The Right does not exist any more

The right is a belief in inequality and hierarchy.
The left is a belief in equality.

There exists no legitimate far-right any more. Far-rightism is the acceptance of inequality and support of a hierarchy where people have their place in society. These are the political systems of old where the land-owner could vote in a democracy and owned slaves. These are the systems where the king was above the lord and the lord was above the tradesman and the tradesman was above the peasant and the peasant was above the slave. It is only modern social morality that makes these systems immoral, the indoctrination of us all from birth with the idea that we are all born equal regardless of nature-itself proving this wrong. To get upset with this system and demand equality is as futile as looking at nature and demanding we all be the same height or be of same intelligence.

Complex political systems are usually a mixture of right/left politics. For example, where does national socialism stand? Nazism is socially left-wing as it supports equality between the people, it is right-wing in the belief of a hierarchical dictatorship, it is right-wing in it's view of their own nation being superior to others.

What are modern political systems? Think about what you hear from people, what is expressed in the mainstream. How often do you hear the supposed "right wing" republicans and conservatives spout nonsense like "nobody agrees with slavery, everyone wants equality, but we just think X"? How often are people like Peterson with their constant rhetoric of "equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome" labelled as "far right"? It's all a sham. The republicans and conservatives and liberals like Peterson consistently tread on everyone to the right of them in order to placate progressives and those indoctrinated with their propaganda.

Progressives have pushed their opponents into a corner where they can no longer advocate against the agenda. It's just that the conservatives of today advocate for progressivism of 40 years ago. Progressives continually shift the window of allowable views with mass indoctrination to reinforce this situation. The children grew up yesterday hearing "NOBODY supports the nazis but we just don't think blacks should live around whites", the day after they heard "NOBODY supports segregation, but we just don't think blacks and whites are equal", the children today grow up hearing "NOBODY supports racism, we just think the current system is persecuting decent whites".

When will it end?
It's impossible without a massive take-over of every single large organization, the social sciences of very university and the media the masses consume. I don't think it's possible.

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As long as there is a left there will be a right, stop being stupid.

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No one cares faggot

You don't need to take anything over. Just destroy it.

So a belief to a lie?

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Welcome to the party, read Siege.

Nature's law is the true teachings on how things in this world should work.
All this Jewish poz we see today is purely unnatural.

This scene's so dead

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The problem is "equality" is usually mistaken for (((brainwashing))) that makes you sound smart.


This is part of (((their))) game.
The don't want to offer option 3, which is no depravity. And as the new generations grow up with the current state of things they either want to "progress" or stay the same because they are taught that it is morally wrong to go back.

kill yourself moshe

You sound like you just want slavery so you don't have to pay people a wage. Fuck off.

So fucking what? National Socialism is a centrist ideology.
People coming here and thinking Zig Forums is "far right" are clearly newfags.

Wrong. We need to support each other and build our own organizations.
One user is worth one million normies.

racial equality is a social construct

The social sciences are run by retards who don't even know how to run an experiment. Our side has scientists, mathematicians, engineers, tradesmen, craftsmen, programmers, people who do things and build things for a living. Their side has nothing.

The only reason, and I repeat, the ONLY REASON they are winning is because nobody is fighting back.

If the civil war happened tomorrow it would be over in five minutes.

This is bullshit. Indoctrinated and brainwashed Whites don't count as "our side", and the civil war won't happen unless we can reverse said brainwashing. This is the point upon which our future depends.

Fuck off. A system where know nothing retards from HR sign off on work done by intelligent people and decide whether you get a paycheck this week or not is fucking slavery by any other name.
Left wing is slavery.
Right wing is freedom.
Take what these pricks have told you and stick it up their fucking asses.
Take what is fucking yours.

There does not need to be hierarchy for humans to assemble in their proper places in society. There is also the role or caste system, where we have types of people, some of whom may be warriors, some farmers, some workers, some technologists, some scientists, some philosophers, and so on.

There must also be a leader-ranking, and of course, with knowledge that this is not a hierarchy, but rather, a machine where the screw is as necessary as the frame, and the frame as necessary as the cog, it would stand to reason that each of these useful classes is given a proper ability to live and enjoy the miracle of life.

It isn't bullshit. We have all of the people who do and make and build things on our side. They need us and we do not need them at all.

Reductionist kike pilpul intended to shift the goalposts, demoralize and continue the march of tyranny between the illusionary wings of pseudo-democratic ZOG politics. We see your cheap verbal tricks kike. You won't rewrite Nat Soc books or the finer details of the ideals which we hold.

isms will burn on the pyre just as we burn your pedosexual kikeology books

Inequality is a fact of biology and behavior alike. No need to accept it unless you are new to the idea of the jew infomatrix and post WW2 (((NWO))).

Nat Soc is designed to give people the agency to pursue their destiny as long as they fulfill basic obligations to their government and their society. Women raise kids, men fight wars and criminals etc

Only lying jews insist on the cartoon Nazi dictatorship whereas National Socialists recognize that their government would be a pure reflection of their higher order biological principles and most orderly and successful scientific governance. National Socialism is built around struggle and improvement, the opposite of the "far-right" caricature of peasants obeying oligarchs which marxists have painted throughout their endless Lysenkoist kvetching.

Anyways, glad you anons called bullshit on this jew OP. Yes this was a shill post. Something is being slid. SPQRII. Honor. Memes. Being the Backbone. Guerrilla War Support.

Do you have any facts to back that up? I'd like for it to be true, but it's not good to resort to mental gymnastics to convince yourself that we will win.

I do not have any facts.

then why did you make that post

True this. My former wigger boss (I quit while laughing after this) told me that I need them more than he needs me. Funny because he was fucking the secretary and wasting all day talking to top management like a dog. Hiring shitskins who had mental problems, hiring chinks and niggers who I replaced with code.

Should have seen the look of terror in his eyes when an actual competent person went in and did days worth of work in hours and found ways to improve everything. Egotistical idiotic dunning-kruger victims always go on the personal attack when the few intelligent non-demoralized white men of the west arrive in town and begin fixing all problems on demand. Don't have to be a genius when shitskins lower the bar so much. White supremacy is a walk in the park thanks to obvious examples based on productivity and effort which a white supremacist will create during their work hours. Even lower IQ whites will work longer and harder on average due to pride, honor and meaning. We see our construction, monuments and intelligent systems and are happy with a job well done. Others still think small pittances of money are what matters, but they are degenerates and subhumans. Savages who would club their neighbour for a larger cut of the steak.

Go and apply for a technical position in an NGO.


It's obviously not true, just more deluded "WE WILL WIN" nonsense positive thinking for idiots.

The vast majority of people just tend to lie within the status quo with some few little caveats, hence why it is the status quo of a democratic system.

Nice LARP tough guy. Really saving the world here, one comment at a time.

I will give you one opportunity to take that back before I filter you.

How mad are you now that you can't just report something and have your faggot, retard buttbuddy delete it?

Does that make you upset, champ?

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This is why Zig Forums is a psyop for neutralized larpers.

Well done thread, OP. Unfortunately, any thread which is deemed to prove the fraud and absolute gimmick of our system is sentenced to extensive shilling per Zig Forums rules. Expect unique, active IPs reactively responding with accusations of Jewry, promotions of demoralization, and general unfounded offensiveness from here on out.

[OK] [1488 Race War Now]

Excellent post.

The Right = master morality
The Left = slave morality

Can you make a guess when slave morality took over master morality, and by whom it was imposed?
PROTIP = happened more than 2000 years ago.

church was established in 33 AD

So much this. Right is memetically controlled opposition. "Good" cop.

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Acceptance is turning this fact and it consequences into laws, and/or working via political means to make it happen. Today there is no such acceptance across entire public politics spectrum. Its entirely opposite legally and politically thrre is acceptance that everyone are equal even if it is not so. Against both left and right politics proceed with this axiom.

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What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly

Imperium ends in ethnic nonhomogeneity and miscegenation.

Hitler had no desire for empire.

Just look at South vs. North America. South ended up a shithole because the Spanish and Portuguese had the conquistador mentality getting their dicks hard with conquering foreign races' wombs, the English, French and others in the north would just settle in empty land and keep themselves away from the natives. It was partially cultural, partially a fluke - it's not like our ancestors had perfect understanding of DNA or heritability of mental traits. We know better so fuck that conquistador shit, we don't need to rule shitskins.

This. Stop mourning a past you've never known and fight for a future you can be proud of.

I don't care what people used to do. I care about truth.

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Infinite escalation with butterfly war.

perhaps you've identified a problem HOWEVER I strongly doubt your solution will be an improvement

Ignorant drivel. The reason was that in Spanish times technology didn't permit bringing women, while in later times it did. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also, North American indians were much more primitive and sparse, while Central and South America had quite highly developed civs numbering tens of millions.

sage is pronounced sah-gey

This. One party systems are more effective as there is less gridlock but switching from two to one party will not go down easily in a country accustomed to two

There will always be inherent inequality. So much is literally encoded in the world around you. Chaos is not chaos. Chaos is the result of extremely orderly but also extremely complex patterns of possibility. The only reason chaos is considered bad is because it hurts your feelings. As if you knew better than God. DEUS FUCKING VULT!

The more you speak it, the more it is repeated. Do not let your memes be dreams. Even the tiniest of nudges to the overlord projector.. oops overton window.. He will not divide us.. oops pays off in dividends, later.

You're right about the slave thing.
These days it has to do with being united (and then enslaved) under a despicable world government.

Ironically, they want to get their global herds homogenized so they can be better controlled.

It's as if we're animals in a lab being hybridized to suit their needs better. They will end up with the human equivalent of killer bees and other abominations of nature.

The goal of the diversity program is ironic. Through race mixing, they want a homogenized, mediocre, brown race going back and forth to work on trains. They want an obedient, homogenized race to toil away for a world communist state they rule.


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Left and right doesnt mean any of the things you think it means OP.

The classical French definition of left and right is that the right looks to recreate the success of the past where as the left imagines a new society that hasnt been tried yet.
But that doesnt apply to the modern world because some Russians (for example) want to reacreate the soviet union and they are obviously not right wing.

With the power of jew money comes the ability to buy off or kill those that could effectively oppose them while assassinating their character through the media.

This is why they use our money to buy off the blacks in the ghettos - so they won't revolt. Yet at the same time, they keep telling them it's because of the systemic racism caused by whites and they believe it.

To get metaphorical, they always want the blacks rabidly barking at us from behind a flimsy chain link fence held together by welfare.

How were the Bolshevik jews able to kill hundreds of thousands of the Tsars troops? They worked together at night in secret meetings plotting and planning, establishing newspapers, taking over educational institutions, false flag attacks, assassinations, etc.

That's something whites aren't doing - working together, weeding out opposition. Too busy working and neglecting our families.

If you want to shill try to sound interesting, you're boring as shit

I think it's time to finally accept that Zig Forums is a lolcow.

I think from now on I'm just going to bait low IQ retards.

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Theres no such thing as left or right OP, this is a false dichotomy (((they))) use to control you. Theres only superior or inferior. Either your beliefs, traditions, methods, practices and social cohesion are more successive to the continuation of your tribe or they aren't. It's as simple as that. Its nature. That's what fascism is, natural law applied. That's exactly how they trap you. It's how they divide and conquer their enemies, by attaching groups to a division of ideology and using the weaknesses of their false paradigms of orthodoxy against them. The Jew doesnt obey left or right. They know better. That's why the Jew is so difficult to isolate and destroy, because ideology, religion, belief systems, these things are only tools to them. They're a means to an end. Ideology is a tool. The "right", if it must exist, serves only to propel us towards our end if need be. No matter what, at the end of the day, the ideology is a tool, not an identity that should and will be abolished once we've attained victory. If you think an ideological identity like the "right" will save you, then you're letting the ideology speak instead of your heart. It's the fierce passions of the heart, not the idea alone that will bring us victory. Unless you speak and act from the heart and out of love for your race and ancestors, you will always feel defeated. You will take the blackpill eventually because you will have lost sight of victory altogether. The right will fail. The left will fail. They're pawns that only exist to serve the higher purpose of whoever knows they're playing the game. If you dont know that you're a pawn, then youre being used, and you're playing their game while fully believing that your thoughts and actions are entirely independent from the person playing you. The "right" is secondary, it's a tool. An idea that fades with time. Even if you attain victory with an idea, the idea becomes orthodoxy, and it will be that strict orthodoxy that eventually degrades its host. Fascism is not an ideology. It's existed since the beginning of time. Fascism is nature. Fascism is truth, applied truth. The truth isnt fascism, fascism is the truth. It simply is . If the "right" is to survive, it will have to identify with the survival of its comrades and their women. 10,000 hearts. One beat.

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I know exactly what you mean.
Kikes want their "minority" foot soldiers to believe whites are responsible for everything they did

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no idea where the archive link goes here but the skull image is good, just needs a star of david necklace edit

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>(((right wing))) vs (((left wing)))
< being this new
it's jew vs jew
Absolutely wrong, Hitler said those that didn't wish to fight should be left to die and national socialism was influenced by Nietzsche, the word Ubermensch comes from Zarathustra.
dictatorships aren't inherently right or left wing, we currently live in a jewish dictatorship which is "far left".
again, not true, it wasn't a case of superiority vs inferiority, this was never a fundamental foundation of national socialism.
read SIEGE

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"The right is a belief in inequality and hierarchy.
The left is a belief in equality."

Maybe so, but what do you say to this rabbi who has a belief in circumcizing little pink hoses?
Rabbi explains the Importance of sucking Blood from circumcised Penis


By this man:
Romans hate him.

^ pedo

See images 1-4, 6.


For Nietzsche, the very essence of life was the subjugation and oppression of those weaker than you through what he termed the ‘Will to Power’. All higher civilizations, according to Nietzsche, arose from the barbarians, who with their will and desire for power, have preyed upon the weaker, meeker, and more cowardly members of society. This is not a bad thing in his eyes; Nietzsche argues that:

This acceptance of a ‘natural order’ of strength as inherent to Life itself is a cornerstone for his ‘Will to Power’ conception. It is not the fault of the lamb for being weak, nor is the lion to blame for its strength. It simply is. With this in mind, he argues that a healthy society does not exist for its own sake, but exists for the sake of a ‘higher type of person’ – a master – who builds and shapes society into something from his vision through his own will. For Nietzsche, the Will to Power is the dominant principle of organic function. Society cannot develop into a higher-order civilization without the Will to Power exploiting the weak. It was his argument that nation-states and society cannot be formed from nothing and aren’t something that naturally arises; it requires a strong, guiding hand of an aristocracy to mold it into something.

This idea of the Master morality informs another Nietzschean concept, the Ubermensch, or “over-man”. The Ubermensch is not subject to the morality of the lower-type, of the meek and common people who speak of good and evil largely in terms of equality. Since the noble type of man is of the higher-type, he is not subject to the morality of the herd. Morality favors mediocrity; standing ‘beyond good and evil’ is rising above the herd. The Master doesn’t have notions of morality thrust upon him by the Slave; he is above the plebeian conception of ‘good and evil’, and creates his own values, as we see in Nietzsche’s own words:

For these strong-willed men, the ‘good’ is the noble, strong and powerful, while the ‘bad’ is the weak, cowardly, timid, and petty. The essence of master morality is nobility in the form of how ‘noble’ was used amongst the Ancient Greeks. Other qualities that are often valued in master moralities are courage, truthfulness, trust, and an accurate sense of self-worth.

Slave morality begins as a rejection of Master morality, as the yin to master morality’s yang. Master morality has also created slave morality; it is reactionary in nature, and exists because it seeks to rationalize to the weak their position in life. The primary hallmark of slave morality is one of a ‘relief of suffering and oppression’. Those things, whatever they are, that are useful in opposing oppression is a moral ‘good’. This makes values such as selflessness, altruism, meekness, and feeling pity a moral good to the weak. It is fundamentally pessimistic about the human condition by seeing people as inherently weak and pitiful, questions the happiness of the strong and noble, rejects hierarchy as an manifestation of oppression, and doubts the ‘good’ of this life. Generally, it argues for a morality for all, noble and weak alike. Because of the conditions its adherents find themselves in life, it must look to the future, to ‘progress’, for ‘salvation’. It lacks respect for, and in instances has outright disdain for, tradition and ancestors; what have their ancestors or traditions done for them?
To truly understand slave morality, it is necessary to examine where Nietzsche first observed the inversion of master morality, in the Roman-Jewish interactions of Ancient Rome. The Jewish underclass of the Roman Empire ‘achieved the amazing feat of inverting values’. This had the effect of creating a moral outlook from the act of being subjugated. In Beyond Good and Evil (BGE), Nietzsche describes the Jews’ ‘slave rebellion in morality’, and how they managed to invert the higher values as prescribed by the master morality:

Nietzsche noticed that the Jewish subclass ‘were the first to mint the word world as a curse word. Worldly success (what was good) indicates moral failure (is now evil).

But the Jewish prophets were only the beginning – it was Christianity which carried the flame of the slave revolt to the world.

Disregarding the claims of the theological truth in Christianity, it is the primary manifestation of the slave morality mentality throughout the world. Christianity, with its ‘paradoxical god-on-a-cross’, is a reactionary movement born initially from the Jewish ressentiment, a rebuff against the values of the masters and an inversion of their morality upon itself. For slave morality, the primary characteristic in the transformation of moral thought wasn’t one based upon strength, power, and honor, but rather a defensive prejudice against those things that the successful and ruling class had, wanted, and believed in. It transformed the archetype of the ideal person from one in a position of power to one of meek stature, oppressed and impoverished. The roots of this ressentiment grew into a mythos of its own, with the seeds of hate for Roman rule growing into a tree from which the Jewish underclass could climbed upward. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche said that:

In Genealogy of Morals, He goes further:

Rather than adopting the values of the Romans, the Hebrews took their station in life and examined it from a new perspective. Instead of seeing themselves as failures when competing for Power and Wealth against the Romans, they inverted their ideological alignment and re-branded their ressentiment into a form of self-righteousness. This self-righteousness, this new moral footing they had found, provided ample opportunity to re-value not only their ressentiment but their entire value system, ultimately forming a morality not so much concerned with attaining a good life as it was with lambasting those who did. Thus, asceticism was borne anew, re-branding the lack of ability to have a good life as an active choice, and a morally ‘good’ choice at that. In abstaining from the pleasures of this world, many imagined that they would be morally permitted to enjoy pleasures even hence unknown in ‘the next life’, as recompense for their suffering in this one. One can easily see how this moral perspective was attractive to the underclass of its time. In a world where you cannot obtain the good life, pretending that the poor circumstances you find yourself in is a virtue is a good way to rationalize and sustain your existence in this life.

It is on the basis of this analysis that Christian morality is inherently a form of slave morality’s ressentiment towards the masters, and provides an impotent form of revenge in providing the moral foundation for those of the underclass to pass judgement on those of the upper. The embrace of the downtrodden, poor, oppressed, passive, and meek as those of true moral character, coupled with a denial of wealth, power, strength, self-assertion, and dominance as a moral failing is pervasive throughout the Christian New Testament. The very center of the religion’s iconography, Jesus Christ, a physical manifestation of God upon this Earth as his ‘son’, helps to show this. He is a man borne from low status, had every ‘virtue’ of slave morality thrust upon him by his destiny, and overcame the ruling Romans to return to Heaven, that next life his followers and followers of slave morality dream of. In the Christian mythos, during his life, he rebuked the powerful and wealthy, he embraced the poor, sickly, and oppressed, and he did all of this while maintaining a lifestyle of a Roman underclassman. It is my belief that Christianity’s major value proposition from a perspective of utility is that it provides an underclass with a moral foundation that spiritually and psychologically sustains a ‘slave’ class, be it racial, sexual, economic, etc, under such a burden. It acts as a lever does, reducing the weight associated with life as an underclassman of various sorts.

As the centuries passed, Christianity waxed and waned across the Middle East & Western world, and in recent years, has been in decline in its traditional stronghold, Europe and America. Secular Liberalism, with its ‘Humanist’ religious flavor, has largely replaced Christianity in these societies. The progression was one of ease; Christianity and Liberalism are similar in many regards, and as science begins to shed light on many of the claims that the Bible made, it has left plenty of room for doubt for those believers who believed more than the spiritual and moral lessons. In truth, I believe that Liberalism was an evolution of Christianity, a next step for humans who have learned much about the physical reality of the world and left behind the more mythological aspects of the religion. As Liberalism gains and Christianity declines, we see only the form change – the substance remains largely the same.
Despite this shift in religious persuasion, one thing is clear: this modern shift in to a new religion is nothing revolutionary or new. The old and the new are remarkably similar in that the new is likewise predicated on the acceptance of the slave-morality foundation. This condition is prevalent in our society’s recent quest for ‘Social Justice’, and the self-flagellation that tends to accompany those who champion the cause. Liberalism, with its core foundation based upon the notion of human equality, appears in many aspects to be overcompensating for past grievances that racial, sexual, and economic ‘victims’ of the Western world have. Those with a proclivity towards social justice causes tend to give ‘minorities’, who are defined as such only through a Western lens, a revered status within their circles. They willingly defer in stating their opinions to those who come from a traditionally maligned group, as they believe that by virtue of not being a member of the same underclass, they cannot understand the experiences of those people. This is exacerbated throughout society by those who attempt to publicly shame, degrade, and enact mob vengeance on those who do not hold opinions that they see as ‘palatable’, typically opinions that they see as ‘oppressive’ or ‘hateful’ towards a pet minority group. This focus on social justice issues has even taken precedence over and influenced our discussion of other political topics affecting Western society, such as immigration, terrorism, etc.

This focus has manifested strongly amongst the political Left, and has started to become institutionally recognized amongst governmental organizations and businesses. Businesses cannot maximize profit when a group of potential customers feel the company is hostile to their interests, and so they do not buy their products. For many companies, it is purely an economic concern that drives them towards enabling and, on occasion, joining in the minority protection theatre by taking carefully calculated moral stances against perceived oppression and hate, either real or imagined.

This fetishization of ‘victim’ status has become so powerful in our societies that we now have cases of individuals who come from traditionally ‘privileged’ homes who attempt to deceive the world and pretend that they are also members of the various types of underclasses society at large recognizes today. Prominent examples are Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, both being individuals of European descent who have lied and modified their lives and appearances in order to appear African in origin (as people of African descent are a societally recognized victim class). If we have reached a societal point where people who are considered by many to be inherently ‘privileged’ are pretending to be of another race for the benefits and power that we give to people of these varying minority groups, perhaps it is time to consider whether those groups can still be considered an underclass.

The inversion of values that occurred during the Roman Empire has been such a successful movement that I believe we are still witnessing its effects to this day, two millennia later. Perhaps it was always going to turn out like this; by definition, the underclass is far larger than a ruling class can ever be, and they require a spiritual base from which to find the will to continue their meager, poor, infirm, and downtrodded lives until they can indulge in the pleasures of the next. Yet the spread of this ideology has been so far-reaching in the West that by virtue of being of an oppressed minority group, among those who subscribe to the ideology, one can have Power over them. From the under, seeds of resentment grew upwards, now reaching the top; truly, a successful inversion of values, as Victimization becomes Power.

Think of it like Castle and King. The Lord of The Castle should be so well educated that he can do all of the jobs and all of the work in the Castle that is required for it to be maintained. That simple mindset makes the best Castle, but that does not mean that you will get a quality Lord who can mop a floor as well as he decapitates an enemy. Separation of the three races combined with the righteous continuous nature of White men would be necessary to recharge and restructure the decrepit nature of this Planet Earth's overarching society.

did someone say equality

Nicolás Gómez Dávila - Aphorisms III [Inequality]