'He's willing to destroy the world': Billionaire investor and liberal donor George Soros blasts Trump's presidency...

'He's willing to destroy the world': Billionaire investor and liberal donor George Soros blasts Trump's presidency saying 'everything that could go wrong has gone wrong'
The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor accused the President of being 'willing to destroy the world'
Geoge Soros claimed that with the Trump Administration, 'everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong'
Soros plans to spend roughly $15million in the 2018 elections
The billionaire describes Trump as a 'marcissist' who 'considers himself all-powerful'
Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that 'everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.'
The 87-year-old, who frequently donates to the Clintons, did not mince his words and accused the President of being 'willing to destroy the world.'
'The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it,' Soros said Thursday in an interview with The Washington Post.


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>The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor

While one genocidal jew doesn't back Trump, dozens more are ready and waiting with hard Kushner bux propping up Le ZOG Emperor

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He's much of a holohoax "survivor" as Eli Wiesel or any other, no matter how much his co-racialists and their agents pretend he was a "Nazi collaborator".


To a large extent Soros' job is to be a fall-kike for cuckservative retards who read infowars in kikebart Trump's base at this point.


Bernie Sanders communist america 2020

hell yeah, can I get a "Bernie kike is based" woop woop my fellow leftists?

We're reaching levels of projection which shouldn't be possible.

How about understanding this simple formula?

Left wing elite genocidal jews = bad for the goy
Right wing elite genocidal jews = bad for the goy


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The jew-party system is a kosher scam. The kikes have always played both sides, everybody seemed to understand this until Trump brought the reddit-transplants like you here.

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yeah dude that is why hilary is the best and drumpf need another smear campaign.

we cannot allow this white man to parade around.

I got some bad news to him :^)

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I agree. bernie 2020 soon bro.


time for a real white man on power, not that Dutch businessman. Bernie sanders soon, then the white man will have his country back.

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FTFY. Hell is too good for this piece of shit.


whatever drumpf, go back to northern europe. because soon you will feel the bern

Enlighten me. Are the kikes like Adelson who back Trump the "good jews" while the ones who backed Hillary are bad? What about her primary puppetmaster Haim Saban, he gave Jared Kushner an award in December and celebrated the slaughter of gentiles at Purim dinner with the Kushners? Is he a "good jew" now too? Did he join Q and POTUS and become part of the storm?

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oh I see, you wanted Hillary in power instead.

understandable bro.

He's destroying (((their world)))

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btw Trump largely paid for his own campaign from his own pockets, not the jewish donators.
but I agree
maybe we can impeach him? Hilary should be up there, there are many private interests for that

Yes, fellow POLACK. Hillary should run again in 2020. Accelerate. Face the bloodshed and dehumanize.

Remember kids: your past experiences justify your present actions. All of them, no matter how low and vile.

Jews always project what they are doing or willing to do. They do this by claiming their enemies are doing what they themselves are willing and eager to bring about. This jew just fucking said hes willing to destroy the world, your family and your entire civilization. Because he didn't get his way.

Make sure that sinks in when you are standing in front of an fucking rat faced mongrel kike relative of his. Let is bring steel to your will when doubt may raise its ugly head. This is an war that determines the future of our children, if you falter they will not hesitate in exterminating your progeny. They have done it before, and are eager to do it again.

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I've seen comments like Soros' more and more. Comey and Brennan have said similar quotes as well. They say he will destroy the country or the world, but their actions have been the ones more likely to produce the judgements that they make.

It makes we wonder if they are being sensationalist, or if their world is the one that is being destroyed. Or if the world is held hostage with failsafes to prevent the elite's loss of control.

Quite possibly. I've seen enough kikes making blatant threats.
is not a prediction.

What difference does it make if the kike who controls her is celebrating the mass-murder of gentiles with Trump's jewish son-in-law?

Can one of you Trumpniggers please explain? Are Haim and Sheldon good jews are not? Is Purim /ourholiday/ now?

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it hasn't even started, georgie. i hope you live long enough to see it.

You sound like a TRS shill. I bet you enjoy fapping to Richard Spencer's videos

Billionaire investor and liberal donor George Soros blasts Trump's presidency saying 'everything that could go wrong has gone wrong'

This is the single sentence I've been waiting to hear since I first learned who this giga-kike is.


Nope. Just nope.


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A frontman for the Rothschilds. You know, the kike family whose firm bailed out Trump in the '90s, the firm where the current commerce secretary worked.

Sors is a mid-level fallkike. Why else do you think Jonestein, Beck, Kikebart, etc. puts all the focus on him?

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Trumpnigger here. (((Sheldon Adelson))) has used his ill-gotten casino money to buy a hefty place at the Republicuck table. He singlehandedly financed Newt Gingrich's doomed presidential run. What he seems to want out of the deal is to keep online gambling illegal. I have been unable to find another interest he pays to promote.

So, if you're Trump, you have a choice: Slide out the chair for Adelson and win tons of instant support from his bitch-nigger conservatives, or spurn him and see the Nevar-Trump dogpile double in size. Given that his ambitions don't seem unduly high, and that he's not interfering with Trump's agenda, I'm sure the God Emperor has made his peace with the kike.

There are no good Jews, though. Shame on you for even suggesting such a thing.

kek I would say is clearly a leftist tactic. pushing down the support for trump and keep us arguing this useless discussion while real subjects go down.

some form of leftist sliding

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Because they're casually educated dumbasses who don't feel the need to look past the public face of corruption?

I have a question for you: Why do you give 1/6,000,000 of a shit what those media kikes say and do?

It is both a threat and a projection.

Trump is a stepping stone.
The deranged response by the "leftists" has been a great boon to White nationalism.
Trump getting elected has caused "the mask to slip" much more than any event in recent history.
Keep putting the spotlight on the jews.
Keep spreading the redpills.
Keep waking up Whites.

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Let me rephrase this, why would Adelson have bankrolled Trump's campaign (spending over 3x as much as Soros in the last election) if he wasn't good for the jews?

Which is why it was in quotes. Every 4D chess scenario for Trump involves mythical "good jews", as well as teh even more absurd "good jewish pedophile" Roy Cohn.

Why do you continue to miss the point. Soros is a distraction, and he knows that himself. The most powerful kikes have their tentacles in the Trump White House. And it would have gone without saying a few years ago, but for the sake of the 'pedes, the same would have been true for Hillary.

It's also pushed White nationalism into neoconservatism to the point where you have people who are supposedly jew-wise watching and applauding Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Ultimately, all he's done is get even more people invested in the jew party charade - people who should know better.

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Did I say to ignore it, ShareBlue? See for a succinct explanation.

I dunno. Maybe Adelson takes being Jewish for granted and just looks after his own interests? Maybe He's a zionist who hates globalism? Maybe Trump has film of him sacrificing children to Moloch? Fuck if I know. Insufficient information.


Remember when Soros said the same thing about Kang Nigger's Iran nuke deals and tanking American manufacturing?
Nope. Stay the course, Mr. White Male President

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You are speculating. You might be right, but it doesn't matter. Soros-the-Evil memes scheming kikes into the heads of normalfags the world over. His foul reputation helps shake a few soccer moms loose from Schindler's List and into TGSNT.

We know this. What set of conditions, other than SHTF x10 in 2016 would have resulted in a different scenario? Would it have been better for Trump to have piously spurned the Jews at the start and either gotten nothing done in Washington or wind up grassy-knolled in his first year?

I know, we know, everybody who matters knows that the Jews are a menace and no good comes from them. I'd like it if, however, some faggots could wake up, grow up, and start thinking about the steps involved in prying the heebs' suckers off our society without magical DotR scenarios spontaneously breaking out for no reason.

We'll get them. And we'll make them all pay for those raped children. And then we're colonizing the galaxy, nigger-free. But it takes work, and there will be some Jews clinging to their jobs for the first phase of the purge. Reminder that even Based Germany had Jewish war veterans and civil servants on the job for almost the whole 12 years.

Dude, don't tell Zig Forums that Soros agrees with them on something. It'll make their head explode.

Adelson doesn't hide the fact that he only cares about advancing Israel and the jewish agenda.

Zionism is globalism. You should have figured that out by now.

If anything, you have that backwards.

Here's the most likely scenario, given Trump's history and Adelson's power: he's right about him being the best shabbos goy puppet for Israel.

I do remember when Soros said the same thing about the probably crypto jew Bush and AIPAC.


How do you reconcile that? Were Bush, the neocohens, and AIPAC all "BASED White Males" too? Or is it all just political theater, and is Soros simply playing the role of jewish critic of the neocons once again?

Most cuckservatives think he's a secret Nazi.

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^ the primary hasbara activists itt. came here expecting them to be hitting it hard and early, and i wasn't disappointed

this guy just seems to be trolling for the lulz

Hasbara wouldn't be shilling against Trump, they're naming things in Israel after him.

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Looks like your posts are being ignored. I wonder why?

Thats not speculation.
You're ridiculous.

Look man, watchi g you writhe like a serpent is embarrassing at this point.
All you're doing now is playing the kosher sandwich card, and trying to ply the 'everyone has to suck jew dick bro!' trash.
Would it have been better to fight the Jew? YES.

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Wew fucked that up.

These posts are Moarpheus tier fags that push the left/right jewish war, Hitler was a Rothschild agent, anti-semitism plays into the hands of the jews bullshit that has been flooding Zig Forums.

What nigger? This cartoon was published in an American National Socialist newspaper linked to Der Sturmer in the 1930s. It's saying the same thing I'm saying now.

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Seems legit.

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B-B-But I thought Dorph was controlled by the kikes?!?!?!?!

Is this proof that Israel and AIPAC aren't controlled by the kikes?

the kike is sneaky, but obvious.



In the case of Adelson, it involves self-interest. Trump also owns properties that would be affected by changes to online gambling laws. It is important to have goals in place and make decisions to accomplish them rather than base decisions on your emotions. Can you believe that Cortes made deals with shitskins to help him overthrow the Aztec empire? He fought side-by-side with them. He married an influential shitskin and had her help with negotiations too. Fucking race traitor. Then he spent a YEAR hanging out with Montezuma in the Aztec capital city gaining intelligence on how the country is ran. Yeah, he might of conquered the Aztec Empire soon after, but what a fucking mestizo he was.

But there can be useful Jews.

Good post. I think from a strategical standpoint it is very unlikely that people with real power are public figures. Publicity leaves you very vulnerable and you're a constant target in the press, on social media, public opinion, etc. The rulers of old always had middle-men and puppets and stuffed important positions with friends & family members and less important positions with servants and button-men. It's a lot easier to rule from behind the curtain, which is one of the reasons i think Soros is only a front-man.

This is why you fail.

Thats just a deflection.
Adelson is also interested in Israel, its interests are (in his mind at very least) his interests. So, yu haven't made a point, you've just deflected from 'Adelson is serving his interests as a jew' to 'Adelson is servi g his interests as a businessman' to get away from the implication of jewish power being exercised upon your favorite shabbos.
Are you actually trying to compare Trump to Cortez there? Because Adelson seems the better comparison for Cortez, and Trump a better comparison for the Aztecs who helped Cortes destroy their own people on the promise of greater wealth and influence for themselves.

Quite so.

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the hasbara comes out to defend itself right away. it's as if it were sitting in a cubicle and just waiting for replies.
added 4 more to its count since the last time i checked the thread.
hope you're paid by the post, chaim.


The only use of kikes is their heat value.
And even that isn't true.
The holohoax is a lie!

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I don't want to believe it's true, but then I think of professional wrestling and roller-derby. Sure they were bad actors, but they could go on and on with endless convolutions, betrayals, and intrigues, but at the end of the day they were all just actors and they were on the same team. If professional wrestling can do it for trailer-park christcucks, why couldn't high-level jews put on a show for the more intelligent of the goyim?… scary shit…

Jews projecting onto their shabbos goy gentile strawman?

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This was published 9 years ago (to the month, coincidentally), and it accurately describes the role Soros is playing here. This thread is a testament to that.

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I used to wish he'd hurry up and die, but now I hope for him to live long enough to see all his dreams totally destroyed. (and then we string him up)

I'm ok with this.

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t.8gag Pol

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It may have been a lie but there are plenty of BTUs in a jew.

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Third image is 2016.

How much of that went to Trump?

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Oh wow 3 jews for less than 20mil. Trump is surely in their pocket.

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Adelson spent at least $35 million on his campaign, and $5 million on the inauguration. In return, Trump has been doing his bidding, from moving the embassy to scrapping the Iran deal.

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pic related
Eat shit Ahmed.

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You can pilpul all you want with Talmudic interpretations of left-wing jewish articles that also criticize Netanyahu, and neocohen myths about the Iran deal, but it still won't change the fact that he's doing everything Adelson wants.


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Trump actually owes Soros millions

It doesnt mean cattle. Youre either a jew or uninformed. Spreading disinformation is s jewish tactic. In an argument they can easily debunk the claim and make "hwite supremacists" look stupid.

Based Obama
Blow it out you ass.

Nice proofs. I hate drumph now.

About $312 million


By Trump's own admission, Adelson wanted someone he could "mold into a perfect little puppet", and that's what he got with Yael Kushner's dad.

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And now Trump is commander and chief and Soros can't do a fucking thing about it.

He took some kikes money, and? Doesn't put anything on the guy if they can't blackmail him. And as the biggest thing to hit Trump is the pussy grab tape, they got nothing they can hold over him.

So we try to stop white genocide. Whoever cries the loudest is the enemy. If both sides are crying then we know we have some work to do.

Holohoax jew rat old fuck

He's doing what they want while shills try to rationalize him being spun like a driedl as multi-dimension chess.

Nigger, if they're going to hold something over him they wouldn't make it public.

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