Is America doomed? What should American leftists do...

Is America doomed? What should American leftists do? Should they start moving to other countries that actually have a chance at leftism?

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Get involved IRL in your community. Zero excuses for anyone

Capitalism will never end as long as its heart continues pumping the life blood of imperialism through the global body. We need to tear out its heart if we want to win.

The world is doomed mein fren.

There's nothing humanity can do.

Space travel hasn't been invented yet -and never will-, so just brace for impact.

I haven't read a single intelligent post from anyone using that flag.


Not him but
It's the most dialectical response itt by far.

American leftists should read books

Are you saying orbital/Mars colonies won't be a thing? Otherwise I think an-nil is basically right because you and me and everyone here are burning fossil fuels every day


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It never ceases to amaze me that people forget communism's first revolt on a national scale began in one of the most reactionary and despotic states on the planet.

Things are utterly fucked and way worse than the average dipshit realizes but they are very far from hopeless.

America has always been the enemy of any communist state. In order for us to win America has to go communist. We focus all of our attention on to this goal.

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It won't.
Soon we'll be too busy fighting tribal wars over scarce resources with sticks, bows and arrows, too busy to even look at the stars anymore.

Even if it was going go happen (it won’t), it should be denounced. We have to sort out our shit on Earth and you’re kidding yourself if you can’t see almost exclusively capitalist and chauvinstic interests behind space-exploration. It has nothing to do with science and everything to do with nationalist dick-waving and working towards exploiting resources in space (asteroids with rare minerals, etc)

No. We should just destroy this planet and onto another, leaving Earth a toxic pile of shit.

It's a giant tumour in mankind.

>What should American leftists do?

Kill themselves,the less Americans we have the better.

>Should they start moving to other countries that actually have a chance at leftism?

No place in this earth needs any of you cancerous parasitic pigs,stay there. You will just ruin it for everyone else due to "muh individualism,where's the KFC????"

Things aren't hopeless enough, and they will likely never get hopeless enough, that's the problem. There's way too much security for the average Westerner to fight in or support a revolution. There's nothing to suggest that the material conditions will be ripe for revolution in the foreseeable future, at the very least.

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At least as far as I know, these are generally people that want serious reform, not revolution. Some concessions have been given, some more likely will, and the capitalist machine will keep going, just like in '68.

19th century russian absolutism was different from modern day america. it was mostly rule through force, not through brainwashing.

Not one step back.

Fuck off. We're really trying here.

Start organizing. As American Imperialism declines, the chance of Revolution in America increases. If a Revolution were to increase in America it would be a huge boost for the left, because for the first time sense 1991, the left will be in control of a Superpower.

With the exception of oil, were discovering more resource reserves than we use up every year.

The space program has lead to the development of new technologies that are used on Earth. The more tech their is the lower the rate of profit is. Being anti-Space and thus anti-technoogy is un-dilectical.

I’m a Burger, I’ve never eaten KFC. What are you talking about?

poor living standards don’t cause revolution, Falling living standards cause revolutions.

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And as far as America goes, do you really think living conditions have fallen in such a proportion that your average wageslave would risk their life to change them? If not, do you seem them falling as such in the near future?

The working class wants higher wages, not the abolition of wage labor. It wants to not have to work at Walmart, not for Walmart to not exist. "Class consciousness" is not something that exists for the majority of them, nor will it likely in the near future.

I've been trying to brainstorm some ideas to work around all that. Sort of like helping to organize whole communities to be "preppers" and go "off grid" in as many ways as possible and brace for economic hardships etc.

Since NAFTA living conditions for American workers (at least in rural areas) have fallen trvemendusly, with the upcoming crash which will happen under a Trump administration thy will embraise revolution and have no choice but to abandon the right. The place is soaked in Kerosene we just need to get a spark. Reminder there is more huns than people in America.

Just try to get socialist ideas exposed and scene in a good light. Once this is done, and a crash occurs there will be a revolution.

I don't see how even a large crash would start a revolution in the next few years. People are still too cucked by capitalism, too much in love with cops and the military,too much stuck in the mindset of a petite bourgeois instead of a the role. Half of us will likely blame it on big government instead of capitalism and the other half will think Bernie will be the savoir.

Yet Americans only like capitalism because of the commodities, if they can't afford commodities then there is nothing else US capitalism offers them.

In the past many international posters have interrupted the circlejerk and confessed that the political climates of Europe, Latin America, etc. are all just as hopeless as the USA. There's also the dirty little secret that most developing nations have been growing and doing quite well these past few years, and are in no hurry for revolutionary change. There is no 'refuge' or 'bastion of leftism' you can retreat to (unless you aspire to social democracy and not much else, in which case feel free to emigrate to Sweden even as their own welfare state crumbles and privatizes).

If falling living conditions and a crash will produce revolution, why was the biggest social movement that came out of the Recession only the Occupy movement? Where was the revolution then? We're still much better off than we were in '09. In the worst of the Recession, unemployment hit 10%. As of this past June, it was 3.8%. Jobs were disappearing then. There are more and more available now. GDP fell in three of the four quarters of 2008. It has grown in the three reported quarters of 2018. Things are nowhere near as bad as they were some 7-10 years ago, and there was nothing near revolution even then.

Don't underestimate the bourg. However I side with the second poster. I absolutely do not support space exploration at all right now for those exact reasons. Or, what I fear most, space ex to escape the dying Earth.

My bad, I went complete dumbshit and started using today's statistics when your point is that there will be a future crash. Still, I don't see things getting as bad as the Recession, and with no revolution then I doubt there will be one soon.

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accelerationism will lead to year zero


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Join a trade union, do a worker's strike.


People are starting to turn on cops
Nothing inherently capitalist about the military and militarism.
More and more are turning away from this mindset.

You can if you work for the government.

even if America had a revolution(it fucking won't the most wild reforms are shit you can find in the western EU) America is declining while Chinese state capitalism is rising capitalism will still exist somewhere with a new great power to maintain it

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more like takes away money from others and adds it to his own.
Salman's networth increased after his "struggle".
And Xi's probably as well.

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If you deny reality hard enough, it will change it.
t. Zig Forums

Embarassing. And even in case he was, this doesn't give you the right to accuse him of something for which he is innocent.

Stay and wait for the proletariat to get more angrier over the bourgeoisie, then be ready to lead a revolution when the people had enough.

Nice dubtrips but I think you've got your list's order backwards

China will destroy the American work order and inadvertently impoverish the American professionals who have been living off of super profits.

idk if you knew but Mexico is leftist now lol. center left tho not exactly left left.

So that NAFTA shit doesn't works now lol capitalists got fucked and it's about time for normal ass capitalism to be replaced by soft capitalism (socdem) soon. SocDem seems to be the trend of politics recently, the world is changing Marx predicitions were right. He never said how but he said change was coming and is inevitable, slow without revolution but they still happen. The worker inevitably gains more ground as history progresses.


America's the heart of the empire, and therefore American citizens have the most ability to overthrow it. Harder to use the CIA and American military to snuff out domestic opposition, although I don't doubt the US bourgeoisie will try if the time comes.

That said I don't blame anyone for wanting to leave on a personal level, either for economic migration or because they just can't stand the place. I don't know how long I'll stay here myself.

Do us all a favor and go to Africa, they need some subversion.

America should the hope of all communists. The dialectic will inverse and American foreign policy will continue under communist aegis for the spreading of world communism. American nationalism is the most potent force this world has known and only soy-filled western pseudo-leftists would ignore the material conditions

Amerifats are heavily policed and controlled. They aren't overthrowing anything.

The whole world is heavily policed and controlled, but Americans are the biggest pool they're recruiting from, so it seems like they have the most ability to stem the tide of said recruitment.

America is doomed because of too many 3rd world immigrants, and the ☘️leadership☘️ of a Zionist Occupied Jew Government.

Socialism isn't happening in america. The best leftist in america can do is anti-imperialism, and hope maybe one day in the future it will balkanize and some of its successor states will be socialist