Zig Forums-approved jobs and sectors

As a Zig Forumsack who will almost be out of the US equivalent of ((( high school ))) I wanted to know what jobs, if any, Zig Forumsacks do and what financial management they do in their daily lives as adults or young adults. I've already read recommendations like sys admin and trades but I'm pretty much in the dark.

B more specific faggot. Which trades, why that one,etc.

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Welding is enjoyable, mostly white guys. Skip trade school and start as a helper and learn from someone who has been doing it a long time ideally. Mechanic too, but diesel, automotive and you’ll probably get burnt out quick dealing with Tyrone’s niggered out and neglected Chrysler 300. Electrician and plumber are universally needed trades, again, start as a helper and get paid while you learn.

you want yo do something that is long lasting, fulfilling, and in need. Mechanic, Welding, Masonry, Carpentry, Electrician, Plumber, Hvac tech, farmer. I embedded this video in another thread but it's worth the 13 minutes for an user in your situation. hooktube.com/watch?v=NJ1oCASeVaE first 10 seconds is an inside joke about magic the gathering, the rest of the video is good information.

My grandfather was a machinist and he was damn good at it. Taught me a lot. My father was an electrical engineer and he also taught me a lot. Combining the two has given me endless joy and I've never wanted for a job.

The only downside is that machinists will die out once 3D printing becomes cheap enough that everyone can afford it, but in the meantime it's not only a terrific way to ensure a job, it's a great hobby as well.

Thanks user.

Get heavy into coding. It will dominate our future, and if you are decent you can guarantee a job forever. You also get to work on pushing us to be more advanced depending on what you work on

This is a QTDDIOT and a blogpost.

I don't think that 3d printing is going to be a viable alternative to machining for quite some time. For one, the vast majority of 3d printers can only produce plastic parts. Even the ones which use metal sintering usually produce much weaker parts than ones machined out of a solid piece of metal for obvious reasons.
3D printing is a totally different manufacturing process than machining with a different application (high prototyping speed, cheap vs high precision).

Not a good choice. Coding is overrun by leftists, women, and trannies, especially in the big and highly paid (((silicon valley))) jobs. The "code is the future" meme has permeated through society enough that every pajeet is doing it, which decreases the value of programmers in general. Doing a trade is better.

We're either all on-the-inside of the government dude trust me, or living in a trailer in the desert here.

Saying that coding is overrun by lefties as a reason not to join the industry is fundamentally flawed. Don't give them power over everything with a CPU. And coding is still the future no matter if its over said or not. The majority of new groundbreaking innovations will deal with coding on almost any level. Trade is good if you just want a secure job, but if you want to take part in the future of the human race you will go into coding

Horticulture and pastoralism are the only futures available to us. We can live a comfortable life for maybe 40 more years before environmental destruction, absurd demographic replacements and ecological collapse begin to visibly autoresonate and accelerate the end

What, and trades wouldn't do that? You're keeping the groundwork that supports coding from completely imploding, somebody's gotta keep the pipes working or keep the power on.

kike terminology
>the future of the human species
The future of humanity as a whole depends mainly on the removal of kikes and their golems. I'd say computing in general is unfixably pozzed at the moment, with every (((Silicon Valley))) company being jew controlled and the very hardware your OSes run on being jew designed and controlled as well. Whether you want to still fight despite that is your own choice, but it's not something you can fix, period, unless the underlying cancer (kikes) is purged.

Build cabinets
Custom kitchens , vanities, stairs, bookcases and such
You get to work with your hands all day and make beautiful things
Hickory oak alder cherry

People who fall for the trade meme are going to pay for it. It's a never ending source of hilarity on both Zig Forums and fullchan seeing people suggest trades. Only reason it's recommended on Zig Forums is because Zig Forums is 90% inexperienced NEETs who learn everything about life through message boards. Trades are good for a young man, but past 30 you're going to be hating life and making shit money. Working outdoors in all weather, working with retards and immigrants (not fellow red-pilled aryans like you fantasize), working until your back and knees are shot. The real redpill is that going to college is still invaluable, you just have to not pick a retard major. All you chumps going "it's just a liberal brainwashing center" are going to pay for your ignorance.

But, by all means, do trades, and send your kids into them too. We need an underclass in this country. You can be that underclass.

Retards and immigrants are mentally incapable of working with machine tools. Spics and niggers are out roofing or picking fruit because they couldn't work a metal lathe to save their lives.

You think trades are going to innovate? Being a mechanic, a welder, a mason, a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, or a farmer you are going to innovate and change the world? You are giving all the power to (((them))) when you choose to sit in a comfortable job keeping up infrastructure and sit with your thumb up your ass when you realize you have no power to do or change anything. Expect more from yourself user.

NEETs need to die.

All major industries are controlled by (((them))), so its not like being a mason or carpenter is going to undermine them. Im saying get as much personal power as you can and exert your power as you can. You'll have a better chance of rooting out the cancer from a position of power instead of being a lowly worker who means nothing. You are just going to be waiting for someone else to make something happen, and then hop on the bandwagon because you cant change anything yourself. Be proactive, dont just sit being a plumber hoping you'll someday be able to grab your gun and start killing jews

3D metal sintering have very limited use, laser sintered metal parts are used only in niche applications like plastic mould inserts in areas where standard cooling channels cannot provide a good cooling thanks to geometric limitations of standard machining techniques. Are you sure you are a machinist ? You should know that.
T. user who worked both as a machinist and mechanical designer for 12 years.

Have fun being a farmer and waiting for the "happening". You will die a fruitless death propping up the system for the kikes. Enjoy not making a difference


Not true, kikes like to stick to entertainment industry, lawyers, judges, performers, jewellers, etc.
In my country, most industry owners are whites sons of european or japanese immigrants.
There is a kike here and there of course, but they're not the majority of the manufacturing industry, most kikes despises any work which they must get their hands dirty.

you dont have to get your hands dirty to own the industry or be able to subvert it whenever you want.

Did you learn anything from your Father? 3D printed metal parts are weak as shit and the same deal goes for plastic. They don't have a consistent grain structure and are piss weak. Don't ever fall for any of this kiked up robot bullshit. I'm still cleaning up after a robot welder fucked up tons of product.


You will die and have done nothing to secure a better future for the white race and your children. Kikes couldn't be happier from you choosing to work a trade job

Zig Forums knows that shit will hit the fan eventually, so the ideal professions are things that will make you useful as something other than a prostitute in the collapse. Suggestions include:
+Anything medical. Doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc.
+Electrician (somewhat good for servicing the new elite's home wiring; also good for making bombs)
+Mechanic (try to get certified in everything – gas engines, diesel, jet engines, electric motors – you never know what will be useful)
+Industrial chemist (good for water purification, weapons manufacture, and drug production)
+Tailor (uniforms, winter clothes, repairing your group's clothing/manufacturing new clothes to trade)
+Anything aviation-related, such as fixed-wing and helicopter pilot, jet pilot, etc.
+Well digger
+Anything related to food preparation – butcher is best, but you might win points for being a decent chef

There's no law saying you have to just learn one thing. I, for example, am a former medic with a pilot's license and some experience maintaining several of the more common guns in America. I can also sew, knit, and crochet better than the average person, and I'm half-useful as a carpenter or blacksmith's assistant.

You can get a lot of these skills in the military, along with the almost-certainly-gonna-be-necessary training and experience in fighting (if you don't spend the whole time as a fobbit). If you are in the service, forget your stupid career and just hop from one MOS to another to acquire skills. In the Navy, for instance, there's a crazy-long wait list for firefighting. That's a great skill to have, but it's competitive and you're better off starting in the galley as a cook. There, you'll learn how to feed hundreds or thousands of hungry young men at a time. After a tour doing that (you'll know you've learned all the job can teach when it gets easy and boring), transfer to water purification or mechanics' school and put in another tour. Take classes the whole time – on the government's dime – in some of the more academic fields on this list.

If you're a Marine or soldier, try to get your ass in the field sometimes. Snipers have excellent training in overland orienteering, cover and concealment, covert communications, and shooting. Engineers and sappers demonstrate a keen understanding of fortifications and defensive emplacements. NCOs and officers (theoretically) can teach you a lot about leadership, initiative, and coordinating medium-sized groups of aggressive young men in tough spots.

There. Now you can enjoy the inevitable and your bloodline will survive into the second space age to come. Reminder to kill the traitors first.

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Why are these shit ?
They're not.

Social studies teacher here. I teach history and sociology. My classroom is basically a redpill factory

Robots only fail when their programmers do. Fire that pajeet in the IT dept. and hire a white man.

Don't be so melodramatic user, the only threat to a self sufficient farming lifestyle is a severe climatic change caused by a natural disaster like a supervolcano eruption causing a small ice age. And even then, it would be temporary.

Or, you know, being overrun by niggers South Africa style and getting you and your family raped and murdered?

If anyone here is the inexperienced NEET, it's you. We have this thing called heavy machinery, and it does all the heavy lifting. Pratically no one does intense manual labor that can ruin your body anymore. We are supposed to be active creatures. So those that are on their feet everyday are going to be more healthy than those who sit in a chair everyday. I had a job in Montana for a while, my boss had started the company within the oil and gas industry in his late 20s. He was 60 when I was up there and he was getting ready to retire as a millionaire. This dude still went out everyday into the elements and preformed light manual labor. His doctor told him he had the bone density of an 18 year old.

Since work isn't back breaking anymore, it's immensely more healthy to be blue collar than work in an office everyday sitting in a chair and deforming your spine. You also have office politics , halogen lights an open concept office and a micromanaging boss. The office kinda consumes you in a way as well. You live in a cage that keeps you soft.

Or the maintenance manager haven't done his job right, robots can have an infinite lifespam if maintened properly, forget to change a faulty servo and you'll have to scrap all those badly welded parts.

Professional victim

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doing gods work user

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That goes into my "hilariously crappy leftist memes" folder

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Nigs in america or europe tends to stick to cities, country folks will be safe. If nigs becomes troublesome they'll kill city dwellers first.

Yeah? Well they'll eventually run out of city dwellers to kill. You can't escape the jew forever. You can't run from the shitskin hordes forever. You have to remove them from your country.

A wild leftytranny appears, don't you have a random cock to suck trannyboy ?

And most likely being a shit-smeared codemonkey designing a login page for a corporation or working IT will change the world? Your ability to change the world depends on either your skill as a programming prodigy or your stress-capacity as a grunt in the world of programming with remarkably little in-between, let's not pretend there aren't huge skill gaps with the occupation (or with any occupation for that matter). Let's also not pretend coding isn't one of the many, many things dependent on that infrastructure you're so desperate to pretend doesn't matter and doesn't need trade-workers to upkeep, coding suddenly doesn't matter if the power-grid goes down or even just a transformer blows in your area because whoops trades are unpopular because they're not easy or solely related to brainpower and people don't want to do them. Funny that you shit-talk farmers in another post when they're the ones keeping your dumpy ass fed, but I guess if the kikes don't get to eat either it's fine. You got me to respond, so 6/10

Oh, I know. I literally get paid to just tell them what I think, and I can do whatever I want during summers.

My father died in 1989. Sterolithography was barely a thing back then.

Yea but that 50k a year tho. People struggle to raise a family with twice that much in yearly gross.

Attorney. Used to work at a corp, everyone was mostly right leaning people (even the union dudes). Currently work at a nonprofit, mostly left leaning people here. Picking a career/industry is half the battle, the other half is who you will have for coworkers and customers.

Financial management is simple: live below your means. Use this extra income to pay off your debt (if any) and save.

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For now, yes, but that's why I alluded to the industry changing in the future … as in … not now. My field of study is electrical engineering. My grandfather was the machinist and he taught me a lot. Did you read my post?

Therefore, don't worry about the machining industry. Plastic moulded parts are still done in seconds (or minutes if it's a car bumper) in a plastic injection machine, plastic moulds still have to be machined from a big P20 block. Same for a car crankshaft, piston, valve, etc.
I don't think 3D printing will completely overtake machining anytime soon, the one good thing about 3d printing is the fact that you can create any shape you want, there is no geometric limitations, the bad thing is, the parts are weak and need heat treatment in order to make it a little bit stronger so it can withstand stress.

I like how this thread really doesn't have that many answers at all.

Trades are glorified way too much.
You CAN make a lot of money at it, if you like working *18 hour days, 7 days a week
*When you actually have work; last winter I went almost an entire month without work. And starting as a "helper" after the first 2 months is basically just very expensive tool rental, because you're going to be doing all the work while your boss sits in the truck playing on his phone, taking 80% of the money. And then after all that, people refuse to pay you all the time.
The way I see it is, we live in a debt based economy, you need to make payments on things unless you're living with your parents into your mid 30's, so It's way too hard to make ends meet in a volatile trade job. You need a guaranteed 40 hours a week, and people don't need things installed/repaired on a schedule.

That's just my 2 cents after spending a year as a flooring installer. If you don't mind having no life outside of working and sleeping, you can live a lonely middle class life as a self employed tradesman.

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You'd be surprised how easy it is to live within your means when you don't spend money on retarded shit and buy a cheap home

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Ask yourself how are you doing today make a difference in the world for good? Any retard can vote or spread ebon memes on twitter. You are one of the select few who know just how tucked up everything is, you can help fix it by finding a job that will throw a wrench into the machine.
Trades should be the last resort, you want a job that will get you behind the enemy's lines. You think the jews got to where they are today by being wielders and plumbers? Of course not, they infiltrated every major sector.

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There's a vocational school that's an organ of a local community college. So far, I have gone through their machining, a separate class for all the hard skills engineers used to know but now don't, and about to start their welding program on the weekends; while earning my way to a first shift position so I can go take other relevant vocational courses at night such as composites, advanced CNC programming, CMM, and taking online courses in traditional programming.

These schools are out there, look for the ones that are accelerated 40hr/wk for 4 months. Live spartan until you save enough money to dedicate the time and take advantage of state and federal aid (typically work grants are free money, relying on tax revenue from your employer). Even if you couch surf, four months for a new career, and a fairly reliable $4-7/hr pay increase per course cert is fucking worth your time.

While normalfags are prioritizing booze, bitches, and games; you can be earning as much as a college graduate, and be saving enough money afterwards to get a proper degree debt free. With a good decade of real industrial experience and a college education will make you nigh indispensible.

t. Northrop Grumman employee

What this user said.

I would add to it that we need some to sacrifice and go to medical school and residency, preferably in general surgery. A general surgeon will be an invaluable asset.

The sacrifice is having to constantly bite one's tongue, hide one's power level, and pretend that it is acceptable to enable all sorts of counterproductive and degenerate behavior. Not to mention giving "free" healthcare (ultimately paid for by hardworking whites) to illegals and scum.

trades if you don't want to do post-secondary. if you want to do uni and avoid leftist brainwash, do engineering, business school, or even actuarial science. computer science and natural sciences are being flooded with leftist bs lately.

Come work for us today!


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Yeah, well, they sure as fuck weren't NEETs whining about how other people have careers. Get a fucking job, faggot.

Okay, so I am a trim carpenter who does construction management and I am taking my contractors exam this week. I am going to incorporate after I get my license finalized. I grew up in a family that does construction, both parents self employed in the industry. I have a chemistry degree, worked at CitiBank and fucking hated it and got back into the work I like. I recommend going toward construction management and being a building/general contractor. I like it because every day is different, and most of my time is spent outside/on site.

If you want to get into owning your own company and pursuing construction here is what I would recommend. First, pick a trade here is my HOWTO:

Are you okay with working in attics/crawlspaces? (they are hot, cramped, there are nails you will run into, it generally sucks being in an attic/crawlspace, I avoid them at all costs)

Yes= Electrician, HVAC (mechanical), Plumbing (Highest paid subcontractors except perhaps trim carpentry/cabinetry on EXTREMELY demanding jobs)

No= Carpentry, Cement Work, Demolition, Finishes, Landscaping

Are you good at math?

Yes=Trim Carpentry, Electrical, Cement work (calculating volumes/estimating in general), Plumbing, HVAC

NO=Painting, Landscaping, Demolition

Are you willing to work around shit?


No=everything else

Are you willing to be responsible for the safety of others working around your work?

Yes=Electrician, to an extent carpenters (shit can collapse if you are stupid)

No=Everything else

Do you have the ability to estimate and come up with a good idea for cost (math, the ability to design and propose what a customer will like, know labor costs, etc.)

Yes=You can get into contract work where you submit bids, this can be all of the above.

No=You have to work time and material. You tell your customer the hourly rates and bill them for material. This is impossible to fuck up and lose money on, but your profitability is limited and if you are really good/fast you are losing money. Also many people will not allow this method as it does not incentivize speedy execution of the work. Trades that can get away with this are Painters, Trim Carpenters (for custom applications estimating time and material waste can be difficult, customers also change their mind a lot), other trades where the scope of work is poorly defined

Second is my personal recommendation:
DO RESIDENTIAL WORK UNLESS YOU ARE A DISAGREEABLE ASSHOLE. Unions protect asshats as long as they do the work, therefore commercial/government work suits them best. Quality of work is also of less concern. I like working high-end residential because I like everyone I work with. Our guys will drop by the jobsite on their day off. Enough said.

Now, this will limit the area you operate in to areas with enough people to support you. You will work in and around densely populated city centers, but you will be able to make money. Second, work/train in the area you want to establish your business in. Reputation is everything, work hard for your employers. They will be the ones who qualify you for your license (at least in my state). IF you go to school for your trade, work while you attend class if at all possible. Even if you can get a weekend gig as a helper, that is years of experience that count towards your licensing requirements. Also, experience is way more useful than academic knowledge when you go out into the field.

How to start:

Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, Finishes:
Start as a helper, you will not make good money but if you work for a knowledgeable tradesman you will be earning more in knowledge than money. Expect to do this for a while, you won't be promoted in 6mos, but you might get raises as you demonstrate that you can show up on time without a hangover and work hard for your 8-10 hours. Also, work 6 days a week (or 7 sometimes) do you want to be a tradesman or a construction manager/business owner?

Construction Manager (CM)/General Contractor (GC)/Builder= Work for a shell contractor, do rebar work, be on a concrete team, learn to read plans, learn some carpentry. You can get here many ways, but you must be on a jobsite A LOT. Find a way to work as an assistant to a CM who will be present from the site work to the finishing of the project. If you want to go straight to being a GC (in Florida, GC's build things over 3 stories, I am going for a Building Contractor's license because I do residential which is 3 stories max) you will need to get on a large commercial project, now is a great time to do this. We are in a building boom right now. Pay attention, work later than you have to. Study your ass off. You may want to pursue a CM degree for this.

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The more qualifications you have the better options you will have during a bust. Construction follows a boom-bust cycle with the economy. When there is no work in the private sector, the public sector may be able to employ you for a year so you can keep the lights on. During the good times you will make 3-4x as much money in the private sector though.

If you play your cards right, you can be making 6 figures in five years, and be very comfortable in 10 years. I am one year into my plan (but I have 15 years of experience doing construction work and being on a construction site, as well as having family to help me, so I can't brag too much) and I definitely am happy I no longer am anywhere near a cubicle.

Also, when you start billing people yourself, each qualification you get will bring you more money. Tools are an investment, don't buy cheap shit try to find stuff that still comes in a plastic hard case for storage/transportation. Don't forget to bill for your tools, time for deliveries, time spent planning, keep track of your hours and materials. (SAVE EVERY RECEIPT AND TIMESHEET SO YOU CAN ESTIMATE THE NEXT JOB BASED ON THE LAST JOB!!!!!!)

Let me know if you have any further questions. I will check back now and then.

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The people who fail to advance in the trades are the same that will fail to advance in the white collar world. If you go into a trade wanting to be a tradesman that is totally different than going into a trade wanting to own your own business someday. Pursue Licensing and certifications, build a kickass resume and build relationships with the people you work with on the jobsite. When the owner of another company is on site and needs someone from your trade to work on a problem, go work with them and work hard. Networking happens on the jobsite for men who actually do things.

You will make more money working for yourself than you will working for someone else.

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I've been working trades for a few years now and I feel myself wanting to go back to school. I initially dropped out of college for mechanical engineering because it wasn't a good fit and wasn't what I wanted to contribute to society. Worked on cars/houses since then and now I'm getting to a point where soon I can open up my own business(es) and be financially successful. I really want something I can sink my brain into though. Fixing cars/houses is honest work but I want to do something that has more of an impact.

Now that I can afford to go to college without drowning in a bunch of debt, I'm thinking of going back for either Architecture or to get an MBA. Even if I get a degree and choose not to continue down that path, I can afford it. Anybody got advice or been through a similar situation? I've heard to just stick with what I'm doing because it's solid money, but there are things more important to me than money. I find myself wanting status, not because I want to impress other people, but as more of a personal goal - the "I can do better than this/I've got more to give" mentality. I don't want to reach old age and regret knowing I could've been something greater instead of choosing comfort over purpose.

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>Coding is overrun by leftists, women, and trannies, especially in the big and highly paid (((silicon valley))) jobs
(((Silicon Valley))) is the key phrase here. Outside of California, programming jobs are quite mundane and unpolitical and still pay very well.

Too be honest, some anons are right.

If you want to live a /comfy/ life and work a menial service of labor, don't want to risk anything, then take a trade. You'll have the ability to bring in money. Depends on what type of trade. Each has its benefits and downfalls. It is a worthwhile endeavor, but anons should be realistic and acknowledge what jobs are worth the aspiration. Always aspire for more power and more status within your means.

Higher education isn't higher quality anymore, anons are right. But the professions and status still exist, it's a matter of finding the way to them. These jobs through college aren't very magnificent if you fall for the liberal arts meme. The available professions are not as high of stature as most people would desire. It is a performance-based task. What higher education can do for you is introduce you to the trivium of logic, grammar, and rhetoric and the classics. The worthwhile modernist stuff that follows is something you can easily pick up today, but it should be noted that liberal arts is a folly. The true importance is using skill and acquiring a personal experience with practice. The only valuable education is from the classics when it comes to higher education and that's all it can offer you. If you discover what higher education has to offer you, it is likely on the foundations of what higher education exactly is. This relies on the classical era, the Germanic tribes, and the medieval culture of Christianity. There is no need to pick up on modernist lessons because modern culture illustrates it enough. Besides that, it is important to know contemporary figures, but it is hardly as worthwhile as discovering what is at the root of "higher" education. Those liberal arts degrees have no status and it's better off being a hobby rather than a profession until actual mastery comes out from the art.

The free exchange of ideas and dialogues lost their power in those institutions. It really is a liberal indoctrination center. The community aspect of higher education is dead.

People talk about getting a skilled labor job around here, but I wonder what other routes anons could take. There's a hierarchy and different ways. We need to uncover what professions are worthwhile. What's the big picture for society as a whole?

How does a soldier, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a (((banker))) and so on compare? Like mentioned and how could they benefit us on the DOTR? Those professions also have a hierarchy and it depends. Nobody mentioned going into small business or being an entrepreneur. We shouldn't only look into labor.

Posting business/career anime
Get to work, user

I got myself wanting to do computer support and network engineering but these sectors are filled with soyboyism to the point of my teacher once calling me sexist for wanting to work at Ardene because chicks. I knew my future in IT would be

I think we should concentrate on new sectors and emmerging sectors and establish a footprint there: I personally have choosen UAV piloting.

>You can end up in beautiful mountain range for mapping just as you can end up on a boat for inspecting wind turbines on the sea, it's literally never boring.
Additional interest point. NEETs should become drone pilots because:

I really hate to say it, but working is not how you make money in this economy. The kikes have ensured that hard labor will not pay off above the cost of living in an area, unless you put in many long years, and odds are it still won't pay off because it only takes one fuckup in your life to drain your savings.
Get into the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies are the easiest to enter, which is why (((they))) want to shut it down. Anyone can play the market.

I've been thinking about Cybersecurity and/or cryptocurrencies. Open to all options within either field. Anyone have any insight?

Also relevant to

also, this. I did work as a system engineer (specialized in Linux/Unix) a couple years ago. The levels of soyboyism were off the charts, and the work environment was miserable. Network people seemed better off, but not by much. So I'm definitely interested in your perspective as well.

This needs to die. Not only do you need to be purged for whining about 80yr olds, but this idea that boomers are the main source of the problems anons are facing when it's kikes literally kiking the damn system that's the source is utterly asinine. You are intentionally trying to derail the thread while obfuscating the roles of said kikes and making them appear as though they are omniscient, and undefeatable.

There is literally nothing wrong with having a 9-5 job to fall back on while using your free time to learn and perfect any tradeskills. It's called managing your time and resources in a conserved manner that allows for maximum benefit. Unfortunately, you can't avoid the kiked labor force entirely. However, you can jew the jew by playing (and planning) for the long term. Because as one user pointed out above, you aren't always guaranteed work with a trade job. Well, unless you move to southern Texas or Florida and work on AC/Heaters. Spics and niggers are always needing shit repaired. Same for that need for heating up north. You're practically guaranteed work. But it's still good to plan for when you don't have work.

I would think this would be obvious too…


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Eat shit and die.

Since it is a brand new sector/profession it is most likely (currently) the most kike-free sector… for now.
Pic related some guy drew a triforce and a pseudo swastika-like black sun at my UAV piloting school. I strongly believe we can take over this industry, and make something beautiful out of it especially in search and rescue and agriculture.

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I live in a bee-loving country and pestisides that kill bees and prove themselves to be harmful to human consumption is outlawed. Unless you live in the united-kikes of america then you'll be spraying monsanto-approved substances.

The MBA will be a mistake. Architecture would be my recommendation all the way.

Cybersecurity is a booming industry, but not the easiest to get into. Cryptocurrencies have zero barrier to entry though, which is why I suggest it. Do you have coding experience?

Yeah. Isn't it against what national socialism stands for to hate your elders? The elders are part of the race as the young and adults. We should respect all generations and stop falling for this D/C generation crap that seeks to divide age groups against each other.

It's the same disease as MGTOW that pits men against women.

What do I have to do? As I mentioned before, I am a former Linux sysadmin, also practically have a CCNA.

Oh yeah. It feels great, just researching all the stuff surrounding it.

A bit. Sysadmin-type scripting and some basic webdev stuff (like using python, Flask, and SQL).

Can you do better than this? medium.com/@mylesx/coding-the-ethereum-erc20-token-standard-in-serpent-2f38b27404a6

I'm interested in this UAV piloting. What school did you go to for this, and what did it cost? There's an online UAV pilot school called Unmanned Vehicle University that costs $3500. Please describe your path a little more.

Does this yellowpaper make sense to you? If so… you may have a career.

I've been getting into aviation recently. Definitely plan on getting my pilot's license soon, I don't think I'll be making a career out of it though. Anybody got recommendations for realistic flight sims? The more realistic/lifelike training the better. So far I've been recommended

Think I'm gonna start with FSX and work my way from there.

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that's easy enough

that's not easy, but purely because of the math/logic symbols. I'm familiar with how ethereum works, though.

This, it's why I'm going into IT

I miss when you dumb faggots got banned on sight


It was the one good thing he did in his career as a BO. People like that deserve to be permabanned on sight for attempting to derail threads, and if you disagree with that, it serves to you as well.

This is why there is a way to filter such content.

I don't feel like contributing to my (((datamining))) files, but your pricing is about right, it was 3000$ for me, but your school better offer something more at that price. See if they provide some kind of private forum where they post UAV jobs for you to take, or give you extra formations for starting a business and downtown/urban flight sessions as well if you're gonna pay 3500$ because for an online class this seems way over the top. For that price, if you're a NEET, then you'll have to do some sacrifices and get in a real class where they will train you will real UAVs and not just simulators on your phone.

They used say the railroad was a great career, except that you're going to die within five years of retirement, so all that great pension money goes to (((doctors))).


Were you one of those bright and idealistic lawfags who got in and then realized that (((you))) were a big part of the (((problem))) too?

t. makes money trading crypto these days

t. ex-felon
chefs don't make very much unless your the executive chef, might as well recommend becoming janitor

Med students are nurses are pretty degenerate, just FYI.

An old flame popped up recently. Figured she was bored with the husband. Turned out she was a Nurse Jackie type and heard I did work with drug offenders (in my past, yes).

In university I knew med students and they were always talking about how great pedialite was after a night of boozing.

I did 2 years students and anyone would call you a retard if you don't think they have tight control over this sector. You'll have to put up with a lot of shit but like I always say myself "The right words at the wrong place can make all the difference in the world."

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Having an advanced knowledge of water works or electrical systems/grids could make you one of the most dangerous enemies to society if push came to shove.

All theoretical and in innocent good fun of course.

What if we're not French, Anik?

Did you go to SKYOP? I don't see many listed in Canada.

Dumped all my other buttcoins and am in ETC exclusively these days. Up 35% in the past month.

Fiber optic lines tend to run alongside railway lines were I live.

This is for informational purposes only.