Ohio voter registration law ruled legal: SCOTUS




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Only land-owners should be allowed to vote.

t. not a land owner

Fixed that for you.


I like the way you think.


we just fixed democracy

Sorry, forgot the influx of cuckchan exiles here recently means we have to state the obvious now.

Yes, only white male aryan land-owners should be allowed to vote.

My apologies. Won't make that mistake again.


Nah, you just stemmed the tide of the massive flaws of democracy.
For example, via democracy, you could never pass legislation to make that the law.

You cannot 'fix' democracy via democracy, and democracy left to its own devices ALWAYS leads to breakdown in standards of franchise.
Its shit.



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Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion with the court's other conservatives signing on. The first line of the opinion lays out evidence for why Alito sees the need to clean up voter rolls. "It has been estimated that 24 million voter registrations in the United States—about one in eight—are either invalid or significantly inaccurate," Alito wrote

You people change those numbers more than holocaust survivors.

Use it or lose it.

Does square yard of desert count?

Of course.
Good luck buying a square yard of desert when the seller knows it will offer you a vote in the state he resides.

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2012 (Obama) + 6 years = 2018.

Just in time for midterms.

Blue wave BTFO

I wanted voter ID but I'll take this. It'll majorly affect blacks and spics and women.

It's nice that conservative judges are pulling stupid tricks like the communist judges do. Normally these kikeservatives tend to virtue signal about muh principles whenever the opportunity arises, and then the result is just leftists winning constantly. Not today!

Off topic, but most women's statements I have been exposed to in the past 2 months have fueled a support to abolish women's suffrage. I think that they should be able to vote, but that should not happen until they develop a strong concept of cause and effect.

This is extremely conflicting with my love of democratic republics and my early programming of panhuman equality.

Women take whatever they're told by someone they deem of higher standing than themselves and will not stand up to an authority figure, and their position of society makes them incapable of understanding many simple facts of life a man easily understands due to lack of experience, aswell as being unable to learn cause and effect.
Women as a whole aren't fit for voting just like a male child, teenager or young adult (minimum voter age should be increased by the way), and will not make good decisions with that power.


The bank still owns it asshole

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Sending in one postcard every six years is too complicated for niggers, per the Democratic Party. By all means, let's be real sure these people have a voice in running the country.

About says it all.

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Get fixed, faggot. And lurk two years. You'll happily watch the "democracies" burn.

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Even the dead vote every year if I'm not mistaken

Direct links to the case sans kike media filter:


So something that will never happen, gotcha.

Go choke on a dick, faggot.

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