Kate Spade gets suicided and her husband is forced to wear a mouse mask from the movie "The Rescuers...

Kate Spade gets suicided and her husband is forced to wear a mouse mask from the movie "The Rescuers." What did they know, and who were they going to rat out?


possible dots connected:
>International Rescue Committee listed as a grant provider for Kate Spade Company: katespadeandcompany.com/web/guest/featured-grants
>IRC has connections to Clinton, Podesta, and Soros. Also linked to Chris Cornell's suicide. Autistic research was done last year here: blameitonbealer.wordpress.com/tag/international-rescue-committee/

Photos of the interior of the Spade home: theselby.com/galleries/andy-spade-kate-spade/

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how fucking bizarre

Well when you Rat your gang of degenerate get killed and need to send a message to other to keep their fucking mouth shut!

Soon –→ Pic related

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Queen Beatrix's sister hanged herself in between the deaths of Spade and Bourdain. Pic very related.Tweeted on 2 May 2018, just over a month ago.

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Been trying to figure out what's on his coffee mug.

And what's up with the fag bookbag?

God bless the USMC


You must be reading the same article.

You have autism. That's an anti-Trump tweet. He's just saying if she did that hypothetically, it would be irrelevant, and Cohen would still be a problem.

I think you're reading too much into this. He just doesn't want his face shown in public because his wife died last week and he wants some privacy. Nothing to see here. Is anybody else feeling sleepy?

What actually is the purpose of this?

(((They))) are not even trying to be discreet in their message.

Clever user.

when his face is already all over the internet. Try again.

Guy is a spade, so is a bit wierd.
Probbly putting on a happy face when he looks like shit.
Bernard is a hero, and is a mouse not a rat.
Makes no sense to force him to wear this.
It is either meaninglessly coincidental or related to rescuing trafficked kids but seems to be a personal decision.

Have you not been paying attention for close to a year?

Not as in can't ID him, as in doesn't want people to see how wrecked he is. He probably gets daily beatings from a clinton goon. Grow the fuck up kid and look beyond your fucking knee-jerk.

It's both.

This is a typical Jew debate tactic. I don't know what it's called, but it basically involves adding bullshit to real arguments to throw it off.

Many celebs and power players this year are acting strange almost as if they don’t want to part of the elite cabal anymoar.. I wonder what they have been exposed to that made them consider talking

Bernard is strongly associated with sexual child illustrations in the furfag communities.

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It's all part of pilpul. Gish Gallop, a mix of red herring, fallacy fallacy, false dilemma, moral equivalence, Ignoratio elenchi and Tu quoque.

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stop thinkin ur smart

muddy the waters

Stop thinking you're white.

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Ayy lmao. Serves him right for hanging out with Illuminati niggers.

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lol u really dont fit in around here buddy go back to reddit

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Right. And if he really wanted privacy he wouldn't even go out.

Saw/heard this in action this recently in a stream. Unfortunately it worked, and the guy it was being directed at for 15 straight minutes ended up folding when the stream host decided to wrap it up as a lost cause.

The "galloper" was ethnically some kind of Romanian gypsy. Just reinforced the notion that the two tribes are connected somehow. Everything about him screamed JEW!!!!

On cuckchan there were some ShariaBlue types trying hypnotic suggestion

They're crudely drawn, half-clenched woman's hands with painted fingernails.

I've spent the past couple of days looking into this. Unfortunately there's no there there. I for one am dead beat tired. I think we all need to get some rest and start again new tomorrow. Pretty sleepy for now. I'm out guys.

essentially. 'Yawn. I'm feeling very tired, time for a nap" is another variant that uses "i" to bypass i/you ego defence systems.
Used ironically by Zig Forums because (((they))) aimed a bit low.
Lurk Moar. 2 years before posting


also checked. Fucking pervert needs a bullet

Well gee, the bots are learning.

How long until Taypocalypse now

Bump? Bump.

why do you think/know they are bots? i'd like to know how to spot the fuckers easlier


Markov chains (most of these bots) are basically just blasting shit out without any context. They're not meant for you or me, but for Joe Newfag who just wandered in here.


t. used to spend hours on an eliza terminal as a kid, knows the feel for bots


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Does this seem more believable than hanging one's self from a doorknob?

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