Trump licks the asshole of /ourguy/ kim

Looks like we win again, where is your next hitler now?
If you shout "praise kek" in the line to the gulags I'll be sure to give you an extra piece of bread for being a helpful little goy :)

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My DACApede girlfriend says you're a faggot

Go back immediately

Didnt even read this shit OP. Go choke to death on a niggerdick

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Was wondering when you would show up. Let's watch all the Magapedes kvetch for Trump now.

Go back immediately as well

Sage negated
Go back to /cbts

Is that better, senpai?

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Weren't the Kims oppressive state capitalist royalty? Funny how the narrative changes.

Juche is literally gook national socialism.

you go back too

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If you believed anything you said, why do you spend half your time on this board screeching about Trump? You should be thrilled with him.

Did you miss the bit where rocketman BEGGED Trump to have him back to the table?

I know you've lived in your kuckfy echo chambers for years now and the Zig Forums boogeyman is the cause of all your fears but most people on Zig Forums supported trump as the acceleration candidate.

You would support that kike puppet


>i mean, people can't seriously be supporting NS, can they?
Have an epic meme from your homelands

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Did you miss your daily dose of estrogen?
Almost like Zig Forums did the same thing. The big difference is you retards probably think accelerationism will lead to the death of capitalism and the coming utopia which couldn't be further from the truth. Most commies seemed to understand that by 1924 but you ironically took the reactionary position.

Can't make this shit up, cognitive dissonance everywhere, this is the estrogen packed mind of the drugged up pre op leftist

You dropped your fedora

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2 years

The people will see your lame thread and you will be embareass

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wtf i love communism now

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This is an F5 level of spin.

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is that real holy shit
the left can't meme

The day to remember.

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