Is it happening ? are we winning ?

is it happening ? are we winning ?
what's next a European white ethnostate along with our Asian allies ? god i hope so

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Remember when the mods banned people for shitposting, and we didn't have ALLLLL these utterly shit threads?
I remember.

There is no democratic solution to the current state of affairs. You might change my mind if we actually see mass deportations in italy, but you know what? I think theyll make a big show of deporting a few people or turning away a few boats, while the flow of immigrants continues largly unabated.

The hilarious reality is we can thank the jew for the awakening.

Their incessant need to control everything is literally their demise. If they just knew how to moderate their disgusting behavior, we would still be in the dark and oblivious to the threat they pose.

Thank you Jew for your narcissistic impedance of western values. You have done for us what we otherwise could not do on our own. Awoken the masses to depravity and it's ill-adaptive characteristic to our core beliefs.

Real smooth. Get the fuck out, pisskin chan. Go drown in a rice patty.


I remember.

Fuck off jew. Nips and Koreans are honorary Aryans. They paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for both our races.

Fuck off imkikey. We know your irc cabal is spamming us with shit threads too in order to astroturf MAGApede retardation and jewish turkroach censorship back onto this board. Not gonna work.

brexit amounted to giving a pacifier to a fussy babby. Making ultimatums with the threat of civil discourse doesn't really pan out too well. London has fallen.

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No they didn't. Japan refused to fight Russia, and that may have turned the tide with Germany vs Bolsheviks. They're not Aryan. Never will be.

let the japanese/chinese have the far east and let the muslims have the middle east. Aryan world domination is a little ambitious at this point tbh fam.

Winning is only half the battle. The other half is minimizing damage and avoiding collateral. There will be a lot of cleaning up and erasing from the psyche of people affected by jewish influence.

We have only won once jewish life is eradicated and they are a distant memory.


That fucking illiterate retard is worth only a singular (you) I won't give him a reply.

Nips are based honorary Aryans.

I rmember when we didn't have shit threads like this. The downside was that we got Zionism as well.
Now the Zionism is replaced by Marxism, the shitposters are not banned, and shitposting abounds.

We could be rid of shit threads like these again and have neither Marxism or Zionism in control. It is possible.



Quote me where I stated or implied that there were only two choices?
Oh right, you're D&C.

There's Aryan and not Aryan, there is no such thing as honorary Aryan you fucking kike.

Yeah. Zig Forums
Glad you see it too. It was proven before the primaries that kikey was a Zig Forums plant.

Japan hesitated to attack Russia because of the German/Russian pact.

Meanwhile Stalin engineered war between the two with agents in the US govt and fake NSDAP personell in Japan, so that by 1941 when Germany and Russia were fighting, Japan was at war with the USA

Hasn't initiated a properly formulated and official and not just ((( implied ))) peace treaty with Germany, which remains an occupied enemy nation.
Means nothing without getting out of the global banking scheme that is fractional reserve banking and which is the real reason why Hitler, Gaddafi, Hussein, Assad and co were and are seen as babyeaters.
They look a bit (((strange))) from a racial perspective, I'm wary, could be worse in the immediate moment, though.
Could be somewhat not awful, but actions, or the lack of them, will speak louder than promises.

We have no Asian allies anymore.
Anime is not a samurai, it's what keeps hundreds of thousands of males cooped inside, rendering them completely harmless to the jew while also ending their bloodlines.

You forgot:

They left me no choice…

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