We are seeing an infulx of the wrost kind of shillery

Unless you are living on the moon, you should have noticed threads popping up all showing the same pattern.
"Person X is a jewish puppet!"
These threads target anyone who is conservative and gains any traction/following, going eve so far as to try it on Uncle Adolf.

As it is usualy for shills, these threads are of poor quality with no proper arguments. Usually talking to or being in a proximity of a jew is shows as "proof" (hillarious given how many jews there are in positions of power, meaning that you will have to interact with them weather you want it or not).
Even worse, these fucks are not satisfied to stay in their own cancerious threads, they go into other threads and try to start shit even when the thread has little to no connection to their garbage.

Mods should fucking wake up and start purging that crap, and any proper Zig Forumsack should remember that the filter exist. Anyone who doesn't filter and tries to engage is probably a shill trying to further fan the flames.

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Yes, we all know that, you don't need to make a shitty thread about it. There's a meta thread.
The current mods are supported by chodemonkey and he's not going to let any real NS mods get in here because he's a hapa who has no reason to do that.
Nothing is going to change. The only way to fix this is an exodus, but there's nowhere to go.
tl;dr Stop whining faggot, there's nothing you can do, 8/pol/ has always been moderated by nonwhites and always will be

Yes there is.
A concetrated push to filter all such posters on sight.

Nothing new. Welcome to the battlezone. Grab some memes and books and graduate to the irl operations threads. Do not aggravate the situation by creating shit OPs.

Thank you for trying to help if you are legit. Maybe lurk for just a week more.

This place belongs to /intl/ now

That one might actually be true.

And here we fucking go!

Notice the pattern? They’re all alt-kike idiots. Trump is the one fanning the controlled alt-kike flames and all the idiots and leader faggots that support da mooooovement can all assumed to be jewish or in bed with jews. Notice how people that don’t associate with the trump/alt-kike movement never get this treatment.

Literal schizophrenic from endchan who thinks that because hitlers mother was a maid for a rich kike she must have slept with him, because his MGTOW and SSRI addled mind thinks every woman ever is a whore, even Hitlers mum.

It's Mossad, actually. And the mods won't wake up. We need an alternative. I believe one is coming, which will be far better than chans, but work like them, be anonymous, be free from nsa monitoring, be uncensorable. It's coming.


Hitlers mother was a house wife married to a customs officer.
Hitlers father was the illegitimate stepson of Hitlers grandfather, who was most probably the biological father of Hitlers father. Hitlers grandfather quasi legitimized his out of wedlock child by marring the mother, Hitlers paternal grandmother.

There is no jew anywhere, that is all fiction.


A push to balance the claims, unless they are completely asinine, and stick to truth and concrete reasoning and evidence.
Being in the presence of kikes doesn't mean the person is a puppet necessarily, but should be questioned due to the nature of the jew to subvert people/movements/government/everything.
Also remember that there are two types that deal with the merchant.
The purchased or completely subverted and the simple brainwashed.
The former is aware of the truth, or enough of it, and chooses to enable the kikes in exchange for favor or power. These are the ones we can't trust, these are as filthy as the jews themselves.
The latter are the majority. Sold the holocaust since they were children, repeatedly sold that (((they))) are the eternal victim, etc. These are potential allies if they can overcome the programming and as things escalate will find themselves at odds with reality and their false sense of morals. These people aren't our enemies, but are used as such. You still can't trust them completely, but they make good choices at times, even for bad reasons.

Do you mean the hundreds of kikes and redditor spastics shilling for NeoCon Don and other jewish agents like Tommy goy Robinstein and Gert 'Mossad agent' Wilders?

Yeah looks like Kampfy is sending his worst to Zig Forums in revenge for his getting the boot from here.

Neoconservative zionists are an equal threat to our societies as any marxist neo-liberal

Gert Wilders Mossad agent - This has been known in the movement since the 1990's

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Tommy Goy Robinstein - isreali asset and agent of the state

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Donald Trumpstein I don't think it needs repeating just how kiked this embarrassing jewish hoax is

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Simply mentionin Trump in ANY thread draws you fags out.
Time for some more filtering.

Yeah your contact in kampfy got gassed, sucks to be you jew

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Those alt kike faggots were nothing morw than to serve as honey pots for a Hillary victory except Hillary didn't win. So now they latch themselves onto Trumps coat tails while they spit on his efforts in a fit to retain any relevancy they may have gained during the passion swings of the election.

Don't worry everyone, hasbara-kun is back to repeat himself again! What would we ever do without him??

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Isn't that called Catch Twenty jew?

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hasbara-kun you're so cute. Have you accepted that your posting style is identifiable yet? I notice you senpai every morning, it can't just be a coincidence

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At least make a real effort to explain why The Mossad could possibly be against Trump. Don't screencap a mainstream article, guess who writes that shit ?
You're the one that is going to have to justify why you expect blind loyalty for this forum towards a US president and his administration in 2018 after all the shit that's happened in the past and the absolute lack of evidence that Trump is actually fighting directly in the people's interest.

Weird huh

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Still butthurt that your kosher puppet has lost all credibility?

Why do you go on living, my guy?

You are influenced by shills if you let them

"Open mind is like a fortress with it's front gate left open, unbarred and unguarded"


You isreali kikes are unable to ban any user for exposing your jewish lies on Zig Forums anymore, how does that feel?

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I just think it's funny how much you sperged about kampfy, and yet, now he's gone, and you're doing the exact same thing, in the exact same way. Hell, in the exact same sentence structure and syntax. Sometimes I wonder if you're a bot, unable to learn or change programming. But not even bots are as retarded as you.

Where's your Kampfy now jew boy?
Does this mean that Kushner will now deduct you a shekel for every post on Zig Forums from any user that proves you're a lying kike?

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Hasbarafag, I don't even post here anymore, I just came to laugh at you, honest to God. You make me kinda sad, really. Anyways, I've got videogames to play and anime to watch. See ya never, you robotic faggot.


He's calling you a retard for being a stupid subhuman kike pissing in shit.

lol, oh yeah, this shill ^^^ isn't mad as fuck

Yet you are here shilling for jewry and calling others exposing your nonsensical jewish subversion a "kike"
How does that work?
Even with your twisted up Talmudic logic, that doesn't make any sense to anyone

Just two weeks since your insider Kampfy got gassed, and you kikes are simply losing your shit over it still

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(((11))) posts of pure garbage. Yep, filtering.

So OP, who in your estimation makes this list for people wrongly maligned as a Jewish puppet?

I'm guessing Trump is on that list, but who else?

Tommy Goy Robinstein and Mossad agent Gert Wilders according to the unlimited kikes shilling for them in the last 48 hrs

Haven't you noticed that these accusations are aimed at ANYONE who gains a following?

Didn't we have a thread about David Duke two days ago? And Hitler?

It doesn't mater who it is, every time someone on the right (yeah, I know it's ill-defined, but just run with it) raises to prominence a whole barrage of attack IMMEDIATELY begins. I noticed this pattern ever since the elections. The jids are scared. They are going for D&C, attempting to minimize the influence of these individuals. They don't want powerful voices on our side, they don't want us to organize.
The frequency and intensity of these attacks sez it all.

It's very quite obviously JIDF or some other jewish front doing the most activity. There is very clear proof of this in that all the "new" boogeymen they keep screaming are everything other than jews, i.e. woman, boomer, roach, conservative, etc.

Do you produce to order? I'm waiting for the 'Salvini is a kike' narrative. Can't wait to see the """evidence""".

OP is a jewish puppet
sage and hide

lel, could you be any more obvious

I dunno, do you have a picture of OP touching_wall?

Does nobody have a sense of humor here any more?

Well you might be getting your wires crossed a bit. We have a legitimately insane sperg on this board, who also shows up on cuckchan, named Moarpheus who does indeed call everyone a jewish plant and what not. He does it to Tommy Robinson (deservedly) and Geert (also deservedly) but he also did it to Nehlen, Little, and everyone else who is anti-jew and open about it.

That doesn't mean he is wrong of course, but he is an insane israel shill.

I'm the one usually calling his faggot ass out, but that doesn't make Trump not a compromised agent even if you believe he wasn't one at the beginning. I think the Cohen raid turned Trump, but that's my personal opinion. Duke isn't a jew but he is likely a fed.

Also the worst kind of spelling apparently but whatever.

Aside from the very obvious "jews aren't bad mkay" kind of shilling which EVERYONE can easily agree is considered shilling, you have a lot of people now (since the turkroach got BTFO) with widely varying perspectives and stances on shit. Unfortunately way too many people are quick to immediately call kike shill on anything that contradicts them, I've seen that happen constantly over the past few years. It was nonstop during kampfy's reign, that's for sure, except it also came with a side of ban if it was the "correct" opinion.

Trump is an obvious example of this. You have actual shills for and against him, and you also have legit Zig Forumsacks who genuinely, unironically think he's either a master 4D chess player or a complete bitch for Israel. There are a million arguments for each side there which eat up entire threads, but the point is people are too quick to label "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a shill." If I say Trump is playing the field and masterfully navigating jewish politics, I'm a jewish shill for him and his administration; if I say he's a jewish pawn now, I'm also a jewish shill for trying to subvert the champion of the people.

It's not so cut and dry. The only thing people can agree on is "jews are bad."

How do we get rid of the shills, white brothers!

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We need natural and organic memes from esoteric immigrants lurking 8/pol/ to combat such shillery!

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By not engaging them. Just don't reply. They get paid by the (You), right? If you reply - even if it's sage, gore, whatever - they get the (You).


It's just not the same without our Kampfy to ban every antisemitic user that we reported, hey fellow fashy goyim

You know kikey, this esoteric immigrants thing is the dumbest spam thing you're doing yet.

I myself don't even think there are actual shills. Just autists who've become so absorbed by their views that it blinds and stupefies them. The largest one being the anti-trumper crowd, likely made up of those autists who thought that by just electing Trump we'd get day of the rope. I've seen them shit up threads all over the site with their obsession, and it once had gotten to the point that most anons just thought it was Zig Forums attempting to D/C the rest of the boards from Zig Forums.
All in all, I think Kampfy was in the right to ban them. Their kind have sticks so far up their asses that arguing is a pointless effort. If they don't just call you a jewish turkroach shill. Better to keep them from derailing threads to whine about Trump than to let them shit in the streets.



Your first paragraph is good. You are forgetting the boomers that hate everyone and always tell people to shoot up shit while they sit at home with their replaced knees. "Don't vote goy." Then they just smoke pot and look up flat earth shit.

It's great kampfy is gone. This place is a breath of fresh air now, even with the different shilling.

(((diversity))) isn't a "breath of fresh air

Shills intentionally take up both sides and spam the thread, it doesn't fucking work when you're trying to play fair, by the rules of the format, and they are intentionally taking advantage of the format to drown out all legitimate conversation. You know that already, stop defending the prevelance and acceptance of bad faith actors.

People that aren't shills noticed it easily.
I knew from the start that the Trump shit was pure shilling.
But what really made it obvious was when they started sperging about Patrick Little.

You liked it better before? Serious question.

wtf kind of generic shill post is this

-if you have a problem with the threads make it in the thread. If its true then it whats the problem with the board being informed. Its basic journalism that we share info and let the anons decide what they thing
- Tommy Robinson being a jew is very interesting with the position he is in, this could be a make or break for white nationalisim in Britan. If he is a jewish agent then think of the power they would have from the antics tommy has been in.
-why dont you like people bringing this up, jewish NWO Zion politics is at the center of /pol so its on topic
- /pol , politically incorrect … stop being a faggot

diversity is a breath of fresh air , prove it isnt

is there anyone in britan that can take the movement from Tommy, he seems to be the only figure head

Fuck off DACAztec.

OP's case in fucking point, right here.

you don't know how right you really are OP, look how badly they attacked my thread trying to create a new right wing aesthetic movement:


Can confirm. One of the most popular Kike forms of down-talking other people is to accuse everybody of being a jew.

The text image presents the rules for a White Nationalist forum on Voat com … Implementing these or similar regulations would solve a lot of shill infestation problems.

other pic unrelated

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