Reminder to Never Let the Magic Die

I look at Zig Forums and I think of how far we've come, but how much further we still have to go. We effectively saved the world by getting Trump into office. If Hillary had won, we'd all be in gulags or innawoods right now.

However, I see less of the magic that made us what we once were. I don't mean anons having charm or making good posts, I mean using digits and memes to alter the course of reality. Just a little PSA to say remember to check digits and

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If I get digits I'll believe.

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If Hillary won, we'd already be exchanging nukes with Russia. There wouldn't even be a civilization left to fight over let alone rebuild. That's where accel faggots would have gotten us if we listened to them.

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fugging chegged

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New timeline is ahead of us.

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Oh shit let it begins

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Can we bring him back?

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Fuck off trumpnigger.

fuck of shillnigger, go ahead and tell me you would have rather voted for Hillary, fucking faggot

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The world begins and ends with GOAT

By the power of Greyskull

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positng some meme magick

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Two goals of Zig Forums

Zig Forums is not an irl organization - building networks must be done irl by the individual. Irl events cannot be organized through Zig Forums to prevent alphabet soup infiltration. Zig Forums's strength is in decentralization and redpilling.

We conduct genetic warfare to redpill. Whites are becoming increasingly conservative and that is how we rause borthrates to conduct genetic warfare against mass immigration.

The accelerationists had a plausible angle. It's big fault I think was this. We hadn't won in hardly a single instance for what, 30 or more years? Given that Clinton's election would have been the biggest black pill the modern world had ever witnessed. Maybe the final one. Leading up to a sort of satanic singularity that could easily have extended for the duration of human existence and maybe the rest of eternity.

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jesus christ you're so deluded you should go to turkroach's new board.

the people of america saved themselves, you were irrelevant, at least in comparison to the scale of relevance that you think you have. you voted for trump, so you definitely contributed, no argument there, but come on dude, take the collectivist hot air out of your head. overzealous pride has been the downfall of many good figures, carry on with humility OP.

Notice how slim the margin of victory was, user. Don't downplay the magic.

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