Do you believe genocide is generally effective strategy? I've seen NatSoc anons who believe it's not the right way to go about it, but kampfy liked to delete anything that wasn't "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW", as actual discussion was non-kosher, so maybe now we can have an actual thread discussing the pros and cons.

Personally, I don't think genocide is the right answer in any case. Even in the most extreme cases of the most undesirable forms of life humanity has to offer, I believe it's better to let nature take its course and just wall yourself away from the cancer rather than trying to cleanse it. Instead, it's better to strengthen yourself, your community, and your group - let no "backdoor" exist, and allow no traitor to infiltrate. Then, let any parasitic groups naturally die off.

There's also the practicality aspect - it's very easy to kill a lot of something, but nearly impossible to kill all of something through artificial selection of any kind. The only real effective examples of extinction in the history of life on Earth has always been natural selection. I think that the status quo know this, too - hence their efforts of a less-direct form of genocide, but instead trying to "phase out" ethnic groups (IE: Europeans) through intermixing, cultural deprecation, specific assassinations, et al. It's easier to boil the frog slowly, essentially.

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Every kike will die including you

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Humans killing humans is still natural selection you underage faggot. Do your 2 years before posting.

Alright, but how? Like, how would one go about exterminating an entire ethnoreligious peoples who pride themselves in subterfuge and obfuscation?
also jews are the best examples of a people who have committed genocide, see second pic in OP

Olmecs died out in a similar way to shitloads of other indigenous peoples in the Americas - they fucked themselves over via over consumption and refused to adapt.

I disagree, I think sentient species have vastly different capabilities and considerations than the rest of nature. This applies to both the humans doing the killing, and humans being killed.

Guns , fire , bugs and bombs
We have race specific microbes that would get like 95%. The remaining five percent could be boated out to sea and , you know, scuttled and shit
Kikes don't float
Genocide is a great idea.
Less than 500,000,000 all white worldwide population is perfect
No shitskins , no kikes , I'll have a coke

What board were you browsing he was a hardline anti racist. You weren't even allowed to say nigger by the end of the era and there were stickies about based Steven Miller

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I knew you were a fucking heeb

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Conventional warfare is exactly the kind of shit that doesn't work on its own, although
Sounds interesting. Elaborate? I can't imagine much beyond general biological warfare (IE: plague/pestilence), which would do more damage to your own people, I would imagine.
Source? I've heard of some madmen trying to develop such for niggers, but I didn't think you could specify it for jews or the like, too.

Quit telling this kike our plans

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My bad
Don't mind me

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Race targeting bioweapons.

My wife (esoteric immigrant from venezuela) is very redpilled on this matter.

I don't think those are easy to make. I haven't seen a single theory which indicates otherwise.

we're not going to tell you chaim, but it will definitely be a better and more effective method than masturbating machines and lampshading seeing as so many of you fuckers survived

nice try moishe, was your grandfather also turned into a bar of soap at the tender age of 5?

Its like you dont even care about the white race

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its was tried , I guess you could say it wont hurt anything but it doesnt provide the solution either

1) gas enemies in your country
2) enemies flock to other countries and provide service for them because they are greatful
3) other countries see an opportunity to denounce you on the world stage start making plans to attack you
4) you have to pay someone to be your ally or you get gang blasted (not sure if this would have happend to germany if they didnt invade)

So basically there will be consiquences , and you currently dont control the military of any country cause you are dumb shit that makes threads. So you wont be able to do it. If they wanted to do it they would have. No fucking user is making shit happen except for Shia LeDouche cry. But thats not hard.


you wife is saying that shit to make you happy, once you decide to more to california because she "likes the sun and the food" shell divorce and ass rape you for all your cuck money you traitor

that reaction image

What service is that, becoming a parasite and destroying your national currency via federal reserve?

Otherwise, though, yeah that's basically why genocide wouldn't really work as well as one might think. Not only would you give reason to be nuked by every cucked country on Earth, you'd also still have to worry about angry stragglers who end up in other countries.

We're moving to Cali to vote for republicans

Enjoy getting raped by tyrone while getting taxed out the ass and having no real civil services despite being taxed out the ass

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No spics are actually abominations by "Hitler's standards".

T. Braindead shill poster

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user you fucking retard.

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Terrible thread

I've seen that green party article a thousand and one times, and each time it makes me rage. I know I should be used to it by now, but fuck

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Ill do what i want. I am a white man. Are you afriad of me?

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thats a good point, ill consider it


is something your children won't be able to say.

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holy fuck user I can't breathe

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You are my child

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Our duty is to be the vanguards of this planet. We must essentially take the place of the Jews and keep the other races in check. Bring them to heel, pioneer and explore and then send them to their own worlds if they truly wish it. Earth should be the white man's planet.

Fuck yes. Above the practical reasons for doing so, niggers and Jews just simply deserve to be gassed. Kill every one of them with no exceptions

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When there are forces that are actively trying to destroy you and your people genocide maybe the only answer for survival. Right at this moment or people are being poisoned through propaganda, social pressure, narcotics, and education from a specific group that wishes us all dead.

How do you respond to that? By walling yourself off and ignoring it? How can that even occur when they've so deeply embedded themselves within every aspect of our lives?

That is the one truth that /new/ and Zig Forums had always come to. Blood and thunder to wake up our brethren and to join in arms to not only save our nation's and peoples. But to save our chances to become bridges for the great men ahead of us that will conquer solar systems and nebulas.


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Kikes will plot our extermination from Israel and have threatened to nuke all our capitals, they need to go, you too.

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We need to bring back bait reaction images.

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Kosher and non-kosher can have the opposite meaning on pol depending on who you're addressing. I haven't been able to use that word with any certainty since I started posting here.

At the very least we will need to practice ethnic cleansing. Genocide is pretty extreme but I can understand why it is necessary

Well, it worked in America. Spain integrated, Britain pushed them onto smaller and smaller reservations, it's obvious which one works, long term.

Well the Aztecs and mayans thought the Spanish were gods while the natives the British dealt with were a lot more hostile and less centralized so it's kind of two different situations.

We shouldnt have to. This is the fault of anti-fascists.

What the fuck is an esoteric immigrant? You married a nonwhite, you're going to hang on day of the rope

So, subjugation vs extermination?

Re-read the OP; it's less about the morals of "should you or shouldn't you" and more of questioning the effectiveness of it as a general strategy.

Yeah, although that's a different kind of attack- it's less overt, and more of a plan of corruption than anything else. Genocide is the direct action of taking the life of many people in a group, with the intent of extermination.

Walling ones self off, yes, but ignoring it? Absolutely not. You must be ever vigilant, for peace makes the mind weak. Let not a single shred of infestation make its way into your ranks. For what is worth fighting for if it is not pure?

The pendulum swings both ways. They can plot and attempt all they like, but it'll never succeed.

"kosher" is just another way of saying "allowed by the (((moderation)))".

In what way? Like, ideally if you had an ethnically pure state, you wouldn't have to cleanse anybody if there was nobody that needed cleansing allowed in the first place. Unless you mean death penalty of those who sneak through illegally - which would make sense, if you really wanted to maintain purity.

I just want to see a Warhammer 40K Space Marine doom drop on Tel Aviv and total blitzkreig on kikes. I don't feel that way about any other group.

Kekked hard–based user delivers.

Yes we do user, yes we do.

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I see it as a necessity. Not only morally as just retribution, but I believe it is the only way we are ever going to achieve greatness. How are we ever going to advance if all we do is repeat this pattern forever of building up a great civilization and then rotting from within every couple centuries?

I do believe this is a natural cycle and that the jews are really just the insects eating away at the corpse rather than the actual cause of death, but I also see no reason to knowingly and intentionally walk into this same pitfall over and over until the end of time.

Me neither, I am tired of this shit.

Perhaps the Georga Guidestones weren't put there by (((Them)))

There are two possible natural evolutionary futures for the species. Elimination of the chaff from the gene pool, or going off-world and adapting to a new environment.

Not true at all.

You're funny.

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How dare you?
Termites work. Jews don't.

Rock monuments are inherently white

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Somehow I see even this going wrong and being co-opted by diversity quotas to make sure people can still shit in the streets on Mars.

Some good examples where humans intentionally eradicated an entire species through straight force? Unintentionally, sure, but that's usually again by more natural means - overconsumption, secondary environmental effects, etc. Like, we still can't get rid of a shitload of invasive species even though we really fucking want to.

With the right ideology and a strong, new (yes, it has to be new at this point) nation-state founded on the strict guidance of principles, yes you can. The downfall of America started with the facade of democracy. You have to stop pretending that democracy can ever lead a nation to greatness. That's the first step to avoiding the plague of niggeraids.

The second is to make and maintain a proper order that insures you - by design- against any kind of infiltration or treason. Rather than paranoia, you never let it get to the point where you'd ever be worried about a knife in your back to begin with. Essentially, you have a proper and long "quarantine" period for anybody attempting to join your newfound state. So even if they "look" or "seem" like an upstanding citizen at first, you can be sure of their true color before long.

Note that by "new nation-state" I'm not talking about some grey, culture-less, history-less wasteland where anybody can join like a fucking Sunday art class. I'm talking about a sort of re-taking of a specific culture and carrying it on. It wouldn't matter which in particular - could be German, could be British, whatever. But it can't just be "a new, sorta white thing… I guess". The only concession you can make is by cultivating land different than the original culture - this is probably the worst thing you should ever want to do, but at this point may be a necessity due to permanent fucking of many, many ancient lands. Ideally, though, this civilization would outlast all others and you could re-take those lands anyway.

I disagree, we should not allow non-whites to leave Earth, including the Japs. It creates a risk of them becoming too powerful, what if they found an inhabitable planet like Earth that was twice the size with loads of resources? The ideal should be for all non-whites to be exterminated, but short of that, they must be quarantined into their own lands of which we should be the masters.

What you do to someone else you do to yourself. With that said, if someone is doing something to you like white genocide, does not mean you don't get to fight back.

shameless self bump because at least this thread is moderately on topic

Again, the styles of extermination are different. It's more like a forced extinction than a straight up gassing. The equivalent of sterilizing a population vs trying to poison them.

Yes. Dead things do not spend centuries trying to undermine your civilization and kill you.

What you've seen are meek cowards trying to latch onto National Socialism. They use the same emotional arguments as liberals, "OMG you want to drive people from their homes and country just becasue they are of another race??! Nazi! Racist! I can't even" and all the rest of the reddit language. Just replace expulsion with extermination and the liberal slurs with "larper" and "purityspiraling" and there you have it. There is never a single logical argument presented for why it would not be the best thing for OUR descendants and thus the only morally justifiable action. All you get is that we either Just can't! or that it for some magical reason is just not possible to do, something that is of course never explained further than as something self evident and left at that.

Hitler lost the war precisely becasue he went against what he had himself realized in stated in Mein Kampf. He could have ended it at Dunkirk but he compromised based on sentimental weakness and here we are. Instead of the blood of thousands of the best Europeans being spilled the blood of millions of them were, and now our race is on the brink of extinction. Same with the holocaust. Did not actually gassing them spare the Germans a iota of demonetization and sadistic punishment? Even if we ignore how the rest of the world have been spared much, just from there being less jews in it, wouldn't actually putting a bullet into ever kike they got their hands on and still losing the war actually have lead to a far more lenient fate for Germany, simply because there wouldn't have been as many sadistic kikes out for vengeance? The Jew already hates you will all of his being just for laying a hand on The Chosen, choosing not to kill him doesn't buy you any lenience or make him hate you less.

What single thing did Germany gain at all by not closing its heart to pity and mercilessly doing what cold logic dictated were the only justifiable options? We are obligated not to repeat the mistakes of the past or we have no right to call ourselves National Socialists. We are not about restoring the past that lead to this miserable situation, we about shaping a new future which can not fail in the same way.

Man is not part of nature? In what way is destroying what for millennia has dreamed of destroying you any more unnatural than the body fighting off a disease by killing every pathogen? Not ensuring your own survival is the one thing that is perversely unnatural here, and the universe will see to it that everything unfit for life is destroyed, without mercy.

Can you just stop and listen to yourself for a second and grasp how fucking insane what you saying is?

How do you think something so weak that it mulling over whether or not it has the moral right to use lethal force against the enemy that has wished to kill it for eons and is currently digging a knife into its chest will ever be able to keep up the hatred required to keep the threat out at any cost once the threat is generations passed? Especially when faced with the champion of playing the victim and the grand master of the lie? Today you say we don't have a right to kill a "race" based on what 99% of them willingly engaged in against us for centuries, tomorrow your kindred will say we have no right to punish a current generation based on what previous ones did and open our gates to them. It has happened every single time in the past and it will happen again.

Also, this is thinking like a child. Just make a bank that cannot be robbed. Just make a plane that cannot be crashed. Both of those things are always going to exist. Always. Especially in us, afflicted by pathological altruism as we are.

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This is patently false. With large mammals is incredibly easy. Why do you think so many animals have either been threatened by extinction by man or actually been made extinct, even what that was never the intent? Add to the mix that humanoids reproduce incredibly slowly and that just makes it all the easier. Numerous peoples have been exterminated throughout the times with far more primitive means available than what we have today.

Aryans killing inferior hominids is natural selection.

The reason the status quo does it less directly is because they are a few million trying to kill hundreds of millions of Whites, who will not exactly be happy if they discover they are being killed. The racial situation in the West is in no way comparable to the one in Soviet Russia, which is why the jew gave up on violent revolution. If they overwhelmingly outnumbered Whites they would slaughter us in ecstasy, just like they do every time they are convinced they have gotten the upper hand.

That doesn't actually work, but to go with the saying it's only easier if you are too weak to just grab the frog and kill it. We are not too weak to subjugate and kill the jew. In any case we do not, unlike the jew, posses the prerequisite for such a slow burn strategy: The ability to unfailingly hate every single thing that is not us generation after generation.

Besides we've tried separation from non-whites countless times and it never works. We've encounter lesser humans and in the contrasts of the sudden meeting immediately concluded that they are inferior and stipulated laws that as long as we live near them we must never let them in among ourselves and we must never mix with them. Then we let them in, mix with them and perish. Every single time. Get every non-white out now and two generations later people like you will again start opening our gates to them, saying it's not gonna do anything if we just let a few of them in, in the beginning women married to race traitor missionaries or whatever.

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The only available solution is the use the one single instinct we have that even gives us a chance to survive this, and that is the instinct that when we truly and honestly, in the depths of our being, get utterly sick of something we want the problem solved. Not temporarily, not partially, but solved, at any cost to ourselves. For this quirk in our being to have a chance at saving us we must however first have defeat two other instincts which impairs it, and those are incidentally the same two which have led to us allowing ourselves be destroyed in the past. The first weakness is our nature to convince ourselves that a half measure is actually enough to solve the problem when doing what reasons dictates strikes our hearts as cruel. The second our nature of constantly doubting whether we have the moral right. Both of them in a world surrounded by beings without any such considerations regarding doing harm to us.

The first weakness is what all the Aryan tribes of the past succumbed to when they at some point discovered one who had come into union with another of a lesser race, when becasue of circumstances found it too cruel to meet out the required punishment. "This one is not as lowly as the others" they told themselves and in one stroke dooming their entire civilization to slow racial decay and death. Hitler did the same when he against all reason gave into his weakness and spared the British at Dunkirk, telling himself that surely everything else that had passed was already enough to make them realize the madness of continuing the war.
We must thus vehemently fight against this kind of thought and first make everyone logically accept that there is only one actual solution to the problem and that everything else has already been tried any number of times in the past and it never works. Disregarding everything else, whether they still justify it for moral reasons, we must make everyone claiming to be fighting for the white race to admit that Yes, if we simply drive the Jews from our lands then they will eventually find some way back in, and no they are not going to be any more loyal or well meaning than they have been in the past. You cannot make the delusional see reason so admitting that this is the reality of the situation and stopping the engagement in the fantasy that it will all somehow just work this time is the first step .

When this is done we must tackle the the second weakness, the one embodied by this very thread. The question "Do we have the moral right to kill something that is trying to kill us?" For those of us awakened it sounds insane. It is insane, but this is how our race is. You could fill a hundred threads with post exploring how insane it is to compromise on the survival of your kind so I'm not even going to bother with a fleshed out argument here, but it all revolves around making our ranks understand that every form of life has but one right and that is to fight for its own survival. If one path gives us a lesser chance of survival we owe it to nothing to take that path. The concerns we have for other hominids are completely misplaced. None of them care, or are even are capable of caring, over what fate befalls us.
The survival of our kind is nonnegotiable. Providence isn't going to ensure it for us. The other hominids couldn't even care about doing it. There is only one who can ensure our survival and grant our descendants a future, and that is we ourselves. If we do not put that issue first then no one is, and a cause no one sees as the most important MUST without fail fall to another cause backed by the utmost of passion. As such we are obligated to this cause before any else, without any exception, whatever it entails. Every other moral consideration is nonexistent.

Once this is done there is one more thing that must first be admitted and then accepted among our ranks: Because of the above, when the time comes, we can not spare one single traitor exclaiming that we do not have the right to do what we must do. We are so prone to judge ourselves, and making ourselves understand that we do have the have the right is so hard, and the jew will so mercilessly exploit any shred of doubt within us that a demoralizing voice coming from of our own kin can not be endured. We must silence every voice of treason regardless of from which mouth it comes. Not. One. Single. Exception.

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holy fuck user I kekt

No, and to be honest if any of that ever happened Id probably begin a splinter movement to fight against it. Im not going to fight for national socialism just to cause more human suffering. Thats not why I wake up in the morning, thats not why I train, thats not why I study science and research to be my best.

I want the wars to stop. Genocide is a horrible horrible solution to a problem that is distinctly a problem for the fact that they want to kill us. I couldnt stop thinking about the women and children murdered by that. People that could have grown up and lived a life just like me. Felt just like me. I love life and humanity so much to ever let that happen. Not even the Jews deserve as a whole to be exterminated.

How would you go about expelling them? If you claim it's not possible then all your ideas are fucked from the start. If you claim one can find and expel all Jews then just do the same thing but show them a bullet instead of the door.

Which countries? What services? It's not going to be just one country waking up this time. The entire West is on the brink thanks to the kike and in Europe basically every little town has gotten its own muds. Populist parties aren't exactly gaining strength because white people look at what's happened to their street and think "Boy, am I ready to go kill some fellow white people!".

well done jews

The tide is turning in every singe white country. Every white country is close to the state Germany was in before the second world war. People hate their politicians and journalists more every day that passes. The boomer cucks are dying. Less and less whites reach adulthood without having been enriched. Please tell me what white country you expect will be receptive to the idea of going and killing other whites in ten years time.

Absolutely capped my dude.
White revolution is the ONLY solution!
Gas the kikes!
Race war now!

Attached: Americans Are Killers.png (749x468 265.93 KB, 218.35K)

Fuck your white man's burden. You ain't chucking that weight on me.

This is getting pretty dumb. No, that is not the meaning.

Only when there are lesser races to poison your blood with.

If you can't see that the kike is driving factor in the current downfall of the West and literally running every institution dismantling anything healthy of the West then you are completely blind.

Yep, it's getting dumber.

If exterminating something is so easy you managed to do it by not even trying how the hell would it then suddenly become hard if you went out of your way to deliberately do it?

Gee, what are the differences between humans and plants and tiny animals? Why is something that can easily hide in a burrow or under a bush, does not require any large supplies of food and can produce from half a dozen and thousand of new offspring every year harder to come to term with by half measures then a people which you aim your entire civilization towards destroying?

No it can't. The problem is in the naïvety of the people and nothing else. We've had the laws before and we've always been too weak to use them.

Great. With abilities like these what's the problem with democracy? Just make a democracy that isn't vulnerable to shortsighted voting. Why even expel the kikes? Why not just make a state which is insured against kike treason?

Good. Subhumans coming out into the open so we can cleanse our race of them is always welcome.

Don't worry, we have a cure for you.

Something inside me likes to believe they just thought of it as a strategic necessity due to ressource availability or whatever. So Hitler simply affirmed von Rundstedt's call. Seeing how Hitler was an anglophile, however…
The situation kinda resembles the one described in the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita and probably countless other scriptures.
Apparently one cannot stress this often and clear enough to our people to never compromise.

"As soon as our own propaganda admits so much as a glimmer of right on the other side, the foundation for doubt in our own right has been laid. The masses are then in no position to distinguish where foreign injustice ends and our own begins. In such a case they become uncertain and suspicious, especially if the enemy refrains from going in for the same nonsense, but unloads every bit of blame on his adversary. Isn't it perfectly understandable that the whole country ends up by lending more credence to enemy propaganda, which is more unified and coherent, than to its own? And particularly a people that suffers from the mania of objectivity as much as the Germans. For, after all this, everyone will take the greatest pains to avoid doing the enemy any injustice, even at the peril of seriously besmirching and even destroying his own people and country." - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The quote hurts even more, when you realize how afterwards the traitor Admiral Canaris apparently genuinely believed Hitler to be the warmonger: So he secretly alerted foreign countries, which might have been the tipping point for Spain not to join the axis war effort or to at least allow them to take Gibraltar. Or to use their air space.

Attached: breker verwundeter.jpg (200x255, 10.94K)

I sense heresy from our weakened former kamerade. He is falling to Chaos, brothers.

Attached: Dank 40K Baneposts.jpg (1281x1536, 1.67M)

Disgusting. Is this what happens when you circumcise newborns? Seems like it.

That image is bullshit.

I know.
I meant creatures like the OP of that text with the response.
Should have expressed myself better.

Hi (((Bob)))

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Attached: 5390a8ac76f43cd10d6efadb70df32024f32387b22d01889ccd48ae39f18d065.jpg (709x861, 45.55K)

The easiest answer in the US is to cut off all immigration. Conservative whites and first generation immigrants are the only groups with above replacement birthrates. Because white miscegenation rates are so low, simply letting all other groups die out while we breed and remain pure is the easiest and most humane option.

In Europe the solution is not so easy. Whites will have to fight or go extinct. Cutting off gibs seems to be the best way to solve problems there, as there are no nignogs in Poland. Cold + hostile social environment + no gibs + actually being punished for gang rape and murder = self deportation.

But if it comes to it, genocide is a perfectly valid last resort to prevent our destruction.

how are they going to die out if theyre still here in my country, sucking off my resources? You think its as as simple as "we just remain pure"? women are fucking retards who have no concept of the quality of a man anymore because they arent properly raised by their fathers, they literally will fuck the first thing that starts giving them attention once they hit puberty. Men arent much better, I know several "redpilled" guys who are dating mexicans or asians because "Bro all white girls are whores! bro i do what I want bro". Putting trust in these kinds of normie retards is a really stupid idea. I still dont understand your logic of "they will just die out". Mexicans breed like fucking cockroaches, even if we cut off all immigration NOW, theres too many of them in the country for it to NOT have some sort of effect on our culture and genetics.
doesnt matter, tyrone and achmed are going to breed with your women whether you want them to or not, unless you fucking man up and deal with these shitskins. 30,000 white women are raped by niggers every year in america, how many of them do you think keep the child because their christcuck pastors tell them that abortion is wrong? how many do you think abort the child, but carry so many psychological and emotional scars that they are unfit to be wives anymore?
have you ever been to california? literally every kid in every school is a fucking mutt, and the vile teachers make all the few blond girls sit with niggers, as far away from other whites as possible. If its so low how come I never see blond kids in my area, just ugly little mestizos and half-niggers? In Texas its even worse, the malls are filled with BM/WF and WM/latina couples on dates, most of them in middle school or high school age. Do you even know what kind of psychological and social damage it does to a white girl, getting raped or exploited by niggers at that young an age? You really have no idea the horrors and damage these vile bastard races have committed on our kind do you? Since you want "humane" options, Im guessing you dont know shit.

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The solution seems clear. We can't keep doing this dance forever. It may not be this decade nor this century, but sooner or later natural law must be upheld and the weaker species must be supplanted by the strong. We know what must be done lads. So how do we do it?

The way I see it, "traditional" methods are ineffective. Lower grade hominids live amongst us in scattered patterns, so that rules out carpet bombing. We can try a good old fashioned uprising with blood in the streets, but our empathy will stab us in the back here. Living in the diverse hellscape of Vancouver fills me with so much rage at all the poo-in-the-loos and ugly seriously, phillipinos are fucking ugly shitskins, BUT I know a few that are actually pretty nice. Some I would feel a twinge of guilt over killing. Of course, I know that while these individuals may be nice and polite, the genes they carry create barbaric and filthy societies that have no right reaching the stars, and thus they must be expunged. However I am the exception - we all are. We're all higher IQ than most of our race, we're all heavily studied and we've seen enough of these savages to connect something concrete to the abstract genes we're fighting. We know that if "le based maga black man" goes free today his great great great grandchildren will be throwing trash in the street and mutilating stray animals for fun.
But do the rest know that? Not counting the cucked whites and shabbos soy, that still leaves a lot of almost-normalfag tier whites. Are you confident that EVERY soldier in your militia is the same? Can you ensure that the 110 IQs will mercilessly gun down their childhood friend Devon because he's black? Can you count on them to not think "I know these ones, they're not like the other savages. Just this one exception won't hurt"? Can you be sure your movement won't be subverted and betrayed by the kindness in the Aryan heart?

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I think another approach may be more fruitful. What divides the chimps from the nation builders, the shitskins from the light of the sun? Its race. And what is race? It's genetic. There is where the battle must be fought. If you're going to be killing a prairie dog infestation you better be prepared to dig some holes, and if you're trying to clean the human species you gotta clean where the source of the filth begins - the genetic code.
So then, we need to begin the big investment in genetech. But some problems arise. Human experimentation is verboten in all (((developed))) nations, for obvious reasons. The moment you start letting children be born with tweaked genes or trying gene therapies for more than keeping potatoes alive the (((media))) will be filled with the next satanic panic.

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The second strategy offers more interesting possibilities. Imagine the following:
The Aryan is known as the "master of nature" for a reason after all. The whole world will become Aryans in one generation, and from there we can all come together as equals and begin deciding the future of our species (and probably dispense with the ugly shitskin features in favour of white and germanic phenotypes). It is remembered as a time when thanks to the tireless efforts of the human spirit we used technology to strip away our imperfections and reach towards the stars. If utopias are only possible in a nation of philosophers, then let's make everybody in such an image.
This approach has a few snags however. Obviously distributing heavy duty gene therapy will be (((very difficult))) and the moment (((they))) realize what's happening the therapy will be banned. So perhaps a two pronged attack is in order - super plague the kikes then clean the mud out of everybody's blood once there's no (((opposition))) to oy vey about it.

Thoughts anons? How can we contribute to gene research beyond the reach of (((international kvetching)))? Is Japan a good place to start? Let's talk some practical long-term steps.

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It's note real, mate.

When European settlers arrived in what is now known as Uruguay they enacted genocide on all the locals. Uruguay is the only country in South America to deliver clean water to all of its citizenry.

Issue is, differences in race will always be used as a wedge for any kike.

In the same hand, any differences can and will be used. Poverty issues didn't seem to work so well, nor the educational gap.

Thus far, race/religion/culture (often but not always derived from religion) has been the only effective result showing ways to D&C.
We genocide one, we get rid of the other(s) in a lot of ways, though I personally think any religtard should be done away with as well .
Any way we can remove wedges and really instill the old mentality of "You don't contribute, you don't survive" way of life, the less likely there will be any major issues ever again.

Stagnation in some ways, but also removal of artificial barriers of, not only self improvement, but global/racial improvement when there is only one race left No, I do not mean that fucking "human(mutant) race" horse shit .

You're incorrect. Sadly, this has always been our weakness. There's an article around that talks about this, can't remember what it was though. You're obviously new, and the time is corrupt, so I won't condemn you (yet).

Here's the thing - part of what makes us great in our creation of art, technology and civilisation, is our ability to put ourselves in the place of other people, species, machines, you name it. It also means we're highly empathic, which is also a problem. We feel things strongly. Contrast that, with say Chinks - they skin dogs alive and don't even take the time to kill them after. They view animals (and other people) much the way you or I view a piece of fruit. So little regard for the other, they won't even consider a quick mercy killing. Consider that difference.

And if we exterminated every other race, undoubtedly we'd memorialise it in same way, even when we knew it was right. There'd be museums and solemn movies etc. Our descendents might fight over what monsters we were. The problem is, can you imagine ANY other race doing the same? Africans? Arabs? Kikes? They'd pull the trigger without regret and never look back. Only we find cause to hesitate, because we empathise with them. But it's misplaced, they're just not the same as us. And yeah, the tough part is that specific members of those lesser races might well be descent enough - but will their descendents feel the same way? If our survival is threatened we MUST harden our hearts and do it.

Thing is, jews should be pushed to one country and it should be walled and all interaction banned. What they'd do there - who cares? Let them suck baby kike penises for all I care. Jewish power and evil comes from them being an international force that has no respect for any culture, God or human.

I've always been an ethnopluralist, with the proviso that if we need land: we take it. This seems more in line with what the German National Socialists had in mind. If I had a button that would turn the entire world white I would push it, but the idea of ethnically cleansing the entire planet is something the kikes made up. The jews present a difficult question, however. The only options I can think of are culturally enriching them with Palestinians, or genocide. In all technicality the jews should not exist - they should have died in 70 AD - they are the odd ball.

But I have no problem partnering with Japanese, or Iranians, or the South African Khoi San King.

God damn right.

Excellent choice of quotation. This whole chapter is recommended for people not grasping why we have never been able to maintain our racial or territorial integrity no matter how clearly it has stood to reason that we must. The situation where the other do not blame and accuse whitey simply will not ever occur, and that is enough to make us think we must in some way be in the wrong regardless of every single fact being in our favor. Together with us so desperately wanting to help others, even animals, and it just can't work. We will break our laws and perish in racial sin.

It is a disgrace. It's beyond words, and it's everywhere. The latter part got me hardest, completely ignoring the absolute delusion of believing they think or feel anything like him.

Does he even even for one second think of all the white women and children who will be murdered by the muds if we do let them live? Of all the white boys and girls who will be turned to ash the next time the jew managed to seek his way back into our midst and manufactured another brother's war? White children who could have grown up to live and feel?

No. Never. Never of them. Never of HIS responsibility. Only of the comfort of the other. I resent the groveling of semitic religions but I must admit I sometimes wonder how it is possible the heavens have not completely forsaken us, turning their heads away in disgust. The lowliest mammal will fight to the death for its young, while our men think only of not doing wrong to those who prey on ours. Our supposedly redpilled and awakened men.

Is there no shame?

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