You won’t believe the state of the Paris metro

You won’t believe the state of the Paris metro

The absolute state of enrichment of (((Paris)))…

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Roll for subway subhuman submerging silly sandniggers swiftly

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We're all from the Euphrates now.

I want to make a meme but don't have the artistic talent

Basically it's like this:

I wouldn't go to France… Because France is no longer France.


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If I were a subway maintenance worker in Paris, I would not want to work underground for too long either. Just bolt a sheet over the ugly parts and quickly get out before something happens.

Nothing new, the krauts had already predicted this a century ago

But at least we beat the Nahtzees.

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France? I wouldn't go to France.

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It's always the same.

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That's an ironic shitpost right?

Gee dude, what do you think?

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Not nearly soon enough.

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very nice word play

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It's not really a word play, although he did play with words. It's an alliteration.

Similarly, I've seen families of them begging at supermarkets and stuff like that.

Thanks for being useless, faggot. Learn to sage or gtfo

Glad to be of help, user. Have a bump.

Yeah, good feels, thank you very much.

Fuck off back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
Hitler should have exterminated your whole worthless ilk.

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I know, those barbaric Germans! How dare they establish Vichy France and bring much needed law and order!


It's finished. Light it up.

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the truth is, napolean was black. europe was and now is becoming black again.

Gee, user… A bit overexcited aren't we, heh, heh, heh?

Also, if neither Hitler nor Stalin managed to eradicate us, do you seriously believe this incompetent faggottery that's Germany right now is gonna do a better job?

oh man you're a fucking idiot.

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Reminder that statistically speaking, the number of blacks in America is going DOWN as the replacement rate of non-hispanic whites is starting to rebound. And that there are less Muslims in America than Britain despite Britain having a lower overall population. America will soon be whiter than most of Europe

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Let's just put robot ships in our brains xD

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No thanks.

Public transit fags BTFO.

Yeah, I feel you. Little to none welfare, one has to work and hard, no room for being an unresourcefulness. No wonder you people prefer Politically Correct parts of Yurop.


Hope you realize we are raiding /tv/. Just don't post (((Trump))) shit.

How many undocumented workers did enter US last year again?

yeah goys lets just buy ourself into ivory towers like south apefricans and brazilians and everybody who can't afford it should die

look how that turned out for this guy:

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Can't wait for you to build a wall. All the way around your country.

Watcha doin' leftypol?

Why should we build a wall? The environment like that is too lethal for 99,99999999% of "refugees", so they won't stay.

Much better than be assaulted by knife welding savage in the subway. Don't you think?

I am am ok with negro savages dying. This is the point.

P.S. Unlicensed transportation operated without driving license has no place on the public roads.

To keep in all the based poles that go to "work hard" in other countries where they can live a much easier life leeching off the system.

Yeah things weren't so bad for France in the 1940's under German occupation, unfortunately America and Britain destroyed any last vestige of hope for the white race by destroying Germany in a firestorm for their jewish owners.

70 years later, Americans and Anglos taunt them for what jewish controlled USA/UK did to them.

Interesting logic, user. Didn't it occur to you that it's the problem with the way such a system works, rather than with people who use it to their advantage?

…unless you're a German. In such a case, no response is needed. I know that since the birth you're manipulated to think that everything what your government does is correct, and your law is perfect and infallible. I know how hard it is to break from such mental patterns and I'm saying it unironically.

Well, reminder that the jew propaganda machine has been running for all that time, brainwashing at least 3 generations completely, and constantly escalating the level of poison.
Why is HAUWLAUWCAUWST the main topic of every school history programme in England and the US? Most likely in numerous other countries now too.
The populations were manipulated, were never told the truth.
How about the Russians, controlled like puppets for nearly a century after the juden killed their entire royal line in one go.
The French, all nobles and royals slaughtered to the last, the 'people' being told that those were the enemy, when really they were creating a power vacuum for the juden.
This wasn't the first time, and currently most of the western world, and soon a large part of the east too, is under their control.
Very likely your country too.
Keep infighting though.

I was in Paris a few years ago and I can confirm. They're everywhere. The weird thing is they line up to buy lottery tickets at cafe/bars so you can't even go in to get a drink because they're all piled in.

The surrender monkeys have done it again!

Look at them in the park, in the streets.It is clear that this is the last time that life was as it should be. After that came destruction and corruption, steadily increasing until the point where Paris is unrecognizable.
Lived there for two years, just a few years ago. I don't want to know how it looks now. The negroid already infested large sections of the city. At this point, they must be flooding into every part.
It is happening all over Europe, by government design. Isolated towns are being injected with rapefugees, arabs, negroids and other filth. They are purposefully leaving a festering wound in every last quiet peaceful place.

You mean proud French nationalists who welcomed in the Germans, who the based fashy jew controlled ZOGbots of America and UK bombed into submission to allow the total global rule by jewry?

Kill yourself mutt. Your 10+ million juden, 40 million negroid, 30 million illegal immigrants, 30 million legal native "spanish" speakers and 5 million muslims are the disgusting prototype of the world.
Your masters want everywhere to resemble the degenerate shithole that is new york.

You figured out my plan.

What the fuck is up with the muslims sitting around holding signs and yelling? I wish someone would have told them to shut the fuck up.

Muslims have 3 states of being: praying, raping something or being outraged.

being outraged is a permanent state, the real third stage is exploding

What are the signs saying? "Convert or die!"?

They just say "die". Convert/die is one in the same word.

I rode Paris Metro over 15 years ago, it was full of pick pocket teams, children mostly on the weekends. "Gypsies" is what the local Policeman called them, lol
Nat Geo Mag has France Bicentennial edition from 1989 (yes France is younger than the USA) and in that issue it talks about the Muslim problems, protesting by blocking traffic with noon prayer, not following health codes, no assimilating, etc. IN 1989…

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lel. Just lounging around, yelling, not working, holding signs saying "DIE!"

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It's not all sunshine, but stay strong.

France is racially becoming more and more negroid, so much so that now one can actually speak of the creation of an African State on European soil. The contemporary colonial policy of France cannot be compared with that of Germany in the past. If France develops along the lines it has taken in our day, and should that development continue for the next three hundred years, all traces of French blood will finally be submerged in the formation of a Euro-African Mulatto State. This would represent a formidable and compact colonial territory stretching from the Rhine to the Congo, inhabited by an inferior race which had developed through a slow and steady process of bastardization.

Mein Kampf

It was never Hitler's goal to eradicate Pols, you Polish drunkard.

If you assume that the French nation begins in 1789, actually it ends there.

We were brought to lowest low a few times in the history, but hey, we're still here. Mark my words - we're gonna survive nuclear holocaust and produce quality alcohol. It's gonna be called "Roacher's dream", but no, I won't tell the recipe.

Does Piaśnica ring a bell?

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I really don't want to start euro/burger dc but that's some mind-boggling retarded sentence here. Yeah sure the current french form of goverment is technically younger than the american one, but you have to be seriously jewish to call france younger than the US

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Good way to look at it.
I just point out the age when younger Governments (countries), Communist China, France, Germany, etc. try to dictate policy to the USA.

Hey Zig Forums, nice hyperbolism.

channel the spirit

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I've always gotten pissed off when people say this shit unironically. "If we didn't beat those Nazis you'd be speaking German!" What the fuck does that even mean? I'm supposed to look at WW2 and go, "Oh wow, thank god I'm speaking a different language! How would I have ever functioned as a human being if I grew up speaking German instead of English?"

Fuck the jews.

It's fucking retarded too, as though Nat Soc forces you to speak German, I fucking wish. What was Vichy France, Italy, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Rommel's Afrikakorp and Palestinian SS then? Clearly they made SS recruitment posters worldwide in German only.

Not to mention that now we need to speak arabic and subhuman pidgin instead of "German". Ayo was gud mah nig haha hows it hangin bruh see ya mane 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daily reminder that the SS was the largest multiracial army in human history.

This has some good potential. An good enough artist can make an memorable meme out of this idea to spread to the masses.

Please arty user's, give that user support. I'll use my own skills to spread it.

Went to Seattle recently, got on the bus/trolley there. 10 chinks speaking asianese and a white guy in daisy dukes and cowboy boots. I saw more than 50% chinks and heard more ching chong speak than English while there.


I really like this idea.

Isn't it amazing how a fine country with thousands of years of history is completely fucking destroyed seemingly overnight?

The time to act is now. It is literally right now and not a second later. That goes for US, UK, Sweden, Germany… maybe a year, tops. before these are unsalvageable and white civilization destroyed forever

is painful to think the leftists on my country wont even come into contact with the ideology they force on others

Cities are sewers. All of them.

Nah, it only starts when it's on my front lawn.

Don't use the language of the (((enemy))), they're illegal aliens.

Not only ordinary rat-like Jews but even Israel's government ( it funds Israaid) are pushing for more non-White immigration into White homelands like France.

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There still are aristocratic families in modern France today. I doubt that if France were still a monarchy instead of a republic that things would be much different today, though.

Varg mentioned in the comments of one of his videos that they occasionally bus disabled black kids to the playground where he sometimes takes his kids to. And he lives pretty deep into the interior of the countryside of France.

The poorer whites become the more they'll reproduce. Shitlibs offspring will turn into trannies or be killed from living too close to nogs. The long term upswing is in hwhites favor.

The republic, yes. But the nation itself goes back much, much farther in history than that.

True, but I wouldn't call video related exactly a good future to look forward to.

I'm glad to report that it's only boomers that spout this meme. And it's not even true, because all the countries that Natsoc Germany occupied allowed for them to have their individual languages and cultures flourish. National Socialism protected, preserved and prospered, it was the Bolsheviks that destroyed culture and traditions.

Paris is shit, smells like a septic tank, and is loaded with non-whites. Should be nuked with their cuck in charge.



It was like this when I was there in 2013. I was blupilled as fuck at the time on the JQ/importations of shitskins to the west thing but growing up burger I always knew blacks were untermensch. I couldn't believe how many blacks I saw in France. Jet fucking black as night niggers. 90% of them jumping the turnstiles and not paying for their subway fare. I know Paris is filled with soy boy poz but I can't imagine the average Frenchman traveling through Paris and not having rage attacks. The tension even then between the Parisians and the niggers was palpable. Nobody wanted them there, ever. It was/is a sad state of affairs.

I was there around the same time, but back in 2013 I feel it was more North Africans, specifically Algerians and Moroccans than Africans or Syrians that were the problem. The demographics of Paris have changed, but only farther away from native French people. A lot move to the US. I used to live very near to Republique which is the station in this video, it's clearly gone downhill in a short period of time.

Sage for blogpost.

Netanyahu's government uses some of those $ $ $ mega-bucks that Israel extracts from US taxpayers to fund the destruction of historic European cities like Paris.

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