Why didn't Russia or China callout 9/11 being an inside job conducted by Americans?

Why did Russia and China not tell the world 9/11 was an inside job?
They both have the technical skill and manpower to determine America lied about 9/11.
Neither are considered allies. Neither have extradition treaties with America.
They are supposedly the most powerful non-allies of America, yet neither even questioned America's story for 9/11. They could have done serious damage to the credibility of American political parties and leaders, gaining then favor in the international stage.
Did they confront America behind closed doors about it and gain favors privately?

If private citizens and figure it out in a few years, then Russia and China must have figured it out much sooner. Why did they never tell the world?

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Now explain to us how could they.

1. jews did 9/11
2. The point of secrecy is to keep the truth from alarming your own people. Every government already knows everything about every other government. Publishing the truth about another government is MAD.

It was US or the UK that sank Russia's Kursk submarine.

Not make waves. Not do stuff that would result in sanctions, harm business and diplomatic relations. What the Russian gov is doing today is kinda what ZOG accuses Chamberlain of over Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Or the moon landings, Mars and Venus. The US and Soviet-Union made an agreement in 1961 to prevent Earth bacterias from reaching other planets. They most likely had an agreements on what information they would make public or not.


Moscow apartment bombings
Hainan Island incident

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"Recorded" the attack they launched.

What did china and russia have to gain from america continuing occupation in the ME?
China sold us hundreds of tons of metal and base elements for electronics and explosives from africa, russia used to conflict to strengthen it's hold of the northern ME.

Remember, they got all the evidence scrap metal from the buildings. Not implying they were bought this cheaply, but a sign that some deals were made.

Also this. Not sure if mini-nuke but pretty sure this was no ordinary chemical explosion.

Their atitude to it is reaction-based, not proactive. They don't want to start things that will have consequences.

Jews/Mossad certainly participated in 9/11, but the American military and intelligence agencies were also involved.

This seems plausible. Kinda. This would mean there is already one world government.

Never thought of it like that.

Book related. Tl;dr is:

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Because kikes aren't American.

Because UK or US citizens were involved in the faulty welds of the just ended soviet systems right? fuck off jew.

The world is controlled by a few bored(maybe ran out of challenges in life) men with too much money. They have their chains around the necks of all cultures and countries. The people you see in power have agreed to be their pawns otherwise they would have been assassinated or destroyed in some other way. Everything happening in the world makes sense once you swallow this red pill. Check out the movie—it isn't entirely correct though.

Yeah. Its surprising Russia didn't call US for stealing know-how.
google.com/search?source=hp&ei=mTQcW4mIN8iL5wLbmqiIAw&q=рязанский сахарок

Why would the American public believe what China or Russia said? They show all the time American fuckery and the American public never buys it. You think a larger more rediulous theory with fly? MSM will squash that instantly. Probably by just not mentioning and Americans would never be the wiser. I think they know it's a fools errand to out propaganda Americas own people.

Because it was an Israeli job

Why the fuck would you need top secret tech to do it at all, retard? The same kikes that owned the towers had everything they needed.

Why don't you call out Russia's 1999 apartment bombings for being an FSB inside job?

And why does your pic claim that there are no videos of Paddock in Mandalay when there are? (Inb4 "CGI")

there were 85 cameras total, most in NYC on 9/11

* made to cruise at about 533 mph
* so on average 782 feet per second

What can we make from these frames?
*we can tell this isn't a fucking high speed camera, that's for sure

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To add to this, a Boeing 757 is 155 feet, going 782 feet per second.

Do you think… haha of course you don't. But you're asking here so, let's see what to hand feed the baby bird.

No upside in doing so. America becoming more like them is to their benefit.

So reveal they have switches and routers backdoored for joe six pack? Where would they release this information? 100m Americans are illiterate another 50m read at a fifth grade level. All Bush & Co. would have to say it's commie propaganda/fuckers taking advantage while they're down.

Both are massive trading partners. The US dollar is essential to all business, both have dozens of other treaties with America.

Yes, they did. But you watch CNN and read Brietbart shit.

Ok now you're just trolling. Americans don't give a shit about anything outside of America.

No, they drew straws on who got to go first in the train that was run on your mother. Now fuck off back to fourchins or whatever shithole you're AWOL from.

Why doesn't Sperglin call out Russia's mercenary Wagner Group and Putin for assassinating / silencing the journalists who exposed the whole affair?

Look at the favorable trade deals America has been making with the world? I'm sure that has something to do with it.

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