Who's Behind This?

A few years ago I came across this dubious-looking website which argues, implausibly of course, that Adolf Hitler and Aleister Crowley were literally the same person.


My question for Zig Forums is simply this: who could possibly have created it, and what was their purpose?

Some quotes from it:

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There are also claims that Crowley was literally the queen of England. The only one of these stories that I believe is that he was Barbara Bush's father.

Crowley worked for British Intelligence, so he probably didn't stage his death to evade Scotland Yard.

Stop believing /x/tier shit dude

but hitler good guy and crowley spooky bad guy

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Nice revisionism righttard. Hitler was a porky Rothschild that still lives and exploits poor black people in brazil.


Exactly, Isaac.

Fuck off moshe, no cliks for your bullshit.

I saw that some theory advanced in some shitty jewtube video like a decade ago, I think it traced back to GLP, ATS, or one of the other forums for the mentally ill.

George Lincoln Pierce?

Checking dubs for the most retarded post I've seen all day, congrats.

None of you have answered the question in OP.

Big if true.

No no goy. Crowley was Churchill ;)
Think about it, where was Crowley on 3 september 1939?

similar topic, but filled with shills.

To insert some truth into a pile of lies thus poisoning the well of the kernel of truth.

Hitler was replaced with a Jewish agent. The results of everything Hitler did is everything the Jews wanted. Communism and socialism take over all of Europe. Israel created. Fall back of the holohoax when any jew is questioned. National Socialism is forever tainted and will never be tried again.

The other bit of truth is related to Hitler's stay in England. There Hitler was either brainwashed or replaced by a body double who had the time to replicate his mannerism and doctors to replicate his features. Crowley might have influenced Hitler by mind control/being his handler, but was not Hitler himself. Hitler let all the Jews leave for Israel with all their belongings. He then put what few poor jews remained in work camps. Hitler escaped to Argentina.

To all the shills who meme "hitler did nothing wrong". Name one thing he did right that stands today. Not an idea, but something tangible.

If the holocaust never happened, then why do so many claim Hitler is anti-jewish? He helped create Israel, and people still think he hates jews.

No no goy,
Crowley was a good person but then
Hitler brainwashed Crowley, and that is how he (Crowley) became 'the wickedest man alive'

Well I am off fapping to Nazi-porn bye

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List of people Hitler is: Aleister Crowley, Queen of England, a fat Rothschild, Yu Narukami, and Lucifer if you max out the Judgement Arcana

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shill post putting down the community

The kikes had been planning the European civil war that was WWI since at least Bismark's days in the 1870s. The idea was to further weaken the goyim by sending their best and brightest to war while simultaneously fattening Rothschild wallets. The main prize though was the removal of the Tsar. By 1920, the Jews controlled the social, political and economic landscapes of the big five: UK, US, France, Germany and Russia. The Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires were smashed to bits (like what they're trying to do with the Oded Yinon plan). By then they could begin demoralizing all the white world with Weimar conditions. Uncle Adolf stalled these plans by rounding up all the scheming kikes, most of whom ended up in the Soviet Union, Israel and their new favorite golem, the US. Paranoid (and rightfully so tbh) Stalin further complicated things when he finished off the remnants of the Trotskyites who were demanding a Jewish state in Crimea. Rothschilds and their Wall Street associates continued to finance Russia, but the Jewish grip on the country weakened over the years. By 1953, Stalin had nationalized Marxian socialism with his socialism-in-one-country. While the bankers still manipulated the pawns on the chessboard, but the Jews were then scattered and were unable to carry out what they are currently attempting to carry out through the super pozzed US and EU govs. Hitler furthermore brought the Jewish plot to the forefront, and although the propaganda post-1945 has been strong, he left a strong impression on freethinkers that continue his work underground. Despite failing to rout the Jews from the whole West, he threw a wrench in their plot, stalling them until the day that these dreadful times end.

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The story is now that Hitler had Tesla killed.
It's all History and Discovery can do these days.

I do not want to check, but I must check.

Because they are probably schizophrenic and mentally ill. I've seen dozens of websites like this, think of Terry and his holy operating system or the people that think all celebs are trannies. Creating these vast, insane theories not grounded in any fact gives them an outlet for their illness.

It is our obligation.

Dumbest shit I've heard in a loooooooong time, OP. I think you need to die for posting such Cancer.