Salvini shuts it down!

Salvini is playing this beautifully:
- Muh based niggers are losing their lives crossing the ocean
- Muh brain drain from countries that need these talented nogs more. KEK classic.
- Malta is an EU country on the same route taken by the nog express, yet they're allowed to not accept any of them.
Checkmate Salvini.

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Soros btfo


>heading north for a secure port

This literally did nothing. They are still ending up in Europe. We need a private navy to sink mass nignog importation boats.

A simple sea blockade should suffice and might be feasible. At present nobody has the political might to sink the invader boats.

Not interested in euro countries who refuse to fight back (Germany & France).

But on which coastline is soros' crude diversity tanker going to spill its enrichment?
My bet is whichever bit of ex-Yugoslavia is the mudslime bit.

It would probably be easier to just impound all the ships indefinitely. They'll take it to court, but no international bodies or more powerful countries can get involved.

Correct term is trojan horse invaders.

Next step is to send submarines to patrol, sink nigger boats, and disappear into the sea.

KEK. Then he posts this on twatter.

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Because israel's greatest ally would intervene.

Because at present no European country can remove either kebab or niggers and stand up to the ensuing consequences. The consequences being at least political and economic warfare at most open bombing.

Would scored the A+ if they had just given the boat to israel without asking.

No they wouldn't, especially right now.

Open bombing would never happen (obviously) but the other two are certain.
On Salvinis agenda:
- Close the ports. Stop the bleeding.
- More processing centers: There are only four in all of italy which is about a 2.5-3yr turnaround time before they are processed. No doubt leading towards "But they've been here for 10 years goy!". Hes putting at least one in every province and has already hired an entire group of people.
- Migrants won't be allowed to leave these processing centers. "So they aren't walking around causing confusion!". KEK. Muh concentration camps.
- His goal is to average 300 expulsions a day, 500K total = 5 years. Will bet he ramps that up. The 5kikes aren't even addressing the issue and dodge the questions every time they are asked.
- Cut 40 euros a day funding each receive to stay in hotels while they wait. Will give that money to the homeless.

By who?
US would not make that move at this time, no way.
Maybe Europe, granted, but lets see how up for a war over this shit eurofags actually are, is my view.

European leaders need to grow their balls and take a chance.

Especially when they themselves just kicked out 40K worth of niggers. Salvini openly supported kikes on something recently. The last thing they need is another country openly taking the Palestinians side.

I actually forgot to mention mediatic warfare (kind of related to political warfare) but yeah.

By the US, as always.

Laughable. The US is doing those very things at the moment to "bad boy" nations.

The military needs to dock the ships. Arrest the staff and charge them with subversion and then execute them once found guilty immediately behind the court house.

Jews may be funding it. Charities may be supporting it. But its the fucking personnel on the ground that the message needs to be sent to.

It has nothing to do with balls, they all know exactly what they're doing. What these countries need is leader who isn't completely corrupt and the support of the majority. Salvini knows he has the support from half the country, and next time around he'll run away with the majority if he keeps this up. THEN shit will really hit the fan.

You fail to realise that the (((globalist))) world order is currently in free fall. Economic warfare is the most they can do, and Hungary and especially Poland are showing that it can be fought and defeated.

Just block the shipping lanes towards italy and station troops within niggerland and its mission accomplished.

Not a snowball's chance in hell of that happening, esp right now.
To Syria.
HUGE difference between what is up in Syria and the idea of the US bombing italy over shooting mudskiffs.

Fair enough.

>You fail to realise that the (((globalist))) world order is currently in free fall. Economic warfare is the most they can do, and Hungary and especially Poland are showing that it can be fought and defeated.
Speaking of Hungary, Salvini just mentioned he has great respect for Orban and Austrias pres. Also hes interested in italy joining the vicegrad coalition.

Without the support those damn shitlibs crush anyone trying to oppose the based invasion.

The US is currently doing it to other "bad boy" nations. Right now. At the moment.

Which part of that don't you understand?

No, not just to Syria. Syria is the just only one receiving the (almost) full programme.

>You fail to realise that the (((globalist))) world order is currently in free fall.
It isn't, not yet. If it were, the US would leave the rest of the world alone.

Neither Hungary nor Poland are currently under economic warfare by anyone. The opposite actually, Hungary and Poland, like all of Eastern Europe, are being showered with EU funds. Billions every year.

They're so called "net receiver countries". The exact fucking opposite of being under economic warfare.

Following the (((CIA))) proxies' crushing defeat in Syria, ZOG will not be able to push countries around so easily anymore. The game has changed completely.

You're delusional. The alphabet agencies and other American-Jewish organs are still as present as ever in Europe for example.

No, they aren't.

The part where the US is supposedly bombing european nations for shooting at mudskiffs.

Yeah, just to Syria.
You're du b and argue in bad faith.

The US is not bombing any nation for shooting mudskiffs.
Italy could do it tomorrow and the US position won't change anytime soon.

The Axis reforming?

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Only Juncker would retaliate, and all that would result in is Italexit happening earlier than planned.

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Salvini has take his queue from Orban. Stay within the EU, ignore shitskin laws, and force changes everywhere else. Make them throw you out.

That's a lie.

The US is sanctioning and demonizing Russia, China and other "bad boys" countries which dare resist the American-Jewish liberal hegemony at the moment.

Bombing Europe for non liberalism compatible "wrongdoings" is a typical American past time and they did it not that long ago.

Insults and projections. Typical.

No they couldn't. Italy could not resist the ensuing political, mediatic and economic warfare the US would unleash on them. As for resisting an armed attack, even less.

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Quitaly and Italeave sound better

Yeah, all of their products are shit and the antmen keep buying up land in western countries, they're pretty fucking obnoxious.


fucking kek

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No its not.

Economic shit, sure, but that's a whole other can, I thought you were talking about military action, which, no.

Like several decades ago you mean?
With a Clinton in power?
Again: At this moment, the US is not bombing any European nation, certainly not over sinking migrant ships, and that will not change anytime soon.

Well, you do come off dumb, and you do argue in bad faith, so…

Yes, they could.
They totally could. FFS, US exports make up less than 50B of Italy's 1.1T in exports, and they're less than 4% of Italian imports.
Which would never happen.

Not saying the war is won yet. But things have changed for good. The unipolar world is past.

Part of being White is the willingness to fight, millennia of almost constant warfare is part of what made the White man strong. Nations unwilling to fight deserve what they get.

During the G7 US and Italy were a united front at bringing Russia back to the group. Burgers and pastas are brothers in arms right now.

The good news is that as our military and especially navy become more diverse they will begin to breakdown. When they can no longer maintain a ship then privateers will come back into vogue.

It is a lie as currently the US sanctions and demonizes countries like China and Russia. No amount of lying will change this reality.

I'm talking about everything in the American "let's fuck this non liberalism compliant country up" toolbox. See and

The second Europe removes "minorities", America intervenes. The last hundred years have shown this quite clearly, no matter the time period or administration.

You'll deny it, Americans always deny everything anyway, but we know. Yes, we.

Enough with the nonsense. Italian economy is in fucking shambles already even without an American onslaught.

LOL America not selling/buying from the country they're sanctioning is not at all how economic warfare works.

Didn't mean to sage.

And thus, a meme occurs.


Talk is cheap. Trump doesn't remove sanctions, nor stops the mediatic campaigns nor anything else.

Btw speaking of NATO, during the campaign, Trumpfags repeatedly claimed that if Trump wins, he'd remove American bases from Europe. Remember? I remember and I'm sure other Europeans do as well.

When's that happening? No need to answer, everyone knows that was a lie.

Good night, (((Americans))). Was nice talking to you but I need to get up early tomorrow and need some sleep now.

oh happy days happy days are here again!!!

Unipolar? You mean ZOG? No. ZOG has not yet fallen. Do not celebrate too early.

Keep crying, SHISHboy.

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wouldn't be surprised if japan was ok with it, too. japan has proximity and trade with russia, and abe was showing a lot of body language solidarity with trump in many of the photos.
really the us and the six dwarves.
the us represents 1/2 of the total gdp of the entire group lel. btw japan is the second-largest member by gdp.

I think he means that at least ZOG has opposition now, guys like Salvini, Duda and Orban are /ourguys/ and Trump and Putin if not fighting fighting ZOG directly but at least not directly supporting them.

Who the fuck cares? Every inch of influence that the US is losing is a godsend to Europe. China will be handled accordingly when the time comes.

They should have confiscated the boats and charge everyone involved with organized trafficking a long time ago

This. At least they'll be concentrated in the cuck shacks enabling us to build fortress nations to fight back from like Hungary may become.

Pretty sure that they all can be all hit very hard with (((human trafficking))) laws that have broad and vague definition. It just requires will to do it.

From 2015 - unironically zerohedge seems to have all predicted this and it seems that some European states (Hungary, Poland, Italy) are starting to catch on.
>If the Ukraine catches fire, it will burn quickly, and if the EU has become an unreliable partner that is ready if not to move into Russia’s camp then at least to take a neutral position, Washington, faithful to its strategy, would be obliged to set fire to Europe.

Unleashing wars in buffer states and then making them let the consequent refugees in would seem to be in keeping with that strategy.

Original at

Where is the fucking navy?

Straight out of Camp of the Saints. The only actual solution is to destroy the boats, denying them port does nothing except ship them off to another western state.


Do you know what the Schengen treaty is about? It is about countries like Italy and Greece protecting their border so they get access to other countries without further control.

What did Italy and Greece?
They let them in. Italy did even send their useless navy to Africa to flood Europe:

Operation Mare Nostrum (after the ancient Roman name for the Mediterranean: "Our Sea") was a year-long naval and air operation commenced by the Italian government on October 18, 2013 to tackle the increased immigration to Europe during the second half of 2013 and migratory ship wreckages off Lampedusa.[1] During the operation at least 150,000 migrants, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, arrived safely to Europe.[2]

Greece's defence minister threatens to send migrants including jihadists to Western Europe
09 Mar 2015
Greece will unleash a “wave of millions of economic migrants” and jihadists on Europe unless the eurozone backs down on austerity demands, the country's defence and foreign ministers have threatened.

Send it to germany

This shows how treasonous what they have been doing up until now is.

IIRC it was actually Italy who followed through on a similar threat some years ago, (2011?) and not Greece, by issuing travel documents to allow migrants to invade France.

Molto Bene Salvini!

t. Janez

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Scuttle them

Magnets, snorkel and diving mask

All it would take is a scuba user and an underwater plasma cutter to cripple one of these nigger invasion boats. Probably less then $600 worth of hardware. Partially cut the prop while it's in port, let it get under way then have the prop shear off under load at sea.

Malta is Semitic.


If France, the military and police, could be convinced to turn to our side and engage in open racial genocide, then Europe could be secured.

The French have their own independent nuclear program and could, within just a few years, expand their lgoistics to be self supporting

France is the key. But France is burning.


France is extremely nigged but a slight positive is so many youngsters voted for LePen last time around. Problem is shes kike adjacent and by the time the next election rolls around its probably too late demographics wise. I also doubt she would do whats necessary to get the job done.

This is a horrible idea. As would accidentaly losing your semtex magneto timed fish catcher while diving for clams in moonlight surely be

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I heard a rumor that the military and police are FN. If only that were true and they were willing to burn the 5th Republic down, wipe out the niggers and kebabs, and sterilize any and all Rhineland Bastards and publicly lynch unrepentant traitors.

I can say for sure but i remember a cop that went under fire by the media because after arresting a nigger said "fuck off back to africa, go back to the jungle"

I was just removing some barnacles off the hull, I swear.

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It happened to Serbia not 30 years ago, IT'S HAPPENIGN TO SYRIA RIGHT NOW

Two shithole countries. The US isn't bombing italy.

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don't destroy the boats, they can be used to send the fuckers back. Impound them, Nationalise them, keep them maintained, no more unnecessary destruction.

The Maltese are arabs who occupied the island after killing the original inhabitants. Of course they're not required to take in the rapefugees. Mixing poison with poison has no effect.

Just dangle a bucket of KFC over a giant pit for the nogs.
A box labeled virgin goats over another pit for the sandniggers.

fucking based

god fucking damn, it was the Romans who came back to save us after all. What a uniquely glorious time to be alive. See you Italibros in the trenches against ZOG.

I've always wanted to visit

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The sanctions are veto proof, they got something like 90 votes in the senate, there is literally nothing the executive branch can do. All he can do is look the other way when they fail to enforce the sanctions, which the Jew York Times is already kvetching about.

Well done, weaponize those subhumans

Fuck off out of Europe niggers

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Imagine how good the Italian government would have it if Gaddafi were still around and had the Libyan Navy cooperate with Italy's to prevent the rapefugee rafts from crossing the Mediterranean like was the case those years ago. It's heartbreaking to know he's gone now.

Nogs are going to starve and Soros is going to lose his boat and crew. Brilliant play by the Italians, indirectly naming (((Malta))) and making sure the 'fugees end up on the news for enriching the crew.

If someone wants to fly me over from the US, give me a boat, and point me towards one of the nig-nog transports I can whip up a charge powerful enough to rip open the hull with grocery store items.

I would want to do this out in international waters, obviously.

Make this person the new BO of Zig Forums

Are they retarded?

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Yeah, considering what side they're on user, they're always pretty retarded.

Sink the boats currently in operation, replace them with our own that just ferries these guys around the south Mediterranean

note: I have no idea how this actually works.