Maoist NPA


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China does, and as most tanks support China then that means they support implicitly support him.

Muke unironically btfo'd him.

Shhh Tankies usually don't know enough about politics to properly make a flawless claim or argument.

He holds a high position in his party and also gave a speech at an international meeting of Communist parties.

That is FinnBol's position

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And yet the DPRK supports the NPA.

That’s what Finbol looks like? Never would have guessed he had long hair

His channel is really just an archive of USSR history from an absolutely non-compromising pro-Soviet perspective before 1956. He should read more philosophy and talk about more current issues to be more than just a history channel. Generally I like him though, he never holds an opinion that I completely disagree with although that Discord sexting was awkward.

He is from Finland and has a black metal band, how did you expect him to look like?


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Stick the rose in your anus nigger

Calling someone out for LARPing should be a fucking ban for anyone posting with the flag of a failed 20th century political entity.

What's funny is that the assertion that everyone needs to read theory could only be made by people that haven't bothered to actually sit down and read Marx in any sort of depth.

Wut? Who (except russian libtards and libertards) considers Putin as socialist? He doesnt even calls himself a socialist.

He’s too tankie for me, but I still watch him. I think all of us can admit that the USSR did some great things in regards to literacy, industrialization, women’s rights and internationalism but Finnbol spends most of his videos glorifying the USSR with little to no criticism of the shitty aspects of the Soviet Union (lack of real worker control, censorship, a dearth of truly democratic bodies, etc). Don’t get me wrong I like the USSR though, I just think it wasn’t a utopia and that the Soviet-model should be more of something to be learned from rather than copied

half this forum likes disgusting pigs like Contrapoints so c'est la vie, I suppose.

not even once.

I don't even think women should even be in combat.

you have a lot to learn about human nature.

What the fuck is your problem? I just posted a random picture of an NPA soldier I had on my computer. Calm the fuck down

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