North Korea 'continues to invest' in Nazi-style prison camps
Newly-released satellite images show that North Korea's prison camp system, where detainees are subjected to forced labor, torture, starvation, rape and death, may be expanding.

Up to 120,000 men, women and children are imprisoned in the gulags, known as "kwanliso" in Korean, according to the United Nations.
Pyongyang officially denies that the camps exist, but multiple human rights groups h

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Other urls found in this thread: 22 Entrance Checkpoint/@42.5833922,129.8623025,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x5fb567101869862d:0xb2102e33d0d05e17!8m2!3d42.5833883!4d129.8644964!9m1!1b1 Concentration Camp/@39.6741055,126.8491974,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x5fd41ce2d92913f5:0x3f4f46d8ffdaa71a!8m2!3d39.6741014!4d126.8513914!9m1!1b1 22 Train Station/@42.5857189,129.8836954,17z/data=!4m14!1m6!3m5!1s0x5fb567101869862d:0xb2102e33d0d05e17!2sCamp 22 Entrance Checkpoint!8m2!3d42.5833883!4d129.8644964!3m6!1s0x5fb567aa817cf7c3:0x82400912319145f!8m2!3d42.5857128!4d129.8858911!9m1!1b1 Concentration Camp/@40.0612992,124.4077951,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m10!1m2!2m1!1scamp!3m6!1s0x5e2afc3c3a4a1963:0xb177974f7c6d9feb!8m2!3d40.0612951!4d124.4099891!9m1!1b1


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look no further than Asian Korean Nazi's

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Check some of these Google reviews of Prison Camp related places 22 Entrance Checkpoint/@42.5833922,129.8623025,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x5fb567101869862d:0xb2102e33d0d05e17!8m2!3d42.5833883!4d129.8644964!9m1!1b1 Concentration Camp/@39.6741055,126.8491974,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x5fd41ce2d92913f5:0x3f4f46d8ffdaa71a!8m2!3d39.6741014!4d126.8513914!9m1!1b1 22 Train Station/@42.5857189,129.8836954,17z/data=!4m14!1m6!3m5!1s0x5fb567101869862d:0xb2102e33d0d05e17!2sCamp 22 Entrance Checkpoint!8m2!3d42.5833883!4d129.8644964!3m6!1s0x5fb567aa817cf7c3:0x82400912319145f!8m2!3d42.5857128!4d129.8858911!9m1!1b1

the fuck are you trying to do OP, you want the gullible retards here to side with kim for actually showing contempt for the jew instead of bending over to them like zogbot president trump?

another good one Concentration Camp/@40.0612992,124.4077951,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m10!1m2!2m1!1scamp!3m6!1s0x5e2afc3c3a4a1963:0xb177974f7c6d9feb!8m2!3d40.0612951!4d124.4099891!9m1!1b1

They're mad.

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Atrocity propaganda, nothing more.

Reminder the kike does not make money off of peace (because peace implies work, while war implies dysfunction, the need for middle-men, tax farmers, and payday loans).

Holy fuck @ meme magic, pic related.

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I wonder if the browse >>>/cyoa/ and >>>/cuteboys/ which, btw, is "funny" how it is still up while /lg/ was taken down.

What was lg? Linux Gamers?

Us Linux Gamers are always getting oppressed.

Lean Girls :^) And we have IPs you know…


You're no white man. You appeal to ridicule.

speaking of cuck media, I just saw this happen over on that other Zig Forums

mods are deleting threads speculating about bioweapons, specifically Lyme disease

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tbh, don't go there…


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You aren't allowed to make low effort posts containing little more than that phrase.

haha there were like 30 posts full of content and they purged the entire thread because the OP contained a banned phrase?

that board is fucking controlled, there can be no doubt


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I'm sure they're not exactly thrilled.

You got the get!

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That's the face of a Korean that just ate a steak. kek
Old news.

Nope, I just work @ 711.

(not true, but funny)


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maybe don't be a fag with shit-tier posts, then.

There was literally nothing preventing the OP of that thread from making an OP that wasn't cuckchan-tier garbage.

Funny thing is the DPRK is the legacy of kike-made communism. Even though the ideology started off as (((Marxism–Leninism))) and is now Juche. Just more shit to keep one group of goyim attacking another group of goyim. I'm just sick of this shit already. I want a planet free of all kikery and kike ideas. And that includes the (((Abrahamic religions))).

Amusingly, considering the mods banned him for his shit thread, it's actually sub-cuckchan-tier garbage. Perhaps this user would be better off heading to 9gag

Doctors, dentists, swimming pools and football fields for everyone!

Don't forget the complimentary whorehouse, user!

I look at twitter maybe two, three times a year, max. I can't stand that fucking site. But I hopped on there yesterday because an user linked me to something.

Know what I saw? Progressive ultra libshits kvetching to the moon that Drumpf is soon to sit down with the worst dictator on the planet and try to talk to him, and how utterly reprehensible and terrible it is. Anyone remember the whole shitstorm literally less than half a year ago? When these same fucking faggots were screaming HE'S ANTAGONIZING THE WORST DICTATOR IT'S GONNA BE A NUCLEAR SHOAH because Trump was warning Kim not to be a retard?
The goddamn faggots scream and bitch about anything that happens. If Trump tells Kim to sit down and shut up or we'll use force, they bitch. If he tries to sit down WITH the guy and talk to him, they bitch. I hate these people. This isn't anything new to me, I just need to vent, because they are hypocrites more than they are anything else. I just fucking hate them so much.

Like I told you last night – you don't belong here, nigger.

Cuckchan is dead. Has been for awhile. I suspect anyone who frequents that place now.

For shame.

Nobody says that anymore.

I wasn't forcing it. I was looking for it. It turns out I was what I was looking for all along.

(I had 11711710, and thought that I waited long enough. I waited 16 seconds, per the timestamps).

8^) You have no power here.

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Kikes are always starting shit when they think no one is awake to oppose them, typical cowards

I don't get it.

Kikes are raiding.

In their defense, it is courteous of them to avoid human beings, because of their horrendous smell.

The DPRK brigade is still here? What's next, tankies saying gulags were good because only criminals went there (even though in communism you can really stretch the definition of a criminal)?

They don't do anything for the benefit of the goyim. If they thought the smell would have a worse effect on us they would use it. The fucks are just too cheap for soap and when they face white men they begin reeking of piss.

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yes it is, lime disease is a spectrum, its not really a specific one germ of virus that causes X but a set of symptoms that qualify as "lime disease"


They haven't changed shit except for putting up more impotent displays of superficial nationalism with rusting equipment. They do the same exact shit commie shitholes of the past did, even Potemkin villages at the border. Do you also believe Stalin was based for "unjewifying communism"? inb4 muh self sufficiency, they don't produce shit and constantly take foreign aid (even if it's just so most of it can end up in Fatboy Kim's part)
Is this whole "DPRK is a National Socialist paradise" shit a psyop to equate it with communism and imply that National Socialism is inefficient?

Take a walk through through the brush of a deciduous forest in North America in a pair of shorts and you can easily get lyme disease from the nasty bugs that are in the brush.

No one is falling for your shit moshe.

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
It's pretty fucking specific.

The kikes must be really assblasted about Trump making peace in the world.

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Pick one and only one. Still 0 evidence that chesscuckery is effective. (((Legal immigration))) is blooming again.

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I've seen faggots saying T-rump now and yes, the media was saying 6 months ago that Trump was to provoke NK/China into WW3.

DPRK started as "communism" but now changed to full blown natsoc. AS many USSR republics did after reformation of the USSR. What is not sursping. Authoritarian regime of communism allows to switch to anything and push any ideas to the population. After failure of the Marxism became evident these commie countries needed quick fix, central idea right now and nationalism is idea that is always existing and actually working unlike marxism.

No pool and hospital or theater. Not true schlomo

hopefully CNN can shine a light on this and get it sorted out so that they can advocate for Christians, Conservatives and gun owners to be rounded up and put into FEMA camps afterwards

>(((reported))) crematorium
>(((probable))) leadership memorial hall
>(((possible))) processing plant
>(((Implied burial grounds)))
Its also right next to a city which is terrible for escape, and it has multiple entrances supposedly which is another high security no-no.

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Nigga what? They're still communists as they've always been. Do they have private enterprise? Do they have food? (no, NS wasn't centrally planned)
They do the same shit as communist regimes in the past, if they were anything different they wouldn't be preventing people from leaving the country that's for sure. Why are people here perfectly capable of acknowledging how life looked in the Eastern Bloc that existed until 1989-1990 but keep insisting DPRK is somehow different when even on official photos that aren't obviously staged it looks exactly the same as any drab commie shithole?

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no private enterprise is communism to some people, jesus, just so you know if you read literally anything on the subject of natsoc economics the private corporation was subjected to strict regulation and could be seized or nationalized at any time. but keep getting angry about muh socialism or muh taxes if you wanna get super retarded

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Checking these amazing digits

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So, you're implying National Socialism is inefficient, is as bad at producing food as communism and is overall dishonest?
Learn some realpolitik for once. Kim doesn't give a shit about "the cleanest race", it's all a mean so he can continue having his comfortable life with his inner party at the expense of the entire country. And if you think "b-b-but nationalism can't be used as a mean of control, it's always honest!" - congratulations, you're a spoiled Westerner who thinks anachronistically.

It's literally in their OP to not start threads as "Redpill me on…". The same shit is looked down on here, too, newfag. Lurk more.

This is the result of estrogen in the bloodstream. You getting all worked up about it, may also be a sign. Go and get your shit checked

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Sodomite detected. Christ is the anti-kike, literally.

I'm sorry you haven't opened your eyes in four months.

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Since when did Lil' Kimmy let jews into NORK? Also since when do jews build prison camps outside of Poland?

Why do they keep talking shit on America constantly?

By "nazi style" I suppose they mean work camps?
You know like there are hundreds in China containing MILLIONS of people (and in fact some of the major Chinese companies are companies attached to work camps especially in mining/metalwork)…

And of course it's not really as if forced labor is illegal in the US.

Sounds like American prisons…

Well, I take some of it back…the torture, rape, and death part is true, but the starvation part isn't, and the labor part is not really "forced"…you get paid something like 4 cents an hour for it, so if you want some dough for cigarettes and shit, you go along with it.

Shit, I thought I was the only one who thought it was a bioweapon.

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It's been a rumor for quite some time that it was a bioweapon test that got out of control on the Easy coast, and it seems to have started from the New England area and moved south at a specific rate, just as you would expect from a bio-weapon release. It's origin is speculated to be Plum Island, which used to be (and might still be) a bio-weapon research facility.

We have another disease currently ravaging the deer population now, it is similar to mad-cow disease, and it's spreading, called "chronic wasting disease." It is not advisable to eat these infected deer, as the disease is a prion, just like Mad-cow, and the incubation period (not really an incubation, but that's what they call it), before the symptoms start to show, is months or years. This attack, if attack it really is, is aimed at whites, as whites are the people that tend to be hunters, while non-whites sit in cities and do drugs.

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It was imported from Asia in a time when these types of disease rarely managed to make landfall.
The real fuck you aspect is that approved treatments are too short to effectively treat the disease.

The real fun starts with Baylisascaris procyonis.

Why is CNN spouting Neocon bullshit


Literally THIS WEEK (((George Soros))) said "He's willing to destroy the world" and "everything that could go wrong has gone wrong".

One of these statements is the truth, and one is a lie.


Let the salt flow

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I'd choose the one in the middle over any white woman, to be honest.

Thanks for reminding me to never shop at Costco.