America Cucked Yet Again

Pizza Delivery Beaner Granted Stay of Deportation

It still amazes me that you dumb queers think the democratic system ruled by a corrupt bureaucracy and utterly jewed judicial system can save white America

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New York isnt america you jew , i mean idiot , sorry

post your paypal so I can give you some sheckles

If you consult a map, I think you'll find it is, dimwit. It has far more power over you than you do over it, in any case.

OP are you joking? The entire island of manhattan is 2nd Israel.

You have got to be fucking joking, please tell me you're joking!

This sends a message that our country is essentially lawless and more beaners can just keep flooding our country, but it's ok because it's NY? Fuck off you unbelievable retards.

NY is controlled by kikes, so is California. If they want beaner slave labor I don't care, as long as my state is pure. Their states will eventually fail and it will be a lesson to all the others.

America is a union of states, hence "united states", for the express purpose so one state can make mistakes the others can learn from.

Learn how the law works

This is why you need to take the loli pill

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Beaners have free reign to move anywhere in the US, did you think they just sprang out of the ground? They're popping up in the millions everywhere, shitting out their goblin gnomes that are now federally legal citizens and they're not just in the shithole states like California and NY. They're ruined Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, and they're working on Colorado and eventually your state.

Nation of subhumans indeed. They deserve everything bad that will happen to them. How do 1918 and 1945 taste, mutts?

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Pretty sure anything allowed to stay in one state is allowed to move to another.
But of course, mutts are myopic and retarded. That is why they saved communism.

I hope his worthless cunt and beanlets go back with thim.

Long Island looks like Guatemala now.
The guy I know up there has been hit 3 times by uninsured illegals.
I could buy two cars every year with what he's paying in property tax for the "privilege" of living in that shithole.
I used to spend my Summers on the Peconic, it's dead to me now

Daily reminder that MSM has selected stories like this to show you that Jews/satan/evilness are in control and to leave you hopeless. But don't allow it to fuck your shit up. It's meant to divide and conquer us. To keep us stressed and physically unhealthy. Don't fall for it, it's a trap.

Good that means Drump can be impeached for being one

They plant these stories then send their shills all over the internet to deliver the narrative payload. This thread being the perfect example.

This, just like Georgia isn't america, or Virginia isn't america, hell! america isn't even america! Just ignore it my fellow goyim, remember to vote Republican in the midterms! I'm sure they'll do something about it after the amnesty bill passes… oh wait you didn't know about that? Good! I see the mods are doing their job very well. P.S goy, if you fight back you're a fed :^)

No one said it was ok you cunt. We just see D&C when it's being used and call it out. Kill yourself.

Keep pushing jews. You know what's going to happen to each and everyone one of you and nothing will stop it.

Muzzies next.

Fucking hell, when will you shitheads learn that you can't win?

There is 0% chance that you can convince anyone on Zig Forums, ever.

your opinion shouldnt count because you dont even know what type of government we are supposed to have
its like the EU, each state is supposed to be like a country with DC as the US gov(EU)
defines what and who a citizen is and why(white ppl)
explains the difference between a state citizen and a 14th amendment US citizen

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Hopefully niggers kill his daughters before they shit out ten babies each.

when you guys are done with this blackpilling faggot of an OP, here's some businesses to report to ICE