Justin Trudeau trolls Trump with framed photo of his grandfather's Canadian brothel

Justin Trudeau trolls Trump with framed photo of his grandfather's Canadian brothel


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Go away Zig Forums

President Trump is the friend of my enemy which makes our relationship complicated. I wish he'd stop hanging out with faggots and build the fucking wall.

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Whores in a hotel in the middle of a gold rush? Where are my pearls, I must clutch them.

OP you remind me of Trudeau. You are both faggots.

Reminder to sage.

Hes such a fucking faggot i hope a paki gets the hots for his man glutes

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I thought whoring yourself out was female empowerment?

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only plebs think this is important

Meek and deceitful = lying faggot

Only retards imagine it's not. You think Trump is going to allow a little bitch like Justine to embarrass him and in public? NO, he's getting out the leaf blower. Poor Canucks are fucked now. The timing of this was so bad that Trudeau must want a trade war. Which is mental illness when something like, 86% of their exports go to the US. A new NAFTA deal was close but you can forget that now. As for the steel and aluminum tariffs, those won't be coming off and the list of duties will instead expand. That means higher prices for EVERYONE.

Trudeau just fucked you, Cannies

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Trump is a bitch for the jews, wake up or fuck off to r/the_Donald faggot.

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Trump better present this guy a framed image of that spic dictator Trudeau's mom fucked as a portrait of his father.

Yeah, but hes a bitch for the zionist jews. Trudeau is a bitch for the marxist jews. Its like the sociopolitical equivalent of a dog fight between semite tribes.

Isn't this sex worker shaming? I'm so triggered right now.





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Apparently men aren't allowed to agree with that one.

I would say Trump should go ahead and empower Stormy but no one would pay for that willingly.

Friends close, enemies closer. The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

Welcome to the world of Judea, newfriend. To the Jewish mind, the whole world is their Palestine. I'm only about 18 years old right now but if this ZOG bullshit won't stop 'til 2100 I'm honestly going to an hero when I'm 24. I would really hate to see the day when Europe becomes Brazil 3.0, first the US and now those poor innocent European lives are at stake because of (((them))). Literally almost every politician in the West is an Israel ass-kisser.

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I've been on the chans for quite some time now, dude. From the wake of Obongo's reelection to be exact. I've never really made any friends and I realized everyone at my school were one of the best shabbos goyim I've ever seen in my life. The (((anti-gun rights))) cuckoldry really just got into my nerves. I keep lying to my family that I wouldn't become a NEET.

I was shitposting on newsgroups when I was already out of school after I I completed training on prodigy. If you want to look like less of an idiot, don't throw your barely hairy nuts out there and definitely don't connect it to a 13 year old's shitposting spree like it's somehow a presidential unit citation.
Anyway, glad you're wise to the jew. You're alright kid.

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Wait, Canada has an intel agency that trolls here? wtf we need to nuke Canada asap

Thanks user. Also on a side note, when I first got involved into politics I was already critical of Israel's actions on the Palestinians. I got really close into becoming a member of some "progressive" leftist movements that were pro-Palestine but then I also realized that they never actually gave a shit about human life. They started kvetching about muh White privilege like their was no tomorrow so I cut ties with them. Essentially when I first discovered Zig Forums, I sided with the lolbergs. But the way they made supporting Third world immigration and LGBTQABBQAYYLMAOBENIS+ rights being a good thing really rubbed me off on the wrong spot. Then their's the "crony capitalism is not real capitalism" notion which made me question if they had any true solutions or not. It seemed like they had no interest for their own volk at all.

You fucking commies, I swear.

jews are everywhere user
except the ovens in the ovens where they belong

Do you mean this wall?
Stop posting pics of ugly kike girls

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was this before or after (((trudeau))) displayed a weak soyboy attitude for getting BTFO on trade?
"its not fairrrrrrr" that's about the extent of his comment after the summit, right?

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The implication can be taken many ways depending on one's political view. Don't fall for it. You know you aren't for pissrael, don't allow it to be applied to you.

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Why ignore imports? Virtually all goods come over their southern boarder, which all of is subject to US taxation. They are fucked. He is probably doing it on purpose to make every see us a bullies instead of him as incompetant.

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So nice of Trump's grampa to give Justin's granny a job. Early NAFTA in action

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If I have been able to see far, it's only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants. Nice pic user. Here's a crop and caption for you.

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Bad move, Justin. Bad, bad move. Never piss off the Don. It was nice knowing you Canadians, but it's the Day of the Rake now.

Than translation is wrong. It says "when the sow is dead the piglets will perish as well".

Shame on Trudeau, this is sex worker shaming. He needs to be reminded that womyn can never be wrong, regardless of their career choice.

However you feel about Trump, I can't see how this is a knock against him. How can you blame him for his grandfather doing something? It's as stupid as acting like he's responsible for the "Drumpf" name change.

Blood guilt is real, goy.

Is that best he got? Wew lad.

Trump curse when

Right, m8? I wish my grandfather owned a brothel.

White people should feel bad about their heritage. No one else should apparently.

are canadians literally retarded?

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Painful reading shit like this.


We only voted him in to punish a cuckservative for being a repeated fuckup, we swear.

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He should frame one of his mom's photos where she's giving a full view of bush.

They are harping on the DENIAL of what may or may not have been. It was a damned gold miner hotel. They sold everything to a gold miner a gold miner might need. Doesn't make it a brothel because it wasn't operated as a whore house alone. The kikes are trying to play semantic games and get Don with a GOTCHA!


Has Trudeau ever claimed his mother wasn't a whore? It wouldn't be the same but it would be funny as fuck. I say he hangs it in the oval office before the next visit. Don't give the cocksucker a free frame. kek

The NDP and Liberals are different flavors and stages of Communism.
I hate people like you, as I had to stand and watch as the false tune of democracy took my country and gave it to George Soros.

Too crass. Trump should give Trudeau a box of Cohibas.

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Well he's a libcuck so he doesn't think the way normal people do.


If you're going to an hero - which if you're white I implore you not to - instead of passing on unsung, why not make a pilgrimage to the land of (((our greatest ally))), inside the belly of the beast itself … and get up to some absolutely zany hijinx on your way out?

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Perhaps we should start sending him gifts.

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How will Drumpf recover?

This is supposed to troll or mock the other person? Is this another "if your enemies kill you, you win" trudeauism?

conservatives lost 0% vote share well getting unseated.
Somehow in 4 years an extra 3 million people or 25% of voters appeared. An increase in voters that would be 10% of the countries population.
In 4 years, with 100% of them voting. Suspiciously all in favor of communism and minority cabinet positions.
Almost like… they're third world shitskins. Who would have guessed.

we need to help Dora the Aryan Explorer and the rest of her esoteric immigrant family.

how jewish of you

Help? We can give them directions home.

Why not just hand Justin a picture of Pierre Trudeau's bedroom and call it even?

Fascinating how that happened as a result of the Cuckservatives' pozzed immigration policy, huh? The Cuckservatives were in power for nine years before Justin Trudeau rose to power in their destructive wake. Trudeau is absolutely worse, but the Conservatives are nearly as despicable.

What did you expected from such mentality.

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Yup, ok

Mostly surprised Trump hasn't announced that Canada is getting annexed at this point.

Remember how Trudeau's father made Yuri Bezmenov lose his job at a radio station for speaking out against Bolshevism?

I don't, actually. Care to share some links?

How is this "embarrassing"?
It's not like Trump is Justina Trudeau.

From 0:17:36 to 0:19:45.

Not a surprise. Trudeau Sr was little more than a tyrant in disguise.

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Pierre Trudeau was a Communist subversive. He was soft towards the USSR and was establishing relations with them until something happened (I forget what) and he basically had to choose the US or the USSR. He also introduced the Multiculturalism act. A complete scum and his son is no different and any boomers who oppose Justin Trudeau, I try to redpill them that Pierre was no different, just he came a few decades sooner. Too bad they're fucking stupid.

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The French are a bunch of faggots and should work with the English right wing instead of dismissing us all.

Also to add to this, Pierre was best buds with Castro.

I don't support degeneracy if it's even true in the first place, but I'm not naive and won't play purity spiral with a leftist child rapist trying to d&c.


I'd hang it on the wall in the oval office.

Faith Goldy is an asian man in drag. Go into Photoshop/Gimp and remove the eyeliner if you don't believe me.

This, this is an asian MtF tranny.

I have an effective counter-troll for Justin. Pic related is a run-down piece of shit in Vancouver that's going for $2.4 million because faggots like him sold the country to the Chinese.

As long as we're sharing pictures of real estate.

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And he put on the kipa for them.

Even snopes said there was no more prostitiution in that hotel than any other hotel. It's just bullshit spread by jews who can't accept that a person can succeed without fucking somebody over.

How fitting of you to post a man with no cock in a Trudeau thread.

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Top fucking kek. That took me a second.

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You gon get annexed boy.

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Nigger, he got voted in for dude weed

I bet afterwards, turdo ran home and banged his mom. I mean, everyone else has.

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Justin should be happy that Trump didn't give him a picture of his mom with Ben.