Remembering our heroes; Battle of Hodów - 324 year anniversaryów (I know, I know - (((Wikipedia))). I couldn't find a better English source, and I don't speak Polish. Sorry about that.)


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Necare Amo

I heard some shit that the Muslims don't aim because it's heretical. If you're aiming down the sights you're not putting your faith in Allah. And with their tactics of running straight at the enemy praising Allah it's no wonder that there was such a difference in outcome.

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Ha. Good for them. Never surrender.

We're pretty good at that.

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not only that but read up on honest accounts of their ability to function militarily. They were only an actual military threat before ranged weapons made large scale melee combat archaic. And with melee combat they only ever had the advantage in numbers. The reason for this is they either refuse or can not work in tactical units that require delegated authority. Basically anything more complicated than fighting in units were there is only one commander i.e. a general shouting 'attack' they function like shit. They can not well coordinate even the simplest of modern combat maneuvers. I had the misfortune of having to attempt to train them in Iraq. The most basic bitch concept in the military is bounding. I would expect a platoon of 10 year old boys to pick it up well within a single day of training. All it is, is closing a distance as a unit while under fire, either attacking a fortified position or counter-attacking when ambushed. A platoon is divided up into squads and the squads into fire teams. Squad leader shouts "fire team 1" or "fire team 3" and that fire team advances, they get up off the ground and sprint for approximately three seconds, they judge this time by mentally saying "I am up, he see's me, I am down" And in this fashion your squad can close the gap while under fire while never allowing an enemy shooter to take a well aimed shot. this is figured that it takes about 3 seconds for a shooter to identify a new target, adjust their weapon, get a good sight picture and pull the trigger, but even the best shooter will probably wind up firing reflexively, i.e. jerking the trigger or putting torque on the barrel, which will affect their accuracy

It's retardedly simple

Might as well try explaining calculus to a newborn. They just couldn't fucking get it. It was truly a sight to behold. As soon as they would start it would be all wrong and by the time a handful of iterations of "get up, run and dive" they would be so far spread out that many of them couldn't hear the squad leader shouting and would either stay put or get up and run in a confused manner.

And this was after a months of training. And ya know what they did with it? Kek. They decided they were operators now and tried to attack my combat outpost. It was absolutely ridiculous. We didn't even bother getting up, just watched as iraqi police tried attacking our perimeter and wound up in a 45 minute fire fight with iraqi army faggots that were manning one of the guard towers. 45 fucking minutes of shooting and not a single injury on either side.

Kek. Got any more stories like that?

Anti-White "poles are best" d&c bait and bullshit apologetics.
>who cares if they're swarming Britain and Germany like locusts, crashing the public services, funneling funds and tax taken from hard working natives out of the country, and abusing the welfare system to raise families back in Poland the 'Polish baby boom' is build on stolen wealth, they won a battle hundreds of years ago, so it's ok.


Imagine my surprise.

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Wew, lad… It's pay-per-volume rather than pay-per-quality job, right?

Sage negated.

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What gives? It's just some old ass war against Forrest turks and Sea turks. This isn't politics.

Sage negated, Moishe.

This must be a new form of advertisement targeted at Polacks, and I like it. RAID KILLS TURKS DEAD.


Hello, PIDF! Why a surge of Poland threads all of a sudden? Listen, Poles, as long as lick the ass of the kike's Golem, which makes it easier for (((them))) to occupy Europe and meddle in shitskin countres, you're anti-White and weak.

Dohohohohoho, user, don't you know that being anti-Polan makes you a bad person? A baaaaaaaad person, indeed.

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Can confirm. Was on an embedded training team in al Anbar. Keystone Kops with AKs


That's not the only bit, the only way the Ottoman Empire was a threat was their use of ex-christian Slave Soldiers, the Janissary Corps, and that was because they cared for their guns and took the time to learn to aim because "The Lord aids those whom aid themselves" That and the entire muslim ethos is just fatalism taken to a horrific extreme, where you have literally no control at all and all you can do is submit to fate and ALLah willing survive. Its a brutal existence, and most of their warfare tactics are merely a means of surplus beta male population control.

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Give this a look over.

Why Arabs Can't Fight - The Arab Culture Theory

I have something you might also enjoy, user. A Zig Forumslack describes the founding of Islam with extreme candor and our shared sense of humor, hell, some of the book reads like moonman lyrics, specially in describing sharia law and how it allows a mudslime woman to use a corpse's dick as a dildo as long as she washes out afterwards. No Joke.

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oh and have an example of the western way of warfare against the Arab way, from a movie yes but it gets the point across nicely.

Have you not been here in the last several years? Polish anti-immigration government news threads pop up regularly.

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