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Could we drive leftists yo greater levels of degeneracy simply by announcing that we're against them? We could make memes saying, "as a Trump supporter, I object to beastiality," or "as a Trump supporter, I object to play?" How far would the left go to be in opposition to us?

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I'm against the Clorox Challenge.

Why not co-opt their degeneracy to make them quit altogether? You dont really have to do any of it, just say that you do.
Like Trump 4 weed or something.

idk leftists willing to call themselves cucks now cause it is in opposition to their politics.

do you want them to go past the point of no return, user?
do you want them to eventually justify their being a lefty with the sunken cost fallacy since they did something horrible to themselves because trump supporters don't like it?

It would be really interesting to see what a bunch of legitimately organized people could do in society.

I don't mind them going past that point, because it will only make them look more insane to the average voter, and make them that much more unpalatable.

I mean at the very least I think it's worth a shot

I think if we all agreed to a singular issue or message this could work. It see it as something similar to what Trump did with MS-13

What issue do you think we should stick to? I think beastiality could work on this one. We just need a hashtag. Then we could get to work on the memes.

They will do anything to reduce the feeling of dissonance with what they perceive to be the prestigious views held in their society. They literally reason by trying to first identify what's "cool" to think.

Agree, so start us off with a template for memes, faggot. Take the first step.

Transgenderism and I think the most palatable angle for this is to present it as plastic surgeons exploiting mentally ill people to profit off of their disorders. The average Norman does not follow the Left on that so far - and at the very least, it could burn that bridge for them all together. Thus sabotaging something they've placed a lot of time and effort into.

Get the males to suck dick and come out saying they like bbc porn and self-destruction. Accelerate that slow (((trend))) to push it uncomfortably into the limelight.

We've already been hammering that one for a while. That's why I was thinking we should gin up something new.


What about starting a bunch of false flag watchdog groups/organizations that track "hate" and "bigotry" that starts valid but then slowly starts labeling all political enemies as "hateful". Like the reflection of the ADL.

Leftists are very conspiratorial though without actually thinking of themselves as conspiratorial. If you start labeling jews as hateful then the jew propaganda machine will immediately label you as anti-semite trolls. If you start promoting pedophilia under the banner of LGBT then homosexuals immediately say it's a conspiracy to undermine homosexuality… Anything that goes against the status quo of the progressive agenda (as ironic as that sounds) is shut down.

It's tricky.

Gin up something new? No you need to actually accomplish something first. I also think people vastly underestimate how dangerous the precedent that trannies set for the future of public discourse. If that ever becomes widely accepted we're doomed. It's the first part of their plan to make pedophelia acceptable - they need to make it acceptable for children to have sexual agency. That's why the entire focus of transgenderism seems to be on children.

My only point is that we've been hammering on that for a while. We have a plethora of two genders memes.

What about this:


I was thinking we just say "Conservatives against beastiality." It doesn't need to be elaborate. It just needs to cement in the consciousness of average people that conservatives dislike dog fucking. Then we see if the Dems take the bait.

The average person doesnt have to worry about trannies unless they have to use a public restroom.

If anything, this meme op should be aimed at the poor children who are getting brainwashed by this shit DAILY in school. Did you see the German thread about pornography being on the agenda for schools now over there?

Wake up the kids so that the next generation isn't irredeemably fucked in the head.

Draft a meme, that''ll get the ball rolling

Everyone loves dogs, but it looks like this college faculty member loved them too much:



with all do respect that's a really retarded PR mistake to make. If you don't want affiliation with something, you don't mention yourself and "it" in one message, that shit backfires all the time. What you should do is just make a forced association for your enemies to adopt, like the antifa/pro-pedo shit we spin up all the time via photoshop or gimp.

kill yourself

You fuckers never take action. Get some balls

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oh for fucks sake please download gimp and not look like a total newfaggot

That's a really good point. That's why I wanted to come here and workshop the idea.

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Checked, shit's fucked. Germany's fucked.
So, not OP, but I like his idea but I'm unsure what type of a meme should I make? Rather, should I use a catchy phrase, or should it be straightforward, and less jokey sounding? I'm not as much of an idea kinda guy.

My gut says serious, because all we need to do is to connect Democrats to some new type of degeneracy. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It just needs to be clear they support it.

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just stick to pedo association, it's fucking universal and they never seem to denounce it

Then we need to do a better job of actually making the connection in the memes that Dems are pushing this stuff. These memes need to spell it out for people that supporting Democrats is supporting things they have a moral revulsion to.

Also, this might be useful:


This is good, but it needs to connect back to Democrats

Dood like the crazy thing is that we could literally just talk to all of German citizens and use a big ole google doc to iron our how to organize.

But I supposed staying on a micronesian sock knitting forum such as this is sensible too. After all, we can think about all the changes we would make if we were out there.

I just say get them to declare themselves more as cucks openly

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so I did a Google image search of nambla, i see some leftist trying to run with the idea but there's not much. I think our best bet is to ask /b/ for pro-pedo memes/arguments then incorporate that as statements endorsed by whatever libshit candidate or organization we want to smear.

Not accelerationist enough

sounds memetically unfit af fam

just make some memes, iterate

I can't make pro pedo memes because I'm not a pedo. I mean I can but they'll seem forced.

I didn't think you were a pedo, but you're saying you're not a pedo a lot

learn to read

Hm, alright, if this thread is still up, and/or this idea is still being pushed, I'll make a few tests. Because on the note of degeneracy, the fact that fuckin leftists don't deny pedophilia pushing is astounding. And I'd loooove for normalfags to finally put the connections together in regards to libshits.

On a separate but equal thought train as OP:

The left can't meme.

That's because their logic center has eroded from making decisions based solely on social incentives for so long.

We can meme. We can meme so well we can probably even meme for them.

If we memed for them, would they use the memes? Probably, if we did it from within their online communities.

What use would memeing for them have? We could think one meme ahead and only seed memes to them that have disastrous rebuttals waiting springloaded. We could frame their talking points, and lead them down a self-destructive path.

know, you

there's really not much else to shame them with, and normal fags recoil at the notion of kids being exploited n matter how much kike poison gets poured into their ears. That's why the media just silences that shit rather than shill for it.

What about this? It simply connects the Democratic party with sexualizing children. It's simple, which allows the viewer to read into it exactly what they want to see from it. Dems will think it's great people in the center and right will be disgusted.

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Yeah this seems like a pedo defense force slide thread

No one here is defending pedos

How about adding "This is the future you chose" to it?

filter this nigger, enforcing the containment chamber tactic, trying to shut down a campaign for reaching outside our content bubble to the normies. Last time that happened, we got the 2016 election and pizzagate

Thread theme proposal: youtube vid

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screenshot from the comments section of this video

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Yes i want oceans of their blood on my conscience since i can only strangle so many before going to prison and i cam do more damage outside a cell than in one

can you do it with this one too?

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Nice one. KEK'd


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…As a child when i read the tale of Lot and how ridiculously evil the people of Sodom were i couldnt believe people could ever get that bad. That people were capable of that let alone my countrymen.

The absolute refusal of someone elses desires let alone your friend, someone you CHOOSE to hang out with, combined with the arrogance.
Im at a loss of words of how to describe the type of evil lurking in their minds.

Uncaring, unloving, haughty, rejecting all learning, detesting all that which is holy, confusing darkness with light and unyielding in their lusts doesnt do them justice.

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Get some cute Aryan boys and honeypot them. They are imprisoning our people for nothing. They need to get hit in return.

want some parmesan on your word salad? the fuck did this mean?

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Guys, let's connect the Democrats to adult babies.

This would absolutely work. Kikes have been depraved since time immemorial and their shabbos goyim will embrace whatever disgusting trend comes up next.

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Kill yourself

"Degeneracy leads to suicide"
Then just post statistics of suicide casualties. I'm sure the left suffers heavier losses than the right does.
"Illegal immigration takes jobs from women and people of color more than anyone, end slave labor"
We have to take a moral high ground and plant our flag. Pretend we actually care.
This only works if we all collectively stand behind it though.

We have to project that our party is the party with values. Then we can use statistics to prove our claims that degeneracy in the family (single parents, drug use and welfare) breed most of our criminals.
And when they come with that roy moore bullshit we really need to push back with epstein, weinstein, and the other real pedos.

america big gay


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I usually hate Shad and his degeneracy, but that image is actually a perfect description of what has happened to today's youth.

You noticed the tattoo?

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I recognized the art style, and it says his site at the bottom

No. Related to

what has happened to today's youth.

Have you noticed what the tattoo says?

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And what's with the sage?

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Oh, I thought that first letter was an "S", standing for shadbase something. Again, it's a great example of what the youth is being poisoned with.

Sage isn't a downvote, reddit-friend.

"s" is not b, reddit-friend

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I know, but at least I can admit I'm blind :^)


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Change they to Democrats

Why are you people trying to force a meme? You'll become like Zig Forums if you do that.

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Leftists do drink too much soy, it's not just "rape of cows".

The key issue is the fact that subhumans can't process milk. Only whites can process milk, because we were the first to domesticate animals and longest to co-evolve with them.

Who is that tranny?

I actually can't tell if you missed the joke.

Why, most republicans are very pro homosexual including the president

will backfire. There are way more dogfukers than homos dykes and pedos combined, in fact I see /zoo/ in the right top corner right now while typing this. If we include casual females fuking their big pets then it second largest fetish there is.