John Schindler stumbled onto a red pill

John Schindler stumbled onto a red pill.

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We were wrong, kampfy

Sage it, people

and you stumbled upon a pile of fuming shit, fuck off faggot.

t. kampfroach

an Israeli operation ???

So the DNC wanted trump to win and thats why brought hillary in.

We all know its the DNC that is riddled with jews and dual citizen Israelis


(((schindler))) and hes got the blue check mark, full kike
sage this shit fellas

Unlike the seriously fashy based neocon jews of which the republican cabinets is comprised of?

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no just like the neocon jews … so you agree

that this idea of an israeli plot for trump is idiotic considering that they are in bed with the DNC too.

Both campaigns are an israeli plot you retard

No, it gets better than that
Hillary was basically an unwanted candidate by the DNC
They were afraid that she was going to snap and go against the narrative, like now how she admitted China is controlling New Zealand

It's idiotic because the jews control both parties?
So it's impossible for Trump's jewish neocon republikikes to be jewish neocon republikikes?

Trump's entire campaign was managed, financed and promoted by Chabad Lubavitch jews, Hillary's was managed by Neo-liberal marxist jews

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What OP wanted to say is that this JSchindler didn't necessarily deliver the whole truth, rather sprinkled some breadcrumps in the right direction.

gets it. (((they))) have always played both sides.

I would sacrifice Trump to being Israeli control of the US government to the forefront of discussion.

The Jews in the media and in the investigation won't let it go in that direction

shcindler's list 2 confirmed

The mostly successful (((CIA))) attempt to smear Kaspersky Labs was likely one such operation.

It's more like the kikes went to plan B after Trump crashed the Clinton campaign with no survivors, as Trump has always been a proven friend of the chosen people - even marrying off his children into their tribe. Sucking Jewish cock is such a cornerstone of getting anywhere in America that the kikes win no matter who loses. Clinton was their first choice but literally zero candidates of even remote significance in the '16 election would have caused them problems and Trump's lack of political clout is a potent bargaining chip that they can use to their own ends. The question that remains is whether Trump will genuinely act in America's interests and against Israel's when a critical moment is reached or whether he will reaffirm what currently seem to be his true colors. And when I say "critical moment" I'm not referring to something like condemning or refusing to condemn Israel over some sandnigger protesters getting shot - I'm talking about the White House's response to something like Israel getting invaded by their neighbors or an Israeli false flag terrorist op in the US getting blown and coming to the attention of the public.

It's an Israeli operation that set the stage to impeach him if he doesn't do as they say.

He's one piece of (((manufactured evidence))) away from being outed as a Russian agent.

All of the Russia hate started around 2010. I remember all the anti-Putin memes hitting reddit in a coordinated way. All the late-night shows started making jokes about him and Russia simultaneously. There were lots of subtle anti-Russia propaganda showing up in movies and of course CNN has been pushing Russia-Hate for the past few years. CNN then added Trump into the mix.

if trump was a jew lover they'd have him on tape with something worse than hookers and peepee.

Don't forget (((EA's))) Call of Duty Modern Warfare's plot. Russian nationalists were in league with an Arab dictator who was literally named Al-Assad who had muh weapons of mass destruction. It was released all the way back in 2007.

>if trump was a jew lover
Where the fuck you get the "if" from?

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Not impressed

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Who cares? Turn the masses against Israel and have them start actually digging into Israeli meddling in US affairs - and suddenly we win.

Who is he quoting, and what's the context?

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I don't even think Trump is as bad as people here like to act, but I know it upsets Kamphy so bump.

The context is the Chabad Lubavitch mafia behind the Trumpstein campaign, which the jewish left used to call "Russians" up till now.

How would any actual red-pilled user on Zig Forums not have been able to determine this?

This is post-Kampfy Zig Forums now, our opinions of jewish subversion in this movement are no longer deleted

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I've updated this image.

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Maybe they just thought Trump would be like the other presidents who said things and then didnt follow them through.

In the business world there is greater accountability for unfulfilled promises. Trump does not 'change his mind' as the media and detractors put it, but refine his stance based on the latest information available to him.

What "latest information" do you think he has access too, that warrants completely dropping the thing that got him elected in favour of pursuing neocon crap?


no … OP did the same thing every lib does.

A problem with entire gov … blame the republicans and dont name the jew

OP is stating is now the Republicans fault that the jews are in power. Its the jews that wanted trump. Not Hillary , jews didnt want her , see they ploted to make her lose. Hillary save us from the jews.

This is what is being stated and this is what Im bringing to light. That DNC is not any better. Thats all I have to add.

Stop focussing on Trump cause honestly I cannot see how you do not feel he is the lesser of two evils? Do you honestly trust any dem more than trump?

Fuck Liberals

So you are saying the Jews got hollywood and the news media to attack Trump because they knew that would make people like him more?

That is some 444d chess on behalf of the jews.
Did the likes of CNN know they were being used like that?

Go back to r/The-Donald then.

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Both parties are controlled opposition.

Hes almost right. The kikes were definitely behind the spying portion which is why people are starting to deflect heavily now.

Who? Actually nevermind faggot, shit thread.

What kind of incomprehensible retardation is this?
Even Hitler would fail on these "points".

The jewish shills that go for this "everyone is a jewish puppet goym! Turn against yourselves!" should be banned on sight on account of he sheer insulting stupidity of their non-argument.

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Just to treat your butthurt: do you know that Trump is unfriendy to Soros?


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Here's the thing, and I think you already know it in the back of your head—the masses will never dig into anything. There's a reason why elites from all over the political spectrum refer to them as rabble, ruck, horde, masses etc etc. They lack curiosity and abhor anything resembling original thought. They have some principles—eg religious-like respect for 1st and 2nd amendment rights—deeply rooted from childhood because they were passed down generationally, not because they've actually thought deeply about the importance of those things. If TV Man stopped showing up on the TV to tell them what to think about the weekly news, they would be utterly lost.

I say all this because those of us with an inkling of original thought have a responsibility to dictate the truth to the rest. Jewry attempt to control the media in every land they inhabit so they can dictate the truth, and until we wrest back control of the right wing media from them, we will never be able to tap into the minds of good natured dullards.

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Every anti-Trump thread unironically revolves around the support of a kike or some leftist rat. It's almost like Zig Forums is a dead board and they only exist to shit-post here now.

fuck off moshe


Extremely underrated.

Ask yourselves this…..If Trump is pro Israel, then how come Israel is at its lowest point in public perception in decades?

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He was great in Dukes of Hazzard.

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Trumps kids are literal Jews he has been more pro Israeli then maybe any US prez

Implying this ever mattered, Isaac.

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It has absolutely nothing to do with anything Trump has done that's for sure

Russia IS an Israeli operation.

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That's a non-sequitor, though making a asinine argument in support of Trump was probably your intent. On the off chance you're genuinely a moron and not an anti-Trump shill, the President doesn't dictate public perception. A better question for the American public to ask themselves is if public perception of Israel is at its lowest point in decades, why is Trump so staunchly pro-Israel?

Look into who was scurrying like rats out of the Soviet Union in the 70s and 80s and why. Then look who wormed their way into the Reagan administration. And then look at who picked the bones in the 90s.

The most bitter of the redpills is the 80/20 rule. It does not come with a nice capsule to hide its horrible taste, and I could see it being absolutely soul crushing to newfaggots not ready for it. The 80/20 rule is a bit of a more rational adaptation of, or amendment to, "NPC theory". And it goes as follows.

In any given population, by default, 80% of the population will gravitate to the extreme low percentile of what is considered acceptable. And only 20% will be at or above "satisfactory performance". And of that 20% that are at or above satisfactory, 20% will be at "exceeds expectations".

Worse, this does not merely apply to the population at large but will hold true in smaller subsets. What ever is held as a groups 'absolute minimum requirements' will be where 80% of that group dwell. It's shitty but it is what it is and could be dealt with, but the problem we are seeing is that "what is acceptable" has been lowered so far into the gutter that the vast majority of people are rolling around in their own proverbial shit with a smile on their faces, they literally do not know. And, even if we were to achieve a monumental victory and raise the standards of society up so high that everyone is goose stepping around in a finely pressed and well tailored suit going about their day flawlessly.. It will only ever be because the standard was raised, not because they have the agency or wherewithal to behave as such on their own.

This can even be tested on the micro-level. Gather a group of 'x' amount of people who are all interested in "accomplishing something really great" and then watch how many people actively participate. Even if everyone showed the same level of interest and potential at the start over a relatively short amount of time it will wind up being a small amount of leaders working with a large amount of drones.

The hivemind is real.

In the progressive stack the choose'n are the ace card. On a "whiteness" scale of one-though-ten, they can be either a one, or an eleven as the play calls for. Of course once this is apparent the game is all but up.

Yeah, let's fucking support a literal kike.

…wait, what?

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If that's the new meme I'm impressed.



I'll write this up as Schindler's pissed

they really overpay you wretches

Go back to israel.

Pretty sad when even Jew-loving deep state mossad puppets like Schindler think Trump goes too far in licking Jew ass.

actions speak louder than words.
keep your friends close …
etc. fuck i'm bored of these D&C threads

I don't care if Israel exists. In fact all jews should be deported there.