Erdogan warns Austria imam crackdown will lead to holy war

Turkish president says Vienna's decision to shut down mosques, deport religious leaders funded by Turkey necessitates response

>Erdogan, speaking Saturday, said: “They say they’re going to kick our religious men out of Austria. Do you think we will not react if you do such a thing? That means we’re going to have to do something,” he added without elaborating.

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Implying this shit isn't going on already.

Come up with something better, grandpa.

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Do they not fucking know what happened last time around? Because this time around, Vienna has already been annexed by Turkey.

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Nice larping lads, but white Christendom died after the Jews infiltrated your churches. Christianity is pozzed as fuck now and Islam is stronger than ever. There's no way for Europe to survive this time…

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50% of Turks marry their first cousin.

Poland bro's please halp.

With the situation in the middle east no muslim country would invade Europe because of the Jewish situation over there and not just go for Israel instead…
Muslims couldn't possible be this stu - oh my god…

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This guy should watch out. I hear Austria has a history of producing genocidal leaders.

Let Poland know – they'll want in on this.

Fuck this guy. If he wants to exert power, he better do it southward. Any balkan anons here, I would seriously think about drawing closer to the United States or possibly the United states and Russia. The EU is weak and toxic. Real American values are strong and healthy. Shit's going to shake down soon. Get on the beneficial side and benefit.

If any Austrian anons are here and you see Turks protesting in the street, mow them down with your car. Just plow through the fuckers.

Lé Turkroach maymay xD

Nice meme, but there's no proof to back this up.

Hahaha, POLANBALL meme xD K U R W A

Go back to Plebbit, you faggot nigger.

They'll probably see some chad Turks with a 9/10 Austrian gril and be too scared to do anything. Austrians are Germans without the Merkel: they're still spineless beta faggots.

well i am a serb, and i consider americanism the most utterly disgusting unculture there is, borderline as bad as islamism
if i could nuke either america or middle east, i'd have to think about it for a long time but im thinking erasing america from existence would be more beneficial in the long term

clearly, orthodoxy and slavdom, or what you call "traditionalism" is superior to what the neo-usa offers

about muslims, if we erased americans from the map, we'd have muslims erased from the balkans back in the 90s
pretty sure these feral 80 iq knife wielding subhumans would perish in first few days of a nuclear campaign

as always, jewish golem number 1, united states, is the greatest threat to the world
without them, palestine would butcher israel long ago

Even the Albanians would wipe the floor with you crnci if there were a war tomorrow, and Albanians are mostly 83 IQ. Still, as Turks, we have to defend all of our Muslim brothers.

Erdogan denounced that org as being fake news, and a western psyop done by Jews.

Tüm Türklere şan, imparatorluğumuz restore edilecek.

how? lalah doesnt stop artillery shells
you shitskins are too mentally inferior to fight any european nation, you have as many nobel prizes in hard science as africans

i dont get it, its like a dumb brainless animal charging with its stone age horns against a modern tank with optical range finders that could blow up said animal without a scratch

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Said the hut-dwelling turnip farmer poking an electronic device his race of inbred half-coons couldn't invent in one million years if given the tools and components.

Nice try, but Erdogan is a hardcore Zionist. He'd never utter a bad word about the Jews.

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you do know tesla built the modern electricity, right?
your subhuman 80 iq is showing when you picked electricity, out of all things

do you subhuman stone age savages even have a toiler paper in your part of the world? you ever heard of toiler paper? does quran even mention toilet paper? no? oh well, i am sure you will have toiler paper one day
or separate the church and the state
but i doubt it

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>thinking (((Nobel prizes))) have any worth
I'm disregarding the rest of your post based on this alone. Kys.

Go back to Smoloko with your schitzo memes, faggot. Erdogan hates Jews as most Turks do. It's you white trash who defend them as G*d's chosen people.

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Off yourself right now.

Here's the scholarly source, kebab

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Seriously what the fuck happened that they imported millions of Turks immediately after WW2? I know the excuse was work but that was bullshit and everyone had to have known that. The statistics later also prove it was largely bullshit. Tell me. Did America do this?

No, he didn't. Tesla was an autistic fruitcake who simply improved on the inventions of others. He was kept alive by a real engineer named George Westinghouse, a white American. Oh, and we still laugh about that niggermobile you tried to sell in the 1980s

If islam is stronger than ever then it always was a joke, islam just have numbers, they didnt have the weapons, economy or trained people to do anything, we arent living in the times of Suleyman, in those times, with degenerates corrupting white christians, islam was stronger than ever and christianity survived, both of the most powerful countries ever in human history (both with the capacity of destroying most or all human life in this planet) are both christian.

He promised to pay him but then said it was an "American sense of humour" you mutt spastic.

Can't wait to say these shit bag "Christian's" in USA. Fucking USA is a fucking Black nigger

do it, insectoid faggot!

Southside white trash are fucking niggers. Time to shoot them Jew niggers vet nigger push a cart fuck you. Mosin blow your Black nigger and pale white nasty south side face. 🤣 Boom

go back hiding under a fridge, mehmet.

Hello Military nigger. 🤣

Austrians let themselves get naturally dominated by Turks. All Germanic people's are like this.

that's the toilet paper, user.

Lmao most Amerimutts are atheist and Russians aren't pure Christians. We massacred most actual Christians and they still cry about it hahaha.


Hello Imkampfy. Still upset about losing this board, huh?

You stopped being relevant after the brits put a bot on your ground, if your point is correct then we must fear mongols, not you.

Imkampfy is a subhuman Bulgarian tsigan lmao, don't ever compare me to that faggot ever again.

>defending the (((Brits))) in any capacity

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t. A literal fucking roach. Gas yourself

Retard tier D&C. Faggot.

Yeah sure.

I'll call anyone inside of your race equally, Alibek. Especially your roach overlord that you 89 IQ insectoids worship so much.

I wonder how many mudslimes are hiding ITT.

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Fuck you nigger.

Choose your words wisely, faggot. Muslims control Europe now lmao, Austria is now basically part of Turkey. Sit down, be humble.

A whole fucking lot. Turkroach Internet Defense Force is present ITT.

You know what to do in that case, user.

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Also if the turkroach defender 33578a ITT is definitely Erdogan sperging out right now I will kek over 9000 times.

Beyaz insanların gücü yok ahaha

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Does this dumb roach think that people forgot?
Austria was a bulwark against islam for some 500 years.

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Keep dreaming, Alibek.

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I'll bet Turkey is allied with Israel against Syria (((ironically))).

Literally doesn't exist. They all look like a cross-breed of goblin and skaven.

It wasn't, not back then. Rapidly expanding industry, so all the white people went to higher up jobs that required a brain while shitskins were needed to do janitorial work.
Problem being, the traitor politicians let them stay after they were no longer necessary.

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Better watch yourself, user. A T*rknigger is present ITT. His latest post shows a map of the Pisslamic world saying "White people have no power ahaha". Ignoring the fact that they never made a proper civilization and only conquered Constantinople out of sheer cannon fodder numbers because they breed like niggers.

Yeah, pack.

I can't wait to cleanse Europe from these dirty cockroaches.

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Yaa Zalameh, think of those poor oppressed Muslims around the world! M-muh 2 billion!

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Austria is no longer a bulwark. Look at all the Turks in just Vienna alone. We own the city.

We defeated them, we ruled over them, fucked their women and genocided them. Now it is turn to do the same to Europe. Germany is already under control of Turks and Africans haha, and Austria is worse. Go watch your hentai porn nigger.

Yet here they are kicking you out of the roach motel.

Hooo boy you're mistaken.

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Try harder nigger

Are you enjoying our memes, goatfucker?

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Dead mods don't talk

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Not impressed.

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Just like absolutely no one is impressed by anything you sandnigger rejects have done.

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Chances are you've never met real Americans, user, nor been exposed to their culture. The things you mention are part of the subversion. We are being fucked hard. Friends dying in their thirties and forties. Sons sent to die for our enemies. Trump is only beginning to reverse the cooptation. There are probably few good ones left to be honest. They tend to go first. We are in God's hands now. May he heal you and us, and all of us.
t. not a very religious person

At least our women don't fuck niggers haha.

The only people of any value in Turkey, those descendant of Balkan Slavs and Greeks are quickly becoming replaced by low-IQ Kurds. Your women in the West are rapidly Westernizing as well, with all the wrong connotations that is. Same as us, you don't have the raw birthrates to keep you afloat and your society is quickly succumbing to degeneracy. Combine it with Erdogan and his watermelon seller-tier economic policies and your future doesn't look that good either.

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Why are the roaches ITT not banned? All Muslims must hang.


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You must not be familiar with what Erdogan have in store for K*rds lmao.

My city is infested with these orcs, I cant fucking wait.

Your women *are* niggers, roach.

Not a valid argument.

Nice thumbnails, faggot. The only pic not shit is 2, why bother posting this trash?

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>live in a shithole country which your dear leader president turns it into another goat fucking paradise
The audacity of this kike breed.

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By that roach logic JFK served Israel interests?

Try reading your posts and tell everyone what a stable non-schizophrenic person you are. I fucking dare you.

He better think fast, because sooner or later Kurds will became the majority of his electorate. Hell, even now Kurds vote for him.

Here you go my roach friend.

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56% is still enough to sort faggots out. Even with without nukes. Keep talking big. It will just make it that much sweeter. When we retake Christian land we'll put you uberroachen.

Put those hothead serbs in charge of you uberroachen

Eat shit, idiot. Posting graphs and maps where the source and descriptions are unreadable is cuckchan tier.
Thanks for the proper version though, these get saved.

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My insectoid friend, please invest in better glasses, or are they unavailable in Watermelon Turkey? You can enlarge an image by clicking on it. It makes it more readable that way. Not to worry, my roach comrade, here are the sources. I also provide you with another ethnolinguistic map of Turkey where you can see Kurds scattered here and there among your lands.

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It still looks like fucking shit when you do, you cuckchanner. Stop being such a kikefaggot and just post pictures properly.
Like this:

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All that anger and for what? You can clearly see that Turks living on the Aegean coast (aside from Constantinople which is full of Kurds and other Caucasus filth that is) are more Byzantine in their appearance and have higher IQ, but they have fewer children in general. You country is becoming KURDED with every passing decade my insectoid brethren.

I'm no turk, cuckchanner, merely very autistic when it comes to graphs and sources.
Reclaiming Constantinople when?

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Muslims are walking right into a roach motel. Their handlers will wash their hands once the invasion's complete and activate their genetic kill-switches.

I'm a Byzantiboo to boot, too.