Quentin Tarantino is degenerate?

Give me more on him

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What the actual fuck i watched that assholes movies !

Of course he is, he loves niggers.

And you didn't notice the obvious pederast overtones? Sheesh.
Dusk til Dawn is the most overt.

they are pretty good movies

They are hyped movies, which is why I went to see them…

I dunno. I accept that whoever it is is ridiculously small but those feet don't look like those of a child.

Is Tarantino not set to do a Star Trek Movie? What are the odds?
HRC Donor List of Star Trek Actors/Anti Trump/etc.;
J.J. Abrams Abrams
Allan Apone
Richard Arnold
René Auberjonois
Scott Bakula
Ira Steven Behr
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Brannon Braga
Mark Robert Brown
LeVar Burton.
Terri Potts-Chattaway
John Cho
Tracee Cocco
George Colucci
Mimi Cozzens
Denise Crosby
Dan Curry
Joseph D’Agosta
Peter David
Nicole de Boer
Keith R.A. DeCandido
John de Lancie
Jonathan Del Arco
John DeMita
Chris Doohan
Paul Eiding
Aron Eisenberg
Terry Erdmann
Terry Farrell
Lolita Fatjo
David C. Fein
Juan Carlos Fernandez
Louise Fletcher
Jonathan Frakes
Bryan Fuller
Dave Galanter
Tim Gaskill
David Gerrold
Robert Greenberger
Bruce Greenwood
Max Grodénchik
Martha Hackett
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Pick one… Man, this place has almost become plebbit.

this is shit bait

Fuckin' angles! How do they work?

Yes. Look at his movies. Max cuckery.

flaws in your analysis:
1. you measure from bridge of nose to bottom of jaw. The jaw could be slightly ajar in the second photo
2. The leg itself is further back from the plane that tarrantino's face is in.
3. Furthermore, the leg itself is angled and you are just measure its projection onto the the focal plane of tarrantino's face.

conclusion: leg is longer than you assume, but that doesn't preclude your conclusion. it's also possible for a grown woman to be that short.

Norton asks Tarantino about the strangling. Tarantino yes, "Yup, I did."
Norton: "Well how bad did you strangle her?" Tarantino says that whenever he sees stranglings on film, he "didn't buy it" and that "it always seems fake."
He says he told Diane that he didn't want any "phony baloney bulls**t". "I'm gonna just strangle you. I'm gonna cut off your air" and that she "trusted him".
Tarantino says that it looked real and he stumbles to search for another reason for why the scene "looked real"
James McAvovy calls him out and says it was because Tarantino was able to "Enjoy it".

I remember once Salma Hayek said that Tarantino wrote the toe sucking scene in "From Dusk Till Dawn" for himself (so he could satisfy his toe sucking fetish). The article is hard to find, but here it is from a storing site:

Tarantin- toe job!; SCREEN INTERVIEW: Salma Hayek; He wrote movie scene so he could lick whisky off Salma's sexy feet.

Unknown Mexican beauty Salma Hayek had cult director Quentin Tarantino worshipping at her feet.

On the set of his latest movie, Dusk Till Dawn, the actress raised temperatures so much it sparked a squabble between Tarantino and his co-star, ER heart- throb George Clooney.

The pair couldn't agree which of their characters would lick whisky from Salma's toes. The problem was solved when Pulp Fiction director Tarantino pulled rank as the writer and producer.

"Quentin wrote that scene for himself," laughs 27-year-old Salma, who worked with the movie's director, Robert Rodriguez, on Desperado.

"George was complaining because I get to beat him up. I abuse him and call him my slave.

"He asked Quentin: 'How come I get beaten up and you get to suck her toes?'"

This is (allegedly) Cameron Diaz's feet:

THIS dude literally gets away with being a predator. He preys on actresses to satisfy is foot fetish. AND HE'S PRAISED FOR IT! IT'S CRAZY!

Dude look at the picture, that's a kids leg. No woman has a leg that small.

Look at the angle you nigger


So … He likes feet. Big fucking deal.

yeah mate, I wonder.

liking feet is one thing being a pedophile is another, unless that is a midget this motherfucker needs to hang

OP seems damning. Those are not midget legs. Perfectly smooth and held on command for a photo. Few women would pose like that. Fewer yet would let the photographer only capture them thigh down when in such a candid situation.

Angles can be deceiving, Tarantino is indeed a degenerate who have nigger fetish because his mom apparently like to suck nigger's dick, however this pic is not enough evidence that he is a kiddie fiddler.

No shit.
The fag scene in Pulp Fiction. And don't forget the Hateful 8 cuck scene. Glad that I didn't watch it cinema. Never clicked on X as fast as during that movie.

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we can easily draw a polygon grid over her leg and 3d map it to find out the thigh width and leg length. That alone should mark it out as a kid or a woman due to hips not lying.

The two tend to be connected.

to be fair though those feet look old

Perspective. Also that foot is all rough and wrinkly with thick toenails. Clearly not a child.

he's the proprietor of a small business specializing in the storage of dead niggers.


Let's see proofs that Tarantino is a jew…

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fuck off jew

Works for a jew. Into feet. Loves niggers. Is an ugly, autistic cunt. WTF more do you need OP? Take your celeb shit to /b or /tv