Trump arrives in Singapore for summit with Kim Jong-un that the U.S...

Trump arrives in Singapore for summit with Kim Jong-un that the U.S. president says he’s been preparing for ‘all my life’ and believes will be a ‘great success’
The U.S. president arrived in Singapore today for talks with North that could change the course of history and earn him the Nobel Peace Prize, if successful
Trump’s skeptics say this week’s summit with Kim Jong-un will serve as little more than a misguided photo-op
Billionaire president reassured naysayers Friday that he has ‘been preparing all my life’ for the sit down with Kim
Says he expects to know 'within the first minute' if his negotiation partner is serious about denuclearization
U.S. and North Korea have wildly different interpretations of the term
Trump says he anticipates the summit in Singapore that begins on Tuesday morning local time to be the first of several meetings that will lead to a deal
Tomorrow, he meets with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, following in Kim Jong-un's footsteps today

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dis gonna be good

They'll never give it to him, sadly
They've always got to dump on everything

I don't think he has killed enough people for that.

King Nigger got it for doing jack shit.

Nobel PP is a fucking joke.


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Well, like all awards it's a fucking popularity contest

There's already a thread.

Low Energy OP
No link
No Archive
No Pictures
No Interest

Alludes to Tranny faggotry in tittle, fuck off JEW

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They'd rather give the Nobel peace prize to Kim.
Daily reminder no other US president has even tried to talk to the Norks

It wasn't jack shit it was """strategic patience""".

Of course it's obvious what they want.

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Good for him, don't care though. I spent time in South Korea. I hate those people. I don't give a fuck if they all nuke each other and then the last survivors suicidally bayonet charge each other to death, like all of those dioramas in the Seoul War Museum. (They even proudly display the uniforms from poor marooned European sailors and soldiers who's ships sank and then were ruthlessly killed by the slope gooks back in the 18th and 19th centuries, so fuck those people.)

Nope sorry, the only summit I want is the one were Trump meets with Mexico and threatens to drone bomb them if they don't immediately cough up money for the Wall, but that'll never happen. Can't anger the spics sending us criminals and drugs, nope, gotta worry about shithole countries far from our borders who aren't even a threat to our country.

This is all because the Kikes are afraid the Norks will send the Iranians some working nukes. So, once again, Trump is putting the hook nosed Kikes' business before his MAGA promises. Also, we'll probably end up having to send money and aid to Korea in exchange for them to be good little gooks and not build nukes. So fucking stupid. Let them starve.

Koreans HATE niggers for no reason, so don't feel bad, nigger.


I will believe you once you repeat that 231 more times.

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/b/ cucks are blanket banning anyone that circulates these pictures

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Say it with me

Hmm, more obvious kike openly admitting they hate Trump unconditionally. If Trump is a kike puppet why would they be shitting on their puppet so much in front of echodeaf normalfags? It's almost as if the trump is a kike narrative is a load of demoralization bullshit targeted exclusively at Zig Forums.
Really makes you think.

Kikes play on both sides. They use every possible methods to get what they want.

Now hold it right there, goy! You might have some good points but once i show you my touchingwall.jpeg you will know better!

Yeah, he got it a bit in advance, but he killed more than enough people for it.

That will surely BTFO everyone, because it's a hard proof evidence.

It's the only evidence I need to show that drumpffffff is a kike, goy. You WILL believe my once I repost it 6 gorillion times!

Maybe you need to post those 56% images also to make a huge intellectual statement that only true Zig Forumsak can understand your argument. That surely works every time in every single thread, even if these are completely unrelated.

Have you considered curing your pedophilia with a bullet?

Koreans are a lot browner than I expected. Most Koreans I see in the West come from that shit-hole Marxist country Canada, and they're all pale. All their "k-pop" and idols and shit are pale. Most of the women I see on the net are pale. But when you see candid groups they looks like brown midgets. What the fuck?

These are Singaporeans, m8. Mix of chinks and jungle chinks. They look like brown midgets because they are brown midgets. Koreans are as yellow as it gets, which is why skin whitening products are immensely popular there, especially with women.

They've been doing this since forever. I still remember the "Ron Paul is Jewish!" posts on cuckchan in 2007.

I have not.
Also implying she looks like a granny doesn't mean I'm a pedo.
I was just trying to ruin op/fgtmod's WWYD cuckoldry fap session

brown Koreans are the former peasant class of Koreans. The noble class, the former Yangban class are much white, descending from the "Sacred Bone" class of Koreans. This system ruled Korean for hundreds of years, and influenced hundreds of generations of the royal dynasties following and upper educated class.

Reminder that nobel prize is run by kikes

That tranny Carrot Top thing needs to be shot.

The best possible end is a United Korea, with nuclear weapons and a 1st class military. Just move the DMZ north.

the peace prize was forever devalued by awarding it to the kenyan obama, in their haste to grab the brass ring the kikes undermine themselves with increasing regularity.

President Trump leading by example may embolden other leaders hamstrung by kikes, it sure is enjoyable watching him operate.

I hope there are plans afoot to punish the people posting cancer on Trump's twitter feed. An example or two should be made of citizens misguided enough to openly hurl abuse at the sitting President, give them enough of a fright they shit themselves and stop doing it. Everyone left is an agent of the kikes or mentally ill and gets the gas.

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What would happen if this goes bad like a drug deal in a mob movie? Like Jong having his guards fire on Trump and co.

Most of this thread is Reddit-Tier Pro-Trump Zionistic Echo-Chamber Bullshit.

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And you're a faggot.

This is Zig Forums not /b/, no one gives a fuck about you chucklefucks.

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I really really really hope the fatman says, "You know what, here's the nukes- China's signed a treaty with us so we don't need our own. Where's my money Pompeo promised? I have a hotel bill to cover."

Hogg's goblin again! Huzzah!

WTF? I'm slow and steady now!

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Once people are reduced to kneejerk black and white judgement based on emotion, they lose their critical thinking skills and become cattle that's easy to divide and control.

rip lky

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no, most of this thread are kikes and scum providing salty tears for us to drink up

haha fucking low effort faggot

aced asf

However the last time a country was unified (see Germany) it ended up with a very fucked up government. Those being from East Germany, which lead to crooks like Merkel. The south koreans also are the most degenerate bunch that want to be white and get plastic surgery. A unified Korea would just end up like the unification of Neo Weimar Germany. Just pointing this out. Trump and Kim Jong Un is a good historical moment, granted. However, here is the pros and cons with both countries:

Unification is overrated and unnatural. Peace between North and South with open trade while the North is allowed to develop it's military would be the most ideal situation. The South Koreans probably don't want to be ruled over by dear leader, and I can't blame them.

The real news is the Rothschild and Rockefellers assassination attempt waiting or Trump.

Would be a SIN if exposed…

This. Is the globalist cabal dumb enough to try a false flag during the Korean summit?

If they could do that they would have just killed Kim by now. They can't.

ticky tock goes the clock

such an odd plane in those pics

What type of plane is that?

Not like anything I've seen before. Can't be too many of them.


That would

Gurkhas formed the main security detail.

Rumor has it no malay law enforcement was allowed anywhere near the hotels .

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why are trump poster the most retarded and salty posters on this website?

Cognitive dissonance from trying to reconcile Trump's blatant judaism with the idea that they are WINNING.


Chinks turn brown in the sun, we don't bronze or turn red like the round eyes.
Singapore is a tropical country with sun and rain all year round, not temperate like China or Korea.
t. chink

this is why we NEED kampfy


and why exactly would a British special forces group be doing security in Singapore and why would a Malaysian law enforcement officer even be in the city state of Singapore on official duty?

Malay as in people of Malay ethnicity.
Singapore has the same racial components as Malaysia but with more chinks.

Hahahaha you will never be this butthurt over one person.

Hahaha you're not fooling anybody, Trump will win the nobel peace prize and the salt mines will open for business like its Nov 8th all over again.

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I don't need a banhammer, but it is a pain in the ass filtering all these Zig Forums, shareblues, brainlets, and dindus one at a time. I feel like it's going to take 50 years to shoah 6 gorilion of these fucktards.

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Looks like some little JIDF keyboard warrior hoping to get a real gun someday and fight the mean 8yr old Palestinians playing on the beach building sand castles forgot he can't just copy and paste on full chan.

Beward North Korea's years of research into ethnic bio-weapons.

Kim Jong-un may have an extra ingredient to spice up Trump's meal… and maybe the meals of all Caucasians in the dining room.

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Because they're trusted.

They've been part of the Police since the brits let Singapore do its own thing.

It's giving a pretty open shaming potential. These people care more about their emotional vendetta against Trump that they are willing to throw a potential for furthering world peace under the bus. Be sure to remind them.


I can't believe you actually have that picture on your computer, or you have even searched for it.

How about PyonYang?

bumping in an attempt to pick up from the other thread

Great fucking presser.

Why do you have that file?

One of the sweetest moments of the whole thing.

Trump is AMAZING!!!

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Jesus what a faggot.

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That reporter was a faggot tho.


The hairlet who was whining about "muh gulags", schlomo, not Trump.

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While he most definitely should get the NPP if successful (hell, Obama got one for doing precious fucking nothing), they would never award it to him. Trump could walk on water, and they would say, "Look, Trump can't swim!". Trump will never be able to win with these people.

That real estate bit was hilarious

I really need to stop clicking on spoilered images around here.

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You kikeshills are pathetically obvious.

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Truly it is the Best Korea. This is the kind of cultural exchange America could benefit from.

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Here is a ducc

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top kek
I didn't even spoiler mine, the mods did sometime later. It's quite effective and triggering plebbit-tier shills.

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