"Trans" athlete breaks two female state records

"Trans" athlete breaks two female state records.

That's the beauty of it. There's no test or criteria one has to meet. If schools or sports leagues were to even entertain the idea of instituting a standard which determines of someone can "qualify" as a tranny, the LGBTBRAPS would unleash holy hell.

This shit will continue until women's sports are dominated by men who say they feel like women; the only alternative would be for actual XX-chromosome feminists to grow some metaphorical balls and push back against trannies.

Either way it will be fucking great to watch


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Well that would be the best way to fuel a major fracture point and it shouldn't be hard to do. All you'd need to do is point out to the feminists how trannies essentially erase accomplishments of actual women in such fields and devalue them as a whole. Warn them that if they don't fight the trannies, eventually even their feminist movement will eventually be dominated by trannies, robbing actual women of any power. Watch them go on witch hunts to purge trannies from their ranks as a result. Would be amusing.

This will be a shit show of the first order. There was some tranny that just won a weight lifting contest against actual women, the actual women in the contest were pretty pissed they let the freak enter.

I'm still wondering why they even allowed the very idea to begin with? Because it was obvious the reaction will turn very negative over time and risk fracturing leftist factions over it.

What can they do? Admit their ideology is in this one instance? ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN

*wrong in etc…

I can't find any joy in this. It's just more degeneration, to me.

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But they cut their dicks off and took the wrong hormones. That makes them women, right?

Absolutely. Wouldn't you fuck this?

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No way that's a man.
If that's a man, I'm a faggot.

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No surprise there.

At least you spoilered it. Thankfully I didn't scroll down.

Kek, more lives destroyed by listening to other people, who tell what is best for you. What is new.

Its face is pretty well done but seriously dude, look at her body structure.

Never interrupt your enemy from doing a mistake.

MrE. Transgender Transvestigation Channel Booted! Why??? Just Talkin' Sum Trans!

mre was right

All the female athletes will trans-fer over to the male sports because they and everyone else, it seems, are too scared to say "hold up, this shit is fucked" and then we will have no gender identity. All going according to plan.


Then again they brought this shit on themselves pushing for equality.

you fucked up faggot, correct pronoun for trannies is "it"


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Shut the fuck up. Woen have hips.

Nice summary

There already is a civil war, see TERFs, leftists despise the shit out of them. I actually love TERFs for the same reason I love tankies, they're pieces of shit alrigth but they whoop asses of tranny cult leftists just like tankies make modern college commies cry to their mommies.

again… modernity did this and if that's the look you like, you must really love a fat negress

also… embedding a video narrated by an obvious homosexual
for shame

Why do you say Maria Andrejczyk is a man?
I haven't found any proof so I think you're trolling or plain stupid.

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Muh identity politics

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just act like jews to femenists. every time they get even remotely upset about trannies in their sports, call them sexist, bigots, etc. and say these are normal women and how they need more tranny diversity.
then later when they dont have women in sports left, lets get trannies to displace them at their cushy work positions. maybe then theyll start acting like normal.

I remember when trannies and trap-lovers tried to convince us that Nasim Aghdam was man because no way in hell a woman would had the balls to try and shoot YouTube headquarters.

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This faggot-voiced moron has a video up claiming that Donald Trump is a woman. How stupid can you get?

Thanks, now I don't need to see this fagotry.
I miss the nazi moderation.
Anyway, yet another hip-less athlete, Samantha Wright. Still sexy as hell, XX woman.

Sad part is this guy will be alienated and called a transphobic bigot if he dares to actually speak out.

nice digits but densest she fuck niggers?

She has a nose ring and very short hair.
Those are never good signs.

Women in civilized white society were never strong in comparison to men (not talking about soyboys). Sure, they were stronger then they are now, but not by that much.

MFW the best women are now men.

What a victory for feminism.

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one word: leftists. it's a mental illness that encompasses mental retardation

Nice knee jerk reaction there.

Fuck civilization. What does it mean except rampant materialism, urbanization and the removal of the people from the land?

can't find video MIKE TYSON fight in scary movie SOMEONE POST IT IT'S RELEVANT and funny


WINNING ? .. if you call marx break down of society winning THEN YEP WINNING

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Can't wait until actual women are entirely pushed out of their own safe areas by transfags. It will be hilarious.

pic of face would help a lot


your head

Yeah, look at those round soft shoulders, arms that lack any male strength to them. She is simply a muscular woman. The thing that gives a tranny away are the shoulders, hips and face. She does not have a mans face. if she was a man athlete she would have completely square shoulders.

There is a very easy test to determine if one is a man or a woman: the presence of a Y chromosome. Any DNA test could tell you that in a couple of hours.

i don't get it

libshits aren't going to ask for one, they just believe what your (((gender identity))) is

Looks like a woman to me too. Aside from her facial structure looking like a woman, her muscles aren't even particularly large or very well defined, like they would be on a man.

>libshits aren't going to ask for one, they just believe what your (((gender identity))) is

Yeah I know. The problem is that this notion of "gender" has been introduced into the public consciousness by subversive kikes. Organisms do not have a gender, they have a sex. The human sexes are male and female, and this is exclusively determined by the presence of a Y chromosome. The only exception are a few genetic conditions where someone has an extra X or Y chromosome, but those are few and far between.

Gender doesn't actually exist. It's a bullshit made up term. I'm not sure what the real motivation is for it, though. Is it so fags can fit in society better or what?

if just looking at the body structure was a surefire bet, then it should be obvious what the truth is I realize you are not the same user I was originally replying to

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It's probably an "x is jewish" variant comment infection. Not much to slide though.

It would be even more bizarre course of events if that leads to women embracing more right wing views, to try reclaim their fields from the tranny menace. Because there's a possibility women will become so alienated by the left due to this intrusion, they'll swing right due to the fact it presents itself as fighting against the same thing they are.

This is more or less how I imagine things will go in the long run. Kike influence has reached the point where children are being turned en-mass into transfags, at younger and younger ages. Eventually we'll hit a critical threshold where actual women will begin to feel unappreciated and/or shunned because they aren't special enough anymore. By that point, I can't even imagine the degeneracy that will have been normalized.

Bro, you don't understand radical progressives. ==They literally believe there is no physical difference between men and women except for genitalia.== They believe absolutely unironically that men tend to be stronger than women ONLY because society pushes men into being more physical and athletic and tells women to wear dresses and stay in the kitchen. They really believe that a male-to-female "trans woman" who gets his dick chopped off is exactly the same as any other woman. They do not believe in sexual dimorphism. They do not believe in the genetic component of intelligence. They do not believe in a huge amount of long-settled science solely because it doesn't conform to their non-theistic religion of Equality.

They think gender is a social construct for god's sake.

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I've thought about it a little more lately. And the English language is a constantly evolving beast. Gender has been redefined to mean the outward physical expression of a person's sexual identity. So be it. I can't really deny this new definition, since it has become the accepted norm. But I can deny how it is being used.

Sometimes people are admittedly born with a mismatch between their sex and their "gender." I'll accept that this is possible. Crazy things do sometimes happen, like homosexuality. But why do we consider this a normal state of being, rather than a birth defect or mental illness? Why don't we medically treat transgender people to try to make them feel comfortable in their natural born bodies? Why do we instead try and physically mutilate their bodies and give them hormone treatments? Transfags have some of the highest suicide rates around, and that makes complete sense. We're basically telling them that it's okay to embrace their mental deficiency as normal. Then they are naturally repulsive to everyone around them and come to hate themselves. Why don't we take the opposite approach and try our best to make them into the sex that they were born with?

The precedent was set already by that Semenya fella in the olympics, they dared the athletes to speak out, they didn't.
You have that tranny fallon fox fighting in mma as well.
Womens sport is over.

of course
the "everyone's a tranny trolls" are on this thread. y'all just kys, please. your mission is to discredit all conversation on this site with your stupidity. you're not worth any (you)s.

gavin hubbard. used to be an also-ran lifter years ago, now at about 40 years old is lifting as "laurel" and won some international comps in oceana and came in second in the world's championship to a bitch who's 10 years younger and 20kgs heavier and also served a suspension for doping violation.
unfortunately we may not have gavin/laurel making trouble much longer, he dislocated his elbow (somewhat common catastrophic injury in the snatch event) in a competition earlier this year and at his age, the rehab may not go well.

i'm loving this delicious irony. back in the 80s when the east german women's swim team was all men, the push was that we needed physical inspection and dna tests. now it's anything goes.

personally i'd love to see this kill women's sports at the high level. it's all a fucking freakshow and as unfeminine as can be. i do think there's a place for women's athletics in terms of character and health building, but that's at the amateur and school-age level. as "entertainment" it's degenerate.

as far as i know, there's no requirement for them to do anything in most sports. there are a few that want to implement testing of hormone levels but not all of them, not by half. and most of the so-called "trannies" never get their dicks cut off. bruce jenner still has his; so does matt kroc.

you want some insight into how this is being discussed in athletics (that's the actual name for the sport of track and field), see here: sportsintegrityinitiative.com/questions-remain-iaaf-differences-sex-development-regulations/

personally i'm trying to retake that hill. i use "sex", which is the proper word, whenever possible.
"gender" is a linguistic term to describe words and the adjectives and conjugations of verbs. it is not at all appropriate to be use to describe persons.

Nothing new, pic related…

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Female sports are degenerate in themselves. So this is just degeneracy attacking degeneracy. Nothing of value was lost.

She has just taken anavar. Almost all female athletes have, and it gives a slight androgenic effect.

Dead faggots can’t cheat in events

They still have female hips. But they also have bigger lats and shoulders, which makes the hips look proportionally smaller.

Hands are always the dead giveaway for trannies. Those hands look pretty mannish, buy would need a few different angles to tell for sure.

I'm a boy.
Who wants to be a girl.
Who wants to do typically male sports.
To break records.
Held by real girls.

No wonder it was so easy to change because English hasn't had any gender-based conjugation in it for centuries.

True, which is why it seems, some of them are just using it as a means to go into other professions and fields. Female mma fighters are just going to go to pro wrestling since they probably get paid more for fake fighting aka not have to worry about some guy punching their face in.

This fracture point already exists. Search with the term TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist)


It's a barbie doll head on a he man action figure.

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Untrue. But still, it's sad to see how woefully unaware Zig Forums is regarding the trans agenda.
You snap up kike news like this, which seeks to foster the illusion that trans participation is still relatively low - and only amongst the openly trans.
The FUCKING OLYMPICS changed the rules to allow covert trannies to compete in the "gender" they "identify" as years ago.
The only stipulation (yes there are rules) is that MtF have to test below a certain level of T (which is still higher than the levels many natural men have these days). FtM are free to take testosterone, because it's "part of the treatment for their condition."
tl;dr the womens' olympics is already full of trannies, and has been for decades. Even female competitors from the 70s and 80s have now come out as actually being "trans".
At the time we were told it was the Ruskies pumping real women full of dope.
Olympic figure skater Katarina Witt:

This is the world people asked for. When you stayed silence and thought you were being "nice" and "civil" but not causing an uproar, you picked a side. There's no such thing as staying neutral. Silence or inaction is action and speaking via other means. You tolerate evil you are by defacto accepting it. There's no such thing as tolerating without accepting.

Blissfag btfo, now go back to your own board (or reddit if you are a tradcuck).

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You have to keep in mind a lot of these fitness girls that go full retard into bodybuilding end up taking exogenous testosterone and other derivatives like winstrol etc to get more muscle. Unfortunately they end up looking more manly and if they dabble with HGH even their faces change into a more masculine look. It’s disgusting. I see it at my gym everyday. Not fooling anybody with your cheating.

has it right.

Just wait until some man pretending to be a women smashes the women's world chess championship, women will be forever BTFO.

I love seeing tranny faggots btfo women in their own fields. It's hilarious. Not only does it destroy their marxist notions of equality, given the basis for the social positions and ideals which they use for their own advancement, they can't do anything about these trannies, because they'd be contradicting decades of marxist speech and idealism which they rely on for every single position they hold. Women need to just suck it up and watch as men pretending to be women take over. It's poetic justice.

That is a woman. Look at the fat deposits. Despite her muscular upper body, her hips are still as wide as her shoulders, her legs are also not structured like a mans, notice the lack of ligaments/tendons showing along the back of her knees.

Seriously, you guys have gotten too paranoid. Also, poland probably wouldn't be cool with that.

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Fuck off reddit.

They didn't shave enough of that adam's apple.

Counter-sage because you're a faggot.

Otherwise known as: politics.

The jaw is manly as fuck.


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So feminine!

You can do much much better. Not just point out. But crossdress, go MMA and fuck the shit out over every girl openly mocking them on twater. Pro tip: in the current year you don't need cut off dick or actually take hormones to pass as tranny.


>beleebing in (((gender)))
They had you a long time ago, bluepilled faggot.

There's lots of retards that came onto boards at some point that just claim literally everything is a tranny. They are probably trannyfuckers or something. I recommend you just ignore them because they're retarded.

Exactly. Gods-damn degenerates.

Feel free to kill yourself, nigger.

As fucked up as it is, it is funny to see retarded feminists get humiliated. As for a lot of the actual female athletes who are good people (NOT femshits), unfortunately we can't yet wipe out Marxism like it deserves. Hopefully gas soon.

It's not winning–it's morbid humor, m8. If you had ever been to war, you would already know how that works. You make fun of fucked up shit to avoid going insane when you live in it. Juden also blend well with this type of humor, so beware.

All wordism is by kikes and for kikes. No one else has a use for it but them.

Fuck off newfag who didn't lurk.

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I see no problem with everything portrayed in that pic.
Men and women can do similar things but they ARE different. There's a reason why they go separate in the olympics: different records and stats.
There's nothing amazing in a boy beating the a woman.

If you want to win tournaments right now is the best time ever. Just say you're trans and female, because those people dont realize you're mentally ill (or just faking it) and let you in because it's a revolution.

Beat up some women and win easy trophies and at night you can even jack off to the women you touched. Easy life man.

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I'm just waiting for this at the Olympics, the whole world watching as this happens in every event.

I'll allow it.

are those teeth?

The comments lol

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Fuckin golden idea m8. It's a good way to show up some femshit bitches. Well earned dubs.

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Eh, I don't think women should have sports either, granted I don't think we should have sports (broadcasted and others) at all. Women especially don't deserve and shouldn't get their own, besides small time, as a form of exercise.