Police uploaded pre-shooting Nikolas Cruz Vid

Police uploaded pre-shooting Nikolas Cruz Vid

Seems too scripted.

He says "I will take Uber at 2:40pm. . . People will feel the power of my AR-15. . ." Says Ar-15 a few times and how many he plans to kill. To me it seems like over the top bullshit.

Note that he's wearing a cast and seems to have a black eye on his right side. Seems like this was recorded months after the shooting to confirm everything that was said in the news instead of the same day like the media is claiming.

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That's the narrative payload.

This is a total deepfake

Whether it was filmed before or after the inciden, it is insultingly fake.


40 percent of the people he killed were jewish, he was ourguy

A 56% faggot trying to be a badass.


The arm cast is the big tell. No sign of it on his arm at the time of the "shooting".
They leave a big pal patch of gross pale skin, and the arm hair turns darker too.
Because that area of skin has essentially been living in a damp cave for circa 6 weeks.

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a cupl trazer runds maeks them die betar

He made the video a few weeks before the shooting. How is that a "big tell"

"brainwashed by the JEW political government programs, he seems like /ourguy

They're probably in Israel right now laughing it up or joining the IDF.

Thing is - all but two of the dead kids were foreigners from other countries.

* Joaqin Oliver was from Venezuela
* Martin Duque Angiano was from Mexico
* Cara Loughran is from Ireland and has a Jew aunt.
* Nicholas Dworett is from Sweden and has family there
* Helena Freja Ramsey is from Jamaica. Her cousin is Michael Page, a famous MMA fighter.
* Peter Wang's parents are from China

* Carmen Schentrup learned German and planned to study abroad in Germany. She was allegedly buried the day before her 17th birthday. → 17 dead, 17 wounded (not sure what it means if anything). Her mother, April, is the principal of another Broward County public school - Pembroke Pines Elementary.

* Gina Rose Montalto - not much data on her, parents seem suspicious and don't look like her at all. Mother might be from Connecticut. Found a Jennifer Montalto in CT that bakes cakes shaped like AR-15s - stopped posting in 2017. (WTF)
* Alaina Petty - Mormon - photo was provided by "Aunt" not parents.
* Luke Hoyer - Mormon - don't know much about him.

* Chris Hixon - military deep state ties? - had big spectacular military burial with men in uniform, was a big media event with police squad cars everywhere.

* Scott Beigel - jew - from Dix Hills, NY, camp counselor at Camp Starlight in PA.
*Aaron Feis - jew - people claimed to have seen him at a vigil
* Alex Schacter - jew - father has fake emotions, called for gun control on day 1.
* Meadow Pollack - jew - age 18 - why was she in Freshman bldg? Brother is in JROTC.
* Alysaa Alhadef - jew - mother fake-cried, no tears, called for gun control on day 1. Photo for media was provided by Melissa Dibble (again, not parents). She is a director of (((performing arts))), theater without walls - ArtFWD, EmcArts.
* Jamie Guttenberg - jew

I propose that the "dead" jews were flown off to Israel, the foreigners went back to their native countries, and the remaining two mormons, who knows.

There you have it. This school shooting gave me some sort of Autism.

Funny how jim left when the heat got to him during gamergate and tried to dissuade anyone from continuing, only to come back later with a patreon. It's almost like he's another eceleb conman who doesn't have a stable income outside of that.

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Attached: MSD Student (reported dead)

Attached: MSD Student (reported dead)

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Gina Montalto's (allegedly dead Parkland kid) moms name is Jennifer Montalto but the video interview looked nothing like her or her daughter.

Strange coincidence that the Jennifer Montalto from Connecticut bakes cakes in the shape of AR-15s and lives/lived near Newtown. Haven't seen any social media posts from her in 2018.

Pic is one of her cakes.

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Isn't orange what they wear in prison?

All news channels claimed he recorded it the same day. In the video, he says I will take Uber and arrive at 2:40 but didn't give date - you don't usually give a date if it's the same day.

I believe that this is a scripted video recorded months later for the media. He even has his orange prison jumpsuit on.

Is there metadata to look through on the file that's released? We might be able to find out the date it was recorded or maybe even patch details on the software used on it, which could give dates.

Uniform color depends on the prison

South Florida is almost entirely hispanic and jewish, this isn't a surprise for anything in that area.

1. This is totally scripted.
2. If it weren't, this dude straight up says that he intends to become famous via a school shooting. Thismvideo paints the blood on the hands of the media.
3.'My love for you, Angie'
Who the fuck is Angie?

Why are you trying so hard to prove this guy did nothing? Are you so jealous that he got off his ass and acted on his beliefs instead of sitting around doing nothing on Zig Forums?

A quick (((google))) image search solved it

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You deserve a ban.

Hi commie kike.

It doesn't scan with his story. He'd just broken up with his GF when he supposedly went on the spree.
He was still with her when he was making this video, going with your timeline.
Part of the profile they were trying to build in the media was of him being "triggered" by a bunch of shit going down in his life.

Anyone watching this shit is clearly meant to think it was done the same day or very near the event.
Two weeks to a teenager is like 2 months to an adult. Ancient history.

DUDE BASED MULATTO JUST LIKE (((elliot rodger)))


Actually, this is proof that the NSA is a failure 8^)

We shall use this to great effect.

He's literally a kike - his birth mom is a kike. Just like Columbine.

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Ew, it thinks its people.

What the hell is the matter with his head?

Have they "uploaded" the school's security camera footage yet or is that still in the works?

This is the face of mkultra brainwashing

It's scripted because he prewrote what he wanted to say

Let's say you are deep state pedophiles, and you false flag. Where do you get the pictures from?

You have to have certain criteria to post pictures for your false flag.
1. It is a positive if they are dead. If they are alive you must keep their silence through pay, threats, or blackmail.
2. If they are dead, they cannot be relatives or have any connections to friends of family that can point out where the image came from.
3. The school must be big enough that no one knows whether they were class mates. What was the class size of Parkland?
4. If they are still alive, these people shouldn't be seen in public, but US attention span is small and only a few have poured over the pictures to remember, so this is lenient.

Now, what fits all this criteria on getting victim images? If you were deep state and you wanted your false flag water tight, where do you get the pictures from?

Get pictures from your human trafficking network.

No more stickies. Organic bumps back again. If it sticks, it sticks.

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this guy was a real idiot

he didnt say that u faggot jew
he was not our guy he was a mischling 56% kike


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if anyone really had that "mass shooter" feel they'd target bankers or lawyers and not school kids

this chick looks exactly like my ex gf
does this mean my ex gf was secretly a crisis actor all along?



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Wtf is a nigger doing stealing white names? This makes me sick

This is what the kike would call CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! Push it!

/r/ing some more of the infographs about this shooting

This is actually well written. It could use a table of contents due to the large amount of data.

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The fact that this lady is in CT is a huge red flag. The entire state is corrupt to no end. Corrupticut is the moniker those in neighboring states refer to it as. You don't even dare drive through the state if you aren't "supposed to be there." Whatever the fuck that means.

Kikes have some weird fascination with women having large spaced between their eyes. This has been brought up in previous "suspicious" events.

This is probably a CGI character and nothing more. I think they're getting tired of evacuating their ilk to the realm of shitzrael.

Cast on his arm? Did he have that, that day? Did he have later? Could it be hiding a probation bracelet so some feds could borrow him from jail for a day and strike a bargain with him?

You really rely on the laziness of the less educated, don't you?

Step your game up Schlomo, you're in new territory here and we're not all fucking cattle.

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fake and gay

Where's his gay little cast?

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Didn't have their narrative straight?

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Or maybe the media just clamors to push an agenda and cherry picks things in such a hack job way that things don't "match up".

I mean, fuck - name a shooting that wasn't staged/faked/whatever. I'm willing to believe this whole thing was engineered in some form, of course, given that the feds completely ignored him, but still

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What am I looking at? Is that blonde haired, jug eared kid supposed to be Cruz? If so, did he get a nose job and his eyes replaced? Because that kid has blue eyes and the guy in the MSM pic of Cruz has hazel eyes and dark hair.