The Final Solution has never been fully implemented

Unlike socialism that has repeatedly tried and failed and is therefore unworthy of further attempts, the Holocaust was never truly implemented as fully intended.

ITT discuss the benefits and countless reasons to finally implement the true Final Solution.

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First, lets address what "The final solution" actually was

Hitler was a kind soul. He never wanted Jewish extermination. He was a separatist, not a supremacist.


It will be.

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Thank you. Excellent point.
Lessons from history learned, which could be applied going forward.
That is essentially part of the gist of this thread. Showing how it has not yet been implemented fully as needed to realize the goal.

I'm a National Socialist because I dont believe the Holocaust happened, there was no 'Final Solution' beyond deporting the wretched ratkin.

It's easy to kill a lot of something, but impossible to kill all of something.

The best you can do is immunize yourself, and separate from a sick and infested society.

Deport them to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Any organism that constantly destroys the equilibrium of it's host environment is considered Mal-adaptive.

The Final Solution will present itself with or without our help or observation.

The final solution is either the extinction of the Jew OR the extinction of the host, which will lead to the extinction of the Jew.

There is no other solution

Does national socialism count as socialism?
It isn't marxist socialism like Hitler said, but it still is economically socialist.

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see videos about nazi economy

Nazi economy was more Keynesianism than socialist

Nationalize the our monetary system and media.
First we'll need a worthy dictator.

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The jews always project
Therefore the "real final solution" is most likely white genocide and the creation of a new mixed-race goyim
New goyim without those troublesome white traits of decency, standing up to tyranny and the creative genius that would have made us world rulers if we hadn't succumbed to jewish infiltration and typical tricks due to our high trust naivety.

What does the "final solution" have to do with the economic failures of marxism? The Jewish Question and economics are different topics.

That's not true
You can kill everything of something
Every dodo bird for example
The fishin cat of Southeast Asia for another

I'm ready coach

You wouldn't be a natsoc if it had?

Discussing a holocaust is pointless when the jews are our puppet masters. Prior steps need to be taken

Yep. Like fire and water. Burn them to ash then wash the remains into the sea

Not really. There are a lot of people even on Zig Forums who think killing every last kike is just some edgy trs shit instead of something truly necessary. What's gonna happen if the day of liberation comes and half the nationalist thinks killing off a species is evil and that every people have a right to exist somewhere and other gay shit? I'll tell you: In less than a century the kike will be on his way back in thanks to our race being full of faggots who talk about mercy and forgiveness, meaning it will be a repeat of everything that has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME some of our ancestor realized what was up and drove the kike out.

We need the majority of our coming leaders to understand that we must go one step further next time and actually solve this problem for good.

++I want to believe==

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There's no point trying to genocide the jews. Those rats are fucking experts at pilpul and will hide in commie homes. Best is deportation and asset seizure. Execute their leaders and kike golem (((NWO))) first.

Actually, we will just take a lesson from durr kike.

We shall tell the people we are repatriating them to their homeland, dress up many of our own in kike-nosed outfits and dance merrily for the camera while we exterminate them off-site.

We will then convene a grand jury, which we control the prosecution as well as the defense, call all evidence to question, find no evidence of misdeed and seal any record of the incident from suspecting eyes forever.

We will then implement a government of full transparency that acts only to control our borders, enforce contracts made between citizens and oversee citizen watch groups that will be policing neighborhoods. A type of internal affairs organization in that manner.

No shit, because 'The Final Solution' is a kike disinformation story that is basically 'The Death Star'.
With that said, it is about the only good idea they ever came up with.

This is some really sad shit.

Oy vey, just give up goy! It's no use, you should all just give up already!

Well that one's easy: You just kill all the commies. We were gonna do it anyways.

Yes, evict them. That has worked so well in the past so let's try it again. Let's just let the ones who have been trying to exterminate us for generation go and make another attempt.

No, I wouldn't.
I'm not in favor of genocide.

It's not genocide when they aren't human, faggot.

Just wait and see Chaim. Just wait and see.

We put them in camps in the Rockies, then we deport them to Israel. We keep the most successful and intelligent of them for last. Then we sink the ship halfway through the Atlantic. After we occupy Israel and clean out the top dogs there, we sic the perpetually butthurt Arabs on the rest, wiping our hands clean of the whole affair. Women and children, if we don't see fit to destroy them all, can be quickly assimilated with their Palestinian cousins.

The MOST important thing is to remove the elites that pose a threat and the rabbis that transmit knowledge from one generation to the next. One day the Roman Eagle will sit atop the Temple Mount once more.

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The Final Solution was a deportation plan, and it was real

Here, have a better pic

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Thats genocidal nonsense.
Just deport them to Israel, withdraw military support, not our problem.

If you want to round up jews and kill them, go do some meth and spend time with your IQ85 skinhead prison buddiez talking about how great that scene in the fictional film Schindler's List is where the German soldier screams insanely while emptying his pistol into a pile of jew cropses and how it gives you a boner, freak.

Hah, no.
Camps along the Eastern seaboard.
We arent bringing a bunch of kikes into the mountainous core of the US, you strategic mongoloid.

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That would be cheaper, certainly, but also more difficult to hide from prying eyes.

Kindness towards jews was tried. Extermination is next. The last time a jew stains this world will be with their blood.

What I was implying was moreso the fact that there isn't even a strategy about how to gain the upper hand on the jews, therefore making discussions about their elimination rather premature. They've really got us by the balls, tbh. With a credulous public believing race is a social construct it's just "men in power" and not jews, and even if some realize the difference they don't dare speak publicly because HEAVEN FORBID someone thinks they're a bigot. Furthermore now perfectly able bodied men are chugging hormones to become "female" which decreases the number of potential fighters available in case of civil unrest. You think trannies like Blair White are going to risk breaking a nail? I think not. Homosexuality is on the rise and the only consolation there is that not all of them transform into effeminate prisses.
Thanks to hollywood and social media women actually strive to become slutty airheads so they are virtually useless unless they meet a man who inspires them to be a better human being.
This doesn't give us a great footing to push back from, I think certain countries are past the point of return already.

Either biological or punisher style.

When was the last time you were mugged by an Olmec? Or a Neandertal? You haven't been and you know exactly why: genocide works.
Of course, but don't be so self-centered, kikel. You think the elimation of hebes is the beginning and end of this. Oh no, you're quite wrong there. The elimination of all subhuman subspecies is and MUST BE the goal, otherwise we're stuck in this retarded vicious cycle whereby the race that invented and maintains 99% of all technology, including social systems, has to drag archaic proto humans such as yourself along with us to the stars. That's never going to happen while you live, so you shall die. It's just nature, that's just how these things go. Now do us a favor an hero.

God youlre stupid.
The meth and Scgindler's List discussion js awaiting you, freak.

Why hide it?
Let it be seen.
A temporary Summer camp for kikes on their way back to sandland is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sounds like my life before Zig Forums.

Eternal struggle is the way of life. If they are allowed to continue to exist, we will have to fight them again, and next time we might not win.

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testing testing


He makes a valid point though, especially in this day and age of DNA repositories.
pic unrelated

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If you don't want to genocide your enemies than you want to be a slave. Moderates are the biggest traitors, you know?
No need for fancy camps, just slice their throats and move on to the next. The short era of the non-whites and their untermensch slaves is comming to an end.

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dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed

Faggots like you are why every Aryan civilization in the past fell and turned to ruins. You care less about the survival of your own children than you do about than gay kick of self righteousness you get by acting magnanimous towards a parasite that has killed tens of millions of your own kind just in the last century and is right now attempting to kill every single one of us. If you had lived in 20s Germany you'd be one of the limp-wristed faggots crying about how brutish the SA are how they worship their rubber batons. You call yourself a National Socialist yet you have no clue what Hitler said about pacifism and about pushing aside lesser races to claim their land and ensure your own survival.

Even if you through some magic could keep the kikes from infesting us this time you can be sure that they would concoct a genetically engineered plague to release on our lands for revenge. Trying to convince your own that they have no moral right to ensure the survival of their decedents and must lay down arms is treason, and the traitors go first.

This is the other thing the all faggots refuse to realize. A calamity could wipe out this planet at any time, and creating permanent settlements on other planets will require every resource we can utilize on this planet, yet they are willing to let the majority of it be squandered by proto-humans. It seems all they are interested in is getting blacks out of their town so they can feel safe again when they walk down the bar to watch some ball games. Clearing the path so that our descendants do not keep on getting bogged down with the lesser species and muh white mans burden considers something further ahead than the point of their nose so they are just completely oblivious to it.

They want to recreate how it was in the past while ignoring that the past is what lead to the present. What we must do is create something absolutely new, something that can not fail like every other Aryan civilization has failed, to ensure that our Achilles heel of pathological altruism will not destroy us this time, like it has unfailingly done every time in the past is on its way of doing in the present. That means getting rid of the pathogens that exploit this weakness in our defenses.

They were kicked out 109 times and they came back 109 times. Why would 110 be any different?

And that was his undoing. With the benefit of hindsight, we won't make the same mistake again. Our back are to the river. Either the Jews are exterminated onjce and for all, or we are.

The real holocaust has never been tried!