In response to the retard with a warrant getting ICE'd for trying to enter a US military base like a fucking idiot, local businesses said they will no longer deliver to the base because they too are rife with illegal employees and tax evasion. Luckily, some retarded libshit decided to dress this up as a "boycott" as a desperate attempt to push a trend of annoying hungry zogbots that just wanted something greasy to eat, and deiced to list some business names

So here are a couple of businesses in the Brooklyn area that are proudly employing illegals. looking forward to see more, and what ICE has to say

source was being a faggot

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oops almost forgot

Aren't these businesses pretty much admitting they hire illegals by joining this boycott? Can we get the business owners thrown in prison after deporting their staff?

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testing, lol

hahaha you beat me to it!

no harm in additional reporting, I'm hoping the poor frustrated zogbots are doing the same tbh

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Every time ICE hits a business, it scares the fuck out of the rest of them. One of my neighbors had an infestation of wetbacks crawling on his roof, and they had the balls to post a lawn sign with the business number on it. It was my pleasure to report them and then call the business number to let them know that ICE was on the way. "I assure you that all of our employees are legal blah blah blah." I laughed my ass off "tell that to the DA" and hung up

These businesses need to be crushed.


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What are the penalties for businesses committing treason? Seems like there are none, or at least no one willing to enforce the law.

Imagine all the jobs that will suddenly open up to locals.

Nah ICE is responding, they're just overwhelmed

If your business can't afford to hire white people, it's probably shit and should not exist.

(((Business owners))) are mostly scum.

Obviously none whatsoever. Haven't you heard about how immigration is good for the economy? The economy in First World countries, obviously. Having all those illiterate peasants around is no good for El Salvador.

shilling went 10x fold on some threads they derailed. bumping

Why do these business owners hate American troops? Guess we should stop delivering to pissrael. kek

Couldn't they easily find out who doesnt deliver to the base and then just send ice in? lol either way we know where the illegal are whether the deliver the food or not.

The alternative is go out of business because your competitors are using cheaper invader labor. The kikes have set up a lose lose situation, either work against your nation and eat, or work for your national interests and starve. The first step is removing the invaders and forcing everybody to play on on an even playing field and they harsh punishments for treason if anybody breaks that trust afterwards.

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Boycotts are more jewish than slavery. What's the difference between a jewish/communist blacklist, and a jewish/communist boycott?


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Around where I live (europe) we once had someone employing illegal Ukrainians emigrants.
A lot of people weren't happy but were berated by the local libshits because "these people just want a better life, sure their salary is shit, but would you deny them even that just to earn a few bucks?"
I remember my uncle and a couple of friends dragging a few of these libshits to where the Ukrainians "lived". A 2x3m room in a shack where 7 slept 6 hours a night before work.
It took showing them THAT for them to understand that this is modern slavery.
Illegal immigration hurts them as much as it hurts us. The only people that benfits from it are unscrupulous (((bosses))).
One of them managed to stay, he was a pretty skilled mechanic and folks helped him making his papers all legal and proper. Shame about the others but I heard they went to france so chances are they're doing okay.

The penalties can be significant. To the tune of 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars. Also, if the owners were aware and willfully ignored- they can face criminal charges.

Maybe they should stop relying on shaky illegal "work", instead of "boycotting" the fucking military like a bunch of retards.

Border Patrol

Glow in the dark niggers:

Not sure about the DEA


This is quite true. The sacred cow (((small business owners))) tend to love hiring spics. My area is full of shitty lawn care, contractors, and maid services that consist of some faggot boomer driving around a van loaded with spics that will do anything for $10 a day and a free lunch. I report them whenever I see them but these assholes just skip town and do the same shit elsewhere.

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*checks schedule*
0600 PT
0700 Chow
0730 Contact ICE re beaners not delivering chow
0800 Briefing regarding war for Israel
0900 Deploy to Iran
0600 (Iran local time) Arrive Iran
0700 Chow
0800 Die for Israel

DEA is our guys.

Basically, nothing matters until there is massive war and physical removal by the people. Business owns government. That will not change.


Ukrainians are cool. All white immigration must be encouraged, and shitskins must be removed. It is simple.

Are you a nigger looking to buy drugs?

its not treason , its probably tax evasion. They basically can say "we dont know if they are americans or not, we just like to speak spanish". So its just employing without playing the piper, not sure how big the penalty is but I sure the drug sales will pay it off.

For a long time I had this mental idea of the typical "local businessman" that I had built up over time. It was a specific kind of asshole with a specific look. One day post-Zig Forums with new awareness, it popped in my head again and I realized I'd just been picturing a jew.

I can see some white college student (aka idiot) smoking weed and being like "man the fuckin DEA man." Nah. Maybe your local sheriff wants to arrest your Led Zeppelin ass, but the DEA does not give a fuck about you, the stoned idiot.

DEA does very much give a fuck about massive, evil spic and nigger drug operations and takes them down when they aren't thwarted by other (((agencies))) because the importers and big dealers are assets. DEA is not on the side of the bad deep state that sells opiates/opiods, cocaine, etc. DEA hates them.

DEA is important in the race war, not just to arrest vast quantities of niggers and spics (and plenty of degenerate scum whites), but also to stop major trade in opiods/opiates that kill whites en masse. That's probably the biggest threat to whites at the moment.

Hold on to your brain because this might blow your mind.

This is a capitalist country; If I want to make money like the (((best of them))) , I cannot afford to hire some white guy, let's call him Bob with 5 degrees that say he's the best person in the world to turn a screwdriver for 60 dollars an hour when I can easily pay Ricardo or Paij 6 dollars an hour to the same exact work with the same exact quality.

And insult to injury? Paij can survive on that 6 dollars an hour. His work visa grants me all kinds of bonus money. He complains? He's fucking fired and I get Achmed off the boat.
Bob? I have to fill out tax forms and other bullshit. Bob would always bother me about Ricardo and Paij and complain that he has to put his kids through college.
Ricardo? He has seven kids and two other jobs and he doesn't seem to mind.
Paij? He's living with 10 other friends in a nice apartment and sending money back home.

Who do you want to side with? The shrewd businessman that knows you cannot hold on to morals while making money? Or the bleeding heart that feels that people should come before profits?

There's no winning here. You help one group, you become a filthy jew. You help another group, you're a filthy commie. I for one have sold my soul and have embraced shitting on other people to get ahead in life. Life's short, it will fuck you, so why not fuck it first and have someone else clean up your mess, rather than vice versa.

Outsourcing is, as they say " what's hot in the streets".
It's why Bill Gates believes the future is in India and Africa. It's why Apple will never open a true factory in America. These major tech companies believe that Americans are falling behind, why? Because we're shipping everything out of the country.
Think about it.
For what Apple has to pay a single American employee, the minimum living wage of 20K a year, they could hire 5 people for that much in China. That's what happens when you have things like labor laws.

We've been turned into victims of other people's capitalism rather than deploying our own and protecting our own interests.

Especially for US, that's how the green card lottery system works, the spare slots go to China India and the bottomless backlog of Mexicans.

That shit needs a dismantling.

Fuck off faggot. You're a 56% mutt aren't you?

Russians are not French. Germans are not Polish. English are not Finns. You cannot just mass invite whites into a nation and expect that nation to not be destroyed the same way it's destroyed by shit skins.

YOU have no culture to call your own so you see white skin and go "yes! That's me! I'm like Dicky Spencer! WHITE IDENTITY!".

I see a Frenchman and go "fuck off frog. Go back to France" because I'm not French and I'm not a faggot with no culture.

You buy from China you get Chinese quality. Remember that when your super cheap product falls apart or explodes within a week of usage.

Of course not. You're a shill doing it for free!

Your interests and capital's interest don't and won't ever align. Capitalism isn't doing anything abnormal by its standards, you're just hesitant/reluctant to recognize that it is an aberrant system with intractable and inherent hostilities towards nation and race.

Not to mention that the only reason companies sell labor off to China is because its cheap. China only works when its products are cheap to foreign buyers, which only works if working wages are cheap. China has the highest GDP per PPP on Earth, yet one of the lowest per capita. Chinese companies invest heavily in the public sector in China to make this all work. Its the reason Xi is shitting himself with Trumps tarrifs right now. And it's also why he chose to become their leader for life. He knows China is literally USSR 2.0

Reminder that during the cold war the USSR was catching up to America as well before it collapsed. What we're seeing is history repeating itself

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You mean when the US collaborated with brown sandniggers and expelled kikes to destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of White people, right?

The USSR was going to collapse regardless of Americas intervention in the Middle East user. Jews simply found a weakness opening up and took advantage of it

Yeah, no.

Not an argument

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Neither is "it was always gonna collapse, kikes dindu nuffin".

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I never said kikes dindu nuffin

Sure you did. Just organic opportunism instead of a direct response to being increasingly frozen out of Soviet society. And we all know where they went. Same place they went in the 30s.

This is peak boomerposting right here.

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The kikes are raiding.

I sure do love Polish people on the streets of England. They don't speak English, they constantly get pissed in the street, they replace local shops with their own ones, they devalue workers wages and they're more violent than the natives.

Am I talking about niggers or pols? Wait, I'm talking about both. You're just a retard who literally has the same ideology as a metrosexual man with no roots because YOU have no roots.

You mean the kikes took over and genocided a million slavs? But that's okay because they didn't kill all the white people.

Border Patrol aren't our fucking guys. Had a team of spics and a woman hold me up at gun point and film me in the middle of no where in New Mexico. They took my gun, ran the serial number of it, wasted about an hour of my time, scared the fuck out of me and then sent me on my way. Fuck them so much. Fuck their checkpoints. I'm a fucking white man going home from work. Fuck their god damn shit so much.

Poor baby. Did your Grandaddy fuck a nigger?

Just reminding Americans that even in the far left country of Britain where I live, if a business is caught employing illegal immigrants they will recieve a fine so large it would force most businesses to close down.


you mean destroy the forest and mountains to build forest and industry … yes we create civilization.

We will at least learn the local language

build houses*

Business owners hiring illegals need prison sentences, no fines. Too easy to just pay off a fine. A very hefty sentence if it can be proven they knowingly hired an illegal, but still a sentence if it can't be proven. Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse (unless you're Hillary Clinton) and this would encourage and incentivize business owners avoiding employing illegals.

And the illegals need sent straight back, no prison for them, no trial, but death penalty for 2nd or 3rd strike caught entering illegally.

This is the way forward.

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You are utterly full of shit.

I live in a town that has a literal Polish street. The Pols on the street do not speak English.

You're just stupid fucking Americans who don't understand shit about Europe while larping about how white you are. You're Richard Spencer tier idiots.

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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, user.

I don't live in the cities and towns so I still have my local culture. the pozzing hasn't quite reached this rural yet. But the point still stands. Americans don't understand there is no "white race". There are distinct different European nations who have different cultures, traditions and hostilities. If you jam them all in together you're just going to have them turn on each other like we have here. The English don't want nigger invaders nor slav invaders. It's the same damn effect.

Polish women are also the most likely to race mix of any group in the UK. They're the ones breeding the Ameri.. er mixed raced kids you keep seeing. They're a fucking plague.

There is a white race, but you're right there are distinct white ethnicities that a lot of Americans aren't aware of, because when surrounded by shitskins you stop worrying so much about whether someone's Nordic or Anglo and just care about if they're white or not. Also it seems you fell for the 56% meme, it says only 56% of Americans are white, not that white Americans are only 56% white. In fact, in a lot of the US groups have even maintained their distinct white ethnicity, though a good portions of white Americans are white mutts.

Anyway user, if you don't think that whites should stand together as a race, at least for now, until we deal with all the garbage invading our countries, then I'd be interested in hearing what you think the way forward is. You can push D&C kike memes all day but in the end all our countries are pretty fucked and our enemies are global.

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You have embraced dishonesty, that is why you are even lying to yourself by saying that you get ahead in life. Dishonest people use dishonesty to get ahead in a race of lies with other dishonest people. You are not getting ahead of honest people, because you are not even racing with them.

fuck any business that hired mexicans at any point.
especially if the business is owned by boomers.
these hippies decided to raise the most unemployable generation with their experimental marxism. then when they realized that that shit doesnt work and they fucked up an entire generation and the country they live in, they either became neo liberals worshipping jews in academia that want to continue fucking it up while hating the result of their liberalism, or neo conservatives worshipping uniforms and war and look down on the generation they created and want to abandon them while replacing them with mexicans or sending them to wars for israel.

the boomers never learned from their mistake and refuse to do anything to fix the problem they created, nor will they ever take responsibility or accept blame for it.

This generational D&C is garbage. Would it make you feel better if everyone over a certain age apologized for being raised in luxury and lied to by (((cultural elites)))? Would you feel better if your great grandpa apologized to you for fighting with the Allies? Would any of this make the world better, or make your life better?

Blaming boomers is a kike trick to avoid taking the blame themselves. Do you think every single boomer, or even half of them were controlling government and popular media? Yes they were very fortunate living in one of the few countries that wasn't heavily damaged in WW2 which led to an outstanding economy for them to grow up in, but there's nothing they could have done to make that last except to go fuck up all those other countries again.

They, as a whole, were products of their environment. If your grandpa was particularly shitty then blame him for that. But if you haven't noticed, (((popular media))) strongly encourages young people to hate the old, and old people to hate the young. This severs generational ties within families and further isolates new generations from their culture, history, and ancestry. How convenient for the forces that would like to see us all divided and fighting among ourselves rather than focusing on the true enemy (who aren't all jews, but too many of them are to ignore.)

You, as an individual, are responsible for yourself. Quit fucking whining. While you say boomers should take responsibility for their fuckups, you refuse to do the same for yours.

I'm Gen Z or Millenial depending on where you draw the line.

"White" may only exist in America, ironically a country where white ethnostatism would be immoral given its native population, extensive history of importing slaves, past open immigration and current ethnic composition of natural born citizens.

They might not be the same but they can be just as destructive.

There are news stories in the UK where warning signs about an increased police presence are put up in Romanian language as the large spike in crime is due to Romanians coming in.
These countries aren't in the EU and have their own terrible currency, so when Indians, Africans or Easter Europeans come over, they keep wages low because the pennies they send home are worth so much more. They don't mind getting paid shit since it is worth 5x at least back home. Then because they are sending their wages back home they need to use all available social services.
Amazingly when UK complain about the EU open borders we are complaining about the large amounts of Polish and Slavic countries. IIRC Polish is now the 2nd biggest nationality in the UK after UK and that has shot up thanks to the EU. And since these people like free social services they all vote for labour, who famously love open boarders for everyone not just EU. Slippery slopes and all that.

By not in the EU I mean not in EU euro currency, they have their own native currency instead.

"White" existed long before America, and even before most, if not all, of modern Europe.

You're on tor because you got banned for this kind of bullshit, didn't you.

Immigration has never been popular in America (or anywhere else…at anytime…ever). The Ellis Island system was despised, and the backlash led to the passing of the 1924 National Origins immigration act. Outside of the political class, I'd say that Colonial Americans wanted the borders closed in 1776 to all, except perhaps some fellow puritans. In those days though, with such a large country and no digital media, nobody really knew what was actually going on.

One of the constants throughout history seems to be the political class pushing for immigration while the populace despises it.

I don't agree with his attitude but I agree with his assessment, but business is cutthroat and competition doesn't favor non-adaptation.

Hitler had the right idea about capitalism.

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That was partly in response to Euroanon's post about ethnic differences within Europeans. Face it, a generic white race is a result of "miscegnation" from melting pot immigration in the US.

No, no I don't think my homeland should be invaded by foreigners of any kind. European nations have a history of fighting together when the time is called, but never do they claim to be the same people or force.

Pretty much. It's a never ending cancer.

Maybe I wasn't clear, or maybe you're both reading too much into my words. There definitely is a white race, and in times like this we definitely should stick together. But I didn't suggest or imply that we should pretend white ethnicities don't exist, or that the white race is homogeneous by any means, or that every white country should open their borders to the others.

That is literally what the Americans seem to think. You can't beat it into them that this isn't a solution because it's the only "heritage" they have. They're a bastard child nation.

For American wages to be competitive against second- and third- world wages, the currency would have to be allowed to depreciate and stop being propped up by certain arrangements, and that would mean returning to a standard of living more to its natural level, a pain that few would want to go through. This is probably why there has been so little political will to remove illegal immigrants.

(Why do you think the US is still afloat after the GFC, monetary expansion and a national debt in the trillions?)

and the greatest generation.

who let the kikes in? who let them dominate our society and government? who didnt stand up to the blacks while they were rioting in the street for their right to white suburban neighborhoods? who didnt stand up to the few (((whites))) who funded and propped this up?

kikes are the blame of all of this, but im not going to ignore how their generation contributed to this problem, then to fix it flooded the nation with migrants.
these arent problems of the past. neocons in the republican party currently are mostly open border gun grabbers like jeb bush. they want strong 2A but reversing past mistakes is out of the question. theyre against abortion but would never make it illegal or ban it. theyre all about the status quo and do all they can to protect it. theyre still in large numbers and need to realize their mistakes for them to actually make a change.

also, you say i refuse to do the same for my generation? we didnt fuck anything up. but as i stated, we in general are unemployable fuckwits with no real skills.

MFW all the cool right wing poles stayed in poland.

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I'm American, but still a mutt. A UK mutt basically, ancestors came from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Britain. And I understand quite clearly that the European idea of white is very different than the American version.

A bastard child nation maybe, but all the same if whites don't stand together while our respective countries are being flooded with enemies who don't see us as Slavic or Nordic or Germanic or whatever else, just as white and the enemy, then we're in for rough times. Not saying we need a permanent white alliance, history shows that fighting among ourselves is important.

What isn't a solution? Homogenizing all white ethnicities? Of course not.

capitalism in a nationalist state is governed by the rule of "dont shit where you eat". in general companies in the united states would want nice clean neighborhoods, because they have to live there. henry ford was a big believer in this, as well as all the companies that built suburbs for their workers.
ethno-nationalism also governs this because why would you want to hurt your own people?

Kikes, women and boomers all have the same mentality. They enabled each other so no single point is the problem, it's them playing off each other that is

You just listed 3 countries and then also listed their collective name as another distinct country.

Fucking yanks. It's no wonder you can't tell who's a jew in your politics, you can't even figure out a small island with no real borders between nations would be 1 single ethnic group.

Why not just say nations are good, cultures are good and worth preserving, without hatred, without genocide, without deportation, without eradicating minorities? Cultural fusion and exchange is also good. Stop unrestricted immigration that destroy communities and make no law against mixed marriage which would be against human rights over their own lives.

Realized as soon as I hit post I should have said England, not Britain. Anyway though don't pretend there are no differences between Scots, Irish, and English, even Americans know that.

Because I prefer my own kind, as does everyone else. And when resources are limited, not everyone can be a winner. Also, allowing people into your countries who breed like rabbits and treating them equally will eventually lead to you being replaced. And they will likely be less kind to you than you were to them, because culture is a product of biology and you can look at any of their countries to see how well they manage.

You literally just advocated for unrestricted immigration with the "no genocide, no deportation, no hatred" shit. Otherwise, you're all about letting in a trickle of shitskins to pollute white countries and gradually assimilate them, culturally and genetically, which only hurts the host country. It's not like whites want to go to shitskin countries.

If a culture is good and worth preserving, then mixing races is a band move. You're either stupid, mixed race yourself, or just fucking with me.

no single point is the problem? its kikes.

but we must all look into what facilitated the kikes so we can route them out and prevent them from doing the same in the future.

i was bringing up boomers about illegal immigration because many of them still push for mexicans to flood the country, and they do it because they need workers and the generations they raised are overeducated, spoiled, and unskilled because instead of teaching their sons how to take care of a house and be a man, they let (((academia))) raise them and convinced them to go to college. and mothers instead of teaching their daughters how to cook and be mothers and women, they went to night school and raised their kids on TV dinners and convinced their daughters to go to college.

boomers arent a problem of the past, and theyre the ones that need to be redpilled. but it seems fruitless because they lack moral courage, like their parents generation. the current strategy is to redpill gen X, millenials, and gen Z. but boomers right now are causing so much damage we cant ignore them either.

I feel sorry for you that you cannot see that is the most realistic moral and internationally acceptable option for most countries, and a good one at that. It is possible to love your own without hating others. Not wanting to live in the same house as my neighbor and not having an open house does not mean I cannot live next to him.

No shit, Ghandi.

That's fine if he's a respectful neighbor who contributes to the neighborhood and is a responsible member of the community. Problem is, your neighbor is a piece of shit with no respect for you or your other neighbors, or the culture of the community, and he's quickly outnumbering you.

Then build the wall.

Nice cover story. Too bad we know the DEA works hand-in-hand with the US military to import and distribute things like: heroin directly from Afghanistan (hint, US military controls all the opium poppy fields), cocaine directly from South America (hint, US military provides security for the mules), fentanyl directly from chink pharmajews, etc.

The "war on drugs" is a fucking jewish joke about their success destroying a once mostly Puritan society. If there were no "drug schedules" and no DEA there would be no black market for these horrible street drugs.

The wall will help but there's a lot more that needs to be done. I don't believe all non-whites need to be exterminated, but they have no place being in white countries in significant numbers. They must be kept tiny minorities and extremely limited as far as having positions of power like owning media or being in politics. That goes for jews too.

And address underlying issues.

America is not "white". It's not Europe. It may have been predominantly white and you can argue for keeping the historical/current/cultural/ethnic mix.
Also what kind of compromise in your principles and the constitution are you making in having second-class citizens? These problems can be solved by having more cohesive and literate citizens.