Swastika Rehabilitation Day 2018 events around the World

Swastika Rehabilitation Day 2018 events around the World
Worldwide events on “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” Sunday June 24


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Swastika on 2600 year old Greek vase depicting the Goddess.


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Good. I always spread awareness about the swastika. Fucking Nazi larping faggots destroying this timeless symbol.


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From your second sentence, I wonder if you spread awareness by saying it has "nothing to do with the horrors of the holocaust that happened".

If I were the gambling type, I'd wager that you aren't doing shit.

That image says all you need to know.

Ebola-chan loves you too

The most cringe-inducing shit I hear from libtards is that the Swastika is a Hindu symbol "stolen by the nazis". No one makes the effort to actually research anything

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Right? The holocaust wasnt even real. What a rip off. Pussy ass nazis

since Trump got elected I wanna get a Swastika tattoo

Do a search on 'swastika wedding cake'.
On google or go duck go the first image is from my nieces wedding.
No one had seen the cake before it was delivered and set up during the wedding from an exclusive bakery.
They were tasked to put 'lucky symbols' on the cake.
Glorious part was the phone photos from the party goers were already sent before the bride & groom had even left the church for the reception.
Needless to say the women all freaked….hysterical, literally.
A story so good it still makes me smile.

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sun god + death rune = satanic jew symbol?
this shit makes no sense



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Burn jews man

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That's because it's not a Sun sign. It's a comet. A spinning comet, four jets of material emerging from it at roughly right angles, produces a swastika in the sky. See pic related for the chinks' take on it.

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from what chinese book is that?

Great thing to do would be to become Buddhist and fly the swastika every day… they when Antifa beats you, you can sue the shit out of them for Religious hatred.

I have a feeling it won't be good though, depends on the motives and demographics appealed to.

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How pathetic do you need to be?

That line was probably created as disinfo by kikes. They want to prevent us from having our history.

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It's from 彗星, written during the Western Han Period.

nigger its a sunwheel that symbolizes seasons, solstices and equinoxes. unless you can provide a solid sauce for comet, youre a goober

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Hakenkreuz or swastike?
The Hakenkreuz is a symbol used by the Nazi Party in Germany, and later by the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler chose it as the symbol of the German Workers Party after he joined. Before Hitler, members had already worn swastika armbands. Hitler was responsible for its red, white and black coloring.

Most English-speakers call it the swastika,( which is the Hindu term for the symbol).

The peace symbol combines the semaphore (flag signaling) N and D. It was produced shortly after WW2 as part of the Ban the Bomb campaign. It stands for Nuclear Disarmament. The creator regretted the decision to use imagery suggesting despair and death; The use of a semaphore U, instead of N, would have reversed the image, and thus look like the life rune with Unilateral Disarmament.

sun rune

Get a load of this faggot.

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Let's get some posters we can use.

There was only the NSDAP.

Same thing. Aryans brought the Swastika to India.

Swastika t-shirts are now on sale 50% off at Swastikasrus.ru

Good. Fuck neo-Nazi scum.

its the same thing you cretin

Ew a Jew in a thread about Swastikas once again blaming heroes for the deeds of villains.

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I'm sure the ruling would go in your favor.


I know, right? There is no such thing as "larping" anyway. It's a shill term.

It's the Death Rune, you fucking retard. It's an upside down Life Rune.

We need to report all these newfags who don't know obvious shit and obviously didn't lurk.

Dead judges can't make bad rulings.

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To our friend 1988-2018, funeral was today.

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I came here to call you a faggot

Here's your (you)

I made this for you Zig Forums.

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Ordnung muss sein.


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Stupid. Nazis were stupid, Hitler co-opted the anti-masonic sentiment after they planned WWI, and made people permanently suspicious of nationalism.

Why so mad, Isaac?

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bloody hell

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The jewish recipe for success, it bakes into a cake no goyim will touch!
Let's find out how!
>take the most feared, the most hated, the most vilified symbol in the developed world.
Now comes the clever part.
>associate the symbol with every nationalist/pro-White effort of the present day
>put in the oven of social media and mainstreamkikepress scrutiny and wait 24 hours
With a symbol which they've been conditioned and taught to fear since their earliest conscious moments.
With a symbol which an entire industry has focused on demonizing for the past 7 decades.

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Jews don't even use the + sign because it looks too much like a cross. Hence they are called kikes because while immigrating to America they would sign with a circle. Or in Hebrew, a "kikel".

What the hell makes you think they would draw an actual swastika. This is like being a Christian and having anal sex to save your virginity.

This looks very jewish

whatcha doin there rabbi?

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ok retard

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thank you.
I enjoyed reading that
this can be put into practice by everyone - It doesn't promote violence or anything - it isn't so radical that it should be banned from the universe. This is National Pride.

Here is a pdf for you

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Swastika Rehabilitation Day 2018 events around the World
Worldwide events on “Swastika Rehabilitation Day,” Sunday June 24

wear your white pride t-shirt

Fun fact: posting swastika in Russia is instant prison sentence. BASED.

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I hope you claimed the swastika piece.

Fun Fact: we are not in Russia. I am in Germany

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sun rune

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where can I buy a Swastika t-shirt?

Daily reminder that Nazi is a word invented by the Jews to wrongthink traditional values. National Socialist German's Worker Party, or NSDAP, is the actual name.

daily reminder you're ignorant+retarded

read it

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This is not "nazi" thread.
Remember, the term "nazi" is a political insult and, "the jew will control politics".

The jew title:
"Der Nazi-Sozi: Fragen und Antworten fuer den Nationalsozialisten" (1932)
"The Nazi-Sozi: Questions and Answers for National Socialists" (1933)
The actual title of the 1926 publication is:
'Verlag Nationalsozialistischen Briefe'
Published National Socialist Letters
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

This is the same for the other "nazi" publication:
"Those Damned Nazis"
The actual title is:
'Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken.'
The cursed Hooked-cross. Something to think about.
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

The word "nazi" never appears in these nor any other of Dr. Goebbels' publications.
They also never called the hakenkreuz a "swastika".
and i'm 13

I've been looking for that user.

What? Who died?

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Everything that makes National Socialism different from Socialism + Everything that makes Anarcho Capitalism different from Anarchism.
I present to you, National Capitalism! the perfect synthesis of only the best parts of the two most popular Zig Forumsack ideologies (from the other ideology's perspective)!

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That’s just not righteous.

This - circumpolar stars.

hakenkreuz was the German term for it, not "swastika".


Sounds like you would like the LNSGP, look them up.

The old English word for it is fylfot, swastika is an indian loanword.

are we being reviewed by the media right now?

Management and enforcement systems are not the same.
You could even fragment economic system from management system.

Marxist Socialism (Marxism) = Top-down Communism
National Socialism (Hitlerism) = Bottom-up Communism


Come to think of it, the entire concept is retarded. A rabbi who dons his robe and conducts a bar mitzvah, is he larping as a jew, or is he just a jew? A pastor who dons his robe and holds a sermon, is he larping as a christian or is he just being a christian? When freemasons put on their costumes, are they larping as freemasons or are they freemasons? So if a nahtzee puts on a brown uniform and talks about the faustian spirit and bringing humanity to greatness, is he larping as a nahtzee or is he one?

quick survey:

have any of your bought your Swastika t-shirt to wear on Sunday June 24

new fashwave discord server has returned


Communism is a polluted ideological term. National Socialism does just fine. We do not cater to delusional equality faggots. NS is literal endless self-improvement. Individual liberty with the reasonable caveat that you don't go around wrecking shit up or destroying the intelligence or free will of your fellow citizens.

International conflicts? Well that is not curable with or without National Socialism. National Socialism at least makes sure people are motivated and proud no matter who they are, race and so on is left up to the desires of the people. I think it is reasonable to allow White people to have their own territories considering they are the most intelligent (and arguably) the best looking. I don't see chinks or israelis being flooded with trash, WAKE UP MEN OF THE WEST!