Did LeftPol have a good Christmas?

Surely you contributed to the glory of capitalism right? What would society become if we didn't feel obligated to spend hundreds of dollars apiece on crap?

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What the fuck is that headline trying to say?

Yeah i got drunk and watched a toddler while her parents did the ole in and out.

I went on a hunting trip and my brother announced his engagement. Christmas was really good, and yes, I gave my niece some nice things because there is no ethical consumption under capitalism and kids love toys no matter the mode of production.

Did they adjust for inflation to check if maybe past christmas hadn't passed the trillion mark already?

Every Christmas I buy 20 pounds of food from McDonalds then binge eat it until I pass out so yes.

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Once we seize the means of production, we should keep the McD's recipes around. Those chicken McNuggets are fucking delicious. So bad for you, but delicious.

Agreed, except make the recipe healthier, it's possible.

Fast food is like smoking. You can try and make it healthier, but you just end up ruining the experience and inviting the Subaru crowd.

The Subaru Crowd won't exist under communism or even socialism.

Pretty OK i guess, Christmas is one of the few times i get to see my family.

I played games with the kids and talked to the oldest one (11) about political economy. He brought it up talking about healthcare being expensive and was genuinely interested in how the system works. We were playing battlefront and I was using Disney and Star Wars as an example for corporate consolidation. I tried to get across the basic ideas of falling rate of profit and historical materialism. Honestly I was pretty surprised that he identified capitalism as the problem, although I know he likes commie memes.

The more I talk to kids the more I realize how much intelligence is shaped by environment. The generations above me (millennial) lived with lead and shit everywhere and they usually annoy me with how dim they are (not really a problem with my age group). Then these kids today are using infotech all the time communicating with each other and no matter how much credit I give them they keep surprising me with how much they know and can learn if they want.

Unlike the commercialised garbage derived from a cult that still pretends we live in a feudal society, you can celebrate Yule by literally staring up at the sky and see what the sun is doing right now.

I'd say the influence that our sun has on us far outweighs the 2000 years old stale meme that still tries to dictate us how we have to live and how we are all worthless and sinners since birth.

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Oh, you naive child.

You can just taste the desperation. The west is dead. I wonder how long it is going to take them to realize this?

Being douchebag to signal status is a product of class society not specifically capitalism, and in socialism there's no class.

To be overly literal for a second because it's funny, douches are actually quite bad for you, but marketed as a hygiene necessity or for contraception to sell shit to people. So douches and by extension douchebags literally are a capitalist phenomenon.

You don't understand how douchebaggery works.

The guy isn't talking about simply douchebaggery but "I'm better than you" douchebaggery.

Yeah exactly Logan Paul would still be a douchebag in a communist/socialist society, by filming dead bodies and shitting on other peoples culture. But he wouldn't be douchebag in the sense of showing off wealth.

piss off

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Is me staying in my room like a fuckin neet contribute to Capitalism? owo

Unless you absolutely don't buy a single commodity then yes, you contribute to capitalism